Now Live: Fall Feeling Blog Party

Welcome to Scale it Simple’s first ever blog party!

What better way to embrace the beautiful and cozy feelings of fall than to bundle up with your favorite fuzzy blanket, read some awesome blog posts and meet new blogging friends?

So grab your favorite hot beverage and let’s do this!

The rules are simple.

1. Choose one of your favorite blog posts from liveyour own blog, any and all kinds of posts are welcome. (Anything untasteful or inappropriate will be removed.) You can share up to three links. Wait some time in between your posts for best results.

2. Paste the link in the comment section of this post and  write a little bit about yourself and/or your blog.

3. Now grab your fuzzy socks, a cup of something warm and possibly pumpkin spiced and get ready to meet some new people and discover some new blogs! Read, comment, follow and share other bloggers links on your social media platforms or on your own blog.

Ready? Let’s party!


This event will be going on for the next 24 hours, so you have lots of opportunities to visit as many people as you like. Feel free to follow one of my social media accounts found below as I will be sharing your content on them all day long, or re-blog this post to invite your friends and followers to join the party. The more the merrier.

Happy Fall everyone! I look forward to discovering and reading your blogs today!


  1. Hannah Grace 2001 | 1st Oct 16

    Hi, everyone! My name is Hannah, and I like to blog about my day to day experiences, music, reading and just generally things that will hopefully brighten your days! I thought a 15 Facts About Me Tag would be a good way for you guys to get to know me, so here it is: Looking forward to discovering new blogs today! 🙂 <3

    • StephJ | 1st Oct 16

      Hey Hannah! Welcome to the party. Thanks for stopping by!

      • Hannah Grace 2001 | 1st Oct 16

        Thanks for hosting this! It’s brilliant and I love your blog, thank you for inviting me 🙂 <3

      • deshboss | 14th Feb 17

        Suddenly i feel I’ve known you since you were born nice post Hannah👏👏you’re one of we extraordinarily young bloggers

    • ManuDS | 1st Oct 16

      Hey Hannah! Your blog is really interesting, specially the post you linked. It’s nice to get to know about you! Have fun blogging!

    • foreverinreverieblog | 1st Oct 16

      Hey. I completely with your fifteenth fact! I have to let out all my pent up energy. I cry it out. Other wise keeping it in is just too harmful. Or letting it out on other people even more so.

      • Hannah Grace 2001 | 1st Oct 16

        Hello! Yes, I’m glad I’m not the only one who feels that way! Thanks for checking out my blog! <3

        • foreverinreverieblog | 1st Oct 16

          Yess. 🙂 Anytime. When was the picture taken? You look lovely 🙂

          • Hannah Grace 2001 | 1st Oct 16

            Thank you! It was actually taken last Saturday if you can believe that, I went to a wedding and that was my outfit! 🙂

          • foreverinreverieblog | 1st Oct 16

            Haha thought so. You look good. ANd your outfit is good too! Haha. Whats your personal favourite style though? To dress up for occasions?

          • Hannah Grace 2001 | 1st Oct 16

            Hmmm I’m quite a casual person generally, I wear normally leggings, trousers and tops. But for special occasions I’m usually more dressy – I like skirts, dresses and little blouses with makeup and heels. Personally I prefer dressing for occasions, because I have time and effort to put towards my best look.

          • foreverinreverieblog | 1st Oct 16

            Can I be a little jealous of you for travelling so much? haha. I am 20 and I havent travelled THAT much. Keep it going love! 🙂

          • Hannah Grace 2001 | 1st Oct 16

            Thank you, haha! I will! 🙂 Travelling is one of those things that equates to more than the sum of its parts!

          • foreverinreverieblog | 1st Oct 16

            That was beautiful. You love writing don’t you? It just shows trough and through. 🙂

          • Hannah Grace 2001 | 1st Oct 16

            Thank you, that is such a great compliment 🙂 I absolutely adore writing, I have from a young age – it’s something to do with reading books and thinking that I could do it too! 😀

          • foreverinreverieblog | 1st Oct 16

            Same. Reading and writing both take you to a magical place. One, where only we reside with the thousands of fictional (or real) characters. :’)

          • Hannah Grace 2001 | 1st Oct 16

            Don’t you just wish you could live in a book sometimes? When a writer is so good at crafting a story that you feel the reality of the characters with you as you go from day to day. I just love when a book can make me laugh and cry and stay up all night to finish it!

          • foreverinreverieblog | 1st Oct 16

            YES. And when the book finishes. Gosh. My heart. </3
            I wish these people existed. I really do.

          • Hannah Grace 2001 | 1st Oct 16

            I did a review on my blog about a book just like that! It’s called Between the Lives by Jessica Shirvington <3 One of the most brilliantly written, heartbreaking, gut-wrenching, fulfilling books I've ever had the pleasure of reading 🙂

          • foreverinreverieblog | 1st Oct 16

            Ohh. Send me the link of that post!

          • foreverinreverieblog | 1st Oct 16

            Oh my goodness. I desperately want to read this now. Anything that is dedicated for the YA audience, has psychological thriller plot and makes you want to cry…is a must. Your review made me want to read it more. And badly.

          • Hannah Grace 2001 | 1st Oct 16

            It is definitely one of those books – I absolutely loved it! And I’m glad you want to read it, I love sharing my thoughts on books with others! <3 🙂

          • foreverinreverieblog | 1st Oct 16

            keep them coming! xx
            I love reading reviews!

          • Hannah Grace 2001 | 1st Oct 16

            So basically, dressy if that got a bit too complicated, haha!

          • foreverinreverieblog | 1st Oct 16

            Hahaha. No it didnt. I am the same. I see girls putting their best or atleast better than casual everyday. And I am just like how do you do that? 😛

          • Hannah Grace 2001 | 1st Oct 16

            Yeah, I get what you mean! I just don’t have time for that day to day! 😛

          • foreverinreverieblog | 1st Oct 16

            Exactly. Kudos to people who do! 😀

  2. Kristine | 1st Oct 16

    Happy Saturday everyone! I’m Kristine, and my blog is mostly about my photographs, life experiences, a little bit of poetry. I love love reading other blogs and learning things from it. Honestly, I have tons of favorites on my posts but because I am still in love with New York, here is one hope to discover and meet new bloggers today! <3

    • Hannah Grace 2001 | 1st Oct 16

      Hi, Kristine! I love the photos in your blog post and your description made me long to visit New York! You’ve earned yourself a new follower! <3 Have a lovely day! 🙂

      • Kristine | 1st Oct 16

        Thank you Hannah! And I was on your blog just few seconds ago. Thank you! 🙂 and you should visit the city soon, it’s lovely and sure you’ll enjoy it.

        • Hannah Grace 2001 | 1st Oct 16

          I’m a big traveller and have been to the USA but never to New York – but it sounds fun! 🙂 You’re welcome!

