6 Tips to Help you Truly Love your Blog

Throughout my short time blogging, I have experienced some ups and some downs when it comes to my relationship with my blog. I have posts that I absolutely love and posts that I just want to hide from the world and forget ever happened. I sometimes look at my writing and think… Wow, did I write that? Then other times I think… Ew, did I write that?

Just like my life, this whole blogging thing can be an emotional roller coaster.

Whether you have been blogging for years, months or have just started the experience, you are bound to feel a mix of
emotions when it comes to your “creative baby” which is your blog.

In those down moments when I feel uninspired or detached from my blog, I have unearthed some key factors that affect those feelings. Understanding why the love is gone and how to get it back is essential to maintaining that healthy relationship with your blog. Holding the key to transforming your attitude, writing, and content into something that you are proud of.

So is your blog making your heart happy?

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1. Write from your heart

The point that I was the most unhappy with my blog,  was also a point in which  I was not writing from my heart. I went through a phase when I was only writing what I thought other people wanted to read and not what I myself wanted to write.

So I took a break, and in that time I reexamined how I felt about my blog. Why did I start blogging? What did I want to write?

I emerged with clearer expectations for my blog. Yes, it is important to engage your readers, but this is a blog we are talking about, not an essay, not a newspaper article. Share how you feel with your readers, get some things off of your chest. Open a blank page and open your heart.

Some ways to share from your heart would be to share a struggle, something you overcame, an achievement, or a happy moment in your life. Something personal that other people can relate to. One of the posts I am the proudest of is 5 Ways to Spot a Toxic Friendship, that was a true and difficult post to write and I dug deep to create it.

It’s scary sharing a bit of yourself with the world, but I always feel liberated and happy after I do it.

2. Share your voice

It may take awhile to master your own writing style and voice, (I have a long way to go) and looking to others, in the beginning, may be a good place to start. However branching out and sharing with your readers your own quirks and feelings will help you find your writing voice.

If you’re looking for a good way to practice this then try writing a Life Update post, or a monthly goal post. These types of posts are great for practicing using your own voice and broadcasting your own humor or personality. This is also a great way to draw your readers in on a more personal and intimate level.

3. Don’t do it all alone

When I reached out and began to collaborate with other writers I was refueled and my motivation was at its peak. I began the Chatting Compass series. My thoughts on my blog and blogging began to change.

Having interviews with other bloggers, doing guest posts and other fun creative blog meetups is a great way to feel connected to other bloggers and also to reach out to new readers.

I loved doing the Chatting Compass series. I was able to chat with some very interesting people from all over the world and my travel bug was also fed in the process.

Think about your theme and how you can involve other bloggers. Trying this kind of post is something that might help you fall back in love with your blog.

4. Motivate yourself

Feeling unhappy with your blog may come from a lack of motivation entirely. Otherwise known as writer’s block.

Some tricks to stay motivated?

I use my Pinterest as a place to store motivation for the future, for those moments when I feel like I don’t know what I want to write I look at quotes that inspire me.

Using the notes app on your phone as soon as ideas pop into your head is another great way to keep the ideas flowing. Also reading other blogs that inspire you, and even creating a blog vision board.

5. Focus on the proper measures

A trap that many bloggers seem to fall into is focusing too much on views and follows. This is a quick ticket to blog depression and disconnection.

Another issue may be that you are not writing about your true passion. Maybe you just have not found what truly inspires you yet.

How do you get out of these traps of confusion?

Well, why not set some goals for yourself, write them in a journal, place them on a vision board. Hell, write a blog post about them. Make these blogging goals and aspirations a part of your blog mission statement and try switching your focus towards these new goals. It doesn’t have to be complicated, it could be something like… I want to write more travel posts, I want to take more pictures, I want to do more product reviews. Rather than I want X amount of views or followers.

6. Interact with other bloggers

Comment on other blogs, respond to your comments and follow other bloggers. Social media is a great way to stay in contact,  try engaging on twitter, facebook, Pinterest and even emailing other bloggers.

Other bloggers serve as a wonderful source of inspiration and the community feeling helps make it all worthwhile. Having blog friends that support your blog, give advice and motivation is an essential part of the maintaining the love.

