Dear Bloggers, It’s not just about the money


Dear Bloggers

Dear Bloggers,

Is it just me or is the blogging world quickly becoming a bit of a get rich fast scheme?

It seems to me that more often than necessary there are posts all about making money blogging, public income reports and how to earn money on posts. Bloggers boast about how they made $20,000 in their first month of blogging and other crazy declarations. It is reminding me of those insanely unrealistic diet ads that so many people fall for.

I am sure for those who are actually cashing in it is helpful to have these references. However,  it leaves me wondering. Where has all the romance gone? Where is the legitimacy? Are there any real honest to goodness writers left out there at all? It seems the creative fun of blogging is being zapped into a superficial trendy money grab.

Alright alright, put away the pitchforks. I get it. If I was raking in crazy page views every month like some of you talented people out there then yes I too would be more eager to learn from the “pros”. May I also add I think it is a wonderful gesture to share any knowledge you have about building your skills. So before I continue my rant, allow me to say thank you for sharing your information no matter what kind it is with the world.

Seriously I am not a hater, and I love reading tips from my favorite bloggers. However, not those bloggers who are quite literally and obviously making money off the idea of making money. Nothing more and nothing less. Come on guys you know what I am talking about. You have read those posts.

You see there seems to be a shady underbelly developing in the blogging world. A trend of cashing in quick schemes that leave people scrambling to write and create for the wrong reasons.

Beware beautiful bloggers and readers alike, there are blogs out there cashing in on you wanting to cash in. Is it really just me or does it just not feel entirely legitimate?

In fact what has propelled me to write this post is the fact that I am getting entirely fed up looking at my Pinterest feed which is filled to the brim with blogs that are just using making money blogging as their main reason for blogging.

I’m sorry folks, perhaps I am truly alone in my thinking but I still believe in the creative beauty which is writing itself. Writing about the important things in life, what you love, your passions, your interests, just being creative. I really feel that those passions, those important things should not be money.

It seems my Pinterest page is filled with thousands upon thousands of ways to get more views, get more followers, get more money. More, more more. It’s like a giant spam board.

It is making me really sad and frustrated that these are the blogs that are being read and shared by the thousands. Not the blogger who is sharing her battle with cancer with the world. Or the single mom sharing her story on how she makes it all work.

I blog to share my feelings, thoughts, and opinions. To meet new people and make new blogging friends. I don’t see my followers as another potential dollar sign. I see them as real people. Real people, I want to get to know, real people that I am beyond flattered actually want to read what I write.

So dear bloggers,

Please stop making something so wonderful about the most oppressive thing in our lives… money.

Please don’t feel intimidated by crazy page view reports or feel like less of a writer because the only person who reads your blog might be your mom. Keep writing!

Let’s bring back the legitimacy to writing.

Don’t take away from the people out there who really want to write and create. Instead be authentic, be inspirational, be truly supportive.

Don’t minimize the abilities of those bloggers out there who are trying to make a living doing something they love by cashing in on a scheme.

Stop tainting the word blogger with an image of greed and materialism.

Forgive me, I usually don’t use my blog as a place to rant negativity. However, I felt I had to talk about this to help people stop and think about their motives. By all means, if you really have made it big blogging and you are just sharing your story then please continue sharing the love. But please think about the message you are sending. There are a million blogs that talk about cashing in but you are one in a million! Think about all the important topics in the world, all the beauty, and wonder, think about the mark you want to leave.

What kind of impact do you really want to be making?

Rant over.

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  1. Krista Bel | 12th May 17

    I discovered this in my first week of blogging. God help you and you ask something on a facebook group, you’ll get thousands of links to blog posts and not one actual response. It’s really sad to see what blogging is gradually degenerating to. Let me not even start with those “How I got 20,000 views in one second” articles with no actual info. It’s truly an eye sore.

    • StephJ | 12th May 17

      Thank you so much or commenting. I was so nervous that I was alone in thinking this way. It is good to know I am not alone. It is starting to ruin something I love to do so much. Those blogs ruin it for everyone else!

  2. Minister Aldtric Johnson M.A. | 12th May 17

    I love this! Thanks for sharing!

  3. Wm. Allen | 12th May 17

    Good post. I actually pay to keep ads off my blog. Oh, there may be a few people who make some money from blogging; but I believe most don’t.

