Now Live: Festive Feelings Blog Party

Welcome to Scale it Simple’s Festive Feelings Blog Party!

What better way to embrace the holiday spirit than to turn on a bit of Bing Crosbie, grab an eggnog and, read some awesome blog posts all while meeting new blogging friends?

The rules are simple.

1. Choose one of your favourite blog posts from your own blog, any and all kinds of posts 10-5are welcome. (Anything untasteful or inappropriate will be removed.) You can share up to three links. Wait some time in between your posts for best results.

2. Paste the link in the comment section of this post and  write a little bit about yourself and/or your blog.

3. Now grab a fuzzy blanket, cuddle up under your Christmas tree and get ready to meet some new people and discover some new blogs! Read, comment, follow and share other bloggers links on your social media platforms or on your own blog.

Ready? Let’s party!

Festive Feelings Blog Party Supplies.jpg

This event will be going on for the next 24 hours so you will have lots of opportunities to visit as many people as you like.

Feel free to follow one of my social media accounts found below. I will be sharing your content on them all day long, or re-blog this post to invite your friends and followers to join the party. The more the merrier.

Happy Holidays everyone! I look forward to discovering and reading your blogs today!


    • StephJ | 10th Dec 16

      Welcome! Thanks for sharing 🙂

      • ivycottageonbertie | 10th Dec 16

        Thank you very much for doing this. What a wonderful way to discover other blogs. I am so new to blogging and still rather nervous. I do appreciate the response from you since I started it.

        • StephJ | 10th Dec 16

          No problem! That’s what it is all about! Love reading new blog post and finding new bloggers. I hope you get to discover lots today too 🙂

    • dharris21blog | 10th Dec 16

      Great post! I’m not a fan of fruit cake, but maybe I’ll give it a try.

    • inkowlme | 10th Dec 16

      Love it and never leave it!! You’ve got a fantastic blog! I’m excited to keep following you. (That kinda sounds stalkerish . . . Oh well.

  1. Hannah Grace 2001 | 10th Dec 16

    Hey, guys! I’m back again fro another awesome blog party! I’ll be popping out for a few hours soon, but should be back to see this party in full swing! 😉 The first post I would like to share with all of you lovely people is called the Essential Rhett and Link Starter Pack. It would be greatly appreciated if you could read the post as it is one of my personal favourites! <3 – Hannah

    • StephJ | 10th Dec 16

      hey Hannah! So happy you could make it back! How have you been? Thanks again, checking out this new post now. Cheers!

      • Hannah Grace 2001 | 10th Dec 16

        Hey Steph! I’m very well, thank you! How have you been? Aww, thank you so much, I hope you enjoyed it!

    • Elizabeth | 10th Dec 16

      Hi Sweetie! Good to see you!

  2. Kristin | 10th Dec 16

    I either hear about parties later or I’m too early hahaha. idk how I’m up this early on a Saturday

    • StephJ | 10th Dec 16

      You might be early but no matter. Thanks for popping in!

  3. xdreamingtheday | 10th Dec 16

    Heyyy everyone! This is my first official blog party! In a minute I’m going to decorate my Christmas tree -Woehooeeeee- , so I’m going to be away for an hour or so, but I’ll be back soon! In the mean time, here is my first link! It’s a Get To Know Me Tag, which I thought would be perfect to share with you guys!

    Yours faithfully,

    • StephJ | 10th Dec 16

      Hey Anne! Welcome! So glad you could make it, checking out this blog post now. Have fun decorating your tree and thanks again. Cheers!

    • You Can Always Start Now | 10th Dec 16

      Great idea to do post the get to know me tag. See you have been to a lot of places! Add Canada! Also have you heard of National Novel Writing Month? it is for authors and noticed you write. See you later at the party!

      • xdreamingtheday | 10th Dec 16

        Hey! Thanks! I actually have family living in Canada, and we might do a house swap sometimes, really want to visit Canada ahahah. I didn’t know about the National Novel Writing Month, but I’m going to check it out right now! Thanks for the tip!;D

    • chiemichong | 10th Dec 16

      Love your tag! Great idea for blog partyyy:)

      • xdreamingtheday | 10th Dec 16

        thank youuu!

    • dharris21blog | 11th Dec 16

      Good post, Anne! I’m David. Nice to meet you. You just gained a new follower. This too is my first blog party.

  4. cajkinney | 10th Dec 16

    I really wanted to share this story, but it didn’t fit well with either of my blogs, so I published an essay on The link to “Losing Ziggy” is

    This is an essay about how our family came to love a cat named Ziggy, and learning how that love translated into having to give him up.

    As requested by StephJ, my bio and all the ways you can connect with me via social media, and the links to my blogs are included at the end of the essay. Thanks for reading and Happy Festive Feelings Blog Day.

    • StephJ | 10th Dec 16

      Hey! Thanks for popping by! So awesome to have you join int, I am checking out your blog post now. Cheers!

      • cajkinney | 10th Dec 16

        Thanks, StephJ! I appreciate it. It’s not like what I usually write, so it’s a little scary putting forth all these feelings. lol

        • StephJ | 10th Dec 16

          I used to be very cautious about sharing those things too. I have been trying more often to post personal things and they happen to be my favourite posts.

          • cajkinney | 10th Dec 16

            Exactly. I’m actually working hard at overcoming my perfectionist traits that make it hard for me to be overly emotional in public. So, this was the perfect forum. Thanks for thinking up this Festive Feelings Blog Party!

          • StephJ | 10th Dec 16

            Thank you very much. I hope you enjoy yourself and discover lots of new blogs today. 🙂

    • cajkinney | 10th Dec 16

      Thanks, Elizabeth for liking my post!

  5. Kate | 10th Dec 16

    Hello lovely people of the blogosphere! This is my first ever blog party so I’m kinda giddy with what’s gonna happen 😄 It’s night over here so I may be away (sleeping) for some hours but I’ll be back early in the morning to get to know all of you 😊 So here’s my first post to share which is my recent post.
    Here I share a few ways I do to let happiness into my life every day and I think it’s timely since this month’s all about celebration and being happy 😄 So yeah, I’ll be back soon!

    • StephJ | 10th Dec 16

      Hi Kate! Thanks for popping by so happy you could make it, I hope your first blog party doesn’t disappoint! Checking out your link now… so exciting 🙂

    • Lianne | 10th Dec 16

      Great post! I’m definitely going to start writing the good things that happen to me in a day!

      • Kate | 10th Dec 16

        Thank you for stopping by! And yes! Writing really helps and it makes the good things that happened more real, in a way 😄

  6. You Can Always Start Now | 10th Dec 16

    Hello, I got into blogging totally by accident and now I am hooked. Thought I’d start with a holiday post. Found you through Cookie Crumbs. Off to get first cup of coffee and start the party.

    • StephJ | 10th Dec 16

      Hello! Welcome to the blog party, thanks for popping by. Looking forward to checking out your link now. Cheers!

