4 Ways to Beat the Post Vacation Blues

I have recently returned from my latest travel adventure, and by recently I mean I returned last week. Is that too soon to have the post-vacation blues? Does that mean I am a spoiled travel junkie? Is my adventurous spirit only fulfilled while on a travel high?

Maybe so, because here I am already mildly depressed at the prospect of no future vacation plans. Don’t get me wrong I love being home and seeing family and friends but after months of planning and preparations, it is kind of sad not to have the next adventure in sight. Do you share my pain?

If you do then to help save us from the spiraling potential sadness which is the post-vacation blues I have developed a few tricks to get us through. Whether it has been a week, a month or 10 years since your last vacation, being travel sick can suck, so I hope these tips assist you because they certainly help aid the sting in my own life.

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1. Go through your vacation memories &  get crafty

When on vacation it is natural to buy souvenirs to bring home, something to remember your journeys for years to come. Be sure to pick items that you know you will love and that you can incorporate into your daily life. Spoons shot glasses, postcards and t-shirts will likely collect major dust in the darkest corners of your life (or shelves) and will not bring you much long term joy. So my advice is to avoid these unless you have started a collection of sorts.

Photos, paintings, and other home decor items are usually the items I like to bring back from my travels. So one of the first things I like to do when I get home is organize those items.

Go through your photos and create an album, buy some frames and create a little shrine somewhere in your home with your paintings or photos collected. Another great craft to work on is making a memory jar or frame filled with train passes, museum, and plane tickets. If you have spent a lot of vacations on beaches collecting a bit of sand and showcasing them is another fun way to remind yourself of the beautiful places you have been and the memories you have.

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2. Make a video

In this technological age, it is so easy to document your travels all you need is your smartphone. Although you may take a more high-tech approach with great travel devices such as a Go-Pro. Regardless for me taking a few short videos of the things I wish to remember with my smartphone is more than enough to satisfy my documentary needs.

On my latest trip I took more than 50 short videos and uploaded them to Google Photos, from there I began to edit those clips into a short video. This is a fun way to remember your travels and share them with friends and family. There are plenty of other ways to edit videos and footage and a lot of time can be spent exploring the snaps of memories. So if videos are your thing research the popular devices for capturing great travel footage and the platforms that are most popular for editing. It’s a great project and a labor of love that will bring you back to those places you love each time.

Check out my Belgium & Amsterdam travel video here.

3. Plan  your next vacation

Oh yes, that’s right! I have already begun research on my next travel destination. To soon? Whatever, I have been bitten by the travel bug of life. Whether you are able to plan for a vacation in the next year or the next few years mapping out the perfect place to travel next is a great way to keep your adventurous spirit alive.

It’s a big world out there, so hop on Pinterest, purchase travel books, read blogs and talk to friends and family. Gather information about places that you may not have considered, before making a final decision. What kind of vacation are you looking to have? Relaxation, adventure, sightseeing, history, romantic, shopping? There are many factors that are important to people in different ways so find suits you.

4. Try new things at home

Having some projects to occupy your time when first coming back from a vacation is a good way to not get sucked into a post-vacation depression. When I returned home I made some to-do lists, made plans with friends and also made a pretty heavy list of things I would like to try this summer. Everything from bake bread for the first time, to go on a camping trip.

Planning a vacation takes time and energy for months leading up to the journey. So if you are a busy body like me then you might find the idea of having nothing to “look forward to” rather depressing. So make a bucket list of things you would like to try, do, and experience at home. See what events are happening in your hometown, start a new hobby, and keep yourself busy.

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Looking for reasons to travel? I have 11 reasons right here.

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Lots of love!


  1. lakeafton | 30th May 16

    Tickets to nearly anywhere are a gift I couldn’t turn down.

  2. Grandtrines | 1st Jun 16

    Reblogged this on Still Another Writer's Blog.

    • StephJ | 1st Jun 16

      Awesome thanks!

      • Grandtrines | 1st Jun 16

        I think that this is a great piece for writers. Think about it. What dreams do writers have? One is to travel to exotic locales and write while there. A vacation and maybe a business expense deduction. But, what happens when you get back?

  3. Tony Burgess | 1st Jun 16

    Emulate things from your vacation at home. Use equivalents in your town that remind you of vacation.

    • StephJ | 1st Jun 16

      That is a great idea!

  4. 4 Ways to Beat the Post Vacation Blues – shiftNtwist | 6th Jun 16

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  5. Trail Tara | 9th Jun 16

    I totally relate, I get the blues pretty much as soon as I walk back through the office doors haha. Definitely planning the next trip is the answer. I love the memory jar idea too, I might make that my next project 😊

    • StephJ | 10th Jun 16

      I wish I could travel 5 times a year. Thanks for reading! 😊

      • Trail Tara | 10th Jun 16

        Me too, if only I had that much time and money! 😊

        • StephJ | 10th Jun 16

          I know! I hear ya!

  6. josypheen | 27th Apr 17

    YES!! I agree with this so much.

    I like to get all my photos and create a photo album. It helps go over the memories and I am always sooo happy when I receive the printed version through the post. 😀

    I guess blogging about it all is a good way to help put-off your wanderlust too!

    • StephJ | 27th Apr 17

      I agree, my blog posts about my travels make me so freaking happy. I am constantly trying to come up with new ones so I can relive my adventures all over again!

      • josypheen | 27th Apr 17

        Plus they are fun for the rest of us to read as we get to find out about fun places to travel. 😀

        • StephJ | 27th Apr 17

          Yes that is true. I love reading other peoples travel posts too.

  7. samstravblog | 27th Apr 17

    Love this post. I find planning my next trip always helps me, lol. Thank you for the other suggestions!

    • StephJ | 28th Apr 17

      Thanks for reading!

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