    • StephJ | 12th May 17

      I don’t think there is anything wrong with making money doing something you love, however if that is the only reason you are doing it I feel like it is a little unfair to the others.

      • rhythminlife | 13th May 17

        I love blogging. Infact my blog is an extension of my journaling that I have done since I was a little girl. I loved writing so much that my degree is in journalism and mass communications. I am a stay at home mom right now and besides homeschooling our children, I couldn’t hold back from writing whenever I have a chance. You are absolutely right about many bloggers being obsessed with making money. However, if I am able to earn a $ doing what I absolutely love, then I don’t see a problem with that. I believe as bloggers we should write our hearts out not focusing on traffic. Otherwise we are really not writing. I love the joy in writing for myself/from my heart. Thank you dear for sharing these important words of wisdom.💞

        • StephJ | 13th May 17

          I absolutely agree. I think it is wonderful to make money doing something you love! Cheers!

  4. live_a_life_less_ordinary | 12th May 17

    Yes. This. All of this.

    • StephJ | 12th May 17

      Glad you agree! 🙂

  5. adrianapridemore | 12th May 17

    I’ve been at this for a couple of years now and couldn’t make money if I wanted too. The idea of making money is attractive but it’s some sort of secret club that I never learned the handshake to join. I guess I just have other goals that are hopefully going to be more rewarding than just money.

    • StephJ | 12th May 17

      I think it is great to grow your blog and make a profit if you can but it is sad that so many people don’t feel good about their writing because they are not cashing in. Keep with it! 🙂

  6. Joana | 12th May 17

    Oh my gosh finally someone pointed it out! I’m still an amateur “blogger” and when I first started I thought it was a wonderful place for creative people which is true but unfortunately it’s being invaded by “money-grubbing” people lol. Money as a purpose for blogging is kind of disrespectful to those true bloggers who’s main goal is to write and share.

    • StephJ | 12th May 17

      That is exactly my point! It is kind of giving blogging a bad rep even with other bloggers.

  7. Sana Khan | 12th May 17

    Agree with you Steph! I am glad there are people out there who are voicing their opinions about it. I am out here blogging to put my views, meeting wonderful people and read their views not just to be a number on somebody’s follow list, There are a lot of follow for follow back bloggers and instagrammers who will never ever read out your single post and you will get like 20 request per day to follow you ! there is so much commercialization of every medium of expression, One can just only sigh for real readers and bloggers !

    • StephJ | 12th May 17

      That is true! I have noticed that also. I am involved in a few facebook groups and I often get invites to like a page that I have never heard of before that I know have never read my blog. I appreciate followers and support but not if I have to buy it, I want people reading my blogs who actually relate.

  8. Kate | 12th May 17

    I didn’t thought I needed this until halfway into reading it. I’m not cashing in on my blog, pft, I barely get as many stats as others but I don’t care. I love blogging and it has helped me grow as a person. But yes, I’ve read plenty of those “how to make money blogging” or “how to grow your blog traffic in 24 hours” kinds of post and yes they do affect me. As a business student, I’m mesmerized by the strategies they use, interested in their success stories. Some notably authentic ones captured and inspired me. But with how Pinterest works, its algorithm kept suggesting these lousy money-grubbing posts instead. Even if I’m aware and I dislike it, I still feel insecure and it has recently affected my writing.
    So thank you so much, Steph, for this beautiful reminder. I honestly appreciate you writing it ❤

    • StephJ | 12th May 17

      Thank you so much, Kate! I agree with you, I love reading advice from those I admire but the whole Pinterest thing is ruining it for me. Maybe it is just the algorithm and it is not really as bad as it seems out there. But it leaves me wondering if I am seeing it this much are other bloggers? Or even worse non bloggers? If that is the case then it really is a problem and it does take away from others confidence and satisfaction with their own work.

      • Kate | 12th May 17

        I love Pinterest and I like perusing over whatever interesting and inspiring thing is there but yes the whole algorithm thing, while it does help, ruins it for me as well. At one point, all that was on my Feed were “how I earned ___ in ___ days” kind of post and I feel spammed in a way…
        I repinned lots of art inspirations so my feed would be filled with those instead 😄

        • StephJ | 12th May 17

          I think that is what I should do because my whole feed is filled with that. I think because I have so many bloggers on my account and I follow many group boards that share those types of posts as well. I think I will have to take a page out of your book and fix my pinterest up. I may even have to unfollow those boards.

