Searching for Happiness – PT 1: Body Gentleness

I have been making some small changes lately that have been impacting my overall happiness in big ways.

Naturally, I wanted to share them with all of you, so I poured up a cup of coffee and wrote my little heart out. I wrote a master list of everything that has been adding to my overall happiness and wellbeing until I could not think of anything else.

I was surprised by how many things I came up with, my list ended up being pretty long with over 100 tips and tricks to be exact.

After I wrote it all out I realized it would be a better idea to break out my ultimate list into a mini-series for an easier read. Up first is all about body gentleness!

Rustic Furniture (1).jpgI have struggled with stress at various points in my life and with that stress came some unwanted effects on my body. Teeth grinding, IBS and headaches to name a few.

Medicine and doctors orders didn’t work for me personally which is why I had to look for alternative options and through the combined impact of everything in this series, and especially because of the new special care I began taking of my body I was able to help my physical symptoms disappear.

The result? I am less stressed, I am healthier and you guessed it happier.

If you are feeling some odd physical symptoms it could be your mind or body trying to send you the message that it could be stress, bad eating habits or lack of exercise to name a few. Switch things up and try anything and everything in order to find what works for you.

(Always speak with your doctor for a diagnosis when experiencing health issues)

It does not matter how slowly you go as long as you do not stop. (2).jpg

Part 1: Body Gentleness

  1. Take a bath: Why not add some Epsom salts and soak away any soreness that is being stored in your body? Soaking in the tub is also a wonderful way to destress the mind.
  2. Switch to organic: Switching to organic pesticide-free food is the best way to help your body go back to the basics, not only will you be helping yourself be healthier but you will be sending the message that we need more of these types of products on the market, not the mutated chickens that are being mass produced today. If you think that sounds like a load of crap then why not educate yourself by checking out one of these documentaries. Food Matters or Hungry for Change. 
  3. Drink more water: Sounds simple enough, but it really is. Drinking more water helps your body rebuild cells, flushes out toxins and energizes to name a few benefits.
  4. Make smoothies: If you are like me and struggle to eat the recommended daily serving of fruits and veggies then piling them into a smoothie is a wonderful way to do just that.
  5. Start yoga: There is a reason yoga has become such a hit worldwide. It is the perfect way to connect the mind and body, get moving and can be practiced by children, seniors and everyone in between.
  6. Take a walk: Did you know that simply walking can improve your mood? Yea, its science.
  7. Get out in nature regularly: Simply being out in nature, improves moods and decreases stress. Go sit out on the grass for 5 minutes and see if it works. Touch a tree, anything!
  8. Take care of your skin: Doing it now may help you in the long run and if you find a skin care routine you like you may find a lot of happiness through the simple act.
  9. Sleep enough: Check out this post 9 Sleep Remedies to Help you Get the Best Night’s Rest.
  10. Take care of your hormones: Ladies it is important to listen to your body. Think of all the hormonal interferences we get from birth control, cows milk, the environment? This information has only recently been discovered and still might be a little taboo, but if you educate yourself on how to properly balance your hormones then it might make a huge difference in your life.
  11. Get massage therapy: How about decreasing headaches, decreasing stress, and anxiety for a start?
  12. See a dentist: Having a nice smile to show off how happy you are is worth at least a yearly visit isn’t it?
  13. Quit a bad habit: Try cutting out one thing that is bad for you, smoking, soda or sugar maybe?
  14. Nap sometimes: Another post that says it all 5 Reasons you Should Start Napping.
  15. Stretch: If you spend most of your time sitting at a desk stretching will make a huge difference in how you feel. Even chronic texters should start stretching out that neck.
  16. Take vitamins: Pharmicudcal medicine should be a last resort in our lives. Taking Vitamins can help you reduce your need for those kinds of medicines. It can’t hurt anyway.
  17. Try a fitness challenge: There are thousands of awesome challenges out there. 30 Days of Yoga, 30 Days of squats, 30 Days of wall sits, you name it. Even committing yourself to 10 days of daily walks is an amazing way to feel good about yourself and help care for your body.
  18. Accept and love your body: The Netflix documentary Embrace says it all. It’s time to value women on more than just their looks, times have changed, we have minds too, treat yourself and others as such.
  19. Dance like nobody is watching: How about an instant mood boost? Decrease stress, gain confidence and try not to smile, I dare you.
  20. Eat breakfast: Reduce morning crankiness and gain sharper focus.
  21. Wake up early: Check out my Morning Self-Care Routine to see what a difference it has made in my life.
  22. Cut down on sugar: Did you know that sugar is linked to depression? Don’t take my word for it, check out what the professionals say. Sugar is Poison for Depression
  23. Drink some tea: Natural herbal teas have been used for thousands of years to help calm and restore. Now we know through science that the benefits are far greater than just that. 13 Reasons Tea is Good for you
  24. Eat less meat: Studies show eating a plant-based diet lowers your risk for heart disease, is more eco-friendly and of course, decreases the number of external hormones entering your system. If you are like me and love a good burger then try an 80/20 diet and make sure the meat you do eat is organic.


