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Located on the southeastern coast of America in the state of Florida is the richest city in America, according to a study done in 2009 by USB. It is also a city considered a major leader in commerce, culture, media, entertainment, the arts, and international trade.  At its best, it offers a rare multicultural experience, with Latin and Caribbean tongues, international cuisines and cultural events all against a beautiful beach backdrop.

But what else does this major American city have to offer besides, fashion,
beaches, entertainment, and culture? Well, what more could you really want? And what exactly would it be like to be from this glamorous city? Hmm, so many questions.

Here with some of the answers is the beautiful Nena from YouUnfolded, she is a native of Miami and was kind enough to allow me to interview her for this weeks The Chatting Compass post. Thank you, Nena!

She has shared a perspective of this city in which you will often not find when searching the internet or reading travel magazines. As a local of Miami, her approach and thoughts about this celebrity city are one that is both unique and very informative. If you are thinking of placing Miami on your travel itinerary I suggest you keep on reading, what you learn may surprise you.




Can you tell us about the city or country you were born? 

I was born, raised, and continue to live in Miami, Florida.

Miami is a city full of a variety of scenes. Shopping, partying, relaxing by the beach, or taking part in an art walk; there is something for everyone.

Miami is also very diverse in culture and you run into people from all over the world. However, there is a dominant Latino and Hispanic culture and most places you go, Spanish is the main language. For many, especially for those that do not speak Spanish, it can be quite frustrating because there are places where you may not find someone that speaks English.


When is the best time of year to travel to Miami?

Miami is hot and humid for most of the year and the mosquitoes during our summer months are killer! The best time to visit would be during our “winter” which is usually from September-April.

The weather is a bit cooler, less humid, and the mosquitoes are not as prominent or non-existent. Plus, the outdoors is much better enjoyed without the latter. Summertime in Miami also means thunderstorms so avoid being rained in and come during the cooler months.

If you are a beach go-er, the weather is still warm enough to soak up some rays and there are many events, like Art Basel, that come around during this time of the year.

What is your favorite hotel you have ever stayed in?

I live in Miami so I have not stayed in many hotels in the area. I did stay overnight at The Palms Hotel and Spa in Miami Beach because it was my wedding venue and the place is gorgeous!


I recommend staying there because you are close to the Miami Beach nightlife, the beach, the artsy area of Miami, and you are in a resort that feels like a private getaway with superb service, food, and rooms!

Any restaurant recommendations?

If you stay at The Palms Hotel and Spa then definitely eat at their Essencia Restaurant! They have many healthy choices and use quality ingredients grown in their own garden.

Miami’s diversity comes with a plethora of restaurant and food choices. The easiest thing to do is to think of what type of food you want and search for what is in the area. You are not only bound to find what you are looking for, but it will also most likely be very tasty!

French Onion Soup from the Tea Room

Why should people travel to Miami?

For the same reasons people should travel in general; to experience something new, broaden your horizons, and possibly gain some wisdom and have some fun in the process.

What are some unique things that a tourist should do while in Miami?

One of the top places to visit is Miami Beach and checking out Ocean Drive and Lincoln Road for shops and dining. I would recommend renting a bicycle from their bike stations to take up the scenery and explore more ground.

For added fun, try a boat tour that takes you around Star Island and shows you the mansions of many celebrities and gives you a bit of history of the area as well.

The arts are bustling in the areas dubbed “The Miami Design District” and there are award-winning shows at the Adrienne Arsht Center, Ziff Opera House, and the American Airlines Arena.

Miami is also filled with beautiful gardens and ancient mansions and a few must-sees are Vizcaya, Deering Estate, and Fairchild Tropical Botanical Garden.

The other unique places that I would suggest that are away from the city of Miami, but worth seeing are Schnebly Redland’s Winery and Brewery and Coral Castle (supposedly handmade by one man!)

Do you have any tips for tourists who are traveling to Miami for the first time?

The downtown area is mainly active during the day and is not necessarily the safest place to roam at night, however Miami Beach is considered Florida’s “city that never sleeps” so I would suggest going there in the evenings.

Another great place to visit at night is Bayfront Park. Also know as, Bayside, it is an outdoor mall with stores, vendors, restaurants, all by the bay. You can ride on a party boat or hang out to the live music they often have on weekends.

Definitely make sure to bring sun block, mosquito repellent, light clothing, and be prepared for rain (although it doesn’t last long during the “winter” time).

What are some stereotypes you would wish to change about your city?

That we are all Cuban!  Because we’re not 🙂

Also, that Miami is mainly a big party scene. As I mentioned earlier, I was born and raised and still live in Miami and I have never been the party type. Yet, I love my city and it is much more than the nightlife.

How has being American shaped your perspectives on the world?

I would say being Latin American has shaped me to be more open-minded to recognize and embrace the differences across cultures. I am not only familiar first-hand with the vast distinction between Latin and Hispanic cultures, but also the unique qualities of each individual regardless of where they are from. Therefore, I judge no one and I accept people for who they are.

What are some things you are proud of or not so proud of about your country?

I am proud of the freedom we have, but not proud of how many have abused it for malice.

What are some other places in America that you have traveled that you would recommend others to visit?

Boston and New York are wonderful cities to visit with a rich history and full of life. But one of the states I would suggest visiting is North Carolina. My family and I stayed at a cabin in the mountains and it was gorgeous! The locals are also very warm and inviting.


Where in the world do you wish to travel? Why?

I have always longed to travel to Italy! All the scenes look spectacular and just the thought of the food makes my mouth water.



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