          • Kate | 12th May 17

            Ah yes, I used to follow many group boards and Pinners as well but I had to do some purging because there were some that felt more like they want me to buy something from them rather than learn. So I hope that will help you enjoy Pinterest more 😊
            Also, I think if you open it on a web browser, they have an option like Facebook’s “I want to see less of this”? I did that to all the money making posts once.

          • StephJ | 12th May 17

            Great tip! I will check that out for sure. I do feel like it is a big advertisement now, it has changed so much in the past few years. I will try those things out, maybe that will help with the “blog spam”.

  9. Monte Parker | 12th May 17

    I agree, it’s totally counter-intuitive. Your blog quality will be so much higher if you are passionate about your content, rather than passionate about accumulating followers. I agree that blogs should first be a creative, communicative outlet, rather than solely a way to make money, even though the money aspect is nice!

    • StephJ | 12th May 17

      Yes that is exactly it! Money should be a secondary factor in it all.

  10. lakeafton | 12th May 17

    I totally agree with you. I blog because writing is what I do.

    • StephJ | 12th May 17

      Yes as you should be able to! I love that there are still blogs out there like yours that I discover that are real!

  11. organicallyblessed | 12th May 17

    I agree whole-heartedly with what you’ve shared. In my blog I write about things I’m passionate about and just keep praying one day someone reads it! I value reading blogs from the heart, with substance and meaning, instead of schemes and how to make them most money. Yes, it’s helpful to learn tools to the trade but it’s not what it’s about at its core. At the end of the day the world needs more empathy and less greed! I’ve only just started and my blog is not doing as well as I’d like, but I would love to eventually be apart of a blogging community of thoughtful writers and thinkers, not get-rich-quick types.
    Thanks for putting this out there!

    • StephJ | 12th May 17

      I agree! When people are supportively sharing their knowledge it is inspiring to me. Of course we want to create something we feel good about , however I feel great when I get comments like yours. That means so much more to me. I think it is important to make those connections!

  12. ohtogoawandering | 12th May 17

    Oh my goodness this is so accurate! Completely agree. It’s this kind of thing that actually put me off blogging for a while – it started to feel like doing it for the love of writing alone was not particularly welcome… Just endless posts about optimising content, page views, Twitter followers, it just started to feel like a world I didn’t want to be part of. Trying to find my way back to blogging for the right reasons, and this was lovely to read x

    • StephJ | 12th May 17

      YES! I felt this way for a little while also. I stopped writing and I stopped being motivated to create. Then I realized I just had to keep going for me even if no one else cared because I wasnt offering them a way to make money. I have reconnected with writing but I still feel overwhelmed by this “new blog world” I dont like it one bit!

      • ohtogoawandering | 12th May 17

        Definitely! Writing for yourself is the way forward. Plus it’s the best to read, more authentic! x

  13. desertcurmudgeon | 12th May 17

    Wait, people actually make money doing this? Now I feel quite the fool. But seriously, that was a great post and I couldn’t agree with you more.

  14. Tamara's palace | 12th May 17

    I get really discouraged when I see other bloggers making money of their blogs but thinking about why I started keeps me on track and focused. I wish the legitimacy can come back.

    • StephJ | 12th May 17

      Keeping yourself surrounded with supportive bloggers helps a lot. Keep writing for you! 🙂

  15. Tabi Bee | 12th May 17

    Yes Yes Yes! I lovee reading reviews, and so if they happen to be being payed for it, then that’s so amazing and I am happy for the blogger, but I get what where you’re coming from when you say too much of the blogging community seems to be trying to make money out of everything! I think a bit of money being made is good, and I admire those who are able to do so, but remember why you love blogging, and just have fun haha! <3 <3 x

    • StephJ | 12th May 17

      I agree whole heartedly. I love reading those posts also and there is nothing wrong with making a living out of something you love however there is a line that I think many people are crossing. Making the authenticity of it all fall apart.

