10 Rainy Day Activites

For many people when the fall weather rolls in it are associated with colorful leaves, pumpkin flavored drinks and pretty wool scarfs. For me and many other people who live on the east coast of Canada fall means rain, and lots of it. When factoring in that I live in the foggiest city in Canada it’s no wonder that I have become resourceful when it comes to rainy days.

There is almost a comfort that comes from a rainy day, a relaxing coziness, a day made for rest and slowness. Of course, I wish for sunny fall days filled with crisp air and falling leaves. But as they are rarer than I would like to admit it’s good to have a backup plan to keep positive and occupied when spending a lot of time potentially trapped inside or searching for a great place to escape.


1. Read a Book

Grabbing a blanket, a cup of tea and a good book while the rain beats on the rooftop is pretty well the perfect recipe for relaxation. When you submerge your thoughts and mind into a book you are whisked away to another place, serving as a peaceful distraction. So what better way to escape a gloomy grey sky than immersing your mind in colorful words?14482766_908356592629396_3075914234316455936_n.jpg

2. Entertain your Appetite

When trapped inside due to insulting weather why not pass the time and keep busy while trying out some new recipes? If your feeling like you want to partake in something other than lounging around in gloom, then grab some ingredients and get cooking. However, if the rain has totally sapped you of motivation, by all means, order a pizza or some Chinese… No judgment here!

3. Get Competitive

I love playing games regardless of the weather. A game like Monopoly and rainy days kind of go hand in hand. Am I right? Doing puzzles, playing cards, or grabbing a monopoly board is a day well spent despite weather conditions. Spending a day stuck inside trying to beat your friends at an old fashioned face to face board game is almost a good enough reason to stay inside…almost.

4. Get Crafty

If you know you’re in for a few days of unfortunate weather be prepared. Check out some DIY projects online and plan a rainy day to get it done. I like crafts but I often find myself too busy to do them. However being proactive and having supplies on hand before a rainy day happens is the best way to commit to craft fun. Call some friends who are equally interested in crafting and again if motivation fails you or them add some wine to the mix, guarantee fun to be had by all.

5. Get Organized

Most people have a home to-do list that they hope to complete when time provides. Things like scrub the floors, organize your documents, dispose of your old clothing, the list could go on. As a master procrastinator of organizing my life, I often conclude these types of things as less important when contemplating a frolic in the sunshine with friends. But thinking of the potential despair that may ensue from boredom in the rain or an overstuffed closet is enough to push for this to become a rainy day agenda item.


6. Movie or TV Marathon

I really don’t need a rainy alibi in order to watch my favorite movie series all over again but it’s a pretty good excuse. With favorites like Lord of the Rings, Harry Potter, or Star Wars all begging for a repeat performance I don’t even feel guilty about not leaving my house.

Furthermore, binge watching TV shows are equally as tempting, there are so many shows on Netflix that I want to watch I feel like it could rain for a year and I still wouldn’t have time to see them all. (That’s not a challenge mother nature)

7. Online Shopping

So I know some people have not caught onto the happiness that online shopping can provide but as I myself enjoy this one I just have to share.  I can spend hours online checking out my favorite online stores for the newest products. I may not even buy anything but it’s just as enjoyable as being in a store seeing things with your own eyes. Except there is no risk of getting splashed by cars while trying to walk into the mall or from store to store on a wet day. So convenience wins.

8. Spa Day

How about filling the day with some self-pampering? Giving yourself a facial, manicure, pedicure or enjoying a nice long bath is a great way to not only provide some happiness and self-love but also spend a day at home. Perfection!

9. Check out a Museum

If you really want to venture out and brave the elements then a museum is a great place to spend a day. Check out some local history, art, and culture all while in a very dry large building. A bonus is that you can share your time with a friend, date or even your parents.

10. Have Coffee with a Friend

I love catching up with my friends, and going to the local coffee shop for a warm drink
and chats is always a day well spent regardless of the weather. You can people watch, gossip or just hang out whatever you do best.

What are some of your favorite ways to spend a rainy day?



  1. Enlightenment Angels | 16th Sep 15

    Don’t you just love rainy days!! I sure miss them out here on the West Coast!

  2. Stephen R. Gann | 16th Sep 15

    A rainy day is my favourite time to write. The sounds, the smells – the feel of the air as I sit on my deck while the water falls from the sky. Immersion at its finest. Thanks for visiting my ‘Journey of a Thousand Pages’ and I am so glad it led me here. Cheers and all the best! – SRG

  3. Airam Alvarez | 17th Sep 15

    You nailed some of my favorite seattle rainy day activities!

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