Now Live: Be Mine Blog Party

Welcome to Scale it Simple’s Be Mine Blog Party!

If you are looking for a supportive, creative and entertaining Valentines day date, then you have come to the right place today!

What better way to celebrate the energetic and over the top day of love which is Valentine’s day than to read some awesome blog posts and meet some new blogging friends?

The rules are simple.

1. Choose one of your favorite blog posts from your own blog. Any and all kinds of posts are10 welcome but something a little love dovey is especially welcome today. (Untasteful or
inappropriate posts will be removed.) 
You can share up to three links. Wait some time in between your posts for best results.

2. Paste the link in the comment section of this post and write a little bit about yourself and/or your blog.

3. Now grab some chocolates, a glass of your favorite beverage and get ready to meet some new people and discover some new blogs! Read, comment, follow and share other bloggers links on your social media platforms or on your own blog.

Ready? Let’s party!

This event will be going on for the next 24 hours so you will have lots of opportunities to visit as many people as you like.

Feel free to follow one of my social media accounts found below as I will be sharing your content on them all day long, or re-blog this post to invite your friends and followers to join the party. The more the merrier.

Happy Valentines day my loves! I look forward to discovering and reading your blogs today!

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  1. Roxy Starr | 14th Feb 17

    Love this idea, thanks for the party! I’m a new blogger so finding my feet still :)Check out my latest post on books for Valentines Day! Can’t wait to meet some great new people to follow!

    • StephJ | 14th Feb 17

      Hi there! So glad you could make it today, I am exited to check out your blog. Hope you enjoy. xo

    • selfcaremadeeasy | 14th Feb 17

      Just checked out your blog and love it!

      • Roxy Starr | 14th Feb 17

        Thanks so much! It gives me a great excuse to read haha. Happy Valentines Day! <3

    • dharris21blog | 14th Feb 17

      Welcome to blogging life. Roxy great post. You gained a new follower.

      • meltingpotsandothercalamities | 14th Feb 17

        Welcome to WordPress! I like books, so I have to say I like your post! I look forward to what you post in the future.

  2. kristinagallo | 14th Feb 17

    Thanks for your generous offer Steph. I am writing about human psychology and relations. Here is my favorite post :

    • StephJ | 14th Feb 17

      Thanks for stopping by. I am going to check out your post now. Hope you enjoy the blog party

  3. Tabi Bee | 14th Feb 17

    Yay! I’ve been looking forward to this party! ❤️

    Hey it’s Tabi! Busy Bee is a DIY and Lifestyle Blog, and I post pretty much anything, from cute DIYs with tutorials, to product reviews, photography and baking (fails!) , I love making people happier and I would love it if you check out my latest blog post here! It’s all about cosy night in DIYs, perfect for Valentine’s Day, or just a film night with friends!!

    P.s. I have been having issues so the link above is a different URL to usual, (sad face) but hopefully it is back to normal soon… 🙁 <3

    Thank you! , Tabi 😊❤️

    • StephJ | 14th Feb 17

      Hello there! So happy you could drop by for another blog party! Hope you enjoy 🙂 xox

    • Roxy Starr | 15th Feb 17

      Your blog is beyond cute! It’s exactly the kind of thing that makes me happy, followed! 🙂

      • Tabi Bee | 15th Feb 17

        Aww thank you so much Roxy ! Aw that made me smile! 😉 <3

  4. Kate | 14th Feb 17

    Alright! I’ve already downed my hot cocoa and I am SO ready 🙂
    Hey, everyone! My name is Kate and I blog over at All The Trinkets. This Heart’s Month, I’m having love-themed posts but I want to focus more on the kinds of love other than the romantic one. Like this first link I’m sharing. I shared 10+ fun things you can do alone without being lonely 🙂

    Have a passion-filled day, everyone! <3

    • StephJ | 14th Feb 17

      Hey Kate! Happy Valentines day! I am so happy you dropped by, checking out your post now. xo

    • selfcaremadeeasy | 14th Feb 17

      I loved your post!!

      • Kate | 14th Feb 17

        Thank you!

  5. Cheila | 14th Feb 17

    Hey there I’m Cheila, from I’m a new blogger and would love to meet new people and discover some cool blogs. This post is about my amazing boyfriend so I think it’s totally appropriate for today!

    • StephJ | 14th Feb 17

      Hello Cheila welcome to the blog party. I hope you get a chance to meet some awesome bloggers today, I am going to check out your blog now. Glad you could make it. Happy writing 🙂

    • wonderwall360blog | 14th Feb 17

      Appropriate story for Valentine’s Day!

  6. Roxy Starr | 14th Feb 17

    Thanks for throwing a party – what a fab idea! I’m fairly new so still getting my head round everything but I write a blog on reading, do reviews on books that are due to be released etc but I also love crafts and cooking so when I get some more time they’ll be posts up about that too! It’s called Roxanne Starr as that’s my burlesque performing name 🙂

    My latest post is about books that you could settle down and read on Valentines Day, they’ve all got a great love theme going on! Can’t wait to meet some new bloggers and find some pages to follow! 🙂

    Roxy xx

    • wonderwall360blog | 14th Feb 17

      Burlesque performer that is cool. Not quite the same but last night I saw a show about a 16 year old wanting to be a drag Queen, it is called Everyone is Talking about Jamie. I have written a review about it but can not post it yet as it is on laptop which can not connect to internet whilst power is down.

  7. Mahriya @ MyBookishLife | 14th Feb 17

    Imagine walking home and you see a letter. You pick it up and see it is addressed to you. How weird you think. Do you open the letter up? After all, it has YOUR name on it. If you’re answer is yes and you want to discover the contents of this package, i suggest you find out here:

    Ok, enough of the creepy stuff…
    This is SOO exciting! My first blog party, hello to all of you lovelies, who’s enjoying the hot chocolate?
    My name is Mahriya and I blog over a My Bookish Life. I practically EAT books, okay?So it’s no wonder that my blog is me A)fangirling B)forcing you to read books C)questioning life and my book habits because I am an inquisitive book worm!
    Anyways, I AM A HUGE POTTERHEAD and I a disappointed and pitiful to the people who haven’t read Harry Potter. Well, non-Potterheads, there’s a letter ADDRESSED to you, and so you better open up this envelope. Click all the links and I’ll see you there!