  16. PatriciaFairweatherRomero | 12th May 17

    If that is what people want to do then they should. I do not like it when I’ve been following a really funny blogger and all of a sudden they turn in to salesmen. A lot of writers I know are looking to get rich with the least amount of effort. It does taint the authenticity of it all.

  17. Sweetsnsnarks by LeAnn | 12th May 17

    What a terrific post! I blog because I love writing, sharing things I’ve learned about life from family, friends, and experiences, yet I also like to write tips that I have learned about blogging along the way. For me, blogging is about encouraging others to share their writing voice, to live empowered with courage while feeling uncertainty, and share tips about blogging and creativity along the way. There are many things I would love to do to improve my site (like becoming self-hosted), but at this time, I have to wait, but that hasn’t kept me from continuing to write. I have learned it’s far more important for me to write, share, and participate in learning from other bloggers than to sit on the sidelines. Thank you for such an encouraging post based on the artform of writing.

    • StephJ | 13th May 17

      Thank you for your comment. A few months ago I attempted to make the switch to a self hosted site because I figured it was time to push myself and my blog. It failed miserably and stressed me out so much I stopped writing for weeks. I will try again someday but the thought of it becoming a job and not a fun passion turns me from writing at all. I think it’s great to make money doing what you love but there really is a fine line and when it becomes just about the views, the follows or the money it kind of changes things. Keep on writing 🙂

  18. fauxcroft | 12th May 17

    Never made a penny. Do it for the passion. Yet if anyone needed it right now it’s me lol. But it’s about writing and sharing thoughts and getting a message out.

    • StephJ | 13th May 17

      I think making money doing what you love it important. But the blogs that talk about nothing but money is what ruins it for me.

      • fauxcroft | 13th May 17

        Yeah true. I need to earn it but can’t find away and there are those making loads for nothing but rubbish. I am not envious just confused who that works.

        • StephJ | 13th May 17

          I know. It is sad. Kind of a backwards world we live in. People love fake ness because that is what we are accustomed too.

          • fauxcroft | 13th May 17

            That is so true and perceptive.

  19. Glaiza Binayas | 13th May 17

    I totally agree you. When I read a post and when I learn it’s a sponsored one, I immediately don’t read any further. 🙁 I still love reading posts about people’s days or how they spent the weekend or what books they enjoyed etc.

    • StephJ | 13th May 17

      I agree. Even some sponsored ones are ok with me if they are from bloggers I trust and I know actually use such and such product. However it is becoming to much of a money grab in a lot of ways.

  20. noellekelly | 13th May 17

    Yes, to all of this!

  21. afternoonofsundries | 13th May 17

    I admit it would be cool to make some extra money blogging but if that’s you’re only focus… I can see why that would be a turn off 🙂 great post- love your image! Did you do that yourself? (Sorry for the fangirling)

    • StephJ | 13th May 17

      Thank you! Yea I agree there seems to be many blogs that focus solely on the money which kind of ruins it for the rest of us. And yes I made the image myself 😆

      • afternoonofsundries | 13th May 17

        Obviously excellent job! Someday… I shall learn the cool blogger photographer… lol

  22. thebeasley | 13th May 17

    You’re not alone at all in thinking this (as I’m sure all your comments have told you). It’s such an empty feeling seeing most blog posts that crop up on Pinterest are blog posts on how to monetise your blogs or posts on how to write to drive traffic to your blog. Whilst, the idea of money or more people reading my words is nice, it will NEVER be the main reason I blog. I blog because I have a voice and I love writing. I like to think all my blog posts have something to say or entertain in some way. I’ll never write a post just for the sake of it. Each to their own obviously, we’re all entitled to use our own blogs in any way that we choose, but I do feel like the most interesting purpose of blogging is getting lost amongst the money.

    • StephJ | 13th May 17

      Yes I agree with you %100. These seems to be many people who start blogs just to make money then loose interest because they realize they don’t even like writing or they realize that it is not as easy as those blogs claim. It’s sad because so many people actually love blogging and having there own voice just because. Keep writing girl!

  23. Em Linthorpe | 13th May 17

    I know *exactly* the type of posts you are referring to here – and Pinterest is indeed swimming with them. I like blogging tips posts, love the true and honest ones, but there are so many that have a bad vibe, that are all about signing up for this, that and the other – bursting with affiliate links and so on. Bad vibes!

