June Goals

It is finally June! Can you believe it?

I am so ready for summer to come, it was a terrible winter here in Newfoundland and a terrible spring so I am trying to be super happy and optimistic that this summer will make up for it all. Come on weather gods, I need the sunshine!

Anyway moving along,  I was going to change this post up a bit but I have decided to keep it simple with a short list of goals for the coming month.

Before we get into my goals for the month of June why not have a peek at how May went?

May Goals

  1. Stick to a schedule: My planner has literally been saving my life. If anyone is interested in a plan with me post lemmie know!
  2. Read at least one book: I literally flew through The Rome Affair. I Highly recommend as a summer read.
  3. Be active at least 4 times a week: Almost but not quite! I managed to work in a total of 13 workouts this month. Super exact I know.
  4. Eat SUPER healthy: This is still a work in progress so I can’t give myself this one quite yet.
  5. No shopping month: Yea this didn’t happen.
  6. Do one thing out of my comfort zone: It’s not that I didn’t want to it just seemed like nothing came up.
  7. Spend lots of time in nature: I spent as much time outdoors as mother nature would allow.

Work With Me.jpg

June Goals

  1. Read two books: Now that much time will be spent at the cabin I can amp up my reading game. Also, I just downloaded my first audio book. How exciting!
  2. Work out at least 3 times a week: It’s time to get back into the swing of things here people.
  3. Eat as organic possible: I have been majorly slacking on my health goals so I am making it a priority to eat as organic as possible.
  4. No shopping month: This goal is back in action.
  5. Meditate daily: Another thing I have been slacking on which I am excited to get back into the swing of doing.
  6. Take my mom on a date: Maybe a movie, dinner or a hike?
  7. Go on a day hike: Speaking of hikes I would like to hit up the East Coast Trail sometime this month.
  8. Watch free writing videos: I am trying to prepare for NaNoWriMo early this year so I can be better prepared. I have a few writing classes I would like to take but for now youtube has lots of free resources I can take advantage of.

Please check out my Get to Know me Tag and complete it for yourself. I would love to learn more about you!

What are your goals for June?



  1. Maggie | 1st Jun 17

    Awesome goals, Steph! Recently, I’ve been doing some early prep for NaNoWriMo, as well. 😊 That will help me a bunch when November gets here!! What will your story be about? Or do you know yet?

    • StephJ | 1st Jun 17

      I actually have no idea. I have a few ideas but none of them are really motivating me yet. I need to develop them a bit more to see what direction I want to go in. What about you?

      • Maggie | 1st Jun 17

        Oh okay, that’s cool. Well, I’ve been working on a historical fiction novel based in the Middle Ages for a while, but I have yet to write the full first draft, so I’ll probably start over and work towards that. 🙂

        • StephJ | 1st Jun 17

          Oh that sounds like an awesome idea! I am obsessed with the middle ages so I know personally I would love to read something like that. I bet writing it would be fun too! Where is it going to be located?

  2. BeaFreitas | 1st Jun 17

    Best of luck with your goals! I would love to do the No Shopping this month thing but I know I want summer clothes so I will not be doing that! As for working out, I do that so best of luck to you! Power through! 😀 Great post!

    • StephJ | 1st Jun 17

      Thanks a bunch! It is hard to stick with it sometimes. The no shopping month has been a goal for awhile now so I hope I can stick with it. 🙂

  3. feelfitvibe | 1st Jun 17

    You have some great June goals. Have to say more than a few of them are on my list as well. 😊

  4. Allison Rebecca | 1st Jun 17

    Taking your mom on a date sounds so fun! I need to do this with my mom!

  5. Alexandra T Armstrong | 1st Jun 17

    Love that you challenged yourself to do something out of your comfort zone. I hope the opportunity comes up for you soon!