    • StephJ | 14th Feb 17

      Hello fellow Potterhead! I am happy you could make this party. I have read the harry potter books three times but I feel like another round is due soon, I am happy we share this magical passion and you could drop by today and share your blog (which I love). Happy V-Day! <3

    • the happiest pixel | 14th Feb 17

      I’ve read Harry Potter, too. I think the books are great!! Reading is one of my favourite activities, I can spend hours reading…

    • selfcaremadeeasy | 14th Feb 17

      Hello! I am excited to check out your blog! I am also a huge potter head and love books! I am a hufflepuff 😊

  8. wonderwall360blog | 14th Feb 17

    I have only been blogging 6 weeks. I was inspired to start because I so loved an immersive experience of the Great Gatesby that I went to, so wanted to capture it in writing. Since then I have really enjoyed writing about different cultural events; film, theatre, travel that I have experienced. It has all been factual apart from having a go at writing my version of a choice’s monologue after seeing Trainspotting 1 and 2 this year. Would be interested to read any reviews by someone who saw Trainspotting 2 without seeing Trainspotting 1.

    My 2017 Trainspotting ‘Choose’Monologue
    Choose bring old enough,  to see history repeating itself. Female prime minster like; when you were a child. Spice girls, in 90s and now giving birth…

    • StephJ | 14th Feb 17

      Hello there! Welcome to the blog party I am so happy you were able to stop by and I hope you find this fun and useful. I am excited to see where your blogging adventures take you. Cheers!

  9. wonderwall360blog | 14th Feb 17

    Can not see where my first comment has gone but this was the review that inspired me to start a blog. In turn this immersive theatre experience of the Great Gatesby inspired me to write about it. I saw it where I live in Sheffield, England and have subsequently written more about Sheffield culture, hot chocolate and elephants.
    Great Gatesby:Incredible Immersive Theatre (Deli Moor Theatre Sheffield)
    Review of the Great Gatsby
    21.12.16 Moor Deli Theatre

    Go once, go twice, go three times; each time you can be assured of a fabulous unique …

  10. deshboss | 14th Feb 17

    Hello guys I’m Nenkinan Deshi, 18, Nigerian. I write in both prose and poetry a great lover of fiction. I love writers and definitely love trading dope posts. I wrote a Valentines poem yesterday and the link is

    I hope to get a scholarship outside Africa and be a real writer one day… Novel length fiction in progress.
    Love ya’ll

    • StephJ | 14th Feb 17

      Hi Deshi! I am so happy you could join my little blog party. I wish you the best of luck on your writing adventures, I know you will do amazing things. Cheers!

    • deshboss | 14th Feb 17

      I’m exited i didnt shy away thanks for accepting me

    • dharris21blog | 14th Feb 17

      Great post, Deshi. I’m David. Good luck.

  11. Linda | 14th Feb 17

    Hullo everyone, I’m pleased to be joining this blog party. I think it is a terrific idea and am looking forward to reading all the blogs that are posted. My blog is about my life in Greece. 41 years and counting.
    Happy Valentines. Not much celebrated here in Greece but my first post is about celebrations so it sort of fits in.

    I do hope this link works . I’m not too savvy on the computer.

    • StephJ | 14th Feb 17

      Hey Linda! Thank you for joining and sharing your blog with us. I hope you enjoy the party. Cheers!

    • wonderwall360blog | 14th Feb 17

      Interesting to learn about a Greek celebration.

    • mandysmusings | 14th Feb 17

      Great to read your blog, Linda! I just moved to Greece a year ago and it’s still a bit of a mystery to me. Share your wisdom! Loved reading this post — we’re actually spending the weekend in Nafplio this weekend and plan to see the Epidavros Amphitheater for the first time. I’m hoping it warms up by the weekend!

      • LINDA TZANOS | 14th Feb 17

        I love your blog Mandy. Love reading your insights. Refreshing and funny!

      • LINDA TZANOS | 14th Feb 17

        PS have a great time in nafplio. it’s our nearest big city. Love the cafes and walking around the old town. Been to epidavros dozens of times…take all our visitors there. Usually a tour party does some singing or reciting. Can be entertaining. Spring is in the air. Should be good site-seeing weather

  12. lakeafton | 14th Feb 17

    Happy Valentine’s Day from me, Phyllis, who has seen many, many February 14ths. I’ve written for many years, have been a first grade teacher, newspaper correspondent, secretary, and other stuff. I spent 59 years with the love of my life, 50 of them as a minister’s wife. I’ve loved my son, daughter, their spouses, and my two grandchildren all their lives.

    • StephJ | 14th Feb 17

      Hello there! So happy you could pop by today, as always I am interested in checking out your post. Happy Valentines Day!

  13. letahawk | 14th Feb 17

    Hello! When writing, I go by the name Leta Hawk, and I write paranormal mystery. I currently have three books out in the Kyrie Carter: Supernatural Sleuth series, and I’m working on Book 4. My blog, Hawk’s Happenings, is a bit of a mish-mash of whatever pops into my head on a given day. I’ve been neglecting it of late, something I hope to rectify soon.
    Anyway, my post today is a piece of a contemporary romance story I began awhile back and never finished. Just a little fun Valentine-y read.

    • StephJ | 14th Feb 17

      Paranormal Mysteries? Sounds like my kind of book. Thank you for joining the party today. Cheers!

    • the happiest pixel | 14th Feb 17

      Do you publish your books? That’s great, I’ve always wanted to write a book. How do you publish yours? Thank you, my happy pixel.

  14. smallbudgetlady | 14th Feb 17

    Happy Valentine’s Day to everyone!!!
    I am a new blogger and I would like to invite you all to my blog. My blog is all about how to live on budget and save some money.