    • StephJ | 13th May 17

      I feel a bit shady about it. And it ruins it for the honest bloggers who are really sharing from the heart. Bad vibes for sure.

  24. Onlygirl4boyz | 13th May 17

    I love to read other perspectives! Great points you share!

  25. Debbie H | 14th May 17

    I love this post and it’s something I’ve been feeling for a while. I tried to say something similar in a post a while back when i got all disheartened about blogging. I was confused by all the various advice posts and ended up stopping myself from reading them as it just upsets me too much. It’s not my style of blogging but good on those who are out there for a different reason to me. I had so many positive comments on my post just as you have and it made me realise there’s many different ways of blogging. I’m sticking to what I enjoy 🙂 Thanks again!

    • StephJ | 14th May 17

      Thanks for your comment! I thought I was totally alone in my thinking but it turns out many bloggers feel the same way. It has motivated me to keep going my own way and has made me feel so much closer to all of you! 😆

  26. unibookworm | 14th May 17

    We write because we love it. Not for self validation or any other reason than the joy of self gratification 😉

  27. Ritu | 14th May 17

    Blogging for me has never been about the money. I get none! It’s the interaction with like-minded folk and ‘meeting’ new writers that I love. I’d love to increase my reach as I hope what I write is interesting but no… its not about the money at all!

    • StephJ | 14th May 17

      I agree! I love when new people start reading my blog but it seems there are just so many posts all about getting more followers and money it’s sad and kind of makes the genuine people out there look bad by association. 😊

      • Ritu | 14th May 17

        I get you!

  28. emfletche | 14th May 17

    I echo what most people have said here in that I blog because I love to write, I love to tell stories and this is an extension of that. Never in a million years do i expect to make any money from blogging…I go to the odd event every now and again and might get a free glass of wine or some tapas but that’s the extent of my “perks”. And I’m always mightily grateful for those tiny things!

    At first I lapped up those type of “how to make money” blogs, simply to get tips on how to make my blog more visible, but they’ve become so oversaturated that I just ignore them now. If that’s all these so-called bloggers have to blog about then they really don’t really have very interesting lives.

    • StephJ | 14th May 17

      I think perks are awesome and I would feel so grateful to receive anything like that. However there really are wayyyy to many posts they seep with fakeness and the materialism is overwhelming me. I am glad to hear of other bloggers who are doing well for themselves, enjoying the fun of it all and still have a good head on their shoulders.

  29. anhistorianabouttown | 14th May 17

    I could not agree more- I’m so tired of seeing only “How to Make Money Blogging”. I started blogging for the community, and there’s not a lot on “How to actually have people meaningfully engage with your post”. I’ve been burned by so many bad reviews that I don’t trust sponsored posts anymore, and bloggers I used to love are just continually putting out “Gift guide” posts for made up holidays- I can look at Nordstrom for myself, I followed you for your WRITING. I’ve now simply started unfollowing and not reading when it feels like it’s simply all about the money. Wonderful post!!

    • StephJ | 14th May 17

      I could not agree more. I have also noticed those gift guide posts and they are super fake and the motive easy to see. It would. E nice to see more meaning and useful info go viral.

  30. Diana Frajman | 14th May 17

    Any one with a bit of mileage on them, (age) will see these get rich quick schemes for what they are. Yes people are making money through blogs but I like you prefer the art, community and the plain enjoyment of it all. Great post!

    • StephJ | 14th May 17

      Thank you! I am happy to know so many people feel this way enough to share with me that validation ❤️

  31. collegeceliackc | 14th May 17

    So true. I won’t hide the fact that I work with companies for product compensation and do sponsored posts. However, I always make sure that the majority of my content is just that: my content with my thoughts, my real experiences with celiac disease and my advice to gluten free eaters who are struggling. I never imagined getting anything out of my blog more than just connecting with people and helping inspire others to thrive with celiac disease. And that’s the mantra that I will keep as the main focus of my blog.

    • StephJ | 14th May 17

      I love your blog! And you are a great example of the kind of person who is authentic but perhaps overlooked because of the other bloggers out there just looking solely for the follows and money.