      • You Can Always Start Now | 10th Dec 16

        Thanks for having the blog party. Enjoying checking out the other blogs. Great way to find new bloggers!

    • Lianne | 10th Dec 16

      Just checked out your link! Great post with great tips! I’m off to get my pen, paper and coffee now!

  7. letahawk | 10th Dec 16

    Hello everyone. Isn’t this fun? I can’t wait till I can sit down a bit later and begin reading new blogs!
    I’m a stay-at-home mom and author who writes paranormal fiction (at least for now). I have three books published and about three hundred swimming around in my head. My blog is a bit of a mish-mash of whatever is on my mind at any given time. I’ve been attempting to do a blog post each day in December, documenting memories I have of preparing for Christmas; I want to print it up at some point and give it to my kids. Here’s a link to one of those memories.

    • StephJ | 10th Dec 16

      Welcome! So awesome that you have published three books that is HUGE! It is hard to post everyday but it would be an awesome way to hold onto those memories forever! Checking out your blog post now, thanks for joining the party!

    • Lianne | 10th Dec 16

      Such a nice idea to write these memories for your children 😊

    • inkowlme | 10th Dec 16

      This really fun! Kudos to you for posting as much as you can this month! I’m hoping to do that next month to get me through January. 🙂 you have a wonderful blog!

    • Kate | 10th Dec 16

      Oh wow! Three published books is amazing! And I’m sure your kids will love reading the print out! Checking out your blog now 😊

  8. Happy Weekend! List of Meet and Greets! Always Check For Updates!😄 | Betcha Didn't Know! | 10th Dec 16

    […] Now Live: Festive Feelings Blog Party […]

  9. citygirlrell | 10th Dec 16

    Hey all! I’m Foirell over at! Lifestyle blog in all things travel, finance and personal development! I work full time as a lawyer and blogging in the side! I cant wait to read what all of you have been writing! Heres my post on finances and budgeting Happy reading all 🙂

    This little trick will save you THOUSANDS
    How this little trick will save you thousands:

    If you’re constantly living hand to mouth every month, thinking about how to manage your …

    • StephJ | 10th Dec 16

      Hello and welcome! I like saving thousands! Can’t wait to check this one out. Thank you for joining in 🙂

      • citygirlrell | 10th Dec 16

        Thank you for hosting Steph!

    • xdreamingtheday | 10th Dec 16

      I love your tips. I’m a student and really need to take more care for my finances and I will definitely use your tips!

    • Lianne | 10th Dec 16

      Really enjoyed this post! I’m determined to sort my finances out after Christmas!!

    • Kate | 10th Dec 16

      Your tips are amazing! I’m guilty of doing #3 a lot 😅 I’ll definitely try these out!

  10. StephJ | 10th Dec 16

    Hi Elizabeth! Welcome to the party thank you for dropping by. Thank you for sharing your favorite post I can’t wait to check it out now. Cheers!

    • Elizabeth Doren | 10th Dec 16

      Can you delete the above post – i will repost from my personal? I would really really really appreciate it.

  11. Lianne | 10th Dec 16

    I’ve never heard of a blog party! But it looks like a great idea to me!
    My name is Lianne and I started my blog on the 31st October so it’s pretty new! My blog is a creative blog sharing recipes, crafts, DIY and decor inspiration!
    This is my latest blog post: so please take a look and let me know what you think!
    I can’t wait to read through what everyone else shares and discover some new blogs!

    • StephJ | 10th Dec 16

      Welcome Lianne. And welcome to the blogging world. What a great way to start out with a blog party. I hope you meet lots of new bloggers today. Enjoy!

  12. Coffee Cluster | 10th Dec 16

    friends ranting – just a fun post. Always like a party!

    • StephJ | 10th Dec 16

      Awesome! Thank you for sharing!

  13. Charissa | 10th Dec 16

    Yay! A blog party! This is my first time ever participating! I’ve been blogging for a few months but just officially launched about a month ago. Yesterday I shared my love for thredUP. I’d love to have you check it out!!

    • StephJ | 10th Dec 16

      Welcome! I hope you discover some great blogs today, thank you for joining in. Cheers!

  14. chiemichong | 10th Dec 16

    Hi! Thank you for hosting an awesome party!
    I just started my blog recently, still new to everything but here it is!

    Looking forward to reading many awesome blogs here!

    • StephJ | 10th Dec 16

      Hi there, welcome to the party! Going to check out your post now. Thanks for joining!

  15. mandysmusings | 10th Dec 16

    Hello all! This is my first blog party, so thanks again for the invite! Our family moved to Athens, Greece, at the beginning of 2016, and I’ve been keeping a blog about our time here ever since. Some of my observations are pretty amusing. Quite a culture shock, indeed! The first post I’m linking to is from April, when we first got our car. Driving here is an exercise in humility…as I quickly discovered. Enjoy!

    • StephJ | 10th Dec 16

      Hi Mandy! That sounds like such an adventure, I am really looking forward to hearing more about your story, very interesting indeed. Welcome to the party, hope you enjoy.

  16. StephJ | 10th Dec 16

    Hey everyone! Your host here. So happy you could all join in this party, and I can’t wait for more to join in, it is only early 🙂

    If you don’t know, my blog is about happiness, positive vibes, lifestyle, my travel adventures and all kinds of random things. Here is a post I wrote this week that I would like to share with you all.

    Don’t forget to share the party, and comment on other blogs. Don’t be shy. Happy Holidays!

    • mandysmusings | 10th Dec 16

      Great post, Steph! I’m actually an extrovert, but I’m married to and have a son who is an introvert, so these tips will definitely come in handy when I’m trying to understand why THEY are so stressed out. Thanks!

      • StephJ | 10th Dec 16

        I hope they may find it useful 😊

  17. Charissa | 10th Dec 16

    Hi! Here’s a recent post with a simple laundry tip!

  18. speechbaby | 10th Dec 16

    Thanks for hosting Stephanie, great idea! My Speechbaby blog is about all things baby with speech and language tips along the way. Love visitors, please stop by!
    Christmas Language Activity for Toddlers🎄

    • StephJ | 10th Dec 16

      Hello there! Thank you for joining in! Happy to have you here. Cheers!

  19. Bernadine | 10th Dec 16

    Yay! Happy to join my first blog party. Here’s a post on apple pie I made for thanksgiving: I’ll be leaving more links to my blog as the day goes on but basically my blog is where I share my love of baking with everyone!! I hope you guys can like, share, ans follow on my blog. 😀😀

    • xdreamingtheday | 10th Dec 16

      That Apple pie looks sooo delicious! Gonna try this one out soon!

    • StephJ | 10th Dec 16

      hello Bernadine! Welcome to the blog party, I am happy you could make it 🙂

      • Bernadine | 10th Dec 16

        Me too! And what a brilliant idea making this blog party! I’m seeing so many knew blogs (and enjoying more followers 😊). I love it!! 😀😀

  20. Lindsay Nell | 10th Dec 16

    Reblogged this on .

