Product Review – Fresh – Rose Deep Hydration Face Cream

I have been really into skincare lately and for the past year, I have been in the market for the perfect face moisturizer.

As I don’t generally wear foundation or concealer during an average day it was important to me to find something light and moisturizing without giving me a shiny oily look. Not only that but the type of brand I purchase has to be in line with my own set of morals, as I like to be as conscious of a consumer as possible.

I would consider myself fairly low maintenance when it comes to my beauty routine. However, don’t let that fool you, I take pride in the products I do use.

Which brings me to this product which quickly made it’s way to the top of my holy grail list.

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After a shit ton research, I came across the brand Fresh. I felt the companies morals and also their dedication to amazing products was perfect for me. They really stick to their guns when it comes to the ingredients they use. I appreciate that!

After a few months of further research. (yes that long) I headed to Sephora and spoke with a representative.

While trying it out in the store the first thing I noticed was the scent. It legitimately smells like rose peddles, taking me back to memories of my childhood playing in my yard collecting roses and mushing them into a smelly paste. (I was a weird kid what can I say). I have never smelt a product of any kind that had a scent so fresh (no pun intended).

The beautiful natural scent coupled with the creamy and light texture made me fall in love. So I left the store with the product that same day.

At $40.00 which is more than I would normally spend on this type of product, I must admit it was worth every penny. Seriously.

After a few weeks of trying this out, I am happy to report that my skin is better than ever. Fresh, stands up to its name, as my skin has never had this kind of glow. I look forward to my mornings just so I can apply this to my face.

I look forward to treating myself with more Fresh products in the future. If you are in the market I suggest giving this one a go.


About Fresh: Founded in 1991 by Lev Glazman and Alina Roytberg in Boston. Fresh quickly became popular from the creation of it’s now famous Oval Soap. The vision for Fresh was and still is to transform everyday routines into sensorial rituals that are as indulgent as they are effective.

About Rose Deep Hydration Face Cream: “Infused with soothing rosewater and nourishing rose flower oil, this lightweight cream drenches your skin with deep hydration. Time-release hydropatches, angelica leaf extract, and an advanced combination of hyaluronic acids form a protective moisturizing veil to help attract and seal in moisture for a full 24 hours of intense hydration.”
—Lev Glazman, Fresh Co-founder



  1. Tabi Bee | 5th Apr 17

    Looks like a great moisturiser! I like your review 😉 <3

    • StephJ | 5th Apr 17

      I had to share my thoughts. It’s just one of those things you want to tell everyone about haha.

  2. sixmonthstosanity | 6th Apr 17

    Oh I am on such a frustrating hunt for a good moisturizer! Thank you for this review, I will go check it out!

  3. Dawn Karwoski | 6th Apr 17

    I agree, this is such a great brand. I love their products, and although I wish they were more affordable, they are such high quality. I have not yet tried this specific moisturizer but may give it a try. Rose is wonderful for sensitive, acne-prone skin like mine.

    • StephJ | 6th Apr 17

      Yes I love it! I agree I wish it was more affordable but at least the brand does a good job in showing there production process. You know you are getting what you pay for. They really put the research in.

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  5. Alexis Ann | 12th Apr 17

    I’ve been lusting over this brand😍 great review!

    • StephJ | 13th Apr 17

      I really like them, I have a few products by them now 🙂 yay!

  6. judithtrustone | 21st Apr 17

    Your not going to believe this but MY favorite face cream is a rose-petal infused cream that I get at Martindale’s. A friend infuses coconut oil with rose essence. I remember when he was little your brother once said, “Oma, you always smell like roses!” That made me happy.
    The rose thing must be in our DNA. Hugs, Oma

    • StephJ | 22nd Apr 17

      So true. The fresh and light scent alone is what makes me love this product. Not to mention I think there are a lot of benefits to rose oil. I’m new tot he whole thing but learning. 😊

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