Do you have any tips that help you stay in love with your blog? What would you suggest as a means to stay motivated?





  1. Briana Marie | 15th Aug 16

    Thanks for the tips!

    • StephJ | 15th Aug 16

      Awesome! Tanks for reading 🙂

  2. ellviisa | 15th Aug 16

    Love this!!!

  3. HighLifey | 15th Aug 16

    Wow, this helps! 😉

    • StephJ | 15th Aug 16

      Awesome I am happy you liked it !

  4. Hearts Lane | 15th Aug 16

    Thank you for this! I needed a kick in the pants to keep going today. You have expressed my emotions perfectly.

    • StephJ | 15th Aug 16

      Oh awesome! Sometimes its so hard to stay motivated. I am glad it helped 🙂

  5. Fola O' Martins | 15th Aug 16

    Great post!

  6. susielindau | 15th Aug 16

    Great tips! I’m sure everyone had a moment this summer when so many were outdoors enjoying life. Not that it’s Back to School, there should be more views for everyone.

  7. kimmie.gg | 15th Aug 16

    Wow! Very helpful and insightful tips 🙂 I enjoyed reading this post!

    • StephJ | 15th Aug 16

      Thank you! I am happy you found it useful.

  8. andixchoice | 15th Aug 16

    Great post! 🙂

  9. loisreadsbooks | 15th Aug 16

    This post is really helpful!

    • StephJ | 15th Aug 16

      Awesome! Thank you!

  10. Teaching and learning | 19th Aug 16

    I recently had writers block and I began doing most of these things that you mentioned but I couldn’t articulate what I did to get out of it to a friend but now I can!

    • StephJ | 22nd Aug 16

      Awesome! Writers block is so frustrating, happens to me often!

  11. Gal Hanukaev | 22nd Aug 16

    Awesome tips, I loved number 3. Number 6 sounds like alot of fun, I will start looking for some new blogging friends 🙂 Thanks!

  12. Jayne (@SMABLblog) | 28th Aug 16

    Fab tips! I love the opportunities which blogging brings and the awesome community.
    Thanks so much for joining in with #MMBC. Hope to see you tomorrow x

  13. Fatima | 5th Sep 16

    Intrinsic motivation is key to blogging success. I’ve created a spreadsheet to help me improve my social promo and get more involved in Facebook Groups.

    • StephJ | 5th Sep 16

      I think organization is the next step for me as well.

  14. Paighton Millington - The Lazy Baker | 5th Sep 16

    Great post and tips – they are really helpful! ☺️

    • StephJ | 5th Sep 16

      Thank you! I am glad you enjoyed these tips.

  15. goodenufmommy | 5th Sep 16

    Love these tips. When I first started I totally missed the part about interacting with other bloggers. Now I have an amazing tribe of women who are so supportive I can’t imagine life without them. The friends that I have gained along the way have made it all worth it.

    • StephJ | 5th Sep 16

      It is so true. There is so much creative energy and inspiration from blogging pals.

  16. Michaela | 5th Sep 16

    I think interacting with other bloggers is so important. I’m still looking for my blogging bestie

    • StephJ | 5th Sep 16

      It is so true! Connecting with other people in the blog world is a awesome way to stay motivated.

  17. thelavenderladies | 5th Sep 16

    I definitely blog as a creative outlet to my day. I like finding new things to write about…sometimes I have good weeks and some weeks it’s total writers block. I like reading other peoples blogs to get new ideas on how to create posts and photos.

    • StephJ | 5th Sep 16

      I have those weeks also. Sometimes I have so many ideas that I feel like I can’t write fat enough other times I am staring at a blank page for days it feels.

  18. Nikki | 5th Sep 16

    Love the tips! I think being interactive with other bloggers definitely helps. I’ve been looking around for some motivation as well.

    • StephJ | 5th Sep 16

      Yes. I am always on the hunt for inspiration and motivation. Thank you for reading.

  19. minnieroses | 5th Sep 16

    These are great tips! I have the same issues with my blog at time and its refreshing to see a fellow blogger talk about what we all go through!