  21. Elizabeth | 10th Dec 16

    Good morning! I’m Elizabeth from and My blog is about homemaking (baking, cooking, gardening, cleaning, etc) with a few odd things thrown in because…well…I’m odd!
    I can’t wait to start reading your blogs! And thank you, Steph, for once again hosting us!

    • StephJ | 10th Dec 16

      Hey Liz! Welcome back, so glad you could join in. 🙂

    • Bernadine | 10th Dec 16

      The moment you said that you had BAKING on your blog I had to follow. Great blog 🤗!!

      • Elizabeth | 10th Dec 16

        Thank you! And you’ve made it so I can no longer avoid baking because I can’t disappoint you!

        • Bernadine | 10th Dec 16

          Haha, I guess you can’t! I hope you also like my blog 😊😊

          • Elizabeth | 10th Dec 16

            I’m checking it out right now! I may have to adopt you. You can live here and bake for me all the time!

          • Bernadine | 10th Dec 16

            😂😂. I don’t know about adoption but I will keep posting !!

  22. ShannonG|MSnubutterflies | 10th Dec 16

    Thanks for the opportunity Steph!
    I blog about my life living with MS, DIY projects, recipes, and random thoughts. This is one of my favorite posts it’s about my love story and taking a chance to let love in.

    Looking forward to visiting everyone.
    Have a great weekend!

  23. Lindsay Nell | 10th Dec 16

    Hey there! Thank you so very much for letting me know about this awesome festive blog party. It’s super hot here in Cape Town today so I’ll trade in my hot chocolate and fluffy blanket for a pair of flip flops and a cocktail if you don’t mind. I’m Lindsay Nell, a self-published author, mom, homeschooler, husky owner and blogger over at Home, Hugs and Huskies. I’ll be sharing a free printable Letter to Santa that I shared on my blog a few days ago for blogmas I have a few more Christmas themed freebies on my blog if you are interested in checking that out as well. Thanks again for hosting this blog party. I hope to meet many fun and interesting bloggers here. Have a great day and take care. <3

    • StephJ | 10th Dec 16

      Hi Lindsay, so glad you could make it! It is snowing here in Newfoundland today so those flip flops sound mighty good. Thanks again for stopping by!

      • Lindsay Nell | 10th Dec 16

        Please enjoy the snow for me! It has been such strange weather here, because it was flooding yesterday and now the sun is out in full force.

        • StephJ | 10th Dec 16

          Oh the strange weather of the world! What is going on? haha. I would love a bit of that snow though

      • Brenda | 10th Dec 16

        WHAT you are in Newfoundland! I’m sitting here getting ready to head out in NS.

        • StephJ | 10th Dec 16

          Awesome! It is actually pretty decent here today. AND…. shockingly enough there is hardly any snow on the ground here in St. John’s haha. Lets see how long that will last. I have never been to NS. Are you going for the holidays?

  24. mrsmurfinscountrylife | 10th Dec 16

    Hello everyone. Thank you to StephJ for hosting this. I am looking forward to spending the day enjoying some new blogs. It is currently a bit of a snowstorm here, so a good day for it!
    I am from rural southwestern Ontario Canada. I have blogged on and off for a few years but decided this year to blog everyday between December 1st and 25th. I wanted to do it to enhance my own festive activities but also to re-energize by blogging mojo. The post I have added above was from last week. I have been interested in the whole hygge craze, but also think a lot of us just do it without knowing it. Especially if you are a homebody like me. I hope you enjoy!

    • StephJ | 10th Dec 16

      Hello and welcome! So happy you could make it. yay! It is a little cold here today too, I heard you guys were getting dumped with snow, very cosy and festive. Not so great when you have to shovel haha. Thanks again for stopping by 🙂

      • mrsmurfinscountrylife | 10th Dec 16

        That is why I let Hubby buy an expensive tractor. He loves to get out there to “play” on it and I don’t have to shovel!

        • StephJ | 10th Dec 16

          haha! He probably looks forward to a bit of snow! My boyfriend is the same way, it is like a sense of snow duty washes over him. He starts doing every ones driveways

  25. Lisa A. | 10th Dec 16

    Hi everyone and Merry Christmas! Thank you for hosting this wonderful party! I’m Lisa and my blog is Life of an El Paso Woman. I blog about stuff in my hometown, music, movies, life, travels, etc. I like a lot of things so I blog about different things. I’m including a link from one of my family’s Christmas traditions. Me, my mom and grandma get together every December to make 25-30 (sometimes more) pounds of tamales. You can check it out here Take care everyone and I’ll be reading your blogs!

    • StephJ | 10th Dec 16

      Hi Lisa! Welcome to the blog party, I hope you enjoy today. I look forward to reading more about your blog!

  26. Elizabeth | 10th Dec 16

    Reblogged this on The Comfortable Coop and commented:
    Steph from Scale it Simple hosts amazing blog parties! You really need to visit this one! And check out the rest of her blog while you’re there. It’s definitely worth the time!

  27. Elizabeth | 10th Dec 16

    Reblogged with the comment: Steph from Scale it Simple hosts amazing blog parties! You really need to visit this one! And check out the rest of her blog while you’re there. It’s definitely worth the time!

  28. Justine Cross | 10th Dec 16

    Hi everyone,

    Firstly, what a cool idea, Steph! This is my first stop off at this kind of thing, and I’m loving it already!

    I’d like to share my post about Byodo-In Temple in Hawaii:

    This was one of my first blogs about one of my most favourite places in Hawaii … what better way to start joining in with this awesome party?! 😉

    • StephJ | 10th Dec 16

      Hello and welcome! Happy you could drop by. Looking forward to checking out your post.

    • StephJ | 10th Dec 16

      So very true! Thank you for sharing 🙂

    • StephJ | 10th Dec 16

      Thank you for sharing!

  29. geminilvr | 10th Dec 16

    Good morning everyone! I’ll be in and out all day. Thank you StephJ for hosting too. I put a link to my favorite piece and a recent interview too if you want to learn more about me. Have a great day everyone!

    • StephJ | 10th Dec 16

      Hello and welcome! Thank you for joining in, I look forward to check out your blog!

  30. zozieposie | 10th Dec 16

    Hi…I’m a new blogger started September time – I love to spread more positivity into the world and hope you will enjoy my lifestyle fun blog😊
    Here’s one of my recent posts

    • StephJ | 10th Dec 16

      Welcome to the blog party glad you could make it.

      • zozieposie | 10th Dec 16

        Thanks Steph😊…pleased to meet you! …and everyone
        Will pop by a couple times more with 2 other links for you here thank you

    • Kate | 10th Dec 16

      Welcome to the blogosphere Zozie! Love your post! I always wanted to go to England and wander in all the little villages there 😄

  31. Brenda | 10th Dec 16

    Second post of the day. For over 8 months picked a weekly Angel Card and wrote what that word meant to me. Here is a sample.

