Birthday – Acts of Kindness

Happy Birthday to you! Happy Birthday to you!

On July 29th, 2015, I was lucky enough to take part in a unique birthday event. If you are like me you may find yourself weary of cake with candles, parties and the general hoopla that accompanies birthdays. Don’t get me wrong I enjoy the festivities most years, but at times it can feel like just another day, and not even the most fulfilling of days. And that is just how my aunt felt as her birthday reared it’s older looking head this year. “Time for something different”, she thought

So for her 35th Birthday, she declared it as an opportunity. For what? To send some random acts of kindness out into the world. So follow me along on our afternoon journey, in spreading some positive vibes through the town of St. John’s.

Starting the day we rummaged through our closets, and bid farewell to all clothing articles that have failed to see daylight in far too long. Which leads us to our first good deed. We ventured to the local community donation center. Here we met a cheerful young fellow who was receiving donations. We supplied him with three bags and were on our way.  It was so easy,  it left me wondering why don’t I do this like all the time?


As it was a beautiful day we felt it was fitting to travel to the park, spread some good will, and all that jazz. We decided to write out some inspirational quotes, random messages, and happy thoughts. Personally, I find that discovering a happy message in a random way always brings a smile to my face. (Or maybe I am just weird like that) Either way with some notes in hand we began to “litter” the park. Leaving these beautiful messages all over, in the hopes that it would brighten at least one persons day. I mean why not?

What’s next on the list? Lotto tickets of course! Who in their right mind would not collect joy from receiving a free lotto ticket? Who I say? This one was particularly difficult, and it took a great deal of nerve and courage to walk up to perfectly good strangers and explain yourself as an unknown just wishing to give them a gift. But off she went with tickets in hand, approaching complete strangers. It was madness I tell you! Perfectly courageous madness!

I watched as folks expressions changed from closed off and confused into astonished and purely happy. People were so thankful that someone would give them a gift for no reason at all other than to brighten their day. My dear Aunt received hugs, smiles, and laughter from each person she interrupted throughout the afternoon. It was a joy to watch. And I hope to gain the courage to do the same someday.

Leaving the park feeling energized we headed to the downtown area. Here we decided to put some quarters in expired meters. Genius, I know! So simple, but take it from me very effective. Having received a parking ticket in the same area just days before, I myself could fully appreciate the goodness in this act.


Retiring from hunting parking meters we moved to Quidi Vidi Lake. We enjoyed a walk, gave away additional lotto tickets then strolled into the graveyard. Here my aunt placed flowers on graves that were empty, a heartwarming deed.

At the end of the day some good deeds included:

  • Clothing donation
  • Positive quotes left in the park & lake
  • Quarters placed in expired parking meters
  • Lotto Ticket
    • Two Mothers walking their children in the park
    • Couple laying in the sun
    • To flagman, holding a stop sign in the street
    • A couple taking a stroll around the lake
    • Two girlfriends out for a walk
    • To a lady alone on a bench
    • To cashier lady
  • Left flowers on empty graves
  • Leaving a book in a bus shelter
  • Left flowers on a random doorstep
  • Signed a petition

And much more…

When the day was at its end, 35 acts of kindness were completed, one for every year of my Aunts life to date. Along with the response from many that they would pay it forward. A birthday spent in a unique way and a memory to have for many birthdays to follow.

I asked my Aunt to share her thoughts on why she wished to spend her birthday in this way. The following is what she wished to share.

DSC_0122“It’s my 35th birthday and instead of celebrating in the usual way. I have decided to commit to 35 random acts of kindness. It was by far the most fulfilling birthday I have ever had. Knowing that people were smiling and happy for one moment, has made my birthday a success. I also posted what I planned to do online asking the public if they needed help. I received so many positive messages back, and many people shared stories of paying it forward, it has been so heartwarming. So I invite others to do the same, reach out in whatever way you feel comfortable and bring a smile to someone’s face today”

Happy Birthday, dearest Aunt!

“The smallest act of kindness is worth more than the grandest intention.” – Oscar Wilde

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  1. Gillian March | 30th Jul 15

    What a beautiful idea. Happy Birthday to you, how fabulous you are! Awesome!

  2. Pam Boyd | 5th Aug 15

    So perfect! At 20, I started using my birthday wishes for other people, always praying for someone to have a special rescue and rebirth on my birthday. Many years I have found out specific answers to these prayers! You have inspired me to do 62 acts of kindness on this one coming up! Yay!

    • StephJ | 5th Aug 15

      That’s great! It is a wonderful feeling to spread happiness. Good Karma 🙂

  3. Pam Boyd | 5th Aug 15

    Thanks for following the Two-Minute Tune-Up, Steph! I am going to reblog this post of yours on my birthday, Oct 2

    • StephJ | 5th Aug 15

      You should blog about your experience. I would love to hear how it goes.

  4. Miryam Leah | 5th Aug 15

    Beautiful, Stephj! I love stories of inspiration and what a way to celebrate a birthday! May your auntie be blessed for this selfless action. I celebrated my last birthday giving out blessings (and praying for people) to my friends and family and even a few strangers. The positive response to this was overwhelming and the blessings flowed back to me. May you always find an opportunity to do really random acts of kindness (not just pre-planned) wherever you may be on your daily path and who ever you may encounter on that path. The main purpose of our creation in this world is to build relationships with each other. P.S> Thanks for visiting my blog!.

    • StephJ | 5th Aug 15

      Sending kindness towards friends, family and strangers is certainly something I will be doing more of in the future. I am glad to hear of others who try and make this a priority in their lives. Thank you!

  5. jncthedc | 29th Aug 15

    Your aunt is a special person with a heart made of the same muscle tissue as everyone else, yet beats in a very unique manner. This world is a better place because of her acts of kindness. We can all learn a valuable lesson from this one day in her life. Thank you for sharing this story. It has added another experience of happiness on top of this (already) exceptional day!

    • StephJ | 30th Aug 15

      Thank you I will be sure to share that with her! Have a great day 🙂

  6. rfdumais | 11th Sep 15

    Thanks for reading and liking my blog today! http:/

  7. maryrensberry | 11th Sep 15

    Thanks for sharing this wonderful idea! Happy Birthday every day!

    • StephJ | 11th Sep 15

      Glad you enjoyed!

  8. Stephen R. Gann | 16th Sep 15

    That’s a really cool and awesome way to celebrate life. And, as an added bonus, I received a like from you on my blog. Like a virtual lottery ticket. Thank you!

  9. scarletpen28 | 21st Sep 15

    What a wonderful idea. I am going to do this for sure!

  10. bettylouise31 | 22nd Sep 15

    This brought mind one of our follow resident is a native American Indian from northern California. Her tribe always gave something of value on their. Several times shecoom a whole meal for the community on her birthday.
    That is a good idea

  11. threehandedgirl03 | 29th Sep 15

    What a lovely idea!

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