  1. thegeckoonline | 24th May 17

    Wow, I didn’t know that sugar leads to depression. And drinking more tea will be my pleasure 🙂

    • StephJ | 24th May 17

      Mmm tea! Yes there is lots of research currently coming out linking sugar and depression. You wouldnt know it from all o those happy pepsi commercials though. 🙂

  2. Cookie Crumbs | 24th May 17

    These are great tips Steph! When I’m coaching my clients the first thing I ask them is, “How are you taking care of you?” You absolutely cannot pour from an empty cup and if you’re not making You a priority then the rest of your life is all out of whack. I can’t wait for Part 2!

    • StephJ | 24th May 17

      Thank you! I agree, I have learned the hard way but I am happy to share what has worked for me 🙂

  3. Love it Now | 24th May 17

    this is a very long list 😀

  4. chloeburford | 24th May 17

    I love this so much, I’m going to keep checking back on this post and hopefully each day try and do some of these points to change my lifestyle. Thank you so much for the post and the advice! xx

    • StephJ | 25th May 17

      Thank you! I am happy you enjoyed it, stay tuned for Part 2! I think you will really like it 🙂

  5. Cheila | 24th May 17

    I love this article. All of these are amazing tips. I’m trying to do all of them and changing my lifestyle, in order to recover from depression. Will definitely be coming back for part two. Thank you so much, great work! <3

    • StephJ | 25th May 17

      Taking extra time for yourself is so important! I hope you find some benefit in these new lifestyle changes <3

      • Cheila | 25th May 17

        Thank you so much!! <3

  6. rochkirstin | 24th May 17

    Hmm. I think I should do yoga once again. Before I used to attend classes in the gym but because of the lack of time nowadays, finding extra hours to do it is a struggle.

    • StephJ | 25th May 17

      I used to take a class too but there are some great references online that you can do in your living room! Check out yoga with adrienne and try out one of her challenges. I love them 🙂

  7. Megala | 25th May 17

    Great post with fantastic tips! Thanks for sharing!

    • StephJ | 25th May 17

      Thank you for reading!

  8. franckxethee | 25th May 17

    Epsom Salt can really be stress relieving and would be nice to include in your bath habits. Proper sleep, exercise and diet also helps in your overall happiness.

  9. Binging on Beetroot | 27th May 17

    All of these are such brilliant ideas! I am learning to dedicate an evening to a bath and 100% relaxation!