          • Kristine | 1st Oct 16

            I know. I’ve read it on your post that you’ve been to 20 countries? I’m jealous!! Haha. But it’s a good thing, you’re still young and travel to places as long as you still can!

          • Hannah Grace 2001 | 1st Oct 16

            Haha, yes, I consider myself rather lucky in that sense! There is so much that I have learnt from travelling – I’m currently working on a blog post about all of the experience and cultural tolerance you get from travelling!

          • Kristine | 1st Oct 16

            Right! I can’t wait to see the post!! I’m just starting to love traveling but still not going to as I still have to save up some travel money hahah. But yes, you’re indeed lucky!

          • Hannah Grace 2001 | 1st Oct 16

            It will be up soon, hopefully later today, dependent on whether I can get it done as I’m working on controlled assessment stuff for school and chores!

    • StephJ | 1st Oct 16

      Hey Kristen! Great post! Thank you for checking out the party 🙂

    • crystalrichard | 1st Oct 16

      Hi Kristine! I LOVE Central Park / New York, so you’re post just brought me right back.

      • Kristine | 1st Oct 16

        Hello! I know, every time I look at the photos it makes me want to go back again…

    • foreverinreverieblog | 1st Oct 16

      Aaah one of my goal is to stroll along central park and times square in new years. Like duh. Love the pictures. Little jealous though hahah. Have you always loved clicking pictures or is it something new?

      • Kristine | 1st Oct 16

        Thank you thank you. Times Square is one of my faves too just because we always go there and it’s a little touristy every time. Hah. And nope, I always loved taking photos. It’s just this year I learned to take much more and appreciate beauty ~ thank you!

        • foreverinreverieblog | 1st Oct 16

          I am sure you take in much more of our surroundings than any of us will. Thats the beauty of a photographer 🙂

          • Kristine | 1st Oct 16

            Yes. I agree. I am still learning though, but thank you! :$

          • foreverinreverieblog | 1st Oct 16

            Learning something you love is great isn;t it? Much easier I suppose then learning something that goes over our head. Hah 😛

    • Ethan Bethune | 1st Oct 16

      Your blog. I love New York and hope to go there one day. Keep posting.

      • Kristine | 1st Oct 16

        Thank you Ethan! I love New York as well and one reason why I always go back is it’s scenery.

  3. suzie81speaks | 1st Oct 16

    Hi all! I’m Suzie from Suzie Speaks – I don’t have a niche and like to discuss lots of things that make me happy. Here is one of my latest posts on decluttering my house…

    • Hannah Grace 2001 | 1st Oct 16

      Hi, Suzie! This has inspired me to do a big clean out of all my stuff – I only tend to clear things out bit by bit, but I’m beginning to let go of things that I never need or use! <3 Thank you for joining the party, I'm going to follow you now!

    • StephJ | 1st Oct 16

      Hey Suzie! Thank you so very much for stopping by this party today. It means a lot to me. Your da BEST! xo

    • Cookie Crumbs | 1st Oct 16

      Hey Suzie! Loved this post! I’m all about clutter free zones in my life. 🙂

  4. SerendipiDIY | 1st Oct 16

    Hi everyone!!! 😀 This is my first blog party and I am so excited! My name is Laura and it’s been almost 2 weeks since I started SerendipiDIY so I am pretty new to this world! My blog is about crafts and DIYs as you can see from the name 😉 I just love to create anything especially if it’s room decor. I post a project every day and here is one of my favourites: a geometric flower pot and a jewellery dish simply using some tape and acrylic paint
    I can’t wait to discover all of your blogs and meet new people! 😍 😊

    L a u r a

    • Hannah Grace 2001 | 1st Oct 16

      Hi, Laura! We’ve met each other already, and considering you’ve only been doing this for 2 weeks I think that you are doing an excellent job! <3

      • SerendipiDIY | 1st Oct 16

        Thank you so much!!! It means so much to me. Love you blog too! we will stay in touch for sure.

        P.s. I am loving this blog party, thank you Steph for inviting me!!!

    • StephJ | 1st Oct 16

      Hey Laura! Thank you for stopping by, I really enjoyed this post. You are very crafty! Best of luck in your blogging ventures, and have fun at the party! xo

    • crystalrichard | 1st Oct 16

      Oh my gosh, those flower pots are gorgeous! 😍

    • foreverinreverieblog | 1st Oct 16

      That was incredible. So easy and amazing. Oh you talented creative lots. Always make me feel bad for not using my creativity to the full haha 😛 LOVE it.

  5. ManuDS | 1st Oct 16

    Hey everyone! I’m Manuli, and I love to write about life experiences, dreams and my views on various aspects in life. My recent posts are mostly poetry and quotes along with other general ideas! I love to read and enjoy other blogs, so hoping to meet amazing bloggers on this party!
    This is on of my favourite posts
    Have a pleasant day! 🙂

    • Hannah Grace 2001 | 1st Oct 16

      Hiya! I love a bit of poetry, and I found that particular post very enchanting and creative! I hope you have a lovely day too! 🙂

    • foreverinreverieblog | 1st Oct 16

      Loved it. Simple and beautiful. I love how people use mundane words and make something so beautiful. 🙂

      • ManuDS | 1st Oct 16

        Thank you!! I’m still improving poetry, so this is really encouraging. 😊

        • foreverinreverieblog | 1st Oct 16

          Its greattt! Keep it going. I will be on the lookout of your other DIYS 😀

          • ManuDS | 1st Oct 16

            Yes I sure will. And I’m going through your blog now and I’m just captivated by that!

          • foreverinreverieblog | 1st Oct 16

            Thankyouuu! :’) <3

      • foreverinreverieblog | 1st Oct 16

        God. I meant Poems*
        Sorry. What the hell am I even writing. 😛
        I am just going trough your other poems. You are incredible 🙂

    • Always, Ashlea | 1st Oct 16

      Beautiful blog with lovely poems! Enjoyed reading them 🙂

    • geminilvr | 1st Oct 16

      Loved it, simple and beautiful

    • Cookie Crumbs | 2nd Oct 16

      Beautiful writing. Thanks for sharing!

    • emilynncaulfield | 2nd Oct 16

      Beautiful post! I love the photo above it.

      • ManuDS | 3rd Oct 16

        Thank you!

        • emilynncaulfield | 3rd Oct 16

          You’re so welcome!

    • deshboss | 14th Feb 17

      You’re a brother! Wonderful poem…. Dont Mind Then saying you need to use big language (if anyone tells you that) cheers to short memorizable poems. Want to be friends

  6. StephJ | 1st Oct 16

    Hello Manuli! I always enjoy reading your poems! Thanks for joining this party today! 🙂

    • ManuDS | 1st Oct 16

      Oh I’m so glad you invited me. This is my first blog party and I’m really excited and already enjoying it too!

  7. Lucy Mitchell | 1st Oct 16

    Helloooooooo! I live at – a crazy place where I talk about life as an emotional blonde writer. Always like new friends to pop over!