    • StephJ | 10th Dec 16

      Great! Thanks for leaving another 😊

  32. the happiest pixel | 10th Dec 16

    Hey happy pixels!! Happy to come back to a wonderful party!! Here I leave my first link. I’m dedicating all December to Christmas, I hope you’ll love my post:
    Love, thp

    • StephJ | 10th Dec 16

      Hi welcome back! Glad you could make it to another blog party!

      • the happiest pixel | 10th Dec 16

        Thanks, my happy pixel!! You’re great organizing them. 😉

        • StephJ | 10th Dec 16

          Thank you! I hope it is going well.

          • the happiest pixel | 10th Dec 16

            It is!! I hope the same for you!! Did you enjoy Nanowrimo?? 😉

          • StephJ | 10th Dec 16

            I did I managed to get to 50,000 words but I still have a few chapters to finish but it was so Motivating to reach the goal.

          • the happiest pixel | 10th Dec 16

            That’s awesome!! Keep going, I’m sure it’s a good story!!
            I’ve tried, but I couldn’t finish… I have some ideas, maybe next year!! 😉

          • StephJ | 10th Dec 16

            Yes. I think I will be doing it next year also 🙂

          • the happiest pixel | 10th Dec 16

            That’s great!! 🙂

    • Nostalgia Seekers | 10th Dec 16

      Yum! These look delicious. Really enjoyed poking around your blog. Following! 🙂

      • the happiest pixel | 10th Dec 16

        Thanks, my happy pixel! Your blog is great, too. Following!! 🙂

    • zozieposie | 10th Dec 16

      I followed you…your site looked fun from the scroll I had and I was interested what you said about goals. 😊

      • the happiest pixel | 10th Dec 16

        Thank you!! Following you, too!! I was feeling stressed because I’ve had so much work lately, and someone told me this; I found it so useful and I wanted to share it. Now I feel so much better: small steps is the answer!! 😉
        I hope it works for you, too, my happy pixel!

    • Brenda | 10th Dec 16

      Just popped into your blog. Great. Posted to Facebook Advent calendar in a jar – great idea.

      • the happiest pixel | 10th Dec 16

        Thanks, my happy pixel!! Doing cool activities is sometimes better than eating too much sweets!! 😉

  33. Vicki @ Babies to Bookworms | 10th Dec 16

    My blog is about the importance of reading aloud to kids, along with activities to pair with popular books.

    • StephJ | 10th Dec 16

      Great idea for a blog! Glad you could make it today!

    • Nostalgia Seekers | 10th Dec 16

      I love your site! I’ve been reading to my daughter since the day she was born — it’s so important! I really like how you pair activities with the books – cool idea!

      • Vicki @ Babies to Bookworms | 10th Dec 16

        Thank you! It’s always been a passion of mine. I Loved creating lesson plans around books when I was teaching. I’m excited to be doing it now with my daughter!

  34. Nostalgia Seekers | 10th Dec 16

    What a fun idea! I’m a new blogger, less than 2 months in. A little about me: the past year has been one of immense change for me. My divorce was finalized and I moved out and had to start completely over. The ending of my marriage had left me not knowing who I was anymore, and I felt completely lost. But I always remembered who I had wanted to be: I wanted to be a writer and I wanted to be an artist. When I started looking back to who I used to be, I realized I wanted to get back to that person. So I decided to start a blog around the concept of nostalgia, which is such a universal feeling, and I thought a lot of people could connect with the feeling. I’m using my memories to help create a better life for myself. I have a 5 year old daughter, I really want to create new traditions with her and create good, amazing memories with her so that when she is nostalgic one day, she will smile and remember a happy, positive childhood. So here’s a recent post. Thanks for checking it out!

    • StephJ | 10th Dec 16

      Welcome to the. Log party and happy blogging. Thank you for sharing a bit about yourself. I look forward to seeing what you wrote about more on your blog.

    • zozieposie | 10th Dec 16

      I enjoyed your sweet blog piece and commented. ..and followed your blog! 😊

      • Nostalgia Seekers | 10th Dec 16

        I love your blog, and all things whimsical. Glad we found each other!

    • Kate | 10th Dec 16

      I really enjoyed this blog post. It’s kinda weird because I’m still a college student and I have no idea what being a mom feels like but this moved me so much like I can relate to it 😊
      But then again, love comes in all forms. Thank you for writing and being so compassionate! I look forward to more stories of your and Zoey’s adventures!

  35. xdreamingtheday | 10th Dec 16

    I think it’s time for my second link! This time, it’s one of my stories. I had to make this story for an English assignment and thought, why not share it with the world! So here you go, hope you’ll enjoy it!

    • StephJ | 10th Dec 16

      Awesome! Hope your enjoying the party so far!

      • xdreamingtheday | 10th Dec 16

        I am loving it!

        • StephJ | 10th Dec 16

          Great! I am glad!

  36. geminilvr | 10th Dec 16

    Reblogged this on And then there was one and commented:
    Come join the fun and meet fellow bloggers. Thanks StephJ

  37. Marge Cutter Tesch | 10th Dec 16

    Hi, everyone!

    First, thanks, Steph, for hosting this party – I think it’s a fabulous idea!

    My name is Margaret Tesch, but I write primarily under the name Marge Cutter. I’ve only been blogging a little over a year, since October 2015. I started my blog as part of my participation in the Writer’s Digest Writer’s 2015 October Platform Challenge, which was designed by WD to help new writers and authors develop a writing platform. One of my earliest blogs was about the Black Friday traditions I remembered from my childhood. Since it is the holiday season, I thought I would share that with everyone at the party. You can find that post here:

    Since then, my blog has evolved into the adventures of a group of my characters from a YA Fantasy Series I am writing. In my blog, these characters have fallen from the pages of my manuscripts into the “real” world, and my blog chronicles their adventures here. If it’s okay to share more than one post from my blog, I will come back in a bit and link to one of those posts as well.

    • StephJ | 10th Dec 16

      Hi! Thanks for joining I am happy you could make it. I look forward to checking out your blog today. Yay!

      • Marge Cutter Tesch | 10th Dec 16

        Thanks! I look forward to checking out many of the blogs from the party today! 🙂

    • Kate | 10th Dec 16

      Hi Margaret! Can I just say that I’m like a HUGE fan of YA Fantasy? And this idea is pure gold to a me! I’m checking out your blog now and really excited to meet your characters! 😄

  38. Mike | 10th Dec 16

    In honor of the holiday blog party, I give you my post about 7 great inexpensive tech gifts you can give this holiday season!

    • StephJ | 10th Dec 16

      Awesome! Thanks mike. Hope you enjoy the party!

    • StephJ | 10th Dec 16

      The best!