    You should definitely check out my recipe for Valentine’s cheap cookies xxx

    • StephJ | 14th Feb 17

      Welcome to the party, glad you could make it.

  15. Asmus Green | 14th Feb 17

    A lovely initiative Steph! Denmark had its first solid layer snow recently so our Valentines day is coming up ice cold with a heavy intake of tea 🙂

    With that said, my name is Asmus, aspiring poet and writer. I mostly post poetry that (rather controversial to this topic) usually is heavily influenced by strong feelings of gloomy moodiness. Don’t be scared away though! Heroism, desire to live life and motivation to find purpose are all part of the gloominess that roams my blog 😀

    This post is a part of a short story I wrote that questions fake love yet also questions whether or not it is for the best in the end to stick together.

    Buy a flower, to a lover or to yourself, love is for the willing participant of it! <3

    • StephJ | 14th Feb 17

      Hi Asmus, glad you could make it today and thank you for sharing this post. I love gloomy moody pieces. They seem the most real and raw sometimes. Hope you enjoy the party!

  16. myphenomenalself | 14th Feb 17

    Happy Valentine’s Day everyone! My name is Shannen and I have just started my first blog called My Phenomenal Self. I’m still very new at this and don’t have many posts yet but I will be posting much more very soon! I plan to write a more Valentine’s inspired post later today as well 🙂
    In the meantime, feel free to take a look at a post I wrote about one of my favourite self-awareness quotes:

    Thanks for reading and I wish you all a very happy Valentine’s Day! <3

    • StephJ | 14th Feb 17

      Hi welcome to the blog party! Glad you could drop by!

    • dharris21blog | 15th Feb 17

      Hello Shannen. Read your piece. Loved it. Welcome to blogging life. You’re going to love it.

  17. misshued | 14th Feb 17

    Hello everyone!

    I’m Miss Hued, and I write about life, with some DIY thrown in there for fun!

    Here is my most recent post all about love, which is part of my personal challenge to post every day of February.

    I look forward to finding some new blogs to read!

    • StephJ | 14th Feb 17

      Hello there! Welcome to the blog party, hope you enjoy.

  18. StephJ | 14th Feb 17

    Hi everyone! Your host here, I hope you are all enjoying the party so far, I have been loving reading all of your blogs. There is a huge 60cm Blizzard here today so it is a snow day. How convenient is that? I look forward to checking out further your posts. Here is one of mine from last year that I think is fitting for the day.

    Don’t forget to invite your friends to the party, the more bloggers the better! xo.

    • deshboss | 14th Feb 17

      Nice Steph i took your advice really feel much better now

    • wonderwall360blog | 14th Feb 17

      Loving hearing how the weather is around the globe. Here in Sheffield England it is a crisp,sunny but cold day.

    • dharris21blog | 15th Feb 17

      Good words!

  19. usathroughoureyes | 14th Feb 17

    Happy Valentines Day. Great idea. Valentines Day symbolizes love and life and for us this link to a moment we had is just this symbol.
    Hope you enjoy the day and the post.

    • StephJ | 14th Feb 17

      Hey! Glad you could make it, I hope you enjoy the party 🙂

    • deshboss | 14th Feb 17

      Really wonderful how nature can relate together
      😊😊nice post

    • the happiest pixel | 14th Feb 17

      Happy Valentine’s Day, my happy pixel!! You have a nice blog!!

      • usathroughoureyes | 14th Feb 17

        Hi Sílvia. Thank you for the Valentines Day greeting and we wish you the same. It is nice to have you along on our journey and we too look forward to following you on yours.

        • the happiest pixel | 14th Feb 17

          Thank you, my happy pixel!! It’s always nice to meet happy bloggers!!

  20. Cook with Smile.. | 14th Feb 17

    Thank you for lovely blog party on this lovely day dear. Happy Valentine’s day 😊💞..

    My blog is all about simple homecooked foods with no fancy ingredients. Mainly have Indian foods. Do check out.😊

    • StephJ | 14th Feb 17

      So glad you could pop by! I love your recipes! Happy Valentines day xo

    • dharris21blog | 14th Feb 17

      That sounds delicious! Good recipe and post.

    • ayushi | 14th Feb 17

      I am a sucker for desserts, and I love cakes, This one looks yummy and super easy. I am definitely going to give it a try!
      Happy Valentine’s day! 🙂

  21. Temweka Chirwa | 14th Feb 17

    Happy Valentines Day! When I read this article, thought it was just the coolest thing. Pretty much made my day 🙂
    I’m been blogging for a couple of months now, sharing reviews, short stories and other random thoughts I have. This is a short love story I wrote. Hope you like it.

    • StephJ | 14th Feb 17

      Happy Valentines Day!

    • deshboss | 15th Feb 17

      Awwwn I’m suddenly emotional nice story love it.. Would love to be friends

  22. OnixJ | 14th Feb 17

    Oh hey! Happy Valentine’s Day everyone! this is awesome! thanks for the heads up! I am sharing my Love YOURSELF article which just went live today. I am a Healthy Lifestyle/Green Blogger anything chemical free, cruelty-free, eco-friendly and green is my jam! I also blog about women empowerment through Yoga, Meditation, and self-love.
    LOVE YOUR BLOG! and all the wonderful stories being shared here today by other bloggers, keep it going!
    Here is my blog post:

    • StephJ | 14th Feb 17

      Thank you for dropping by! I am excited to check out this post, seems right up my ally. Happy Valentines day xo

    • selfcaremadeeasy | 14th Feb 17

      I am so excited to check out your blog! My blog is all about self care and my journey through depression. One things I am trying to implement in my life right now is to reduce the chemicals in my food/household products. Man it is hard! Hopefully your blog will have some great tips!

      • OnixJ | 14th Feb 17

        Hello! Yes! Please let me know if you think I can help you in any form or way. I have a healthy eating Facebook group too if you like to join. Link on my about page ❤️

    • dharris21blog | 15th Feb 17

      My goodness this was beautiful!