    • StephJ | 1st Oct 16

      Hey Lucy! Thanks so much for stopping by, I am a HUGE fan of your blog! Hope you enjoy the party today 🙂

    • Hannah Grace 2001 | 1st Oct 16

      Hi Lucy! A very interesting post – I can definitely relate to some of those! Have a nice day! 🙂

      • Lucy Mitchell | 1st Oct 16

        Hey! Only the honest stuff on my blog 🙂 hope to see you pop your virtual head around my virtual door soon 🙂

    • foreverinreverieblog | 1st Oct 16

      And this is coming from someone who wrote THAT.
      It literally hit home,okay! Idk if thats good.
      Though I am much better now. Thankyou for this. Everybody needs a little push now and then!

    • ManuDS | 1st Oct 16

      Hey that post was really great! Definitely I have gone through some of those symptoms! 😉 Have fun enjoying the party!

      • Lucy Mitchell | 1st Oct 16

        Thank you for reading & has anyone wished you happy Saturday yet? Well let me – happy Saturday 🙋🏼

        • ManuDS | 1st Oct 16

          You too! Saturday is almost over for me now, it’s night over here 🙂

    • geminilvr | 1st Oct 16

      Just visited your blog – love it – definitely following

      • Lucy Mitchell | 1st Oct 16

        You have made me smile 🙂 Thx – Please pop over again soon!

  8. crystalrichard | 1st Oct 16

    Hi Everyone! Thank you so much for inviting me to this Fall Blog Party! My name is Crystal and I’m the founder and blogger behind East Coast Mermaid 🌊 I’ve always blogged and work in PR for a living, so writing has always been my #1 hobby but this past summer, I wanted to give my blog its true purpose, so I rebranded and launched East Coast Mermaid, a lifestyle blog dedicated to seaside tales, East Coast life, and every adventure in between. While I have reoccurring series such as les mots on Mondays and the C list on Fridays, my favourite posts to write are travel posts, so I thought I would share one of my favourites from this past summer. So if you’re a little chilly this first day of October, this should bring you back to summer!

    Happy October Weekend-ing ✨

    • StephJ | 1st Oct 16

      Hey Crystal! Thank you so much for dropping by this party today and sharing this lovely post! Enjoy the party! xo

    • foreverinreverieblog | 1st Oct 16

      That is just beautiful. I have always wanted to visit Maine. Hopefully someday. It looks gorgeous and so calm in the pictures. And you looked like you had the time of your life hah 🙂

      • crystalrichard | 1st Oct 16

        If you ever have the chance to go, do it! It’s about a 7 hour drive for me (I’m in Eastern Canada) but it’s always so worth it.

    • Hannah Grace 2001 | 1st Oct 16

      Looks like you had an amazing time! 🙂

    • Cookie Crumbs | 2nd Oct 16

      Love your photos! I regret that while we lived on the East Coast we never made it to Maine. It is definitely on my traveling bucket list!

  9. foreverinreverieblog | 1st Oct 16

    Hey everyone! Okay SO first of I am so excited for this. Can’t wait to interact with you all. SO my blog “Forever in reverie” is basically that. I am a person who dreams and is always in her dreamland. I love writing. And one of my major way of getting everything out of my system is either cry or write it down. I am new. Dont have much posts. But I would love all of yours comment on my post “Insecurities”
    We all have them. But we need to get out of it. Really. 🙂

    • StephJ | 1st Oct 16

      Thank you for stopping by today, I cant wait to check out your new blog. I hope you get to discover some new blogging friends today 🙂

    • Hannah Grace 2001 | 1st Oct 16

      This really inspired me to try and embrace my insecurities! Thank you!

    • ManuDS | 1st Oct 16

      Hey I saw your comment here now, guess I already went through this post in your blog. Anyway again, your blog is great!

    • crystalrichard | 1st Oct 16

      I LOVE your writing style. So beautiful! Can’t wait to read more!

    • Cookie Crumbs | 2nd Oct 16

      Loved this. I think most people can relate. I know I can! I thought I was moving past a lot of my old insecurities but then I moved back to my hometown and am now surrounded by the people I grew up around and somehow I’m that awkward teenager again who has forgotten the strong and amazing woman I’ve grown into. I think we’re all a work in progress and we just have to keep improving and growing. Thanks for sharing!

      • foreverinreverieblog | 2nd Oct 16

        Exactly. The most difficult thing knowing about yourself is that inside each one of us, no matter how strong we become, we want approval somewhere. We all are a work in progress. Some just hide it well, I suppose. I am glad you liked it. Thankyou! 🙂

    • deshboss | 14th Feb 17

      Wow i love your post… This is my standard day post except when i divulge into fiction…. Very encouraging you could have gone on😢 love it

  10. StephJ | 1st Oct 16

    Hello my Beautiful friends. Your host here! Thank you so much for joining the party today, I hope you can continue to invite your friends and meet some new ones. I thought it would be good to introduce myself and share a post that might allow you all to get to know me a little better.

    I have been blogging for over a year and I am all about positive vibes, self love, happiness, travel, and lifestyle posts. Thanks again for popping by!

    • foreverinreverieblog | 1st Oct 16

      This is going great! Met a bunch of new people. And its been what? like one hour or so. Crazy! Congrats on this party…that has just started with a bang! 😀

      • StephJ | 1st Oct 16

        Thank you very much! I am glad you are meeting some good bloggers and enjoying yourself 🙂

      • deshboss | 14th Feb 17

        I can say really i turned up today although i was just reading 😂 awesome party… You’ve given us all food for thought reading one another

    • Kristine | 1st Oct 16

      Hello Steph! This is really a great idea! Can’t wait to meet new bloggers and read posts! Yay.

    • Cookie Crumbs | 2nd Oct 16

      Loving this! I have met so many wonderful people and have truly enjoyed getting to know all of the different personalities and lives here. Thanks Steph!

      • StephJ | 2nd Oct 16

        Yay! I am so happy you enjoyed yourself and discovered some new blogs! Stay tuned for the next party 🙂

  11. Kristine | 1st Oct 16

    Hello Suzie! I still have much cleaning to do. I’ve done few things on the list, such as deleting emails which is a thousand of them and some photos from my phone.

  12. Kristine | 1st Oct 16

    Hello Laura! I love this DIY! You really are excellent at this and very crafty indeed.

  13. Kristine | 1st Oct 16

    Aww. Hello Manuli! I love this poem. Omg. It’s so lovely, I just can’t stop reading it.

    • ManuDS | 1st Oct 16

      Thank you so much Kristine!

  14. Kristine | 1st Oct 16

    Hello Crystal. Love the name and love the blog! Goes well with your name though. Anyways, I love the photos and makes me want to visit new place!

  15. homehugshuskies | 1st Oct 16

    Hi Steph! Thank you so much for hosting this Meet and Greet. I live in the Southern Hemisphere and it’s Spring right now, but I hope you don’t mind if I pretend it’s Fall again. 🙂
    I’m Lindsay, the blogger behind Home, Hugs and Huskies. I’m a self-published author, illustrator, mom, partner, homeschooler and husky owner. My blog is where I share my ups and downs and share a few freebies. I’d love it if you pop in and say hi.
    Here’s one of my latest posts:
    Thanks again and have a great day.

    • StephJ | 1st Oct 16

      Hey! thank you for joining! I love your blog 🙂 And as much as I love Fall I wouldn’t hate it is it was spring again haha. Anyway enjoy the party! xo

      • homehugshuskies | 1st Oct 16

        Thank you so much. I love your blog too. Your posts are so honest and relatable. I’m having a great time so far 🙂

  16. homehugshuskies | 1st Oct 16

    Reblogged this on and commented:
    Join in on the Fall fun at Scale it Simple. Share a blog post and meet new friends at her Meet and Greet.

  17. foreverinreverieblog | 1st Oct 16

    God huskies are beautiful aren’t they? Love them <3
    And wow. You are so talented! Cape town! Is it as beautiful as it seems? *.*
    You have your handfuls with so many things and yet you are doing so great. How do you manage? Goshh. So much inspiration :')

    • homehugshuskies | 1st Oct 16

      They are as beautiful as they are mischievous. Thank you so much. You are too sweet <3 Cape Town is amazing. I hope you get to visit some time. There's so much to do here. It's super hectic at times, but I enjoy it. My circus my monkeys, I suppose. 🙂

      • foreverinreverieblog | 1st Oct 16

        Haha, That’s true. I would absolutely love to visit it someday.Fingers crossed. My list is literally growing everyday.
        Yess,veryy Mischievous. :’)

  18. Elizabeth Licht | 1st Oct 16

    Wow! This is going so fast! Hi! I’m Elizabeth of (I hope that creates a link). This is going to be a really fun day getting to know all of you. I’m already reading the posts you’ve chosen. Thank you, Steph for this party!

    • StephJ | 1st Oct 16

      Thank you Elizabeth for joining the party! I hope you find some great blogs today 😊

  19. Elizabeth Licht | 1st Oct 16

    Reblogged this on The Comfortable Coop and commented:
    Come join in the fun!

  20. Elizabeth Licht | 1st Oct 16

    Did this suddenly get quiet or is my computer messing up?

  21. My Crazy Hectic Life (@Hectic_Lives) | 1st Oct 16

    Hi everyone! I’m Jeremeiah (just call me Jay, it’s easier). I am a student at the University of Arizona. As a student, I my life can get a little crazy. I write about staying healthy and organized. I also give general college tips. Check out one of my most recent posts here and follow me on social media for updates!

    • StephJ | 1st Oct 16

      Hey Jay! Glad you were able to join the party today. I hope you enjoy yourself. Cheers!

  22. Taylor | 1st Oct 16

    I’m Taylor of Pumps and Penalties! I am so excited because today is PNP’s official relaunch day! Check out the opening post today!

    • StephJ | 1st Oct 16

      Hey Taylor! Perfect timing for this blog party! Welcome and I hope you enjoy yourself today, congrats on the relaunch!

  23. Cookie Crumbs | 1st Oct 16

    Hey Everyone! My name is Tasha and I’m from the Midwest, the Hawkeye State (Iowa for those not familiar) to be exact! I’m a working mom of a beautiful and rambunctious 4 year old daughter, Wife and soul searcher. I created Cookie Crumbs as a way to foster my need to create. I share my musings about life, parenting and my love of fashion and books. I shared my first post about where the past year has taken my family. I hope you enjoy and I can’t wait to read everyone else’s! ❤

    • StephJ | 1st Oct 16

      Hey Tasha! Welcome to the party! I am excited to check our your blog. I hope you enjoy the party today 🙂

    • Kristine | 1st Oct 16

      Hello Tasha! Your daughter looks so lovely and you have a beautiful family! Your blog name though makes me crave for some cookies. Heheh. I can’t wait to read more of your blog! 😀 and welcome to this party! yay

      • Cookie Crumbs | 1st Oct 16

        Thanks so much Kristine and thanks for the Follow! Welcome to the party as well! Ps your posts make me crave NY. Many find memories of our home there and trips to the City. ❤

  24. Kimberly | My Frugal Farmstead | 1st Oct 16

    I’m Kimberly and write about the goings-on on our 10 acre hobby farm. If you have any cucumbers left in the garden, here’s my post about how to make and can dill relish!

    • StephJ | 1st Oct 16

      Hey Kim! Welcome to the blog party and thank you very much for stopping by. I hope you discover all kinds of new blogging pals today 🙂

  25. Hannah Grace 2001 | 1st Oct 16

    Hello again, I decided it was time to post my second post, this one is about tips for travelling! I hope you enjoy! 🙂 <3

    • StephJ | 1st Oct 16

      Welcome to the party! I hope you enjoy 🙂

  26. GirlMasked | 1st Oct 16

    This is a great idea, looking forward to reading more blogs! 🙂

  27. collaboratenlisten | 1st Oct 16

    Hi everyone,
    My name is Brianna and I am a new blogger that is hoping to one day open up an etsy shop! I am a military spouse so blogging has been keeping me busy while we are stationed in the middle of Arizona. I blog pretty much about anything. I love DIYs though!
    Here is my latest post!
    Have a good day everyone.

    • StephJ | 1st Oct 16

      Hey there Brianna! Welcome to Scale it Simples Blog party! I hope you enjoy yourself today! Cheers 🙂

    • Kristine | 1st Oct 16

      Hello Brianna. Like you I also am a new blogger and hoping to learn from you guise as well. Love the fall banner you did, simple but really looks good for decorating seasonal-y. Welcome to this party! yay

  28. GirlMasked | 1st Oct 16

    Hey! My blog is
    I include all my favourite places I’ve visited, book recommendations and very soon film recommendations and recent beauty products I’ve used. I also like to write about mental health and how to help be more positive and add a little extra happiness in our lives.

    Hope you enjoy! And a huge thank you to the talented writer of this blog for giving bloggers this great opportunity to share our work! 🙂

    • StephJ | 1st Oct 16

      Hi Lovely! Welcome to the blog party! I hope you enjoy yourself today 🙂

  29. Always, Ashlea | 1st Oct 16

    Hey all, I’m Ashlea. I have loved reading and discovering everyone’s blog so far and am excited to share mine with you guys. I have a monthly series of writing letters to the months gone by (like having a catch up conversation with an old friend) I also write about feelings and personal things. But I do have big plans to share diary extracts, my photography, and other lifestyle topics. (I’m still in the process of creating an Autumn lookbook because I adore Autumn so much!)
    I hope that summary did my blog justice, but you will have to go see for yourself. So please feel free to come on over and tell me what you think 🙂

  30. Ethan Bethune | 1st Oct 16

    Hello all. This.Is.Awesome. Thank you so much for inviting me. This is my lazy day,so I will definitely be back.
    I’ve been writing since 2011. Short stories,poetry,and humorous essays. I wanted to make my site a safe space where people could go to simply escape. Getting lost in the story.
    We adopted a shelter dog and I was taking a break, so I started writing short post just to have something there. Beagle in the City is about Simon and his view of the world and adventures. What started as a temporary thing launched. Over 80 posts

    • StephJ | 1st Oct 16

      Hey Ethan thanks for joining the party today! I love your little dog, seriously the sweetest thing! I hope you enjoy the party 🙂

    • Kristine | 1st Oct 16

      hello ethan. i love the beagle. and i love reading poetry and hoping to read more from yours!