    • zozieposie | 10th Dec 16

      I did a piece about children’s books recently. ..I still love them myself😊…not read the grinch though

  39. D. Parker | 10th Dec 16

    Great minds think alike, Stephanie, blog parties are a great way to enjoy the season. My name is Donna and I’m also having one this weekend – 12 Links of Christmas Blog Party, a kind of Christmas card to all my readers and fellow bloggers. Anyone can leave up to 12 links, the posts don’t need to be Christmas related, they don’t even need to be there own and share the comfort and joy.
    Thanks for the opportunity, now off to visit and share! 🙂
    All the best, always and Happy Holidays to all! 🙂

    • StephJ | 10th Dec 16

      Wow! Thanks for sharing. Can’t wait to check out your party! Thanks for stopping by!

  40. w631337 | 10th Dec 16

    I’m starting a blog (yet to be named) for writing about music. My first post, “Are the friends you share music with really a mind-controlling internet cult?” explains why I’ve decided to do this and why I’m nervous about getting started.

    • StephJ | 10th Dec 16

      Awesome! I look forward to checking it out 🙂

  41. Marge Cutter Tesch | 10th Dec 16

    Well, I guess it’s time for my second post. I have been enjoying exploring everyone’s blogs, and there are a number I will go back to for a more detailed examination!

    I’m not much of a poet, but an early post I did featuring my poetry and links to other poetry by some of my friends and colleagues garnered a lot of response. If you enjoy poetry, here is a link to that post:

  42. Hannah Grace 2001 | 10th Dec 16

    Looks like you’ve started another successful blog party, Steph! 😉 Congratulations! 🙂 I finally arrived home from Christmas shopping, so I thought it may be time to share my second post – a tag that I recently created for lovers of all things bookish and musical!

  43. live_a_life_less_ordinary | 10th Dec 16

    I did this last time… I’ll check out some of these other blogs later.

    My blog is basically just thoughts about life from someone who thinks too much. Here’s a recent sample:

    • StephJ | 10th Dec 16

      Awesome! Glad you could make it 🙂

  44. Justine Cross | 10th Dec 16

    My 2nd post for today — a post to inspire you to visit Mauna Kea in Hawaii and see some views to die for!!

    Enjoy! 🙂

  45. extraniceblog | 10th Dec 16

    Thank you for inviting me! I run an empowerment/lifestyle blog that I’ve lovingly dubbed as a ladyblog. I write about everything from glasses reviews (I’m a glasses addict and own 8 pair!) to positive affirmations. My post popular post is on how to manifest anything:

    • StephJ | 10th Dec 16

      Awesome! Welcome to the party, glad you could make it 🙂

  46. Katrina | 10th Dec 16

    Yay! Such a great idea…I might steal it from you after the new year! Here’s one of my posts that readers seem to enjoy:

    • StephJ | 10th Dec 16

      Thanks! I hope you enjoy the party 🙂

      • Katrina | 10th Dec 16

        Looking forward to getting some time to read through all the comments/blogs!

  47. passionistaatlarge | 10th Dec 16

    HI everyone! This is my first visit for these blog parties and I’m so excited to be here! I’m a retired schoolteacher who adopted two special needs kids (when I was 50! and they were 2) who are now 16 and almost 17. I was married when we adopted them and my husband (who by then was my ex) died 6 years ago, so I’m doing this all alone. |
    I am a speaker, writer, graphic designer, truth-talker, fun-lover, teacher, camper, & outdoor-lover. My passion is to help people, especially women, realize their value and worth, and to help them stop believing lies about themselves.
    I do hope you will have time to read this post, as it gives a snapshot of my messages! Thanks Steph for providing this venue to share!!

    • StephJ | 10th Dec 16

      Wow that is quiet a story! Thank you for sharing with us, you are a special person, so much strength and courage! I look forward to checking out your blog post today. Thanks again, and I hope you enjoy.

  48. StephJ | 10th Dec 16

    Well hello, everyone your host here! How is everyone enjoying the party so far? Have you been inviting your followers and meeting new bloggers?

    I am going to share my latest post with you all.

    Loving all these blogs so far. xo

  49. mandysmusings | 10th Dec 16

    Kids are in bed, time for my second post! One of the challenges I’ve discovered living in Greece is figuring out how to bake with local ingredients, all while converting everything to the metric system. Add a mobile toddler to the mix, and hilarity ensues.

    • StephJ | 10th Dec 16

      Awesome! Thanks for coming back, hope you get a chance to read through some of the posts and meet some new bloggers. 🙂

    • cookandenjoyrecipes | 13th Dec 16

      Love your blog and following you. THanks for sharing your adventures in baking with us. Hope you will pop over and see what’s cooking at my end.

  50. passionistaatlarge | 10th Dec 16

    I know! It sounds crazy, and it has been for sure, but it works. 🙂 This is so fun. Going to take some time today to read some blog posts!!

  51. Marge Cutter Tesch | 10th Dec 16

    I know it hasn’t been very long since I left my second post, but I unfortunately have an engagement this afternoon, so I must leave here soon. Therefore, I thought I would leave one last post from my blog.

    One of my favorite hobbies is nature photography. I decided one day to incorporate that into my blog, sharing some of my photos by telling a story. In my story, I took a few of my characters with me on a nature walk. We had a surprisingly pleasant outing. 🙂

    I’ll be back this week to explore more of the blogs shared today at the party. Have a great day, everyone, and Happy Holidays! Thanks again for hosting the party, Steph! It was fun!

    • StephJ | 10th Dec 16

      Great! Thank you for sharing, cant wait to check it out.

  52. zozieposie | 10th Dec 16

    I love blogging food as well😊
    Here’s my Pie creation

    • cookandenjoyrecipes | 13th Dec 16

      Oh my you have me well hooked with that lovely chicken pie and will for sure follow to see what I can learn from you. Hope to see you pop over to my blog as well. 😉

  53. inkowlme | 10th Dec 16

    Hey everyone! I’m relatively new to blogging and I’ve put a variety of pieces for the past four months. I love to write about almost anything. Here’s the link to my very first post.
    Tell me what you think, I’d love any and all constructive feedback. Thank you and happy holidays!

  54. awandafulthing | 10th Dec 16

    Thanks for the invite. I write a lifestyle blog where I like to share what I make, bake and decorate – especially with vintage or secondhand finds.

    • StephJ | 10th Dec 16

      Thank you for popping by! I hope you enjoy yourself today!

    • Bernadine | 11th Dec 16

      I’m loving your blog!! 👍🏽😊😊

      • awandafulthing | 12th Dec 16

        I’m so happy to hear that…

        • Bernadine | 12th Dec 16

          😊😊 I’ve enjoyed following

        • Bernadine | 12th Dec 16

          😊😊 I’ve enjoyed following hope you can follow back 😊

  55. Gillian | 10th Dec 16

    I have recently gotten serious about blogging. It’s still about sharing the fun I have doing projects and trying new things. I am looking firwRd to connecting with other bloggers.

    • StephJ | 10th Dec 16

      Thank you for sharing! Looking forward to checking out this post!

