All Natural Deodorant Review- Routine

Using products that are natural and cruelty-free has become increasingly important to me. Not only for my own personal health and well-being but because I kind of care about the environment. Yea that’s right, I am a tree hugger and proud of it. We as the consumers have the power to make the choice of what products we purchase, so I have decided to place a healthy level of mindfulness between myself and beauty products. There are alternatives out there if only you take the time to do a little research, the big brand beauty companies have run the show for far too long and maybe even have us a little brainwashed on what we need to be using.

As a result of my newfound mindfulness, I began searching for a deodorant that was both natural and cruelty-free, which is now essential to me.  Then I discovered the company Routine. I was impressed with their morals and dedication to creating natural products, and the fact that they are Canadian was a major bonus. Shout out to my fellow Canucks!

Routine was kind enough to send me four sample deodorants to try out for you guys. I am a pretty um… sweaty individual. Yea that’s right a sweaty tree hugger. Trust me when I say I did the legwork when testing these out. Each deodorant endured its fair share of gym sessions, hikes, normal work days and stressful social situations. I hope you enjoy!

General Thoughts:

Packaging: The howling wolf logo featured on this product is super cool. It is nice to see a deodorant for women that doesn’t have something graceful and “womanly” representing it. Like a dove, snowflake, flower or another manner of gentleness. The howling wolf is powerful, majestic and fierce. Like me! And my pits I guess.

Application: This is a finger application deodorant which is to be applied with clean hands. This was different for me, but once I really thought about the materials used to create those easy application deodorants I quickly became thankful that I was saving on materials. The deodorant is creamy and absorbent so it was no different to apply than a moisturizer, after a few days I began to really love this application process.

The Curator

The Curator

Scent:  This deodorant did not disappoint giving off a minty, fresh smell no doubt due to the eucalyptus used.

Durability: The perfect deodorant for people with sensitive skin or anyone who can not use baking soda in their deodorants. It is gentle but also a perfect for day-to-day use.

Like a Boss

Like a Boss

Scent: This had a stronger more floral scent that I felt was a great summer smell. I believe this is a top seller for them and I can see why!

Durability: I felt the staying power of this deodorant was a bit more powerful than the other three I tried.

Sexy Sadie

Sexy Sadie

Scent: This is their vegan formula with a mixture of cinnamon and orange which was by far my favorite scent.

Durability: I tried to make this one work for me as I loved the scent so much but I found it better for day to day use compared to workout sessions.

Sweet Jane

Sweet Jane

Scent: This was a practically odorless product with subtle hints of vanilla (Mmmm vanilla).

Durability: I used this product the most out of all four making it my favorite. I think it was a mixture of the subtle scent and the day to day staying power.

Final thoughts

If you have sensitive skin and are looking for a natural deodorant that doesn’t make you smell like a hippy this is a product you should definitely check out. Something that is really great about this company is you can actually purchase sample sizes of the product you would like to try online, this is a wonderful nonwasteful way to test it out before committing to a larger full size.

This is a great company who are trying out natural ingredients that really work. A wonderful alternative to the mainstream deodorants that are available out there.

About Routine

Routine was created by sisters Neige and Pippa at the base of the Rocky Mountains in beautiful Calgary, Canada. A company that is passionate about being based within Canada and containing only clean and wholesome ingredients.





  1. divya | 30th Jun 17

    wow ! this is just amazing I always look for something natural and this is amazing thanks for sharing

    • stephaniewp | 30th Jun 17

      I never really gave it much thought until more recently. Now I am all about the natural products 🙂

  2. Careonskin (@careonskin) | 30th Jun 17

    I always knew that there is something out there that is natural for our armpits. I dont want baking soda because its too irritating. Thank you for this post!

  3. toandfroblog | 30th Jun 17

    I try to use products that are environmental and animal friendly where I can, but unfortunately, deodorant is something I will not budge on. I’ve heard too many horror stories of friends trying to use products like Tom’s. This product sounds great though, especially the scents! Also love that it is a Canadian company. Love supporting my fellow canucks.

    • stephaniewp | 30th Jun 17

      I require a strong deodorant and I have tried natural products in the past that left me smelling like patchouli which I am not a fan of. This product is great because they have lots of different scents that are more appealing, it’s cheap to test out, natural and Canadian! Three thumbs up! 🙂

  4. fit2fash | 30th Jun 17

    This is very different and maybe worth trying. My first time coming across these. Thanks for doing a review, it was really helpful.

  5. joyfuliowan | 1st Jul 17

    This is interesting! I need to check it out since I am always looking for natural deodorants

    • stephaniewp | 4th Jul 17

      They have a lot of really great info on their website. Worth checking out for sure 🙂

  6. Yentl | 1st Jul 17

    I’ve been using a natural deodorant I really like but wanted to see what else was out there because it doesn’t hold up with intense workouts lol Thank you for the review! I will have to check this brand out!

    • stephaniewp | 4th Jul 17

      You should try this one out. Tere are lots of different scents available. I prefer the baking soda free ones personally.

      • Yentl | 4th Jul 17

        I do, too. Baking soda is too astringent for the skin.

  7. anhistorianabouttown | 2nd Jul 17

    How did you find they were in terms of marking clothing?

    • stephaniewp | 3rd Jul 17

      There was no noticeable sweat marks or stains left. There was also no white powdery stain like with normal deodorant.

  8. Steff | 2nd Jul 17

    These sound interesting, I like that there are scent choices! I admit I am a sweater and haven’t had much luck with natural deodorants in the past, but I would be curious to try these now! 🙂

    • stephaniewp | 4th Jul 17

      On their website, you can find all kinds of different scents to try out. I think they are worth a try. I would suggest getting a variety of samples to test out to see what works for your before committing to a full size.

  9. noellekelly | 2nd Jul 17

    Like a Boss sounds great, I love the packaging! I wonder how easy it would be to ship it to Ireland… 😁

    • stephaniewp | 3rd Jul 17

      You should check out their site and shoot them an email. They are super helpful!

  10. lakeafton | 3rd Jul 17

    Interesting concepts

  11. benjamin333 | 4th Jul 17

    Thanks for this information I will definitely look into it. I’ve been using pit paste after learning more about deodorant. I’m always wanting to learn more.

    • stephaniewp | 4th Jul 17

      Me too! If you have any favorites of your own let me know 🙂

      • benjamin333 | 4th Jul 17

        Primal put paste is favorite now because it’s not burning my skin. I need to try some that you mentioned.

        • stephaniewp | 4th Jul 17

          I found this one very light and gentle. I hope you have better luck than previous! Let me know how it goes 🙂

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