Dear Planet, I’m sorry we don’t give a Fuck

Dear Planet,

I’m sorry we don’t give a fuck…

Love Steph aka Destroyer of the world

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Guys I am freaking out just a little.

OK, deep breath. 

Allow me to explain like a normalish person.

I just spent the better part of the evening educating myself on the current state of the environment. Yea, that’s right. I just went down the black hole of global warming and there was nothing warm about it.

I feel fearful, I feel helpless, I feel we as a species are failing each other. I feel we are trapped in a burning house or something traumatic like that.

Please don’t get me wrong, I realize this has been a thing for awhile. I consider myself a Millennial in every sense of the word. Basically, I love and care about the environment and I feel passionately about educating myself and others. Basically, I give a fuck. A huge FUCK actually. I really do.

However, I can’t help but think we are being neglected by our own kind. It has shaken me to my core to think that there are so many people out there who are not only denying that global warming is happening but don’t even care or respect others enough to properly educate themselves on this topic. I am shocked at how many fucks are not given on this matter. What gives humans?

To think there are world leaders out there whose main knowledge base being business are ignoring and disrespecting the knowledge of scientists, and their fellow human beings. It’s disgusting and shameful. What have we become?

I am sorry for sounding overly panicked here but to be honest I am. We all should be. Grab your pitchforks and torches people.

OK, deep breath. 

I know as individuals all we can do is try our best and do what we can. Which basically means, reduce our carbon footprints. I get it, I have been trying.I just feel like it is not enough. I feel like more people need to be talking about this.

We are all so stuck in our day to day lives that collectively we are missing the mark. Our voice is not loud enough. We should be screaming about this, not rolling our eyes and having casual conversations around the water cooler.

“Yea Jim that weather is pretty crazy lately, must be global warming. haha” Sips coffee as the world explodes. 

When I finally finished torturing myself with the overwhelming evidence that the end is nigh I thought to myself… I am here now.

I am alive now with green trees in my backyard, clean air in my lungs and two able hands attached to my body. A body that wouldn’t be possible without this beautiful planet. I thought… so now what am I going to do?

Thus this little post was born.

As bloggers we have a voice, we have a chance to change the conversation. We have a chance to be louder… together!

This is why I have decided to take my goals to save the world a step further. (Que, pinky and the brain epic take over the world music.) I plan on doing what I can by writing more posts about these types of topics and the things that little old me is doing to do my part to help out.

First, let me be completely honest. I will openly admit right now that I am not a vegan, I am not out there saving cows from slaughter and I have been known to not read the back of my shampoo bottles to see if the product was used on puppies first. Basically, I am as mentioned earlier a normalish person. But that is going to change.

I am going to do better.

I hope you can gain some motivation from my blog to make some changes yourself, to write, read and talk about these issues. To slow down on the consumption of fast fashion, to stop Hansel and Greteling baby animals and read the freaking bottle and stop being a lazy oger.

Sorry… didn’t mean to name call back there. Things got a little weird.

Seriously I hope you are excited about the changes coming up on my blog and in my life. I hope you are motivated to do more for yourself, our species and the planet… because we all need you.

Let’s do this!

It does not matter how slowly you go as long as you do not stop..jpg





  1. Jessica @ Polka Dotted All The Things Boutique | 7th Jul 17

    Good for you for taking a stand. I hope you come up with a concrete plan of action and share it with us.

  2. Jill Conyers (@jillconyers) | 8th Jul 17

    It sounds like you have found a passion. I’m looking forward to seeing your posts.

  3. Ritu | 8th Jul 17

    Great post! It’s easy to think about these things… do a little but expect the lions share to be done by another… We all need to give a sh*t!!!

  4. Willowdot21 | 8th Jul 17

    You are bang on right! I give a fuck too but is hard work when the world leaders and those with money and yes lots of ordinary people too don’t give a fuck
    All we can do is our bit to the best of our ability! I have written many poems on the rape of mother earth.
    Okay rant over (great post by the way) Happy Social Saturday 😉

    • stephaniewp | 10th Jul 17

      I thin writing and sharing your thoughts about this is a wonderful way to make a difference. It gets people thinking that is for sure! We may not have the power that world leaders have but we have our own free will and voices.

  5. Phil Taylor | 8th Jul 17

    I am completely with you on this. It’s crazy that world leaders ignore while the evidence of our planet changing is undeniable.

  6. Gary | 8th Jul 17

    Wow Steph, I left this in my inbox to come back and comment. Climate change has been well documented in the science community for almost a decade. Biggest mistake was a coined phrase the media grabbed and made fun of…Global Warming, yay, it’s going to be nice in summer type of thing. I was going to write a post after observing people being people and not taking personal responsibility and simply blaming someone else. Example, about a month ago a council crew was deployed to clear litter off a slip road onto a dual carriageway to the following junction. They did it over a week and yes, it costs the taxpayer to pay folk to do that. They filled two trucks with crap thrown out of cars and lorries by….oh yes the general public. Two weeks later you would never have even known they’d cleared the debris up. So, personal responsibility here means take your crap home. Saves US money by not having to deploy folk to clear it up, plastics stay in bins and get proper disposal (allegedly) and wildlife gets away without adding our rubbish to their daily existence.

    The whole topic gets my goat up too…as I say that’s just one example of things I now watch out for…not always people in charge…often yes, but litter is one thing we can stop. There are more, but this may then become the post I was going to write!

    Good on you Steph x

    • stephaniewp | 10th Jul 17

      Thanks for the comment Gary! It is hard to watch people litter or see liter around the streets when you know how hard we should all be trying to do better with what we are already doing. Then there are people who are making it harder for no reason whatsoever. I try to go around with a garbage bag and pick things up from time to time, but you raise a good point here. They should make this a priority to kids in school. Not a punishment for community service, but something that from a young age is just what we as people do,clean up after each other and care for our planet. Seems like wishful thinking, but one can dream.

      • Gary | 10th Jul 17

        My pleasure in a weird sort of way, pleasure possibly being the wrong word given the post context. Thing is, back in time…people always took their own bags to put shopping in, they readily swept the pavements outside their houses and shops, I never remember roads so strewn with rubbish, domestic bins were a fraction of the size they are now and rarely full. Somewhere along the line people have bought into being socially lazy. There was a brief uproar when supermarkets were forced to charge for bags. Nobody seemed to spot they were initially free to advertise the shop. That alone stopped folk taking their own bags in. The problem today is no foresight on decisions. We do this…now what will be the consequence 5 or 10 years hence? Not rocket science to work out several billion carrier bags per month have to end up somewhere. Chuck your plastic rubbish into a stream…where’s it going? