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Due to the unnatural state of rain, drizzle, and fog that I have found myself hidden under this summer, I have taken my rather resourceful and introverted self to the book store. Well, not just one bookstore. I actually found myself buying books on my lunch break, buying e-books on my I-Pad and reaching out to friends and family requesting to borrow books they have read. I then consequently found myself in the position of having many a book to read. Success! So here I am, 2 months into summer, successfully reading, reading, reading. So what has been achieved from this rainstorm of words?

Well if you are like myself and find your interests lay somewhere between the fantasy section and the self-help isle, then you might discover what I am about to share as beneficial to you.

So here are my top three July reads, and my thoughts on them. Cheers!

The Four Noble Truths

Well to start,  let me state that I have reawakened a passion for Buddhism. Yes, that’s right! I bought this as an e-book to entertain me on rainy days at the cabin. Boy oh, boy did it work. It was very insightful and enlightening.

I discovered the core principles and values of Buddhism almost 2 years ago, and I established in it a deep and overwhelming connection. A connection of “hey, that kind of makes a lot of sense to me”

Seriously though, if you are like many folks I know, you probably suffer from the confusion of world religions and their teachings. Well, let me just say that I believe in the freedom to believe individually in whatever tickles your fancy.

In any case, I would recommend this book regardless of your beliefs if you are looking for a deeper understanding of Buddhist teachings. It is very enlightening in accepting; The Truth of Suffering, The Truth of the Origin of Suffering, The Truth of Cessation and The Truth of the Path. Which encompasses The Four Noble Truths.

“When you realize that everything we perceive and experience arises as a result of the interaction and coming together of causes and conditions, your whole view changes” Dalai Lama

Very deep stuff here people. What can I say? I enjoy dabbling in the deep every now and again.

 A Song of Ice and Fire

Alright, so I am a HUGE fan of the show. Huge! So I feel slightly ashamed that I have not read the books. My inner nerd is completely distressed. A co-worker loaned me both the first and second book and although I have found myself somewhat distracted from finishing the first one I have to say, it is some gosh darn good reading.

If you identify as a lover of the show, please,  do yourself the favor and read the books. It is far more enjoyable “being in the know” I mean let’s be honest here, the show can get you down, killing the ones you have come to love, confusing backstories. You know the drill. By reading the books you get to know the characters more intimately before they are mutilated and George R.R Martin rips them heartlessly away from you. Perhaps that just makes the suffering worse. But like the Buddha himself said “The root of suffering is attachment”

Feel the Fear . . . and Do It Anyway

This was a book given to me by my Aunt. Which I have been submerged in since it has made its way into my possession, less than 24 hours ago I may add. I suspect to be finished in a day or so, I enjoy it that much. Sorry George R. R. you will have to wait.

The idea of the book is to provide the reader with tools to conquer fear. Explaining of course what exactly fear is and learning to acknowledge it your yourself. It could be fear of public speaking, meeting new people, changing careers, pushing your comfort zone and so on. It establishes the basis that fear is simply fear no matter the form.

I feel personally empowered to take charge and make changes when I sense I may be holding myself back from moving forward on something. Which is precisely why I borrowed this book. It hits on some great points and the tools I will actually give a try and hopefully be able to put to use.

Well, there you have it, three books that are certainly worth a read. If you have any suggestions for my future reading endeavors please let me know. Judging by the gray abyss outside of my window, I will have much more time with my blanket, tea, and books for the next little while at least.


  1. Madeline Johnson | 4th Aug 15

    I like your book choices, going to check out Four Noble Truths and Feel the Fear. Wow New Foundland! I have always wanted to visit.

    • stephaniejparrell | 4th Aug 15

      Newfoundland is beautiful you should certainly put it on your bucket list of places to visit! I highly recommend you try out those books, let me know what you think of them after you read them.

  2. The Swedish Kiwi | 5th Aug 15

    I love Game of Thrones, but I’m not big on reading books. I read maybe one book per year, haha. I feel that my mind wanders off too often and I can’t focus on the book. 🙂

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