  32. passionistaatlarge | 14th May 17

    I so agree with this! I feel so pressured at times because I’m not doing any of those things….to make money and/or bring in more people. Then I remember that I blog when I have something to say. It’s for me and anyone else who is interested and that’s all. No pressure. Thanks for posting this.

    • StephJ | 14th May 17

      Yes keep on writing! Those are the things that matter most 😊

      • passionistaatlarge | 14th May 17

        What I’d really, really like to know is how to get people to leave comments and interact with what I say. Doesn’t seem to happen. I write to give myself a voice, and I do have some visitors, but it’s pretty quiet, like there is no one out there. Ya know?

        • StephJ | 15th May 17

          Yea I hear you! What I have noticed myself is the best way to get engagement is to engage yourself. However I think there may be a lot more to it than that.

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    • StephJ | 15th May 17

      Thank you Deb! I hope others find this topic relevant to them also!

  34. josypheen | 15th May 17

    It looks like this post hit a nerve! It is really good to see that so many of you feel the same way! 🙂

    This is an excellent post (and blog!) To be honest, I don’t really follow the ‘make money quick’ blogs. I have read a few of them, but they are far less interesting than the people whose writing I enjoy to follow.

    • StephJ | 15th May 17

      It is very true. The blogs that keep you coming back for more are the ones that give you something real and meaningful. I refuse to believe that is money. Thanks for your comment and reading 🙂

  35. irinadaoudi | 16th May 17

    Your writing is so good!!

    • StephJ | 16th May 17

      Woah! Thank you for the compliment, you are to kind 🙂

  36. thebarefootangel | 16th May 17

    Omg – this, exactly this!! I’m still stumbling through the world of blogging and just using my posts as a form of journal and also to review and promote my little islands! No one is paying me to do that, it would be lovely if they would, but that absolutely wasn’t my motivation for starting! I just wanted to showcase what we’re about! I’m so baffled by the culture of all the bloggers and posts shouting about how much you could be earning and how much traffic you ‘should’ be getting… and don’t even get me started if you ask for any advice on moving to self hosted! You receive an avalanche of posts all full of affiliate links for either Bluehost or Siteground and zero actual information about the process! I feel like all this pressure is starting to affect my voice, my content, my tone. Please Bloggers, bring back the musings, the pretty pictures, the creativity!! X

    • StephJ | 16th May 17

      I tried to switch to self hosted and it was a nightmare. I felt pressured and thought that was what I was expected to do as I had been blogging for a few years. I quickly realized that the process was so complex and I almost ruined my blog and lost out on $100 in the process. There was no help out there, just people trying to get you to do it so they could earn a buck themselves I guess. So sad.

      • thebarefootangel | 16th May 17

        Yes, that’s what I’m going through right now! I’m still trying to get on with it – but I’m seeking advice from IT friends instead of other bloggers (which is really sad!) because I just can’t trust the motivation behind all the ‘recommendations’ that I’m getting… 🙁

        • StephJ | 16th May 17

          Did you have a free wordpress account? I would love to jazz up my blog one day and have my own hosted site but that experience scared me. I am in the same boat unsure of who to trust and ask. It is unfair. If you have any honest tips I would love to hear them 🙂

          • thebarefootangel | 16th May 17

            Hi Steph – yes, I still have a url currently. But I’ve owned my own domain for years and just need to move it. I have zero experience to share so far but would really like to move soon. I’m just trying to figure out the logistics of it. I just wish that there were unbiased resources!! X

          • StephJ | 16th May 17

            I hear you! Hopefully we can both navigate our way through it all one day.

  37. Gluecksgeist | 17th May 17

    Thanks so much for sharing!! I loved this, x

    • StephJ | 17th May 17

      Thank you I’m glad you could relate!

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  39. dharris21blog | 18th May 17

    Agreed. I write to inspire motivate, and encourage. Blogging has helped me to voice myself in ways I never thought possible:

    • StephJ | 18th May 17

      Bravo! Keep at it 🙂

  40. Shaniamatanji | 27th May 17

    True I was feeling so bad about myself and I swear I thought all bloggers out there makes a lot of money. Now I can concentrate on my blog because I am not good writer but I love meeting new people. Sharing new ideas that’s why I started blogging anyway. THANKS FOR OPENING MY EYES.