      • OnixJ | 15th Feb 17

        Thank you! 🙏🏼

    • deshboss | 15th Feb 17

      Wonderful post… Our value is dependent on oh on us. Love it.. Would love to be friends

      • OnixJ | 15th Feb 17

        Thank you! Absolutely

  23. Shilpa Arya | 14th Feb 17

    This is a nice idea! Thanks for the party

  24. abbiejohnsontaylor | 14th Feb 17

    My blog is about my writing and other aspects of my life. I’m not looking for love today, as this post points out. Enjoy!

    • StephJ | 14th Feb 17

      Thanks for joining in!

  25. Run Wright | 14th Feb 17

    Happy Valentines Day to you all. Today on my blog, I am sharing a post from my future journal:

    • StephJ | 14th Feb 17

      Love these kinds of posts. Going to check it out now!

  26. angelanoelauthor | 14th Feb 17

    Hi! What a fun party! Celebrating inspiring people and interesting ideas, the You are Awesome blog is all about love. This post is an invitation to readers to pen a love letter to someone you admire. Check out the category “Love Letters” to see what others have written.

    • wonderwall360blog | 14th Feb 17

      More gratitude and support from people and just saying thank you is great.

    • dharris21blog | 14th Feb 17

      Loved it.

    • StephJ | 14th Feb 17

      Cute idea! Look forward to reading, happy Valentines Day!

  27. the happiest pixel | 14th Feb 17

    Hey pixels!! Happy Valentine’s Day to you all!! My name is Sílvia, I love cooking, baking and reading. The first post I want to share is a collaboration with two of my blogger friends (one is you, Stephanie; thanks again for your help). I hope you enjoy it.

    • StephJ | 14th Feb 17

      Hey Silvia! Happy Valentines Day xo

  28. ignitedmoth | 14th Feb 17

    This is such a great idea. I love it! <3
    Thanks for putting it all together. I can't wait to check out all these blogs!
    Hi, everyone! 🙂
    I'm Ignited Moth and I use my blog as a sort of social hub about all sorts of things involving storytelling and other creative endeavors like art. You'll often find reviews on books/comics/movies & TV, as well as illustrations and writing updates, and sometimes recipes and other random stuff in my blog. I mostly like to keep things positive and light and focus on the good things in my posts.
    Here's a link to my Valentine's Day post, a re-read and review of The Batman Adventures: Mad Love about Harley Quinn and the Joker:

    Happy Valentine's Day, everyone, and happy blogging! <3

    • StephJ | 14th Feb 17

      Hey! Thanks for popping by, I enjoy reviews of all kinds. Going to check out your post now. Cheers!

      • ignitedmoth | 14th Feb 17

        Thanks! 🙂 I am having a blast checking out the other blogs in your blog party. I just did a post a little bit ago letting my blogging friends know about it so hopefully they’ll join in on the fun too! 🙂 It’s such a good idea.

  29. Em Linthorpe | 14th Feb 17

    Hi everybody, and happy Valentine’s Day! I’m a new blogger from the UK and very excited to take part in my first blog party! Thank you Steph for hosting, and I’m looking forward to reading lots of these posts! ❤

    Here is my newest post where I remember my first love, which unfortunately didn’t go as planned 😂

    The Worst Valentine

    • StephJ | 14th Feb 17

      Welcome and thanks for popping in!

    • wonderwall360blog | 14th Feb 17

      Love in the 90s in the UK painful! Thanks for sharing.

    • deshboss | 15th Feb 17

      Awwwn thanks for the advice to we younglings many mistakes to avoid

  30. Welcome to the Party! – ignitedmoth | 14th Feb 17

    […] wanted to take a quick moment to post about the Now Live: Be Mine Blog Party going on today over at Scale it Simple‘s blog. I didn’t even know blog parties were a thing, but I love the idea behind […]

  31. dharris21blog | 14th Feb 17

    Another great blog party, Steph! Thanks for this. Hello everyone. The name is David. Can’t wait to read all your stuff. Here is my latest blog post for all of us single ladies and gents. Enjoy, and Happy Valentine’s Day.
    Not Another Single’s Piece – David Speaks

    • StephJ | 14th Feb 17

      Thanks for dropping by for another party!

  32. lakeafton | 14th Feb 17

    A birthday greeting from my husband many years ago.

  33. lakeafton | 14th Feb 17

    I will enjoy reading all these blogs and I thank any who read mine. Happy Valentines Day

  34. Dimi Jani | 14th Feb 17

    Happy Valentines Day everyone!! My name’s Dimi and I write about my inspirations, aspirations and exploration on my blog. Sharing my latest blog post tonight in conjunction with Valentines Day today! Here it is : Can’t wait to read all your amazing stories!

    • StephJ | 14th Feb 17

      Hi Dimi! Happy Valentines Day and thank you for popping by the party today!

  35. dharris21blog | 14th Feb 17

    This was my third post. This whole concept of love at first sight really interested me. Is it a real thing? I learned by writing this one and talking to an individual who had her own opinion. Is Love at First Sight a Real Thing? – David Speaks

  36. wonderwall360blog | 14th Feb 17

    After writing this hours ago but not being able to publish due to power issue, pleased to finally publish. It is about a world premiere I attended last night in Sheffield of the musical Everyone is talking about Jamie. That is my three links for the party.Everybody is Talking about Jamie: Showing at the Crucible Sheffield until 25th February
    Well certainly this morning, I have the catchy chorus of the opening song (which is briefly repeated in second half) in my head “I’m a superstar and …

  37. selfcaremadeeasy | 14th Feb 17

    What a fun idea!
    My blog is relatively new and it’s about ideas for self care and my journey through depression.
    This post is one of my favorites because it’s about my dog.

    I’m excited to meet some other bloggers!