      • Ethan Bethune | 1st Oct 16

        Hey Kristine. Thank you so much. That really means a lot.

  31. Abhijit | 1st Oct 16

    Firstly I would like to congratulate and appreciate for your great idea being successful. And I actually have two blogs (started a few days back so not so many articles ) and have a lot of articles. Visit both, trust me you won’t regret..😄😄.

    • StephJ | 1st Oct 16

      Thank you for dropping by!

  32. cookandenjoyrecipes | 1st Oct 16

    Well I made it. Hope you’re all havuung a fun time at this party. A first for me and glad to be invited.
    I have a food blog and at it for just over a year and loving every moment of it and especially meeting new friends and enjoying theur recipes.
    I am sharing one that I made on very short notice for an event at home nf all enjoyed it. Give it a tey, and feel free to visit my blog for 1000’s more tried and tested recipes. Sharing is Caring, my motto so p,ease also participate in the recipe exchange on my blog. Ok enough said, tne recipe to be found at

  33. Nikki K | 1st Oct 16

    Hello everyone! My name is Nikki and I’m the content creator of the Life & Style blog, Babbling Beauty Blog. I love writing about my love for anything art related such as beauty, fashion, art of being a parent and more. If I’m not on my laptop, I spend time with my husband and my little girl 🙂
    I am sharing my post from yesterday about my favorite Fall nail shades, hope you like it 🙂
    P.S. Great party BTW🤗

    • StephJ | 1st Oct 16

      Hey Nikki! thank you for joining the party, there seems to be no link however.

  34. cookandenjoyrecipes | 1st Oct 16

    Sorry for the typos. Not at home and working from my mobile, had to pop in and say hi.

  35. Cook with Smile.. | 1st Oct 16

    Hi all amazing bloggers…this is Lathiya of cookwithsmileblog…. I am a budding blogger.. mother of two adorable kids…my blog have mostly Indian food and some international foods… check out… Thank you Stephj for initiating this awesome event…

  36. StephJ | 1st Oct 16

    Hey Lathiya! Welcome to the blog party! i look forward to checking out your blog,

  37. the happiest pixel | 1st Oct 16

    Hey happy pixels!! How are you? First of all, thanks, Steph, for this invitation. It’s so special for me.
    I don’t know what to say about me. Let’s say this: my name is Sílvia and I am passionate about all things creative and DIY’s. I love baking cakes and making vegetarian food.
    My first post is this one, because talks about Fall, and this is a Fall blog party:

    I hope you enjoy it, my happy pixels!! Love, thp

    • StephJ | 1st Oct 16

      Yay! Glad you made it Silvia! Hope you find some great new blogs today, thanks for sharing. xo

      • the happiest pixel | 1st Oct 16

        You’re welcome! This is cool: I’m meeting new people and discovering more blogs!! 😉

  38. daisyashcroft | 1st Oct 16

    My name is Daisy and I am a 21 year old language student, social influencer and lifestyle blogger from London. I’m currently on my year abroad, studying in Granada Spain from now until February then onto Rome from February to June! I’m doing Blogtober so will be posting every day during this month 🙂
    Here are 3 of my favourite past posts!

    You can find me on Instagram as daisyashcroft and also on YouTube (Daisy Ashcroft) where I post weekly vlogs about my little adventures 🙂


    • StephJ | 1st Oct 16

      Hey there Daisy! Welcome to the party, I am looking forward to checking out your blog. Thanks for joining 🙂

      • daisyashcroft | 1st Oct 16

        Thanks for hosting, this is such a lovely idea!x

    • Always, Ashlea | 1st Oct 16

      Loving your blog 🙂 Great content, definitely following!

    • foreverinreverieblog | 1st Oct 16

      Your page is beautiful! And it covers everything. How you do it,IDK. But i love it already! 😀

  39. cookandenjoyrecipes | 1st Oct 16

    Any foodies that wish to participate i my Sharing is Caring Recipe Exchange please visit me and follow and drop me a comment at “Sharing is caring” –

    • StephJ | 1st Oct 16

      Hey there! This looks like a lot of fun! Unfortunately I have no recipes to share, I hope you get lots of support.

      • cookandenjoyrecipes | 1st Oct 16

        Any recipes you make youself at home will also be fantastic.
        Any other food bloggers please let me know. That will be awesome.

  40. emotionsoflife2016 | 1st Oct 16

    Hello my name is Manuel and I am the creator of My blog is about emotions that we all have felt but sometimes we don’t know how to express. I invite you to stop by any time, in the mean time, enjoy this piece which is one of my favorites:

  41. StephJ | 1st Oct 16

    Hey Manuel! Welcome to the Blog party! thank you for sharing your blog with all of us. I hope you enjoy finding some new blogs here today 🙂

  42. Ethan Bethune | 1st Oct 16

    This is so cool. Congratulations Steph. Great party. I’ve already seen so many awesome writers. I’m amazed. Here is some more about me and how to navigate through my site. I always like for it to be easy and fun. Get to know me – Regarding Samuel

  43. StephJ | 1st Oct 16

    How is everyone enjoying the party so far? Are you discovering new blogs? Lets keep this party moving! Share the party on twitter, facebook or on your own blog to get more people in on the party action!

    Here is another link from moi! Bring some self love into your life this fall!

  44. the happiest pixel | 1st Oct 16

    Hey happy pixels!! I am enjoying this party so much!! Being so introvert, now I can say this is my favourite kind of party!!
    I leave you here my second post. Enjoy it!

    • StephJ | 1st Oct 16

      I hear you on that one! These types of parties are great! Like minded creative people connecting in the blogasphere! There is nothing better.

    • cookandenjoyrecipes | 1st Oct 16

      StephJ. Please have a look at my Sharing is Caring Recipe Exhange. Hope you will participate.

    • foreverinreverieblog | 1st Oct 16

      You made me hungry! And hi 5 on the introvert part btw! 😛

  45. SerendipiDIY | 1st Oct 16

    Hi everyone! Here is another link to one of my DIYs! It’s a wood slice magnetic chalkboard:

  46. Ann | 1st Oct 16

    Hey everyone! I’m Ann and I would love for you to check out some of my anticipated book releases for October. I typically write blog post about books but sometimes I add in a personal post or a movie review. Here is the link: and maybe you’ll find your next favorite book!