    • StephJ | 28th May 17

      That’s great! There all different types of writers and blogs out there. Every bit of it with meaning. Happy writing 😊

  41. Siyana | 28th May 17

    I truly enjoyed reading this post! To me, blogging is something very personal, where you share your thoughts with specific audience, and it makes me very sad that many bloggers ‘kill’ their personality for money 🙁

    • StephJ | 29th May 17

      It is so true. I think other bloggers are the first to notice those things when reading those kinds of blogs. When I see something that seems illegitimate I just exit and never return.

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  43. Vicky | 6th Jun 17

    I agree with your sentiments in your post… well said!

  44. You Can Always Start Now | 6th Jun 17

    Well said and yes to putting it out there. I agree about Pinterest feed. Blogging is about sharing and connecting. Thank you for beinging one of my connects

    • StephJ | 6th Jun 17

      Thanks for being one of mine! Real people are the best people!

  45. emilypageart | 6th Jun 17

    Yeeeeesssssss! While it’d be great to make a little bank via my blog, that’s not why I do it. And those blogs that are strictly about how to make money and want your money to tell you are such a scam. I hate when that stuff shows up in my feed. It’s inauthentic and obvious. Great post!

    • StephJ | 6th Jun 17

      It really ruins it for the rest of us. I dont want to be considered spam because of others scams.

  46. noellekelly | 6th Jun 17

    I’m in total agreement here! I just write because I have to write 🙂

    • StephJ | 6th Jun 17

      That is the best kind of writer in my opinion 🙂

  47. The Indecisive Eejit | 6th Jun 17

    I’ve been around 4 years and it’s been like this even since back then. I’d never be able to blog for money, I don’t have enough content to keep anyone interested.
    For me, the hook has been the community, they are priceless 🙂

    • StephJ | 7th Jun 17

      It is so true! When it starts to become a job the fun of it is taken out of it.

  48. Jennifer | 6th Jun 17

    Preach! I am so sick of those monthly blogging income posts. “No, I don’t want to know how you made 50,000 in one month. You blog about making money blogging. That’s not my niche.”

    • StephJ | 7th Jun 17

      That is exactly what I am talking about. I can not understand why people support those kinds of blogs. I know that some people are curious on how to cash in but it’s so inauthentic.

  49. Gabe Burkhardt | 6th Jun 17

    I couldn’t agree more Stephanie! For me, blogging is about participating in an actively engaged community. I understand that for many making money is the measure of “success.” (Google tells me that over 2,000,000 posts are ready to be read.) I don’t know if I look to a specific marker to tell me if I’m successful in the blogosphere, but I sure do enjoy the amazing virtual relationships that develop here!

    • StephJ | 7th Jun 17

      That is wonderful to hear. I think that is the best measure of success … just enjoying the process!

  50. | 7th Jun 17

    Great one! I just started a blog. And it is so refreshing to start reading blogs! I never thought I would read blogs or blog myself! But I changed and I feel that whatever my motivation makes me do, I will do with all of my heart! Thank you for your words and cheers from hamburg, Germany! ❤️🤘 kati

    • StephJ | 7th Jun 17

      Wonderful! I felt the same way when I started my blog, I didnt think I would ever be into something like this. Now it is my most favorite thing! Good luck on your writing adventures!

  51. | 7th Jun 17

    Thank you dear!

  52. theminimeditatingdragon | 10th Aug 17

    I love this 🙂 I know I’ve gotten wrapped into the whole “make money” situation. While it would be nice, I believe blogging should be more than making a quick buck. Thank you for this post and thank you for the love on my blog 🙂 I would love to collaborate with you sometime-perhaps swap posts. It seems we write about similar things. Thank you again for the wonderful post!

  53. Lathiya | 14th Oct 17

    I started blogging to connect with person’s…landing in a new place and being a home maker, I didn’t have much chance to interact with people..I found blogging to connect with other like minded people so my stress and depression level decreased..when they praise your work it enhance your confidence.. earning is secondary for me..still to be honest I’m trying to earn if possible 😊

    • stephaniewp | 15th Oct 17

      I am in the same boat! I have been blogging for a few years now and it is only recently that I started taking steps to try and make a little extra on the side with my endeavors. I am still learning as I go and it has been a lot of fun trying things out. I hope you reach your blogging goals too! 🙂

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