    • StephJ | 1st Jun 17

      Sometimes it is hard to even recognize it. Thanks 🙂

  6. the happiest pixel | 1st Jun 17

    Great goals, my happy pixel!! I would like to work out and to eat healthier, too! 😉

    • StephJ | 1st Jun 17

      It is a struggle. But obviously worth the extra effort! I hope I can stick with it 🙂

      • the happiest pixel | 1st Jun 17

        You can do it, my happy pixel! I hope I’ll be able to create a workout routine, too…

  7. philipdodson | 1st Jun 17

    I love this kind of working out loud stuff 👍

  8. starringpamela | 1st Jun 17

    Every year I say I’m going to start NaNo prep early and I never do. Thanks for the reminder! Your goals sound amazing!

    • StephJ | 2nd Jun 17

      I hope I can start early this year. Good luck 🙂

  9. Christie Brown | 1st Jun 17

    I think I would die without my planner, too haha. Sticking to my work out schedule and eating better are both on my June goals list, too. Good luck to us, I say. 😛
    Here’s to reaching all you’ve set out to this month – you can do it! 🙂

    Christie’s Take on Life. xx

    • StephJ | 2nd Jun 17

      Thanks for the support! 🙂

  10. Binging on Beetroot | 2nd Jun 17

    I love this post! Good luck with your goals- I’ll be upping my reading game right alongside you! What audiobook did you download? 🙂

    • StephJ | 2nd Jun 17

      I am currently listening to Girlboss it is pretty good! Unfortunatley the library doesnt have that huge of a collection to choose from. But I am really enjoying it.

      • Binging on Beetroot | 2nd Jun 17

        Ooooh I’m watching the series currently! I wish I read it first!

        • StephJ | 3rd Jun 17

          I am almost done. I will be checking out the show when I finish. I have to say it has motivated me to pick up the pace on some of my personal goals and vision 😊 I also just downloaded Betty whites book. I bet she has some wise words. Haha

  11. Meghan | 3rd Jun 17

    I am trying my hardest to be more active. It is very hard!!! I am aiming at 3x a week but man its hard some days

    • StephJ | 3rd Jun 17

      I hear ya. Even if I only do like 10 minutes I feel that is good at least.

  12. Ritu | 3rd Jun 17

    You have some great goals to focus on there!

  13. carolineschroniclesblog | 3rd Jun 17

    Setting monthly goals is a great idea that I might try. Do you use a bullet journal as a planner. I’ve found the system to be really useful, so yes, I’d be interested to see a planner post.

    • StephJ | 4th Jun 17

      I thought about using a bullet journal but then I felt a little overwhelmed about designing it. So I just got a regular agenda. I am loving it though. 😊

  14. angelanoelauthor | 3rd Jun 17

    Your June goal to take your mom on a date made me smile. I’ve no idea why, but my mom is on my mind right now. It struck me that an idea so simple could mean so much. I don’t live near my mom, but we do happen to be going on a vacation together in a few weeks. You’ve inspired me to make sure I get some alone-time with her just to make sure she feels as special to me as she is.
    Love to hear how the date goes and what you do. Maybe the world–or at least the US–needs an alternative to Mother’s Day (or maybe an addition) where we don’t focus just on the flowers or cards and candy. But on deepening our relationships with our mothers through simply spending time.

    • StephJ | 4th Jun 17

      I agree! It is those moments that really mean the most. Even a little breakfast for just two or a walk in the park. It always makes me feel good and I know it’s those memories that mean the most. Where are you going on vacation? I hope you have a great time!

      • angelanoelauthor | 4th Jun 17

        We’re headed for an Alaskan Cruise. I’m looking forward to it! I’ve seen pictures of the landscape, but really am not sure exactly what to expect. I’ll be with the whole family though–so that should be an experience in and of itself!

        • StephJ | 5th Jun 17

          Wow! That sounds like such a fun tome. It will be amazing I am sure. I suspect a blog post coming up about that one.