    • StephJ | 1st Oct 16

      Hi there Ann! Welcome to the blog party, I hope you get a chance to connect with some bloggers today. thank you for dropping by 🙂

    • foreverinreverieblog | 1st Oct 16

      I love books, I love reading about books, I love everything books. You have an amazing blog!

      • Ann | 1st Oct 16


    • Cookie Crumbs | 2nd Oct 16

      Thanks for sharing! I love books and am trying to carve out more time to do some reading.

  47. afellowzebra | 1st Oct 16

    Hi there fellow bloggers 🙂

    I go by Kas and I run a blog called
    It has been lovely getting to read through all of your blogs! I apologize if you have been getting a bunch of notifications from me. My internet connection is a little screwy at the moment and i have been browsing all of your wonderful pages!

    I initially started my blog as a place for me to vent about the frustrations and struggles of having a rare connective tissue disorder, however it has turned into a place where I share recipes, DIY projects, healthy habits, and really random venting.

    I am in the process of moving, so I have not been very present on my blog lately and unfortunately won’t be able to hangout here for long. I just wanted to introduce myself and say how awesome I think this fall bog party is! <3

    Here is a link to a fall inspired recipe I recently shared if you would like to check it out:

    And here is a link to an explanation behind my blog's name:

    I hope all of you have a wonderful day!
    Love always and be well,

  48. Now Live: Fall Feeling Blog Party — Scale it Simple | Homemakers United | 1st Oct 16

    […] via Now Live: Fall Feeling Blog Party — Scale it Simple […]

  49. Ethan Bethune | 1st Oct 16

    Reblogged this on Regarding Samuel and commented:
    I’m here. You’re here. Fall is here. There are so many awesome writers and bloggers and feeling of community.
    Come check it out.
    Hello October.

    • StephJ | 1st Oct 16

      Yay! Thanks! I hope more people are able to join in 🙂 Creative energy for the win!

    • StephJ | 1st Oct 16

      Thank you for sharing. I hope you discover some awesome new blogs today 🙂

  50. Always, Ashlea | 1st Oct 16

    Loving this little blogging party 🙂 The response is great and I’m enjoying following so many blogs.

    For those poetry lovers out there … I tried wiring my own here.

    And for those who have felt lonely before, you may like reading what I have written here:

    But I’d love to hear your opinions 🙂

  51. Hannah Grace 2001 | 1st Oct 16

    We’re really getting into the swing of things now, I have met so many new bloggers that I could never have imagined finding without this party! Thank you so much, Steph! I now leave to you my third and final blog post link: This one is a little different, it’s a video my sister and I made on our holiday this summer! Hope you enjoy and thank you for everything, it’s been amazing finding out about some of you guys!

  52. Elle | 1st Oct 16 My fall post:) and a little haul.

    • StephJ | 1st Oct 16

      Hey Elle! glad you could make it over 🙂

    • Always, Ashlea | 1st Oct 16

      Loving your blog! Followed and I’m excited for future posts 🙂

  53. Elizabeth Licht | 1st Oct 16

    Steph, this is great! I had to go out for a few hours (Saturday is the day our dogs have a standing play date) but I’m catching up on what I missed while we were gone. Thank you so much for hosting this party!

    • StephJ | 1st Oct 16

      Thank you for joining! There are a lot of great bloggers in attendance today. Glad your back 🙂

  54. Elizabeth Licht | 1st Oct 16

    I finally decided on a post to share. The recipe is very good but I’m sharing it mostly because I’m hungry! lol

  55. Annette Quinet | 1st Oct 16

    Fabulous idea…my blog The F-word Paradox is not what you first think, it’s about fashion, female, friends, food, fitness and lots of other fab f-words…come for a visit and I will visit you back…follow me and I will follow you back Happy Saturday@

    • StephJ | 1st Oct 16

      Love this blog! Thanks for stopping by 😊

      • Annette Quinet | 1st Oct 16

        Thank you for the kind words…I look forward to connecting and reading these blogs!

  56. Cookie Crumbs | 1st Oct 16

    Hey All! I wanted to share another post near and dear to me. My husband and I have struggled with Infertility issues for the past 8 of our 9 years of marriage. I’ve written a few posts on this but this was the first one I wrote on Cookie Crumbs outlining where we started and where we are now. I hope you enjoy! 🙂

  57. the happiest pixel | 1st Oct 16

    Oh, and thanks again, Steph, for hosting this party!! An awesome experience!!
    Love, thp

    • StephJ | 1st Oct 16

      No problem! I am happy there was such a good turn out!

    • StephJ | 1st Oct 16

      No problem! Thank you for joining 🙂

  58. RebeccaHJ | 1st Oct 16

    Hi everyone, I’m a bit late to this fabulous blog party but wanted to share my recent post about finding that ‘cherry blossom moment’ & what I learnt from reading Marie Kondo’s ‘Spark Joy’:

    I live in Scotland, UK & write about patterns, textiles, colour, collage & art journaling with the aim of inspiration for all. Thanks for the invite to share my story xx

    • StephJ | 1st Oct 16

      Better late than never! Glad you could make it, going to check your blog out now. Cheers!

      • RebeccaHJ | 2nd Oct 16

        Thanks Steph! Great party. Just getting caught up with everyone’s blogs now 🙂

  59. foreverinreverieblog | 1st Oct 16

    Heyyy, oh my god. I felt like I left for quite sometime and this party is fully going on! I have so many to go through till then here is my second post. So after a pretty deep and serious first post…a little light heartedness would be good I figured.
    Life without internet can be sucky and boring. Do you agree? check it out 🙂

  60. Andrea | 1st Oct 16

    Hi guys! My blog actually launched today- very scary day!
    This post is my favorite baby and mama products to help you survive the newborn stage. I hope you enjoy! I would appreciate any feedback 🙂

    • StephJ | 1st Oct 16

      Hey Andrea! Welcome to the party! Congrats on the launch today, I wish you much happiness with your new blog. xo

    • Elizabeth Licht | 2nd Oct 16

      Congratulations on your launch! Levi is absolutely adorable! I miss being the mama to little ones but I still have my grand kids, although the youngest is almost 3! I’m going to read your blog to fill that little baby hole in me!

    • foreverinreverieblog | 2nd Oct 16

      Your pagee <3 <3

  61. geminilvr | 1st Oct 16

    HI Everyone and hello October! I started blogging in august documenting my relationships, past, present with humor and heartbreak. I’m the spirit of Halloween I’ve decided to post my one of my favprices re:ghosting.

    • StephJ | 1st Oct 16

      Great to see you at the party! I hope you get to discover some great new blogs today 🙂

      • geminilvr | 1st Oct 16

        I have…this is so much fun thank you

  62. geminilvr | 1st Oct 16

    Hi again everyone…this is one of most recent blog posts and one of my favorites and so very heartbreaking because it did not end how I wished. Thank you all for being so supportive!

