Invite: Fall Feeling Blog Party

Yay! You have been invited to Scale it Simple’s first ever Fall Feeling blog party!

What better way to embrace the beautiful and cozy feelings of fall than to bundle up with your favorite fuzzy blanket, read some awesome blog posts and meet new blogging friends?

This blogging party will be an opportunity for you to share your blog posts with a larger community. And connect with like-minded creative people!

There is no theme for this blogging party, all posts are welcome as long as they are tasteful and the content is appropriate!

Fashion, crafts, lifestyle, fiction, goals, recipes, activities, tips, you name it.

Join me next weekend, Saturday, October 1st and share with Scale it Simple your favorite blog posts!

Come back next weekend to check out the rules of this blogging party.

In the meantime, you can check out SuzieSpeaks blogging party from last Halloween to get a good idea of how this will work as she is my inspiration.

Please invite your blogging friends to join the party!

I look forward to hanging out with all of you next weekend and reading your awesome posts!

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  1. Aunt Tabbi | 23rd Sep 16

    Great idea

    • StephJ | 24th Sep 16

      I hope you can join 🙂

  2. Kohava Howard~Emerging Vibrant Woman | 24th Sep 16

    Thus is wonderful! Looking forward to sharing and see other’s.

    Thank you
    Bliss, kohava

    • StephJ | 24th Sep 16

      Awesome! It is running all day long so until midnight eastern time as to accommodate all the time zones so there should be lots of time to share. I look forward to discovering more about your blog 🙂

  3. Victoria | 24th Sep 16

    Great idea Steph! I’ll definitely be there 🙂

    • StephJ | 24th Sep 16

      Awesome I can’t wait! Tell your blogging friends 😊

  4. Glaiza Binayas | 24th Sep 16

    I always love blog parties 😍

    • StephJ | 24th Sep 16

      Awesome! Hope you can join along!

  5. cherylfoston | 24th Sep 16

    🙂 nice! Thank you, for reading my blog. I appreciate it!

  6. SerendipiDIY | 25th Sep 16

    Thank you for the invite! I can’t wait! This will be my first blog party 🙂

  7. Louise | 25th Sep 16

    What a great idea! And Suzie certainly is a blogging inspiration – she was one of the first blogs I followed!

    • StephJ | 25th Sep 16

      Thanks! I hope you can join 😊

  8. j2mason816 | 26th Sep 16

    I don’t write a related blog in this area of blogging to be included in this party. However, I really look forward to reading everyone who joins the party.

    • StephJ | 26th Sep 16

      All kinds of blog posts are welcome! But yes, even just pop by 🙂

  9. idaplougpahus | 26th Sep 16

    Would love to join if I remember!! 😀 Great idea!

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  11. Be your own Charm | 26th Sep 16

    Cool idea..looking forward to it

  12. Lauren - Glitter & Grandeur | 26th Sep 16

    This is so cool! I am fairly new to the blogging world so had not heard of a blogging party but I love the idea!

  13. cookandenjoyrecipes | 27th Sep 16

    Thanks StephJ – I will do my utmost best to ‘attend’ although I will be away for the weekend, maybe with limited internet access, for the weekend, but I promise to try and pop in and hopefully meet some awesome and very interesting new blogger friends. 😉

    • StephJ | 27th Sep 16

      That would be great. Hopefully you can make it 🙂

  14. treysikaabz | 27th Sep 16

    I love this idea .. it will actually be my first blogging party .. I am happy .. definately joing this !!!

    Please Check out my blog :

    • StephJ | 27th Sep 16

      awesome! Pop by on Saturday to check it out! I think you will really enjoy 🙂

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  16. emotionsoflife2016 | 27th Sep 16

    I am in

    • StephJ | 28th Sep 16

      Awesome! Can’t wait!

  17. rowena supan sembrano | 28th Sep 16

    wow..this is awesome.. how i wish i can be there too..

  18. Elizabeth Licht | 28th Sep 16

    I’m really looking forward to this party! Now all I have to do is put post-it notes EVERYWHERE to remind me. Now where the heck did I leave the post-it notes?

    • StephJ | 28th Sep 16

      haha, Yes! You can follow ScaleitSimple on Facebook too.

      I will be posting stuff on there also on the day of the party. If you are looking for a “extra” reminder! 🙂

      • Elizabeth Licht | 28th Sep 16

        I set a calendar event on my phone. Now if I can manage not to misplace my phone this weekend I’m all set. And where the hell are my keys!?

        • StephJ | 28th Sep 16

          hahaha, Awesome! Hopefully that will help!

  19. foreverinreverieblog | 28th Sep 16

    Reblogged this on Forever In Reverie and commented:
    First ever blog party! Come on everyone! 😀

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  22. foreverinreverieblog | 1st Oct 16

    How are we supposed to start? Link our fav articles here? 🙂

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  25. autistsix | 2nd Oct 16

    Sorry I missed it, Windows 10 Anniversary Compulsory Upgrade took out my computer completely for more than 8 hours and then I had fixing up to do. I am so sorry, it would have been my first blogging party too!

    • StephJ | 2nd Oct 16

      No problem! Thinking of having a Christmas Party so maybe you can make it to that 🙂

  26. autistsix | 2nd Oct 16

    I’d say a definite yes but then something terrible would happen to my computer, so I’ll say thank you and I’ll try.

  27. queencitypetite | 20th Oct 16

    Ah, hate I missed it

    • StephJ | 20th Oct 16

      There will be another blog party during Christmas so stay tuned! 🙂

  28. philipstar | 25th Oct 16

    Can small bloggers like me take part?

  29. inkowlme | 4th Nov 16

    This is awesome! Definitely will try to be a part of this!

    • inkowlme | 4th Nov 16

      Oops I think it already happened! Nevermind. 🙂

      • StephJ | 5th Nov 16

        There will be one next month. So stay tuned 😊

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