13 Simple Stress Relief Activities

Being an adult is hard work. It seems the older I become the more life tends to suck the energy and happiness straight out of my soul. Like a giant dementor (Harry Potter reference) ready to take all motivation and glee from my existence.

Alright enough with the drama.

What I mean to say is, stress is a very real things people! No matter the reason I refuse to sit and dwell on it, I am simply not able to let a feeling such as stress keep me down for long. So on a day like today, a Monday from hell,  I find myself sitting here thinking what on earth can I do to relieve myself from these rather woeful stressful situations big or small, today or any day?

If you have ever struggled with the same thoughts then perhaps my go-to list might also be of service to you! Good luck and happy Monday!

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1. Read a book


Whisk yourself away to another land, quiet your environment and put your body at ease. Take a  book out into nature to enjoy the smells and sounds or simply curl up in bed and snuggle with some warm blankets and read, read, read!

2. Watch your favorite movie

Your favorite movie is consistent, you know what you are going to get you can shut off your mind and let your favorite characters take you away to their worlds and troubles. Sometimes all you need is a distraction to concur stressful feelings.

3. Take a short nap

Naps are a great way to relief stress. Taking 10 – 20 minutes to recharge your mind body and soul. It may be all the relief you need.

Check out this related article 5 Reasons you Should Start Napping to help motivate you!

4. Bake or cook somethingZYZ8AZ78FI

I am an avid Pinterest user and I have found a new love for trying new (mostly healthy) recipes.

Go Me! Cooking and baking keeps your hands busy and gives your mind something to focus on. A manual task where the end result can be a delicious homemade treat.

5. Take a bath

Hello, bath enthusiast here. I feel everyone should have a healthy stockpile of Epsom salts, oils and bubbles on hand at all times. This stash always comes in handy for me when stressed. Soaking away your troubles may not solve the problem you are facing but it is a great way to escape.

6. Fall asleep by meditating or listening to relaxing music

Meditation, music and nature sounds is a great way to shut your brain off for the evening before you go to sleep, allowing your subconscious to shut down, shifting into a more healthy reality. If you are not too keen on meditating then turn on some gentle rain or ocean sounds, you will be asleep within minutes.

A healthy sleep will help you rejuvenate and clear your mind, allowing you to carry less stress over into the next day.

7. Watch a funny video

Do you enjoy funny cat videos? Baby videos? Well luckily for you and everyone else in the world, if you desire it you simply need to type it into the interwebs. Watching a few funny videos is a great way to blow off some steam. Laughter is of course often the best medicine.

8. Call a friend and laugh not vent

Often times venting is a great way to relieve stress and get things off your chest, but don’t forget your friends have the ability to lift your moods in other ways too. Try calling up a friend and saying “I am having a crappy day, how about we have a laugh”? If you are lucky to have a good friend they will know exactly what to do.

9. Practice deep breathing

Never done deep breathing before? Try this app MyBrainSolutions. This is a fun way to try out deep breathing for yourself to calm your stressed-out mind.

This is a great stress relief activity if you are short on time. The golden rule is three deep breathes drastically decreases the stress hormones in your body. Breath slowly and deeply in your nose and out your mouth.

10. Drink a cup of teaASJL0UIGOR (1)

When I smell Chamomile tea I instantly feel more relaxed, it is just one of those things that calm me. Holding a warm cup and smelling the calming aromas is mega relaxing.

11. Aromatherapy

Rose, lavender, frankincense, chamomile, and vanilla have long been a proven source of relaxation and stress relief.. Investing in some essential oils or candles containing these scents is a great way to fill your home with stress relieving smells. Every little bit helps right?.

12. High endurance workout or peaceful yoga exercise

A high endurance cardio workout is a great way to blow off steam, try some kickboxing or another intense workout routine to work out your frustrations. Another way to allow exercise to ease your stress is by taking a more peaceful approach by trying some yoga poses that are aimed at stress relief.

13. Check out some motivational quotes

I have a Pinterest board dedicated to quotes that help me when I am feeling stressed, frustrated, unmotivated or any other manner of negative feeling.

Find a mantra that speaks to you, something that helps you feel better when the rest of life is pulling you down. Words are always our greatest weapon.

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If you are interested in some other feel good life savers check out my Searching for Happiness Series! 


  1. Creative Crafts DIY | 22nd Feb 16

    Best remedies ever…😊👌

  2. circumspect41 | 22nd Feb 16

    I also heard having a fish tank and watching the fish swim helps as well. I used to do that but then I got rid of the ex-husband and the fish tank and I felt soooooo much better!!!

  3. circumspect41 | 22nd Feb 16

    Reblogged this on booklovercircumspect4.

    • StephJ | 22nd Feb 16

      Awesome! Thank you 🙂

  4. Lynette Barbieri | 22nd Feb 16

    Excellent post! Women need to take care of themselves first! If they fall apart everything falls apart! We all need Me Time!

  5. Juni Desireé | 22nd Feb 16

    Read a book, listen to music, write, and create something are my go-tos when I’m stressed. Thanks for sharing this list!

