9 Reasons I Think you are Tougher Than you Know

“You are tough because you try not because you succeed”

The toughest and strongest people I know are not those found in books or movies, they are not the people who win awards of bravery or gain public recognition for their perseverance. When I think of truly inspiring tough people, I think of people like you and me. People who look at what the world expects of them looks at what they expect of themselves and push those expectations to the side, redefining them.

The toughest people, look past “the odds” of a situation and power through with a smile on their face. They work hard, pulling motivation from anywhere they may need it. They are not proud they are humbled by their own journeys. Being tough is often the path of hardship,  going through the trenches of life often means counting on the warrior within to get you there. The warrior within is our strength.

When staying positive fails you, call upon your inner bad ass warrior to get you through. After all, you are also among the toughest people I know!

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1. Look at how far you have come

When in doubt think of a few of the hard times. I know many people would say “stay positive” and yes I think that is important. However, imagine this… put on your inner warrior goddess pants. Those pants you have surely worn before, each time you wear them they become more tough, more beautiful.

Use your past hardships to pull you through these difficult times. You are tough because you have already been so before. Yes, the situation may differ, but your inner strength can always be remembered and from those memories, confidence will emerge.

2. You are not afraid to change

Change is the hardest part of life in so many ways. The more you resist it the harder your life will be, sometimes. The world is constantly changing, evolution is all around us. Things are broken down in nature and within our own minds only to be rebuilt again stronger. Facing change will make you tougher, taking away the power of fear the fear of change is a huge sign you are already there. You are tough, you are strong.

3. You are not afraid to keep trying

This is one of the toughest skills anyone can master. Trying when you have failed, and then trying again. If that doesn’t make you the toughest person out there I don’t know what does. This is one of the best qualities anyone can have, to be brave, push their limits and never give up. As long as you keep trying no matter what the situation is you will come out tougher than when you started. Go you!

4. You still look for the good in people and situations

How does looking for the good in people make you tough? Well, it is easy to tear people down to build yourself up, it is a little harder to see people as equal to you while they may be the obstacle that is in your way.

When building your special warrior goddess uniform make sure you are not putting on a fake one. The one that is built by bringing other people down, by turning up your nose or by seeing yourself as better than. If you see people as equal to you, with equal struggles, hardships, lives and goals then your armor is real. your tough self is not only bad ass and strong but also wise. Double Whammy!

5. You keep yourself motivated

Staying motivated is one of the biggest keys to accomplishing just about anything. If you successfully can keep yourself motivated through the good days and the bad days then you are and will be tougher than you have ever imagined. Look for quotes, talk to friends, read about others stories. Whatever you need to do to keep going do it. If you have mastered the art of self-motivation then you are already tougher than you think.

6. You are not afraid to share your feelings, thoughts, passions

It takes guts to share with people your passions, goals, and feelings. The world is full of criticism and naysayers. If you can push past those barriers and your own fears of negativity and others opinions then you are so much braver than even I.

7. You know when to back down

Not everything is a battle. Not everything needs to be a fight. So knowing when to stand up and fight and when to back down is a skill that all the real tough cookies have. Sometimes it is harder to walk away and say nothing then it is to stand up  and to fight for yourself. Knowing the difference is a key to true strength.

8. You focus on the bigger picture

As somewhat of a perfectionist, I know that getting caught up in the small details tends to hold me back. It’s so difficult to be tough when you are swimming in insignificant details. If you are able to focus on the big picture (something I struggle towards) then, in my opinion, you are a super tough human.

9. You push through your own obstacles and fears

The obstacles that are ahead is what gives us that push to grow.  Perhaps getting over your fear of public speaking is an obstacle that you wish to push through. Why do you fear it? It is an obstacle that you yourself have placed in front of you. It is not real, it only feels real, it is only hard because of the power you have given it. If you can just do it and move past that invisible barrier then you are tougher than you know. Sometimes the hardest things in life and the things that we ourselves create.



Obstacles, hardships, change, pain. They all put us in line with strength, power, bravery. They could not exist without the other. You are tougher than you know for so many reasons I can not begin to think of them all. I think it is important to have a reminder every now and again.


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    I love this. Very inspirational.

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    This really inspired me. You’re an amazing writer.
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    Really good.
    Hope to see more from you.
    Take care and happy writing. 🙂

    • StephJ | 27th Jun 16

      Thank you so much. I like to write posts that I feel others need to hear. Everyone needs to hear these things and it’s sad that all to often people don’t say it to one another. I am happy you enjoyed 🙂

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    Great post! I can relate to all pf the points raised! I love your blog, it’s so positive! Keep up the good work!

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      Thank you for reading and stopping by and also for the feedback. Have a great day 🙂

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    Such a wonderful and inspiring post! I think that everyone needs this little reminder every now and then!

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