Searching for Happiness- PT5: Evolving your Environment

You made it! This is the final part in my latest Searching for Happiness series.

I truly believe with the help of these 5 posts you can start transforming your life into a more content and real manifestation of what you want, or at the very least stop and think about a few small changes you might want to start making.

I would like to finish this off by talking about enriching your environment.

Now that you have the tools you need to take care of your body,  mind, relationships, and spirit in a healthy and positive way you now need to create the proper environment to sustain your new outlook and lifestyle.

I am all about the simple things in life and enriching your environment will be no different. I strongly believe with the right mindset and motivation you can create a full happy life that rewards you every day.

Good luck!

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  1. Grow some grub: It is no big secret that organically grown food made in your own backyard is the way to go. If you don’t have time for all that try growing some herbs on your windowsill.
  2. Get a piggy bank: Poke away that spare change and in a year or two you might have enough to invest in something amazing and fun.
  3. 20-day spending rule: You spend to help you be happier then you are unhappy because you spent all your dough. It’s called buyers remorse and it is very real. Instead, use the 20-day rule. If you still want it in 20 days then go for it!
  4. Create a budget: Take control of your life and decrease unnecessary stress by doing up a budget that works for you. If you would be interested in tips to do this let me know!
  5. Start a savings account: Make your dreams come true by beginning saving, no amount is too small.
  6. Buy second hand: Connecting with our environment means taking care of it. Buy second hand when you can to keep the production of new products down.
  7. Donate to Goodwill: Do not throw away anything unless completely necessary. If you really don’t need it give it to someone who does.
  8. Get the right products: By right products, I mean products that use the right kind of morals in their production. If you are not sure how ethical your favorite brands are then try downloading the app GoodOnYou. They break it all down and also provide with alternative options for your fashion desires.
  9. Stop accepting presents: Ask for money for Christmas, or ask for nothing. The temporary happiness you get from a gift disappears when it becomes a nuisance taking up room in your home.
  10. Clear your space: Bringing me to my next point. Keep the clutter to a minimum.
  11. Light some candles: Maybe it is just me but when I come home from a long day of work and light a candle the whole atmosphere around me calms down creating the best home environment.
  12. Pick up some trash: Choose a day to put on some gloves grab a garbage bag and go for a walk around your neighborhood picking up some trash. It is a way to show love to the earth, your community and it might inspire others to do the same.
  13. Join a  community: It is important to create a life that is filled with like-minded people that support one another. Join a book club, a yoga group a mom’s club or church group. Somewhere where you can connect with a larger group outside of social media.
  14. Minimize: Check out the book The Life-Changing Magic of Tidying Up: The Japanese Art of Decluttering and Organizing and pick a day and a room. It will help refresh your space and mind.
  15. Get a bird feeder: Having some kind of wildlife around you is a wonderful way to enrich your environment. Something as simple as a bird feeder can really help with that connection.
  16. Cook something amazing: Learn to reconnect with your food by buying fresh local ingredients and cooking a meal from scratch.
  17. Recycle: Do I even need to explain why this is good for the environment?
  18. Drive less: It is not feasible for everyone to walk or bike to work, so if you are in that situation remember you can simply drive a little less. That is a wonderful way to help the environment.
  19. Educate yourself on alternate power sources: Check out solar and wind power. Maybe this is an option for you. Renewable energy is the way of the future so you should get familiar with it.
  20. Get outside: Your home should not just be inside the walls of your home. Find a space outdoors to call your own. A relaxing spot in your backyard or a park bench.
  21. Surround yourself with the right people: You are the average sum of your 5 closest friends. Don’t allow a negative person to cloud your mind and space.
  22. Declutter: Cleaning up and decluttering are very different. Keeping things clutter free and open with have a dramatic effect on your mind as well as space.
  23. Create an inspiring home: Paint your walls a vibrant color, fill picture frames with photos of people you love. Create the surrounding that is uniquely you and reflects the things that inspire you.
  24. Let the light in: Open your blinds and curtains to let the sunshine illuminate your space, in the winter think about getting a “sad light” for your home. The sun does wonders for our mood.
  25. Make sure you have a comfy bed: Make sure you have the proper blankets, pillow, and mattress in your home. Sleep restores us so if you can make a small change like buying a new pillow it can have a huge impact on you in the longer term.

Thank you for checking out this my series. I hope it helps inspire you to make some simple positive changes in your life.



  1. Tiffany Staples | 28th Jun 17

    I love the piggy bank idea and the budget idea! I always saw a budget as a hindrance, but now that I am committed to sticking to one, I feel free!

    • stephaniewp | 28th Jun 17

      I stuff change in mine and take it out at Christmas, it is a great help!