  56. Justine | 10th Dec 16

    Is anyone off to Vienna for a city break next year?! Find out to spend a perfect 3 days in the beautiful city here:
    Merry Christmas everyone!! 😉

    • StephJ | 10th Dec 16

      Thank you for sharing. Happy Holidays to you!

  57. thechickengrandma | 10th Dec 16

    I am the Chicken Grandma (because I have chickens and my grandkids have so named me). My blog is pretty random and it depends on the day what the topic will be.
    One of my favorite posts is I especially like it for this busy time of year. I love to be reminded to slow down and enjoy the moments gifted us.
    Thanks for the opportunity to share!

  58. xdreamingtheday | 10th Dec 16

    Alright I think it’s time for my third link! I chose The Second Day of December, because I wrote about what my plans are for this month, what you can expect to see on my blog, and a reading list of this month! Thought it would be nice for if your deciding whether to follow my blog heheheh((:
    I really love this blog party by the way! Love meeting new bloggers!

    • StephJ | 10th Dec 16

      Awesome! You thanks for sharing in this blog party! I hope you enjoyed.

      • xdreamingtheday | 10th Dec 16

        I really enjoyed it! Thanks for hosting it!

  59. dharris21blog | 10th Dec 16

    Hello all. My name is David Harris. I’m 24, and I love to write. I’m African American. I graduated from Austin Peay with Communications major and English. The link here is to my first blog post regarding stuttering. I have been stuttering since I was four, so I felt the need to share with the world about how you should go about interacting with those who stutter. I see some good writers on here!

    • StephJ | 10th Dec 16

      Hey David! Thanks so much for sharing this post. You seem like you have a interesting background. I can’t wait to check out your blog. Sounds like a great concept.

      • dharris21blog | 11th Dec 16

        Thank you! Your blog looks awesome, and good job rallying all of us. I’ve been blogging for only a few months. I am open to any suggestions btw.

  60. dharris21blog | 10th Dec 16

    I forgot the link my bad. Here it is: Interacting with a Stutterer | David Speaks

  61. dharris21blog | 10th Dec 16

    I’m about to go sing at a nursing home, but here is a link to another blog post I did. This is about my late pet Oreo. Once again my name is David Harris. Enjoy, and Happy reading bloggers! Be Like Your Pets | David Speaks

  62. Abeer | 10th Dec 16

    Hello everyone… I’m relatively new to blogging.. I have started last September, and doing my best to consistently write!
    I’m glad I have been invited to the party 😀…Thanks StephJ 🌷
    Anyway, I didn’t know which post to share here,,, so I thought to share one of the first posts, which I explain about why I write:

    I have checked some of the blogs here,, really exciting pieces 😍👍

    • dharris21blog | 11th Dec 16

      Thanks for sharing. You gains new follower. I’m David. I too do my best to write consistently, mostly due to a busy schedule. But when I have the time I write away.

      • Abeer | 11th Dec 16

        Hi David.. thanks for following 🙂 you have gained a new follower too!

  63. Following Him | 10th Dec 16

    Hello, everyone! 🙂 I mostly share Christian topics, poetry and photography on my blog; here is a link to one of my recently posted poems: I look forward to checking out the links I see shared here! 🙂 **grabs a cup of hot chocolate with mint and starts clicking**

    • StephJ | 10th Dec 16

      Thanks for sharing. I look forward to checking out your post! Mmmm hot chocolate with mint!

    • dharris21blog | 11th Dec 16


  64. mandysmusings | 10th Dec 16

    It’s midnight here in Greece, so time to share my 3rd and final post…that time I met Obama. Enjoy!

    • StephJ | 10th Dec 16

      Thanks for joining the party! I hope you had a great time! Happy Holidays 🙂

  65. shopgirlanonymous | 10th Dec 16

    I don’t have anything really festive to share, but I’m so glad you did this! I have had a blast reading through and visiting everyone’s festive posts!!! 😉

    • StephJ | 10th Dec 16

      Thanks! I am glad you enjoyed reading through!

  66. Brenda | 10th Dec 16

    Last post of the day. Thank you for having this blog party it has been a blast. Have enjoyed so many new blogs and so much creativity and support for each other out there. Happy Holidays everyone! Hope Steph has another blog party in the dead of winter!

    • StephJ | 10th Dec 16

      I was thinking of having another party during those dreadful winter months. Maybe February? Something romantic? haha. Thanks for joining today.

  67. StephJ | 10th Dec 16

    Hi all! It seems that the party is slowing down now, I am so happy for those who could make it and share their blogs today. Awesome turnout. Here is a post by me I would like to share about something very near and dear to me.

    It is only 8:00pm here in Newfoundland so don’t worry there is still lots of time to share your blog and read, read, read.

    Happy holidays everyone! xo

  68. extraniceblog | 10th Dec 16

    After reading a bunch of the others’ links, I’m back to share my second link: I replaced my flooring two weeks ago for $200 and in seven hours! Crazy, right?

    • StephJ | 11th Dec 16

      Awesome! Glad you shared another. going to check it out now 🙂

  69. Raluca Loteanu | 10th Dec 16

    I am very happy to join this blog party! I’ve read some of the above links and they were great.
    I want to share some great gift ideas from my blog, you can find them here – . 🙂

    • StephJ | 11th Dec 16

      Yay! Welcome to the party happy you could make it. Excited to check out your blog now!

  70. Kate | 11th Dec 16

    Good morning! I woke up like three hours ago and spent the entire time checking out new blogs! Really loved meeting all of you! 😊
    I guess it’s time to share my second link: this one’s not exactly Christmassy but it’s another post spreading positive vibes and a little motivational push for anyone who needs it.

    • StephJ | 11th Dec 16

      I love your blog! Glad you were able to share another post. Loving the positive vibes 🙂

  71. Bernadine | 11th Dec 16

    Hello!! Here’s my second link: Just posted it today! 😊

    • StephJ | 11th Dec 16

      Awesome thanks for sharing another! Are you enjoying so far?

      • Bernadine | 11th Dec 16

        Yep I’m loving it! I may even do one on my blog 👍🏽🤗🤗

  72. Ringing In The New Year Book Tag | Ann's Reading Corner | 11th Dec 16

    […] @ JBelkBooks and I loved it! Why not go ahead and do it! Also, I have been invited by Steph @ Scale It Simple to participate in her Festive Feelings Blog Party! I thought this would be a great idea to do so […]

  73. Ann | 11th Dec 16

    Good Day Everyone! Hopefully you all are nice and warm, which I am dreaming I was right now, and you have the time to check out my post! I decided that I would start to wrap up my year of reading and I started with this tag! I hope you enjoy:

    • StephJ | 11th Dec 16

      Hello Ann! Are you enjoying the blog party? Checking out this post now 🙂

      • Ann | 11th Dec 16

        Hey! I am enjoying the blog party a lot! Found a bunch of fun and interesting post I love! I hope you enjoy my post!