  63. Kristine | 1st Oct 16

    Ooooh I think something’s wrong with the comment I did. Anyways, here are other links that you’ll see on my blog in the future besides my love for photography. 🙂 this is also a great way to enjoy first of October! Yay

    I also write short poems,

    And sometimes just write anything under the sun,

    • Hannah Grace 2001 | 1st Oct 16

      Kristine, I’m so hooked on your blog! I just love it <3

    • ManuDS | 2nd Oct 16

      Hey Kristine, came across your beautiful poem! I’m glad I met you here. Have a good day.

      • Kristine | 2nd Oct 16

        Hey. Thank you. I’m glad to meet bloggers and great writers on this party as well! This really went great!

  64. The Showers of Blessing | 1st Oct 16

    Hi, this is Miriam. I’m here. Thanks to StephJ to host the party. I just came from another party. Wow, it’s a fun day today. I write poems, I travel and take thousands of photos, I do gardening, yoga and more.
    Here’s a blog with the flower from my garden, and I wrote a poem right after I took the picture:

    You’re invited to visit.

    • StephJ | 1st Oct 16

      Welcome Miriam, I am happy that you could stop by and get to know all of us! xo

  65. Ethan Bethune | 1st Oct 16

    Hey everyone this is my final post here before the end of the day.
    This is some poetry
    Thanks again for all of your support for Beagle in the City and keep writing! You guys are so inspiring.
    And thank you so much Steph for this event it’s been so much fun!
    We should do one for Christmas!
    The Whaler – Regarding Samuel

    • StephJ | 1st Oct 16

      I was actually thinking about a Christmas Party. Christmas cookies, eggnog, blog posts! Sounds good to me! Stay tuned! Thanks so much for checking out all of these blog posts today and sharing yours, give that sweet beagle a squeeze for me.

  66. Tadhg | 1st Oct 16

    Thanks for providing this great opportunity, loads of interesting blogs here 🙂

    My name is Tadhg, I blog about my life with Aspergers, as well as posting poetry.

    Sorry I’m posting so late 🙁

    • StephJ | 1st Oct 16

      No problem, there is still plenty of time left to this party. I know there are a lot of different time zones. It’s only 8:30 here in Newfoundland! Happy you could make it 🙂

      • Tadhg | 1st Oct 16

        Thanks again 🙂 it’s half past midnight here in Ireland

        • StephJ | 1st Oct 16

          Oh wow! I had no idea there was that much of a time difference.

  67. StephJ | 1st Oct 16

    Hey everyone! How is this party going? It seems like everyone is enjoying themselves, so many amazing, positive, beautiful, creative and supportive people here today. Here is a third link from your host, just trying to share some motivation to all of you beautiful bloggers!

    Stay tuned for a post in the coming weeks highlighting some superstars from this party, and don’t be a stranger visit me and each other as often as you like and have a chat! Follow one another and share the love. Love you all! <3

  68. The Showers of Blessing | 1st Oct 16

    Hi, this is Miram Hurdle again. My daughter went to school in Portland, Oregon, then got married and lies there. I often go visit her and her husband. The last trip, they took me to Mt. St. Helens., because I lived in Seattle when Mt. St. Helens was erupted. So it was interesting to visit 36 years after its eruption:

  69. Hannah Grace 2001 | 1st Oct 16

    I find it kind of hilarious that I have read every one of the posts that you have linked before today – and they were the ones that I thought were your best! Great minds I suppose haha! <3 🙂

    • StephJ | 1st Oct 16

      Kindered spirits! 🙂

      • Hannah Grace 2001 | 1st Oct 16

        I agree! 🙂 <3 That made me think of Anne of Green Gables, which I find even more hilarious because of it being set on Prince Edward Island! 🙂

        • StephJ | 1st Oct 16

          haha yes! Not to far from me on the globe 🙂

  70. Following Him Beside Still Waters | 2nd Oct 16

    Hello everyone! Looks like the party is in full swing! 😀

    My name is Grace (though I do go by a nickname of Penelope in the online world, so whichever you’d like to call me is fine XD ) and my blog is a Christian blog; but I post book reviews and photos sometimes too. If you’d like to know more about me, here is a link to the Liebster Award where I answered some questions about myself: I look forward to sitting back in my desk chair with a cup of mint hot chocolate and reading new blogs. 🙂 **starts clicking the links**

  71. Homemakersunited | 2nd Oct 16

    Hi again😄. I’m also leaving a link to chatterbox.
    Thanks for hosting!

  72. live_a_life_less_ordinary | 2nd Oct 16

    My blog is just stuff that’s on my mind. No theme in particular. (If you start reading this particular post, it looks like it’s going to be a sports blog, but it’s not; I just sometimes use sports analogies to talk about life.)

    • StephJ | 2nd Oct 16

      Oh hey! Thanks for joining in 🙂

  73. Azia Willis | 2nd Oct 16

    Hey everyone! Sorry for the late post. My blog was originally supposed to just be a writer’s blog with an occasional photo from my time in Ireland, but then I started reading so many books, I thought a book blog might be more appropriate! I still share some of my works, writer’s tips, and a photo from my time abroad, but now I mostly do YA reviews and book tags with the occasional rambling here and there. This is a recent book tag that I’ve done!

    Have fun with the party y’all <3

  74. ManuDS | 2nd Oct 16

    Hey everyone again! So this is my second link. As I linked one of my poems before, now this is a post about my view on a life aspect.
    Thanks again for hosting the party! I met some lovely blogs. Have a pleasant day!

  75. For the love to | 2nd Oct 16

    Hi there, thanks for the invite, my first time here and loving it already. Great bloggers to follow… Thumbs up!!!
    My blog shares a little bit of everything (just like my linky party that goes live every Wednesday :p ) our life in the Big City NY, some parenting info, products review and travel ideas.
    Sharing one of my latest post:

  76. Following Him Beside Still Waters | 2nd Oct 16

    Hello again! 😀 Here is my second link, a sample of my poetry:

    I’ve so enjoyed discovering new blogs tonight. And I look forward to discovering many more before the night is over! ♥ (It is 9:00 PM CST where I am. 🙂 )

  77. Elizabeth Licht | 2nd Oct 16

    I keep popping in and out; darned life obligations keep interfering with my attendance. But I have found some wonderful blogs to follow! My second contribution to this party is It’s the meal that most impressed my family for the entire year (so far).

  78. Agnes Vazhure | 2nd Oct 16

    Hi Everyone! I hope I am not too late to the party. I write about Food, Fashion and lots of fabulous things.
    Home –
    Fashion –
    Food –

    • StephJ | 2nd Oct 16

      thanks for stopping by! 🙂

  79. Cookie Crumbs | 2nd Oct 16

    Hey All! I’m back one more time to share before I probably pass out for the night. lol I have had such a wonderful time being here with ya’ll a have thoroughly enjoyed meeting and reading. Thanks Steph for the invite and I look forward to more! This post is about my return to work after taking a year off to be home with my daughter. I hope you enjoy!