  2. Claire - Heart Handmade UK | 28th Jun 17

    I do all of these things 🙂 although I should declutter more

  3. meganjohnson86 | 28th Jun 17

    Great post! Love the 20 day spending rule! I need to do that more often! Plus, for all you know it could be on sale in 20 days! Even better!

    • stephaniewp | 28th Jun 17

      Yes exactly! That always seems to happen to me.

  4. 01tabby | 28th Jun 17

    I have found that decluttering my life not only includes things, but people as well. When you remove yourself from a negative person, your outlook totally changes. Very interesting list, saving and then splurging on something later sounds like me lol.

    • stephaniewp | 29th Jun 17

      I am in massive need of a declutter at the moment. I feel so heavy when things are cluttered around me, and I could not agree more about the spending thing! Ugh.

  5. divya | 30th Jun 17

    I love the idea of piggy banking

  6. Anil Kumar | 30th Jun 17

    Thanks for sharing a very important role in environment. I follow and evolving environment.

  7. HowToBeHappyAgain | 30th Jun 17

    Just love your list! Some of those are huge! Big life changers! Like surrounding yourself with the right people. How would you propose getting negative people out of your daily life? Thanks.

    • stephaniewp | 30th Jun 17

      I think you just gave me an idea for a blog post because I have a lot to say about that. I did write a post about how to spot a toxic friendship which is helpful in knowing who is negative in your life but getting negative people out of your life is really hard, especially if they are family. Stay tuned I will put this on my list to write.

  8. Befitting Style | 30th Jun 17

    Happiness definitely comes from within but getting your life together (finances) definitely draws happiness!

  9. yesthismoment | 1st Jul 17

    I’ve really enjoyed reading this series. This list is especially helpful (and I’m grateful that I already do many of these things). I do have to begin to actually light the candles i have throughout my home, though!! Thank you – you’re making a difference! Diane

    • stephaniewp | 4th Jul 17

      Thank you for your kind words, Diane! I am glad you enjoyed my little series 🙂

  10. Jean | 1st Jul 17

    These are some really great tips that I would love to try. I’ll be sure to check out the other posts in the series too. 😊

  11. Deb's World | 1st Jul 17

    Thanks for these great tips. I especially love the last one about having a comfy bed – it makes complete sense!!

    • stephaniewp | 4th Jul 17

      It totally does. But for some reason it took me a long time to figure it out 🙂

  12. globalhousesitterX2 | 1st Jul 17

    Good list of points to act on. Especially de-clutter and clear the mess 🙂

    • stephaniewp | 4th Jul 17

      I agree! Decluttering is something I think everyone wants to do 🙂

  13. You Can Always Start Now | 1st Jul 17

    Great ideas. Love the quotes. Few things I’m putting on my list. Always have a bag for goodwill on the floor!!

    • stephaniewp | 4th Jul 17

      That’s good that you have the habit of donating clothes. A lot of people could learn from that. Good luck to you 🙂

  14. Everything EmmZeeBee | 1st Jul 17

    I loved reading through your tips and tricks…I do hardly any of these! :O

    • stephaniewp | 4th Jul 17

      Thanks for reading! Hopefully you feel inspired to try some out 🙂

  15. Ritu | 1st Jul 17

    More great advice!

  16. angelanoelauthor | 1st Jul 17

    Every once in a while I have a fantasy about moving into a “Tiny House.” These super-efficient little houses remind me of the caravan Danny and his dad inhabited in one of my childhood favorites DANNY THE CHAMPION OF THE WORLD. The necessity of thoughtfulness about every “thing” we surround ourselves by has such appeal to me. I don’t like clutter but there are a few spots in our house where clutter seems to gather. I’m going to try something different inspired by your list. I think it’s such a simple thing, but can mean a whole lot! Thanks for the post (series)!

    • stephaniewp | 4th Jul 17

      Thank you for reducing the series I am glad you enjoyed it and felt inspired! I am in the process of trying to downsize myself. Starting with my closet and book collection. Good luck to us!

  17. Brenna | 1st Jul 17

    These are some great tips, we just recently moved and I have been working on making our home more free of things we dont need or love and it has really helped my anxiety.

    • stephaniewp | 4th Jul 17

      Moving is the best time to get rid of things you don’t use or need. I find that when I am packing things up I discover all kinds of things hidden away that I don’t use.

  18. Jennifer | 1st Jul 17

    This is a great post. We love to throw our spare change into a jar. Each year we use it for a splurge restaurant while on vacation.

    • stephaniewp | 4th Jul 17

      That is another great idea! I have a trip planned for next year maybe I will use my funds for something like that. Spend a little more than I normally would. 🙂

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