  15. anhistorianabouttown | 3rd Jun 17

    Audiobooks are a wonderful way to read more books!! My June goal is to get back into my daily yoga practice- it’s going well so far 😊

    • StephJ | 4th Jun 17

      Awesome! I hope you can stick with it. I love doing yoga but often find it hard to make time. I am trying to make it a priority! 😊

  16. Parul Thakur | 3rd Jun 17

    I love that you have such clear goal. Health is on top of my list too. I worked out 24 times in May. Yes, as you can see – I am pretty happy with that 🙂
    Wishing you a great June and one where you can rock all your goals. 🙂

    • StephJ | 4th Jun 17

      That is awesome! I think making working out a habit is so important but I often choose other things and end up regretting it 😩 good luck sticking with your health goals this month. Maybe at the end of the month you can check back in on my July goals post and let me know how it goes. I only wish I can make it to 24 in a month 😊

      • Parul Thakur | 4th Jun 17

        Now that I am following you, let’s check back again 🙂 I am at 3 till June 4. What’s your score 😀

        • StephJ | 5th Jun 17

          I am currently at two so far 🙁 I had a rather lazy weekend!

  17. You Can Always Start Now | 3rd Jun 17

    Good June goals. Like you hoping for some summer weather in June – our outdoor patios are setup so one of my goals is to take advantage of them! Audiobooks are a good plan. Happy June!!

    • StephJ | 4th Jun 17

      Please enjoy the weather extra for me. It is so foggy here right now. Oh well. Haha

  18. Gary | 3rd Jun 17

    I think this blogging with the goals achieved and not achieved with anecdotes reasoning why some things didn’t happen is excellent Steph. I think I said before I have daily versions, but this monthly one is possibly my next step. Especially with NaNo looming up already; I mean when did June happen???

    • StephJ | 4th Jun 17

      I hear you. I feel sad that it is still so foggy and cold here. I feel like summer will never come so I am glad at least that I have some goals I can work on 😊

      • Gary | 4th Jun 17

        I felt like that for the first three months of the year and found it quite difficult to keep optimistic. Longer light and some sun has really come at a good time; apart from the London incident last night. That one kept me away from the SundayBlogShare today. However, I must not let it break my resolve to keep on with the goals you have set as an idea for my own! It’s a fantastic idea Steph and one I think I can buy into too 🙂

  19. niicolee00 | 3rd Jun 17

    These are some great goals! I hope you’ll let us know what books you read at the end of the month 🙂

    • StephJ | 4th Jun 17

      I will for sure! Thanks for reading 😊

  20. Sofia | 6th Jun 17

    amazing goals for this month, good luck! I love your blog

  21. Elizabeth | 6th Jun 17

    We have some similar goals but of all the ones you listed I love #6. I wish my mother were still here so I could take her on a date. I miss my parents so much! Bless your heart for thinking of your mom!

    • StephJ | 6th Jun 17

      It is comments like these that makes me feel like I should do even more for them. I don’t spend nearly enough time with my parents. 🙂

      • Elizabeth | 7th Jun 17

        Take it from an old lady who lost both parents (2 years apart) while in her 30’s. Spend time with them. The one thing I feel good about is that I sent my mother flowers “just because” and had them both stay with us on the farm for weeks at a time. And as soon as they went home I’d call and say they needed to plan the next stay.

        • StephJ | 7th Jun 17

          That is really nice! I guess you will always feel that there was not enough time when it has run out. It sounds like you had a wonderful relationship with your parents though and great memories. Which is worth so much!

          • Elizabeth | 7th Jun 17

            We were very close and in some ways it helps me not miss them as much. We had such great times that I don’t feel guilt about things now that they’re gone.

  22. lvefitness | 12th Jun 17

    Setting goals are great!!! I see eating healthy is one of them. I have many recipes up to help you to stay on track. I have been transforming myself for 5 years now and love helping people choose a more healthy lifestyle which is why I started my blog.

  23. Sydney | 22nd Jun 17

    Love this list. Very inspiring, if for nothing else then for its ease! Thanks for sharing. Hope you have a nice date with your mom. 🙂

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