  80. Elizabeth Licht | 2nd Oct 16

    Steph, this has been a wonderful experience. I’ve found many new blogs to follow and I’m so grateful to you for introducing me to the great people who author them by hosting this party!

    • StephJ | 2nd Oct 16

      I loved watching the connections happen. So many great people here! Thanks for joining 🙂

  81. Following Him Beside Still Waters | 2nd Oct 16

    StephJ, thanks again for inviting me to this wonderful blog party. It has been so fun, and I’ve discovered so many new blogs, including yours. 🙂

    Here is my third blog link to one of my photos:

    Have a great Sunday, everyone! ♥

    • StephJ | 2nd Oct 16

      Thank you for stopping by!

  82. SerendipiDIY | 2nd Oct 16

    Hi everyone one! I will make sure to check out the blogs I missed. Thanks again Steph for this opportunity. I will leave here my third and last link to one of my DIYs: a diy calendar on a cork board, since October finally started!
    Thank you all and goodnight 😘
    L a u r a

  83. Hannah Grace 2001 | 2nd Oct 16

    Hello, everyone! I’ve just been asleep for about the past 7 hours! I just wanted to say how brilliant this party is, and also that I’ve enjoyed finding out about all of your blogs! And thank you for all the nice comments, follows and likes I have been receiving recently! One final thank you to Steph for organising this and inviting me: this has been an amazing experience! I’m now just going to sit back and look through all I’ve missed! 🙂 <3

    • StephJ | 2nd Oct 16

      Yay! Thanks Hannah! I think a Christmas party is in order so stay tuned 🙂

  84. foreverinreverieblog | 2nd Oct 16

    Okay I have given you a deep article and one a light hearted one. So I suppose next should be a poem of sorts? I am not that great. But I hope its good enough. Considering there are so many talented peeps here. <3
    The party was a blast and congrats to everyone who came and met, shared and laughed. Congrats to you Steph This was amazing!
    And hello to my new friends in this world. All the love to you all <3
    Now okay the link-

    • StephJ | 2nd Oct 16

      hey thanks so much for attending and leaving such great posts! Hope to see you by Scale it Simple more often! Cheers! xo

  85. Panagiotis | 2nd Oct 16

    Hi everybody, here’s a link of my latest post. i have a photo blog and i need some ideas, any tip is welcomed. Thank you

    • StephJ | 2nd Oct 16

      Thanks for stopping by!

  86. eddaz | 2nd Oct 16

    Thanks for inviting me to your party Stephj, it’s a brilliant concept. Although I’m late😀😀. My blog is all about lifestyle, relationships and poetry. I love to write my heart out, and will be publishing my First Ebook in November. Here is a link I want to share:

    • StephJ | 2nd Oct 16

      Nice to see you could stop by!

  87. Jane Osuagwu | 2nd Oct 16

    Hiya StephJ,thanks for the invite….Nice hangout and lovely blogs here,just that I was late..But I’m here now 😀
    Here is a link to my blog
    I blog about Christian lifestyle,living a purposeful life, and self development.Tnx

  88. Recap: Fall Feeling Blog Party – Scale it Simple | 3rd Oct 16

    […] it was Scale it Simple’s first ever blog party!  And it was freakin […]

  89. onelittlefourlittle | 3rd Oct 16

    I think I am too late, sorry! But I look forward to checking out all these blogs! I have never done a blog party before! Cool idea!

    • StephJ | 3rd Oct 16

      There will be another one this Christmas season so stay tuned!

  90. wysiwyg | 4th Oct 16

    Ready! Can i go on the party now? 😀

  91. susielindau | 4th Oct 16

    Looks like the party was a hit!
    Sorry to miss it, but my weekend was slammed.
    I write about my wild adventures in Colorado and I’m all about oversharing. It’s always a Wild Ride! –

    • StephJ | 4th Oct 16

      To bad you could not make the party! Stay tuned for the Christmas one that will be coming in the next few months 🙂

  92. brandtravels | 5th Oct 16

    Super cool idea!! love the blog

  93. georgie259 | 7th Oct 16

    This is such a great idea. Sorry I missed the party, but at least it lives on so I can still look back through all these amazing sites. I’ve just started over here: It’s a fledgling account aiming to chart my thoughts as I have recently moved to America. All thoughts welcome!

    • StephJ | 7th Oct 16

      Hope you can make the next one during Christmas! 🙂

  94. Saturday Shoutouts #1 – Hannah Grace | 7th Oct 16

    […] (and I’m sure quite a few of my main readers were part of too!)  and you can find out about here. Thank you so much for inviting me to the party, it was a success and I had a great […]

  95. Megan @ bookslayerReads | 11th Oct 16

    What a fantastic idea! Wish I hadn’t missed out on this partay!

    • StephJ | 12th Oct 16

      There will be another one this Christmas. Stay tuned 🙂

  96. Agustin | 14th Oct 16

    This post is really cool. I have bookmarked it. Do you allow guest post
    on your page ? I can provide high quality
    articles for you. Let me know.

    • StephJ | 14th Oct 16

      Thank you for reading! I do sometimes do guest posts! I will get in contact when I do, thank you for letting me know 🙂

  97. Your Invite: Festive Feelings Blog Party – Scale it Simple | 2nd Dec 16

    […] the meantime, you can check out the Fall Feeling Blog Party in order to gain a better idea of how this party will work in case this is your first […]

  98. Coralee | 5th Dec 16

    Hello folks, new here 🙂 Name is Cora the girl behind Sip, Sample & Stroll a new blog about drinks, food & travel. Kindly check it out. Many Cheers 🙂

  99. Ratio | 3rd Jan 17

    Hi there! I am Ratio! I have such a passion for writing and it has helped to overcome many things in my life. My style is creative and I mostly write about all of the aspects of life. I am really try to have more people view my content and give me feedback on my work, as my goal is to only keep getting better. Please check out my site! Thanks Everyone!

  100. 2017 The Year Ahead – ScaleitSimple | 4th Jan 17

    […] Fall Feeling Blog Party Festive Feelings Blog Party Searching for Happiness – Self Love Books 5 Ways to Sport a Toxic Friendship 13 Simple Stress Relief Activities 12 Tips from my Frist Year of Blogging 3 Ghent Highlights you Need to Explore […]

  101. Kim | 29th Oct 17

    Hey everyone! My name is Kim and I am the face behind Prairie Winds Life. I am mainly a food blogger, but once in awhile I like to share about our adventures as a family, travel and some crafty things. I live in Calgary Alberta Canada on a cattle ranch. I love all things food and find such joy in creating! I am a busy wife and mother. I also wrote my very first cook book which was released earlier this year! I often get asked to make cakes for events and birthdays, which is so fun and I love seeing how epic they look after!
    The post I am wanting to share is for an amazing cake that I made for my sisters birthday. Head on over and check it out, explore the blog, and find some recipes you want to try!

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