  38. Linda | 14th Feb 17

    I’m having great fun reading all these blogs. Nothing much else on a cold wintry day on a greek island. We lit out wood fire heater before noon and are now enjoying a glass of local wine. And here’s the post to read all about that wine harvest.

    filakia xx

  39. Mahriya @ MyBookishLife | 14th Feb 17

    this party sure is FUN! *searches for chocolate*
    I’m here to share another post. And this time it’s very much to do with the theme! Ya guessed it, it’s a lovey dovey poem BUT NOT THE TYPICAL! It’s wonderful and beautiful and no I’m not being vain because this was a collab and my blogger friend Ayaka, wrote it and I posted it. Please do take a look:

  40. Linda | 14th Feb 17

    ooops I put in the wrong link….

    should have been ‘Wine Time’ no I can’t get my computer to put on the right link. I will try again but this post can be seen by looking under labels ‘wine making’

    Darn. Sorry for the hiccup.

  41. Birdie | 14th Feb 17

    Thanks for the invite. I’m a book blogger, and I wrote today about my favorite heroes and what they meant to me.

  42. StephJ | 14th Feb 17

    Hey everyone! So happy you all seem to be enjoying the party. Here is another post to spread the love this Valentines Day.

    Happy Valentines Day lovelies!

  43. the happiest pixel | 14th Feb 17

    Hello, my friends!! This is my second post: a Galentine’s Day party!! Today is to be shared with all your loved ones. So, why not throwing a great party for your friends?
    Have you ever been to a Galentine’s Day party? How it was, my happy pixels?

    • StephJ | 14th Feb 17

      This sounds different! What is a Galentine party? I guess I will have to read to find out haha

      • the happiest pixel | 14th Feb 17

        It’s a Valentine’s Party that you make with your friends, to celebrate friendship and mutual love. A good alternative if you don’t have a significant other in your life, or just to celebrate friendship. My vision of Valentine’s Day is that is a day to celebrate love to all your loved ones. 🙂

        • StephJ | 14th Feb 17

          That is so sweet! I freaking love this idea!

          • the happiest pixel | 15th Feb 17

            Thank you, my happy pixel!! And thanks for this amazing party!! 🙂

  44. smallbudgetlady | 14th Feb 17

    Hello again, it’s my first blogging party and I love it, I read so many great blogs today!

    My blog is about living on budget and saving money and I hope all of you will like it xxx

    • ayushi | 14th Feb 17

      I so need it lady as I am the most reckless when it comes to spending money!

    • StephJ | 14th Feb 17

      Hi there! I am so happy you could make it. I hope you enjoy yourself 🙂

  45. dharris21blog | 14th Feb 17

    Something about being out in nature. I love i. I love songs from the hymnal as well. All Nature Sings
    Growing up in the church I have heard dozens if not hundreds of Christian songs, whether they be found in the hymnal; Holy Bible; or radio. One of my…

    • StephJ | 14th Feb 17

      I have to agree with you there. I love being out in nature also!

  46. dharris21blog | 14th Feb 17

    One last share before I get to work. Rockin’ Like The Rockefellers – David Speaks

  47. Linda Tzanos | 14th Feb 17

    YES making wine on a greek island

    Third time lucky, thanks for your understanding, I hope, and patience. Good reading!!

    • the happiest pixel | 14th Feb 17

      Makint wine on a greek island sounds pretty good!! Did you had fun? I would like to travel to Greece some day…

      • LINDA TZANOS | 14th Feb 17

        Great fun for the grandkids squishing grapes. I enjoy drinking it!

  48. April Munday | 14th Feb 17

    I love blog parties. I write a history blog, so a post suitable for St Valentine’s Day is fairly hard to find, but let’s start with the tangled love life of Joan of Kent, who had three husbands, two at the same time

    • StephJ | 14th Feb 17

      Thank you very much. I am a bit of a history buff myself. Looking forward t checking out this post also.

    • the happiest pixel | 14th Feb 17

      Nice blog! Medieval times are really interesting!!

      • April Munday | 14th Feb 17

        Thank you. They are. It’s impossible now to understand exactly how they thought, but it’s fun trying to work it out.

        • the happiest pixel | 14th Feb 17

          Yes, I love history. It’s difficult to understand them, it was too many years ago, but what we know about them is fascinating.

        • StephJ | 14th Feb 17

          It is so funny sometimes to think that humans are all the same, same drama different clothes, different time. haha

  49. ayushi | 14th Feb 17

    Hi Steph, Thank you for hosting this party! 🙂 Since I am celebrating this day alone, why not just grab some beer and chocolates and have fun at this party itself! 😀 😉

    So Hi Everyone, I am Ayushi and I share my thoughts and musings on my blog- Long Island Iced Tea, about love, life, and the struggles that make our journey through life beautiful and unique.

    My latest post talks about us as the confused Gen Y struggling with the flawed concept of love that we have!

    I hope to make some good connections here and find even better stories! 🙂
    Happy Valentine’s Day Everybody!!

    • StephJ | 14th Feb 17

      Thank you for dropping by, I hope you enjoy the party and meet some great bloggers today. xo

      • ayushi | 14th Feb 17

        Definitely Steph, I already made new connections at your party and also got few awesome reads!

        And thank you so much for dropping by! 🙂

    • the happiest pixel | 14th Feb 17

      Nice blog, my happy pixel!! I’m spending today alone, too. Chocolate and tea!!

      • ayushi | 14th Feb 17

        Thank You Silvia, You have a vibrant blog yourself and I definitely need to re-visit yours soon!
        Cheers! 🙂

        • the happiest pixel | 15th Feb 17

          Thank you!! You’re so nice! I’m glad that you’re enjoying my blog, yours is amazing, too!!
          Cheers! 😉

  50. Mahriya @ MyBookishLife | 14th Feb 17

    Everyone’s valentine is someone who means something special to them.

    But you know what I love? Journalling. I’m single but my journal might as well be my partner. It knows all my deepest secrets and is ALWAYS there for me! Here’s why I started a Journal and why YOU should too!

