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Oh, Romania! Setting for Bram Stockers majestically famous Dracula. The archetypal vampire Count Dracula, created by Bram Stoker, was inspired by the Romanian prince Vlad Tepes, also known as Vlad the Impaler because he was rather fond of impaling his enemies and standing them along the roads. Sounds like a swell guy!

But there is so much more to Romania than Vlad Tepes and spooky vampire castles. Brascov the capital of Romania is also home to  The Black Church which has the largest organ in Europe, with 4000 tubes. You can also find in Brascov the largest Gothic church between Vienna, Austria and Istanbul, Turkey. And also worth mentioning is that Romania is the world’s ninth largest wine producer.

These points are only a few of thousands of interesting facts about this ancient country set in South Eastern Europe. I must admit my knowledge of Romania is very limited and before I was given this opportunity to interview the lovely Alex from Alexdneagoe I had never considered it as a travel destination. However, after learning a bit more from a locals perspective I was sparked into a fury of personal research into this country. To say that I am now fascinated and intrigued would be an understatement.


I am now moving Romania to my travel wish list, as I hope to one day walk the cobblestone streets of its ancient cities, tour it’s historic castles and hikes its majestic mountains. Thank you, Alex, for sharing a piece of your country with The Chatting Compass, it has been truly amazing to get to know a bit about you, your culture and Romania.

Can you tell us about the city or country you were born? 

For those who don’t know, Romania is a country in the east of Europe. It is one of the ex-communist countries and it still tries to develop itself. Romania is a beautiful country. It has everything: wild mountains, beautiful sea, amazing architecture, great food and a very interesting history. People don’t know much about it and most of those who know, know only the stereotypes and refuse to learn more about it and visit it. The negative part would be the corruption which we can’t seem to be able to get rid of.

Why is Romania a great place to visit as a tourist?

Romania has a beautiful culture, people are really friendly in certain parts of the country, the food is delicious so you should definitely give it a try. The history and the architecture are quite interesting. We have many castles (one of which is Dracula’s) and tons of really old buildings that are going to draw your attention. We also have great nature: mountains that will take your breath away and seaside full of life and energy. It’s a great country if you give it a chance.



If I decided to travel to Romania what cities should I stay in?

Three of my favorite cities here in Romania are Brasov, Sibiu and Sighisoara. They are medieval cities so it’s kind of like going back in time whenever you visit them. If, however, you want something else, Bucuresti and Cluj are two cities with great nightlife, but also interesting places to see. If you want to see the sea, visit some places and go out clubbing, Constanta is your best bet (but only during the summer). For the winter, if you enjoy skiing or snowboarding or just snow in general Predeal and Sinaia are great for that.



When is the best time of year to travel to Romania?

It really depends on what your preferences are. Both winter and summer are good options. During winter there are places where you can go skiing if you are interested in doing anything winter related, during summer you can go to the beach or to the pool or you can go on a road trip and visit whatever you feel like visiting.What should I wear? If you decide to travel to Romania during winter you should bring really warm clothes because it can get really cold during the winter (like freezing cold). If you decide to travel during the summer you should bring summery clothes because it can get really hot.


Can you tell us about some native foods of Romania? What is your favorite?

I love all foods in general, but two of my favorite Romanian dishes are: “sarmale” which is rolled up meat and rice in sour kraut with some sour cream on the top,and the other one would be “mamaliga cu branza” which is corn flour with cheese and of course some sour cream on top.

What are some things that a tourist should do?

Well, I think a tourist should definitely try our traditional food and our traditional drinks. Then they should try and learn as much as possible about the country. I think they might be surprised.

Do you have any tips for tourists who are traveling to Romania for the first time?

Visit the big cities first so that if you need help with anything you’ll definitely find someone who could help you. Also be careful with the taxi drivers, if they know you’re a foreigner they’ll try to take the wrong route in order to get more money. If anyone wants to find anything else I’m open for questions.

What are some stereotypes you would wish to change about Romanians? If any…

One of the stereotypes I came across about my country is the fact that we are poor and we all live in tents and improvised houses and when they find out it’s not at all like that they act really surprised. I’m not saying we’re a rich country but we aren’t that poor either. Another one would be the fact that we’re all thieves who don’t like to work. Which is again far from the truth? Most of the people are working hard to raise a family.

How has being from Romania shaped your perspectives on the world? What are some things you are proud of or not so proud of about your country?

Here in Romania, even in school, we learn many things about other countries. We learn their capitals, the most important cities, their resources, their geographical position and maybe even things about their politics. I’ve also seen that when you’re from eastern Europe you have to work harder to demonstrate your good.

I’m not proud of our politics and the political class in general. They’re all corrupt and they do very little to help the country. I also dislike the fact that they promote the wrong people on the TV (think The Kardashians but lower). But I am proud that Romanian are strong people. They work hard and study hard to achieve their dreams (or at least the majority). And no matter what comes across them they make it to the surface again and again.

What are some other places in the world that you wish to travel to someday? Why?

I would love to travel the world some day and see all there is to see. But some of the countries I really want to visit are Cuba, Mexico, Argentina, Peru, Brasil, Japan, and India. Also, I would really, really like to see Hawaii.


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