    • xdreamingtheday | 11th Dec 16

      Hey Ann, I just looked at your blog and we have soooo much in common!! You have a new follower! x Anne

      • Ann | 12th Dec 16

        Hey! Thanks! Your blog is amazing!

        • xdreamingtheday | 12th Dec 16

          Aawww thank youu!!!

  74. passionistaatlarge | 11th Dec 16

    Hi everyone. Are you enjoying all this great reading material? I don’t know when I’ll get to read all the posts, but I’m working on it! Here is my second one. I hope you enjoy it, and will leave a comment on what you think.

    • StephJ | 11th Dec 16

      Thanks for sharing another wonderful post!

  75. thechickengrandma | 11th Dec 16

    First off thank you so much for allowing us to share some of our favorites!! Anyway my second choice is this one: I think I like this one because it is about friendships that are real. I hope you all enjoy it as much as I enjoyed writing it!

    • StephJ | 11th Dec 16

      Your welcome! I hope you are enjoying the party. Checking out this post now 🙂

  76. letahawk | 11th Dec 16

    So sorry, I meant to get back here and post another link. It’s been a crazy day of getting ready for our family party tomorrow. I’ve read some wonderful blog posts today, and I look forward to reading more.
    Here’s another post of mine that tells a little about some of the local legends that played into my paranormal mystery books.

    • StephJ | 11th Dec 16

      Thanks for making it back. This is such a busy time of year!

  77. dharris21blog | 11th Dec 16

    First, I’m enjoying this party. So many talent writers. It motivates me to write more. Second, here is my third post for the party, which is in regards to love at first sight. Is Love at First Sight a Real Thing? | David Speaks
    Third, I currently have the free plan for WordPress. Do you think I should change it to the personal plan or premium plan?

    • StephJ | 11th Dec 16

      Hi David! Thanks for sharing another great post! Keep writing and keep sharing your words with the world 😊 I have the free plan on WordPress also has been getting me by so far. I might upgrade sometime it has many benefits but for a hobby/casual blog the free one seems pretty good.

      • dharris21blog | 11th Dec 16

        Good to know. I was thinking my blog looked simple, but really I’m just happy when people read my stuff.

        • StephJ | 11th Dec 16

          You can play around with different themes or personalize it more. YouTube probably has loads of video help on it. But I too have thought about spicing mine up a bit.

  78. Elizabeth Doren | 11th Dec 16

    Cozy blanket – check! Love for new blogs- check! I’m Elizabeth Doren and I’m a working mom who loves to complain. I write about the trials and tribulations of parenthood. It’s a challenge that even a good glass of Pinot Noir can’t solve…

    Here’s one of my favorite posts after the election.

    • StephJ | 11th Dec 16

      Thanks for stopping by Elizabeth! I hope you get to check out lots of blog posts today. Going to look at yours now.

    • dharris21blog | 11th Dec 16

      Loved it.

  79. Sumudu | 11th Dec 16

    What an awesome idea. I should have done this when I was the new kid on the blog –

    I am new to blogging, so meeting new people would be great.
    Good for you for thinking this up 🙂

    • StephJ | 11th Dec 16

      Welcome! I hope you find some great posts here 🙂 thanks for joining.

  80. inkowlme | 11th Dec 16

    Okay I hear I can post up to three links to different pieces on a blog. (please tell me to stop if that’s not so) So here is number two: I have all kinds of pieces on my blog and this one was from the month of October. It’s nowhere near a Christmas feel good story so hopefully you’re not expecting that. 🙂
    I am loving this! Hopefully you guys are having as much fun as I am.

  81. thechickengrandma | 11th Dec 16

    All right…..third link from the Chicken Grandma. I chose this particular one because ir is good for me to be reminded to be kind and have a heart that is grace filled.
    This party has been so much fun. What a great way to find other blogs that are great reads! Thank you again!

    • StephJ | 11th Dec 16

      I am glad you enjoyed it! Hopefully you can make it to the next blog party. Thanks again and happy holidays!

  82. Bernadine | 11th Dec 16

    Hi! Last link! Thank you for hosting this blogging party Steph, it was really fun to get more followers and meet new bloggers!😊😊

    • StephJ | 11th Dec 16

      Thanks for coming Bernadine! I am glad you enjoyed the party. Stay tuned for the next one. Hope to see you around Scale it Simple more often. Happy holidays!

      • Bernadine | 11th Dec 16

        Wouldn’t miss it!! I really liked it for my first blog party. Happy Holidays! 🎄

    • cookandenjoyrecipes | 13th Dec 16

      oh wow Bernadine – yummyness in the extreme. Love it.

  83. Following Him | 11th Dec 16

    Hello again! 😀 It’s getting late here, so this will be my last link:
    I’ve had a lot of fun so far, and I can’t wait to read more blog posts tomorrow!

    Thanks for hosting, StephJ! This has been really great. 🙂

    • inkowlme | 11th Dec 16

      I’ve been a bit frazzled as of late and this gave me a sweet feeling of peace! Thank you, very beautiful poetry.

      • Following Him | 12th Dec 16

        Wow; I’m glad that He could use this poem to bring you peace. 🙂 Thank you for your kind words! ♥

    • StephJ | 11th Dec 16

      Your welcome. I’m so glad you enjoyed it.

    • inkowlme | 11th Dec 16

      I loved this!

  84. Ethan Bethune | 11th Dec 16

    So sorry I couldn’t be here for this one! But I’m glad it’s all still here for me to read through! I hope everyone has a great Christmas.

  85. Abeer | 11th Dec 16

    Hello again 🙂 … I’m not sure if the party is still on, or the 24 hours just passed that fast!!
    I have come across many good blogs and posts,, so I’m glad I joined the party…

    Thanks StephJ for hosting a great party 🙂

    • StephJ | 11th Dec 16

      Thanks for joining in! I am happy you enjoyed it 😊

  86. citygirlrell | 11th Dec 16

    So many more blogs added! Yay cant wait to read 🙂

    Foirell |

  87. inkowlme | 11th Dec 16

    This has really been a wonderful experience. I’m starting early, or late, however you see it, and am posting my last link. I’m an amateur baker and thought I’d try my hand at food blogging. Let’s just say it handed me my backside. Here is the link to my favorite food post: Hopefully you can enjoy it! Thank you Steph for this wonderful party! Can’t wait to read more from everyone else!

    • StephJ | 11th Dec 16

      Thanks for joining in! Hope you enjoyed yourself.

  88. reviewerpam | 11th Dec 16

    I missed this last night but here is one of my two DIY easy Christmas decorations. I’ll be posting the other one today as well as reading back through these blog posts!

    • StephJ | 11th Dec 16

      Better late than never! Thanks for sharing 🙂

  89. Blog Party & Drunken People. | Dreaming the day | 11th Dec 16

    […] food – cause some of the blogposts contain recipes that make you really hungry- and click on this link! I found a lost of new blogs that I now follow! There are a few bloggers who I can relate to sooo […]

  90. emmarose1822 | 11th Dec 16

    Hi! My name is Emma, and I’ve just recently started blogging in the past couple months! Here’s one of my latest posts of ten winter activities! Thanks so much for inviting me. xx

    • StephJ | 11th Dec 16

      Hi Emma! Thanks for stopping by!