    • StephJ | 14th Feb 17

      I used to journal so much as a kid and I picked it up a few times as an adult but I really need to get back into it full time. There is no one who understands you more than your journal 😉

    • the happiest pixel | 14th Feb 17

      I write a journal, too. I think it’s something therapeutic; I feel better after writing about my feelings. Does this happen to you?

      • Mahriya @ MyBookishLife | 14th Feb 17

        Yes! Pouring out my emotions lifts weights of my shoulders and I feel so much better!

      • ayushi | 14th Feb 17

        I totally agree, I feel light, as if some burden has been lifted up! 🙂

        • the happiest pixel | 15th Feb 17

          Writing helps a lot; I always write about it when I have a problem, and I won’t stop doing it!! It’s like a therapy.

    • ayushi | 14th Feb 17

      I had started penning down my thoughts in my diary some 15 years back and my journal knows my other side and every little secret of mine! It made me expressive and vocal about my feelings.
      No wonder I took to blogging to put my heart out in open rather than keeping them hidden. 🙂

  51. misshued | 14th Feb 17

    Hello again! The first post I shared was appropriate for the holiday, but here’s something closer to the category of self-love. 🙂 This is the beginning of my current endeavor to keep a personal journal in a manner that suits my life and helps me grow.

    • StephJ | 14th Feb 17

      Wonderful post. I look forward to checking this out. Welcome to the party. xo

  52. scribbleserendipity | 14th Feb 17

    Hello Friends! I am fairly new to the concept of a blogging party, but I am so excited to dive in a read some of the blog posts on here. My style of blog posts kind of change as my mood does. One week I might talk about my writing, the next week I can be talking about my cloud obsession. I hope you all enjoy my blog post about dreams 🙂

    • StephJ | 14th Feb 17

      Thanks for dropping by. I hope you enjoy the party, I am looking forward to checking out your post now. 🙂

  53. April Munday | 14th Feb 17

    If you think your romantic life is complicated, have a look at the Countess of Kent, now with her first husband after leaving her second husband

    • StephJ | 14th Feb 17

      Ohhh royal gossip?

      • April Munday | 14th Feb 17

        Sadly, it’s almost 700 years out of date.

        • StephJ | 14th Feb 17

          Must be super juicy!

    • StephJ | 14th Feb 17

      Yum yum! Cant wait to see what you are cooking up here!

  54. mandysmusings | 14th Feb 17

    Thanks, Steph, for the invite! I had a lot of fun sharing and reading other blogs at the last party. So here goes. My family and I moved to Athens, Greece a little over a year ago, and I’ve been chronicling all of our adventures on my blog, Greece is the Word. Living here has been a dream…and a serious test of patience and perseverance. The driving alone…well, anyway, today I actually wrote something tangential to Valentine’s Day, so I figured this would be the best first post to share. Enjoy!

    • StephJ | 14th Feb 17

      Welcome back, thank you for joining. As always I look forward to reading your blog. Happy V-Day!

  55. dharris21blog | 14th Feb 17

    Awesome suggestions, and great post Kate. I’m David.

  56. whistlewhileyouwait | 14th Feb 17

    Happy Valentine’s Day everyone!
    My name is Meghan, and my blog is about celebrating all the little joys in life while going through the journey of infertility/ adoption. I share about my passions of travel, photography, and my sweet puppy. Feel free to stop by. I would love to “meet” you!

    • StephJ | 14th Feb 17

      Hey Meghan thanks for popping by. I love your openness on your blog and look forward to checking out your sweet pup!

      • whistlewhileyouwait | 14th Feb 17

        Thanks for hosting this fun party! Great way to spread the love today! 🙂

        • StephJ | 14th Feb 17

          Yay! I am glad you think so 🙂

        • wonderwall360blog | 14th Feb 17

          Glad that you are doing some travelling whilst you wait for your family to grow from 2. Whilst most of my friends have children, I’m trying to make the most of being able to travel until hopefully it is my turn.

          • whistlewhileyouwait | 14th Feb 17

            Travel is a wonderful way to experience life during any waiting period. Glad you are able to enjoy some fun travel now too!

    • Run Wright | 15th Feb 17

      Great intro. Going to check out your page now.

  57. Hannah Grace 2001 | 14th Feb 17

    Thanks for hosting another one of your amazing parties, Steph! For those of you who may not know, my name is Hannah and I like to blog about music, books and just other things that I enjoy. My blog is pretty all-encompassing. I’m looking forward to meeting some new bloggers. Because it is Valentine’s Day, why not check out my post about different perspectives about love:

    • StephJ | 14th Feb 17

      Hey Hannah glad you could make it. Happy valentines Day. xo

    • Run Wright | 15th Feb 17

      Going to check out your page too. I write about books and running and goals and I have a YouTube channel dedicated to my bookworm tendencies.

      • Hannah Grace | 15th Feb 17

        Thank you! I’ll check out yours now, but I was asleep earlier 🙂

  58. the happiest pixel | 14th Feb 17

    Hey pixels!! Here is my third post. Now I’m going to eat something (dinner time). This is a sweet bread recipe, vegan, yummy and simple to make. Perfect. I hope you enjoy it!!
    Good night, my happy pixels!!

  59. April Munday | 14th Feb 17

    And now for the last instalment of Joan’s life. She has just embarked on her third and final marriage, to the Black Prince.

    • StephJ | 14th Feb 17

      I am honestly loving these posts by you!

  60. mandysmusings | 14th Feb 17

    So one glass of wine and four Russell Stover chocolates later (thank you, husband!), I’m ready to share my second post. I mentioned a bit about the driving here in Athens. I made these observations almost a year ago, and they still hold true. And while my driving skills have improved a bit in the intervening months, I still tear out my hair every time I have to park.

    • StephJ | 14th Feb 17

      Yum chocolate is always a good idea!