  6. Vanella Road Creations | 23rd Feb 16

    Wonderful ideas! My go to is a hot bath…it just melts the stress away!

  7. dawn | 23rd Feb 16

    I had to share you post!! Can I add one more? Coloring. I draw coloring books and have so many people tell me how coloring has soothed their souls 😀 Much Peace Love Ahhhhh Moments

    • StephJ | 23rd Feb 16

      I can’t believe i forgot that one! I love coloring also, it is a new favorite activity of mine. Thanks for the reminder 🙂

  8. angelalahunt | 24th Feb 16

    A great list. Reading books is up the top of my list too. I like to sketch too but reading gets my vote most at the moment x

  9. the happiest pixel | 24th Feb 16

    Lovely advice, my happy pixel!! Thanks for sharing!! 🙂

  10. Grandtrines | 1st Mar 16

    Reblogged this on Lost Dudeist Astrology.

  11. ireneabalo | 4th Apr 16

    Thanks for sharing, i love to call a friend and share light moments with them. The laughter keeps me relaxed.

  12. Amanda | 13th Sep 16

    Baking something is one I have not thought of before! I might try that one next time. 🙂

  13. kara | 13th Sep 16

    I’m a big fan of all of these but especially #3 and #7! 🙂

  14. Amanda @ Anchored to Sunshine | 13th Sep 16

    Working out always helps me de-stress! Sometimes eve my boyfriend will suggest i go for a run when I’m getting a bit angry with him 🙂

    • StephJ | 14th Sep 16

      I like to go for a hike when I am feeling tense also. Sometimes you just have to get that energy out there.

  15. Lauren - Glitter & Grandeur | 13th Sep 16

    These remedies are great! I love taking a detox bath with a glass of red wine and a good book when I am stressed. It really helps.

    • StephJ | 14th Sep 16

      That is a great way to unwind!

  16. Sarah Ricker | 13th Sep 16

    Great ideas! I am a big believer in a hot bath and a large glass of wine!

    • StephJ | 14th Sep 16

      Yes! So relaxing!

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  18. shopgirlanonymous | 28th Dec 16

    I love the discernment you place in your conversation with a friend. Laughter is the best medicine. And soaking in the tub with some delicious smell goods and relaxing music is my favorite way to unwind.

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  20. thebeasley | 7th May 17

    Cat videos all the way for me! Great list.

  21. kathieyv | 8th May 17

    Thanks for the list. I have found exercise, reading, taking a walk, watching a show I love all help with stress. I am getting ready to research aroma therapy, Beach by Bobbi Brown is amazing:-)

    • StephJ | 8th May 17

      Awesome! It is all about the little things. Which is your favorite?

      • kathieyv | 8th May 17

        Probably walking/hiking. I like taking my dog on long walks and just breathing in the fresh air. How about you?

        • StephJ | 8th May 17

          Nothing really. If the weather is nice I hope to do the same 🙂

  22. Neely Moldovan (@Neelykins) | 8th May 17

    Reading and exercise are my go to stress relievers!

  23. jamiefray | 8th May 17

    I love your tip to call a friend to LAUGH instead of vent. All to often, I get caught in the venting category! But laughter is soooooo much better. We are also tea drinkers in our house, and every night you can usually find us relaxing with a cuppa 🙂

    • StephJ | 9th May 17

      Yay! I love a good cup of tea 🙂

  24. Being Leanna | 9th May 17

    So many helpful tips! I love to bake when i’m feeling stressed out. My waistline doesn’t but it certainly helps me feel better haha.

    • StephJ | 10th May 17

      Yes I agree! I love baking something just for me 🙂

  25. Allison Ryan (@allisonsaysso) | 14th May 17

    I’m with you! Being an adult is hard! Is it terrible that I want to do all of these right now!?

    • StephJ | 15th May 17

      No way! I feel like I spoil myself most days.

  26. Jill Conyers (@jillconyers) | 14th May 17

    You’ve included some of my go-tos for stress relief. At the top of my list is yoga. It’s impossible to stay stressed doing yoga.

    • StephJ | 15th May 17

      That is very true. After a few poses your mind is so focussed in the moment that everything else just slips away.

  27. anhistorianabouttown | 6th Aug 17

    Yoga or a slow walk are the best for me! Stress usually leads to me being quite agitated, and both allow me to slow everything down and recenter myself!

    • stephaniewp | 7th Aug 17

      I coulndt agree more. I get really on edge too when I am stressed and often I don’t even realize it until I am faced with the situation. I need to get back into yoga!

  28. Maj | 6th Aug 17

    What a brilliant list – I love all of the things on there! My go to stress relievers have to be sports, reading, writing or having a nap! I always feel a black cloud has been lifted after doing sports and it ALWAYS helps me feel better. My favourite is a game of netball!

    Maj xoxo

    • stephaniewp | 7th Aug 17

      Sports seem lieka wonderful way to de-stress, any type of physical activity definitely gets those good hormones flowing 🙂

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