Remove our Ignorance – Paris Attacks

When first my eyes set sight on her beauty I knew my heart would forever be changed. Such strength, such ancient wisdom, a city whose growth stretched out from the earth, not resting upon it. It’s people a swarm of elegance, walking about knowing a great secret, a secret that I wish to discover while time allows it.

So much has happened here, right beneath my very feet. So much war, art, revolution. paris

Paris, it’s named meaning a million feelings, memories, books, smells, tastes, even if your own eyes have never set sight on her beauty. Paris, a name everlasting, before the fame, before the strife, before history. A name that now and will forever mean something more than I perhaps ever will. Imperishable.

So many with weeping hearts over the news of the attack on the city. So many people are bowing their heads in silence, in grief over a city that touches one’s soul in a way that only Paris can.

Yes, there are unthinkable horrors carried out in every corner of the world. I am not ignorant enough to believe that the world we live in is one filled with love and light. Although there is much of that too.

But with such brutality and insane hate engulfing many countries, with such blood lust and power hungry individuals ruling the innocent with fear and force why is it that such a response has been heard to the cry of Paris? Why is it that Paris a materialization of freedom and ceaseless unconditional love has been butchered by unrestrained evil yet again? Why is it that religion is the driving force behind most if not all the hate in the world when it too is a reputed representation of the opposite effect? Why is it that in this age, the age of knowledge, science and discovery are we still so uneducated in the area of love, respect, and personal freedom?

Many shake their heads with questions of their own circling in their mind. Anyone who has seen and felt the oppression of another’s firm hand upon them may have asked these same questions themselves. And yet there are no answers.

There is no great leading hand outstretched from the sky to guide you towards a life of safety. Towards a life of ability and fairness.

It is now as it has always been, a fight for such things. Let us not be blinded by our gadgets and progress, let us not be so naive to think that we have surpassed our fathers, grandfather, and great grandfathers in the area of love and freedom. We have made steps yes. But leaps? Bounds? No.

We fight as they fought in a scary world, to defend the liberties that have been obtained.

When the news of the Paris attacks began streaming in on TV screens, twitter feeds and radio broadcasts, people responded in a way that they have always. With sadness, fear, mistrust for the very foundations that we have built. Because as you have heard many say. “If it happened there, it could happen here.”

And that much is true. When the hammer of war strikes the great city of Paris the world sleeps a little lighter. Isn’t this the way it has always been? In wars that have come before us?

Not so long ago the darkest shadow of our grandfathers fears made progress within the city walls. Nazi greed and hate took over the city-paralyzing it’s freedoms, attempting to change its breath. Let us not forget a time where not long ago our grandfathers and grandmothers fought for our freedoms. Let us not hang our heads in ignorance believing that because we are smarter, faster or younger that we may be spared the same hardships.

The truth? A fight had come to the great city of light again prompting all of us to be ready, to be engaged in our own world, progress within our own government and future history.

Be aware now of what awaits us today and tomorrow, much as it always has. Be engaged, keep your heart open and your eyes wide. Not just for Paris and it’s representations but for your own countries, religions, and families. We have a right just as those who came before us had a right. It is the right of maintaining those privileges that we must remember. Being thankful for the safety and love that we do have and being aware of the strife and hardships that others feel. Not just in Paris but all over the world.

With oppression, there is pain, with war there is pain. There are children, families, whole countries that are crying out in pain. Let us not forget their cries, let us not forget the fight that lingers, let us not forget our own freedoms. And most of all, let us not forget that although we live in an age of much knowledge and advancement we still have a long way to go when it comes to love.

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  1. n3v3rm0r3 | 17th Nov 15

    so very well said. God bless you.

    • StephJ | 17th Nov 15

      I feel as though many writers have taken to their blogs as a refuge to release their feelings on these matters. I am glad I decided to share mine.

  2. Solveig | 18th Nov 15

    You summed it up greatly 🙂

    • StephJ | 18th Nov 15

      I’m glad that you think so! Thank you.

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