    • LINDA TZANOS | 14th Feb 17

      This was one of your best! You know the Greeks so well already. Hilarious and true

  61. ArcaneHalloween | 14th Feb 17

    Thanks so much for this opportunity to share 🙂
    Hi I’m Bruce aka Arcane Halloween, I run a site named Precinct1313 dedicated to DC Comics, cult movies and geeky stuff, we often break the proverbial fourth wall and like to keep things quirky and fun. Oh and 50% of our posts are about Wonder Woman and Batman, so if you’re a fan of either, then…

    I have linked to a recent post, a series where we invite fictional Superheroes to an interview at Precinct1313,, our first episode is an interview with Teen Titan Tamaran: Starfire:

    Thanks again. 🙂

  62. ayushi | 14th Feb 17

    I am here with my second post, this one very close to my heart.
    This is about my journey from an extremely shy wee toddler to a not-so-shy teen and an outgoing adult. I finally realized that my shyness will always be a part of me, but I can let it not hold me back!

    • Hannah Grace 2001 | 14th Feb 17

      I loved it! I still get the feeling of shyness sometimes, but it can be such a good thing to learn from 🙂

      • ayushi | 14th Feb 17

        Correct Hannah, I no longer mind being called the quiet one and I can very carefully choose my set of friends. We are the observant breeds!! 😉

  63. StephJ | 14th Feb 17

    Howdy everyone! How is everyone enjoying the party so far? Don’t forget to invite your followers to join the party and spread the looooove!

    Here is another post for you guys to check out keeping with the love theme of the day. Self-love is so important for us all, and I hope you don’t forget to send some to yourself today. xox

    Oh and I love you all so much for engagement and wonderful comments. You are all wonderful talented people!

    • ayushi | 14th Feb 17

      This is one great blogging party. I was so busy mingling that I almost forgot to share it in my community.
      Happy Valentine’s day!:)

      • StephJ | 14th Feb 17

        Thanks for sharing. Glad you have been enjoying it 🙂

    • Hannah Grace 2001 | 14th Feb 17

      I can’t imagine a better way to spend my Valentine’s day 🙂 I’m surrounded by people who are just amazing at writing! 🙂 <3 Thank you, Steph!

      • StephJ | 14th Feb 17

        I agree it has been wonderful reading and chatting with everyone!

        • Hannah Grace 2001 | 14th Feb 17

          Precisely! The interaction from this community is just so positive and friendly 🙂 It’s infectious 🙂

  64. Hannah Grace 2001 | 14th Feb 17

    Hi again, guys! Happy Valentine’s Day! <3 I'm enjoying this party so much 🙂 Meeting new people all of the time and it just makes me so happy! I'm going to share with you all my second post, 10 Must-Watch Rom-Coms! This one is a collab with my good friend Little Sunshine of 1617 Sunshine Ave. I hope you enjoy!

    • StephJ | 14th Feb 17

      Oh I love a good Rom Com! perfect for today!

  65. ayushi | 14th Feb 17

    Reblogged this on Long Island Iced Tea and commented:
    There is one hell of a great Valentine’s day party going on here! I have already found some awesome reads and great connections. Hop in and have some fun!! 🙂 Happy Valentine’s Day Bloggers.:)

  66. Enjoying reading a range of blogs as part of a bloc party. – Wonderwall | 14th Feb 17

    […] Now Live: Be Mine Blog Party […]

  67. mandysmusings | 14th Feb 17

    One of the amazing things about living abroad is all the travel we get to do. So much history, culture, and beauty in Greece and throughout Europe. Here was one of my favorite day trips, to the Temple of Posiden:

    Getting close to midnight now, so I’ll bid you all a good night!

    • StephJ | 14th Feb 17

      I love learning more about the history of a place. Goodnight and lots of love to you!

  68. ayushi | 14th Feb 17

    This is my third post that I am sharing and I am absolutely loving the great response and all the new connections. Thank you so much Steph for this! 🙂
    So this one is about watching my best friends get married(especially when I am single) and how I feel about how things are going to be changed for good between us.
    It was the wedding season here in India and I survived! 🙂

  69. Cook with Smile.. | 14th Feb 17

    This yummy dessert is my third. You can end your Valentine celebration with this ☺.( Though it’s cold 😉)

  70. dharris21blog | 14th Feb 17

    I will read more on your pieces when I’m off work. I have loved what I’ve seen so far. In the mean time here is another post. King David’s Psalm
    Maybe I’ll flop my gums about the new U.S. president. How about the riots and endless wars on social media regarding Mr. Trump? Nope, not this …

    • StephJ | 14th Feb 17

      Looking forward to reading your take on it all!

  71. Not the Average Mama | 14th Feb 17

    Loving all this love being shared! I’m a stepmama, wife, and blogger over at Not the Average Mama. I write about our family and how we navigate our way around this crazu, beautiful, blended life.
    The post I’m sharing is a letter I wrote to my husband 💕

    • StephJ | 14th Feb 17

      Awesome! Looking forward to reading this post ❤

  72. angelanoelauthor | 14th Feb 17

    I have thoroughly enjoyed reading all the blogs I’ve seen so far! Here’s another blog link about an everyday hero proving that the way things are isn’t necessarily the way they must always be.

    • StephJ | 14th Feb 17

      Happy you have been enjoying. I hope you have found some great followers and blogs.

  73. Kristine | 14th Feb 17

    Am I late??? Am I?? Just got home from work and I want to greet y’all a happy happy Valentine’s Day!!! So how are you all??

    • StephJ | 14th Feb 17

      Your not late. it’s only 8:00pm in Newfoundland. Although I think some of our European participants have hit the hay. Happy Valentine’s! I am happy you could make it.

  74. lolostrong | 14th Feb 17

    Hello all, Very happy Valentine’s Day to all. I am without my Valentine for the first time. You may read about that at . Hopefully it is useful to those who have lost someone. God Bless

    • StephJ | 14th Feb 17

      So beautiful! Thank you for sharing. Lots of love and happy Valentine’s Day from me. ❤

  75. teshawna | 14th Feb 17

    Hi all, I’m a fairly new blogger. I’m a pet enthusiast. Therefore, my blog Fluffybutts Family is all about pets, specifically dogs and cats. This Valentine’s Day we decided to do a little photo shoot with our critters. If you like, you can check it out, here:

  76. theorangutanlibrarian | 14th Feb 17

    Hiya!! Really love this idea!! So what to write about myself…? Hmm well my sites about books… Oh and I’m a monkey 😉 I thought I’d share my list of fun YA romances!