    • StephJ | 27th May 17

      That sounds awesome! It’s my favorite thing to do 😊

  10. Elizabeth | 27th May 17

    Just touching on a few points: I’d love to take a bath and will as soon as the ducks are out of the tub! One of the reasons I grow vegetables is so I know we’re getting heirloom, pesticide, chemical fertilizer free produce. Ditto for the chickens! Our daughter is a certified massage therapist with a specialty in “special populations” (read cripples like her mama!). Oh, yeah! I’m off to read about better sleep. Pain often keeps me from getting to sleep and wakes me up too frequently. I hope there will be tips that will help!
    This is going to be a great series, Steph! Looking forward to it!

    • StephJ | 28th May 17

      Thanks so much. It has been fun writing about it. It’s nice to know there are other out there passionate about living a healthy life that is loving to themselves and the environment. I hope you can find some good sleeping tips out there ❤️

      • Elizabeth | 28th May 17

        I need to be more conscious of health but reading blogs like yours has helped!

        • StephJ | 29th May 17

          Thanks a bunch!

          • Elizabeth | 29th May 17

            You’re very welcome and thank you!

  11. noellekelly | 28th May 17

    Like you, I’ve suffered from IBS from stress in my life. I was in a really stressful job, and leaving that made a huge difference to my life. I also know my food triggers now. Great tips x

    • StephJ | 28th May 17

      It’s nice to be in tune with your body. It is so liberating 😁

  12. The Twentysomething Social Recluse | 28th May 17

    All really great tips – I learned something new today!

  13. Gary | 28th May 17

    Brilliant post Steph; I really should be here more often as your advice is so relevant to me too. I’ve started making daily lists in advance to get more productive after a bad three month start to the year. I have found that is quite motivating too.

    • StephJ | 29th May 17

      Hi Gary! Thanks for the feedback 🙂 I have been loving my little planner it has been so helpful and motivating to me. I am also trying to make the most out of my time.

      • Gary | 29th May 17

        My pleasure Steph; one thing I have learnt already is scheduling really shows me how much time I was using badly. When you see how long some things actually take you realise half an hour is not, necessarily, a void where there’s not enough time to start something, but a slot where things can be done. Added bonus is less time to overthink things and keep the mind recycling negativity 🙂

        • StephJ | 29th May 17

          So true! I also think it is a big stress reducer because you don’t forget so many things and you are not rushing around to complete tasks at the last minute. 🙂

          • Gary | 29th May 17

            Absolutely what I’m finding!! before things tended to back up, I’d mess about on social media just killing time and then rush about feeling guilty at not doing things. All very cyclic and out of balance. Much better this way and…in June I’m going to insert writing time too !! 🙂

          • StephJ | 30th May 17

            I also have to get some writing plans in action. This year I am going to be better prepared for NANO! 🙂

          • Gary | 30th May 17

            OMG; NaNo!! That will be here before I realise at this rate! Good reminder Steph #shocked. Time to up the game methinks lol

  14. Strength and Sunshine | 28th May 17

    What a lovely list! This will be a great new series 🙂

    • StephJ | 29th May 17

      I hope you like it. I plan on posting Part 2 tomorrow! 🙂

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  16. LaiAriel R. Samangka (Thelittlelai: Beyond limits) | 31st May 17

    Wow, I didn’t know about all these and you have just made me think deeper. I like all the tips that you have included and this will surely be a reminded for me and a help as well. Thank you so much for sharing this with us.

    • StephJ | 31st May 17

      Thank you for reading! I will be posting a new one today about nourishing your mind. You may want to check it out. 🙂

  17. David Harris | 2nd Jun 17

    Beautiful. Just beautiful. I will definitely give these suggestions a go. The smoothie thing is a good idea because I’m not big on eating them as much as I should.

    • StephJ | 3rd Jun 17

      I agree it’s the only way I can get my healthy stuff in there 😊

  18. kenknight | 6th Jun 17

    Now that you’ve written about taking care of our physiology, I feel like my work schedule is not conducive for proper rest and diet.

    • StephJ | 6th Jun 17

      Lots of people probably feel the same. Taking a step back is sometimes a good thing!

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