Goals – September 2015

Its official Summer is just about at an end. But I refuse to mourn the Summers pass, but I will embrace the new month and season ahead!

I have noticed some beautiful bloggers creating goals for the month ahead. Which I love as I am also an avid list and goals creator! So I have decided to set some goals to help motivate me for the month of September. Yay!


September Goals

  1. Schedule a dentist appointment – My personal health insurance has just kicked in. Hooray! So it is time for me to adult and makes a dentist appointment, one must take care of their pearly whites!
  2. Purchase some boots – I need to get at least two pairs of boots. I am sure I could get another season out of what I have but where is the fun in that?
  3. Buy some new fall clothing – I mainly need new leggings, socks, and SWEATERS. I freaking love sweaters.
  4. Purge my apartment – This is an ongoing goal that I never manage to get to. I am hoping by placing this on my list it will motivate me to finally get rid of some things in my apartment and get organized.
  5. Create a picture print board for my kitchen –  I purchased some prints while in Paris last year that have been collecting dust in my apartment ever since. So I have a super crafty idea to create a giant picture from a bunch of these prints and put it in my kitchen. I am excited!
  6. Have a girls night – Can you believe I have not had a proper girls night all summer? It’s actually kind of sad when I think about it. There has just been so much going on with all of my friends, and it’s hard to get together as everyone gets older. But as a great childhood friend is now moving home after a few months of living in another province I see this as a great opportunity to call a girls night into action.
  7. Finish a book – There are so many books I am looking forward to reading. But to avoid starting a million and finishing none as I usually do, I would just like to commit to finishing one. Just one book, I will be pleased with that!
  8. Start working out (min 3 times per week) – I have not worked out in months, it is terrible and I am ashamed! Well not really ashamed but rather disappointed in myself. I do not plan on going to the gym but I would like to start my solid at home workout routine again.
  9. Complete the Dead Mans Bay hike – I tried to finish this hike twice last year and I failed. So I am going to schedule an early rise some Sunday morning and tackle this one. I don’t think I would be pleased with myself if I had to wait another full year to finish it. So this one has to go on the list!
September Vision Board
September Vision Board


  1. desperateramblings | 1st Sep 15

    Can totally relate, amusing words which were very enjoyable to read, thanks.

  2. The Swedish Kiwi | 1st Sep 15

    Great goals! I also haven’t had a girls night in ages! Might have to organise one soon! 🙂

  3. thelovelymissquinn | 1st Sep 15

    Great idea setting goals. I actually can’t believe I haven’t yet. But after reading yours, I’m going to set some too. ^_^

  4. lynette1123 | 2nd Sep 15

    Great jobs writing down your goals is the first step!

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