  77. pockettreasures | 14th Feb 17

    Happy Valentines! Hope I’m not too late living on different continent and also being under the weather lately can’t figure it out!

    Hope everyone’s having a great time. This is my first blog party, great idea thank you to our beautiful host for such a warm and kind hospitality.

    Loved reading all of your posts and such diversity in bloggers. It is amazing to see the out pouring of love ❤️

    I’m a stay at home mom with three kids under my wing being sick really isn’t an option. My two daughters who are my primary hug givers are also sick, whilst my boy is trooping along fine.
    So when you’re feeling low like me and hugs are being given out and not being received as much remember to take care of yourself. ❤️

    My 30 ways to self love always reminds me giving love to yourself is just as important as giving love to the people around you

    Hope you all are feeling warm and fuzzy much love ❤️ ❤️❤️

    • StephJ | 15th Feb 17

      Hello! So happy you could make it and I hope you are feeling better soon. I love self love practices so I am looking forward to checking out this post. xo

  78. Heather LeGuilloux (@hleguilloux) | 14th Feb 17

    Hi all & Happy Valentine’s Day! Excited to join the party. 🙂 I am a mental health blogger and a qualified therapist, so all of my blog posts usually have something to do with well-being. This week I wrote about self-compassion. Check it out here:

    • StephJ | 15th Feb 17

      Thank you for joining in, glad you could make it.

  79. meltingpotsandothercalamities | 14th Feb 17

    Thank you for inviting me! I’m not much of a romantic, so this is the best I could do:
    I hope you enjoy it! And I will post maybe one or two more articles.

  80. thecatalystsforchange | 14th Feb 17

    This is such a great idea! I’m so happy to be here, so thank you again for inviting me.
    I’d like to share today’s post called, “Loving Someone With Depression”, which is self-explanatory. It may not be the most romantic or uplifting share, but it is important and affects quite a lot of people.
    Wishing you all the best today. Happy Valentine’s/Galentine’s Day 🙂

    • StephJ | 15th Feb 17

      I am so glad you could make it, this seems like a really great post cant wait to check it out now! 🙂

  81. scribbleserendipity | 14th Feb 17

    My second post in this blogging party is something that I love so much. CLOUDS! I am a big lover of the sky, and the amazing clouds. I hope you all enjoy the read 🙂

    • StephJ | 15th Feb 17

      Yay! Another great post!

  82. Gabe Burkhardt | 15th Feb 17

    Wonder what happens when you give a househusband, professional bucketlister, and storyteller access to the internet? Me too…

    Thanks so much for sponsoring the party! Looks like I got here a bit late but I’m happy to finish off the last of the bottle while I’m reading over some great blogs.

    By the way, I’m sure this has never happened to any of ya’ll before, but if you’ve ever wondered what it’s like to screw up the perfect Toast at a dinner party, here’s your chance to live it vicariously:

    • StephJ | 15th Feb 17

      Hi Gabe thanks for joining in glad you could make it!

  83. Joonas Kopponen | 15th Feb 17

    Great idea in deed! 🙂 Glad I was able to make it just and just in time at least.

    I am a new blogger as well, took some time to find a direction for my blog but now I have a good feeling for it. I want to keep sharing all I have learned on how to overcome difficult issues in life like mental health issues and obesity. Sharing my own experiences, past and the ongoing journey on to healthy life and helping people as much as I can. Then sometimes I write reviews of restaurants, might make some vegan food posts and maybe something else from time to time. Focus is on achieving happy, stable and energetic life. Here is one post. I have a post about hugging and being close to your friends in progress, due to some events out of my control yesterday I could not make it in time. It will include why it can be so hard to touch someone and what good it can bring. People take touching too sexually at least here in Finland.. It can be something that just helps you feel better and bring people that care about eachother closer and be more relaxed and open with each other. More on the upcoming post about it

    • StephJ | 15th Feb 17

      Hi there! So glad you could make it. I hope you find some great reads here, looking forward to exploring your blog more. xo

      • Joonas Kopponen | 15th Feb 17

        I am sure I will! 🙂 Hope you will like some of my posts too! The first ones are baby steps and there are some dark ones but I am slowly getting the hang of it I hope.

  84. deshboss | 15th Feb 17

    Hey guys i just felt like sharing another post hope ya’ll love it

  85. Scarletpiper | 15th Feb 17

    Hi everyone

    My blog focuses more on beauty so no romantic posts yet but I am glad I found this ….an awesome way to discover new blogs 🙂 …I look forward to checking all of them
    out …please feel free visit mine in your spare time

  86. Intentergy | 15th Feb 17

    Thank you for hosting the party, Steph! Sorry I am a day late. Who knew three preschool and elementary Valentine parties could wear a girl out so quickly. 🙂

    My blog is a positivity blog. My favorite post is about the love I was shown by my grandfather. I am especially proud of this post because it has led others to connect to my writing because of their similar experiences. It is entitled “Overalls and a Pocketwatch.”

  87. Gabe Burkhardt | 16th Feb 17

    Wow! Looks like a missed a bangin’ party. But I’ll be following along here from now on.

    This is obviously where the cool people hang out!

  88. Shan | 23rd Feb 17

    Looks like I’m late to a great party! I’ll surely be stopping by in the future! Thanks for sharing. For any other late arrivals, I’m Shan of Ms. Naturally Random, a beauty and foodie blog and also I dip into a little motherhood stuff here and there.

    Here’s a link to a recent beauty post I did:

    I’ll be scrolling up to scope out some of you party people.

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  90. April Goals | 1st Apr 17

    […] tuned because this one is going to be bigger and better than ever! Check out the last blog party here to see what it’s all […]

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