  91. OrchidsAndSweetTea | 11th Dec 16

    Hi Everyone! It’s great to meet you. Happy Sunday!! My name is Shanika and my blog is called “Orchids + Sweet Tea”. I was inspired to create this name because of my love for Orchids, which represent love, luxury, beauty and strength. The other part of my name is derived from my Southern roots and growing up always loving sweet tea! So my blog represents all of those elements and includes recipes, inspirational quotes, motherhood testimonials, interior decorating, and more! One of my favorite pieces was a Daily photo challenge that I did and I feel that it is universal to everyone. I hope to meet and follow many of you! Thanks! Link here:

    • StephJ | 11th Dec 16

      Hi shanika! Glad you could stop by!

      • OrchidsAndSweetTea | 11th Dec 16

        Hi Steph!! Yes, I’m sorry I’m a bit late! Happy to be a part!

  92. leapaligutan | 11th Dec 16

    Hi, all amazing people! And thank you for your invitation!
    Nice to meet you here! I’m sorry I don’t have a profile picture yet, I’m Lea and I’m passionate about self-development and smart living 😉 You can find my blog at, I believe in the art of living and on my blog I share tips and tricks on how you can live a better life with ease and simplicity.
    This is my link on time management hacks:
    Can’t wait to visit your blogs too!

  93. OrchidsAndSweetTea | 12th Dec 16

    Love this post! Awesome job!

  94. OrchidsAndSweetTea | 12th Dec 16

    Hi Anne! Loved your post! Felt like a great conversation and great way to know you! Nice meeting you!

    • cookandenjoyrecipes | 13th Dec 16

      Hi OrchidsAndSweetTea love your blog and posts. I will be following you and hope you will hop over to see what’s happening on my end. Take care

      • OrchidsAndSweetTea | 13th Dec 16

        Hi cookandenjoyrecipes! Thanks so much! I sure did visit your blog and love your recipes! Very flavorful! I am following you as well! Nice meeting you 😊

        • cookandenjoyrecipes | 13th Dec 16

          Awesome glad you had time to pop over. I just saw that you’re following, thanks so much. I still worked my way through the party goers and checked them all out. Hope you will also join in our monthly Share and Inspire Others Exchange. The release of the December exchange will be shortly and then the new theme for January will be announced on 1 January. Hope you will participate. Take care and thanks again for visiting.

  95. SerendipiDIY | 12th Dec 16

    so upset I missed it 😞I was out of town 😭

    • StephJ | 12th Dec 16

      That’s too bad! Maybe the next one? Stay tuned for February!

      • SerendipiDIY | 18th Dec 16

        Yay!!! Perfect! 😁
        I’m thinking about hosting one this month, but it would be my first one and I am not really sure about it 😖

        • StephJ | 18th Dec 16

          Go for it! The best tip in hosting one is sent out the invite a week before that give you time to get people aware of when and where.

          • SerendipiDIY | 18th Dec 16

            Awesome I really want to try! Thanks for the tip Steph!

  96. Vaishnavi @ Dentmaker | 12th Dec 16

    Hey All!

    Excited to be in here! Looking forward to meeting some of the awesome creatives from across the globe 🙂

    This is Vaishnavi, an entrepreneur, and blogger from India. I blog via my website on mid-career change.

    Mid-career is that period of life when we take stock of our journey so far, search our soul for the purpose of our existence and contemplate our life ahead. The Dentmaker blog is meant to share ideas, inspiration, and resources for mid-career change makers.

    I’d like to share an interesting post with people who are going through this phase of their lives. This post is a compilation of popular career quizzes that help find the best careers for our personality:

  97. annalisanuttall | 12th Dec 16

    Hi everyone. I’m Anna Nuttall and I live in London UK with my husband. I’m a full time blogger and social media manager. My blog is and it a fashion & lifestyle blog.

    I’m sharing an interesting post on a comment a very silly immature girl made. – let me know if you agree with me. xx

  98. cookandenjoyrecipes | 12th Dec 16

    Sorry for being so late to arrive, but had been caught in the snow on my way.
    Anyway, I am happy that I still made it in time and that you all enjoyed the party. I brought something for you to nibble on and hope you will enjoy it.
    Feel free to pop over to my Food blog, The Recipe Hunter, for lots more of these and other food stuff. Take care, as I have to make my way through the snow to work now. 😉

  99. Casey E Bean | 12th Dec 16

    Hello Everyone,

    My name is Casey and I have recently started a blog. I have copied the link below and would love if you checked it out! Here is my most recent article that might be fitting since it relates to the Holiday season. Have a lovely day and look forward to seeing everyone on my blog! 🙂

  100. cookandenjoyrecipes | 12th Dec 16

    One more treat for yoy to enjoy. I just 💕 The lemony taste in this one. Had one with my coffee this morning and wish I ad a second one.

  101. SerendipiDIY | 19th Dec 16

    I did it Steph! 😀 You’re invited to my Xmassy Blog Party next week, on December 28th! 🎄
    I hope you can join! There is a little mention for you too, thanks for supporting me 🙂
    L a u r a

    • SerendipiDIY | 24th Dec 16

      hey, have you had the chance to read the invite for my blog party? There is a mention for you!

      • StephJ | 27th Dec 16

        Really? I have not. I will check it out. Ow. Thank you!

  102. 2016 End of Year Book Survey (Tag) – Hannah Grace | 30th Dec 16

    […] links to the most recent blog parties of my two good blogging friends, Laura @SerendipiDIY and Steph @ScaleItSimple! These were absolutely fab and I had a ball❤ Check out the blogs of these two – they are my […]

  103. 2017 The Year Ahead – ScaleitSimple | 4th Jan 17

    […] Feeling Blog Party Festive Feelings Blog Party Searching for Happiness – Self Love Books 5 Ways to Sport a Toxic Friendship 13 Simple Stress […]

  104. Sending Gratitude – ScaleitSimple | 30th Jan 17

    […] before the party for you all to share. For now, you can check out the details below or check out my last blog party for more info on how the party will […]

  105. Your Invite: Be Mine Blog Party – ScaleitSimple | 7th Feb 17

    […] the meantime, you can check out the Festive Feelings Blog Party in order to gain a better idea of how this party will work in case this is your first […]

  106. thisismyduckinglife | 14th Feb 17

    I never thought I’d be where I am now 29-year-old unemployed single mother. Definitely not the plans I had for my life. Looking back I probably …

    • StephJ | 14th Feb 17

      Hey glad you could make the party. Checking out your post now. Cheers!

  107. thisismyduckinglife | 14th Feb 17

    Happy Valentines Day to Me!! – This Is My Ducking Life

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