    • StephJ | 5th Sep 16

      Thank you. Sometimes it’s difficult to stay confident and motivated.

  20. MegOhKay | 5th Sep 16

    I’ve just started blogging recently, and currently, I love it. I would really like to start collaborations with other bloggers soon, but I need to figure out how to do about that. Care to collaborate? haha Thanks for the tips- I’m totally bookmarking!

    • StephJ | 5th Sep 16

      Awesome! There are lots of ways to collaborate with fellow bloggers. You could always start with asking some bloggers you like to be interviewed.

  21. Nellwyn Lampert (@cardinalpress) | 5th Sep 16

    Whenever I write from the heart as you say and share really honest posts, they’re always the most popular with readers so I guess it’s win-win for everyone!

    • StephJ | 5th Sep 16

      Yes I agree the most rewarding for everyone I think!

  22. Lakisha | 6th Sep 16

    I haven’t been feeling the love with my blog but I’m loving this motivation. Thanks

    • StephJ | 6th Sep 16

      I hope you find your motivation again! Surround yourself with inspiration!

  23. Elizabeth | 6th Sep 16

    Great tips, these. I’ve been blogging for nearly five years and I look back on my older posts and cringe, but they’re all part of the story. The journey. 🙂

    • StephJ | 6th Sep 16

      I have been going through older posts also, some of them leave me thinking “what was I thinking” ahaha

  24. Jemma @ Celery and Cupcakes | 6th Sep 16

    I really love being part of the blogging community.

    • StephJ | 6th Sep 16

      Me also! such wonderful. unique and creative people!

  25. Sondra Barker | 6th Sep 16

    Writing from the heart is something that I personally think is the most important part of owning my own blog! I want to love what I write and if that means sharing personal stories or anecdotes, then I will. Staying motivated can be hard, but Pinterest as you said helps, and also getting outside and doing something that makes you genuinely happy can spark that motivation you might be looking for! Lovely post!

    • StephJ | 6th Sep 16

      Yes I agree! Thank you for reading 🙂

  26. Dannii @ Hungry Healthy Happy | 6th Sep 16

    Not comparing yourself to other people is a great way to love your own blog more.

    • StephJ | 7th Sep 16

      That is very true! Something I think I can be a little guilty of.

  27. livelaughhlovee5 | 7th Sep 16

    Very true always speak from the heart and don’t ever leave anything out and tell the honest truth. Thanks I will pin this for other bloggers to look through and ones that are wanting to be a blogger. I love interacting with other bloggers to from all over (: Thanks for this.

    • StephJ | 7th Sep 16

      Thank you for reading! I am happy that you enjoyed my post 🙂

  28. Jasmine Watts | 7th Sep 16

    These are great tips Connecting with other people is a awesome way to get motivation!

    • StephJ | 7th Sep 16

      It is so true! Blog friends keep me going 🙂

  29. Valerie Ratliff | 7th Sep 16

    The best part of blogging is interacting with other bloggers and readers.

  30. Alka Rao | 30th Jan 17

    The followers and likes is what I connect to . Thank you! I am a newbie here and I know what goals to set for myself. Thank you again😊

    • StephJ | 30th Jan 17

      Thanks for reading!

  31. Ivy | 24th Aug 17

    I love tip # 3 Don’t do it alone. I’ve been thinking about reaching out to other bloggers about guest posting.

    • stephaniewp | 25th Aug 17

      I have guest posted in the past and I always enjoy it. Also, featuring bloggers on your site may be a great help when you don’t have much content to produce.

  32. drallisonbrown | 25th Aug 17

    I love #1 – that really is the foundation for everything else! For me, my writing is inspired. This means that it comes from a source other than me (my ego) – it comes from that deep well of knowledge and power that is inside us all. This is what makes it so rewarding (and less scary).

    • stephaniewp | 25th Aug 17

      Oh I love that. That is so nicely put. I find that when I can tap into that creative energy and voice within me and write I always like those posts the best. Sometimes when I am done writing them and I go back to read I think Woah did I write that. It’s almost like it isn’t even my true voice/

      • drallisonbrown | 25th Aug 17

        Exactly! I feel the same way!

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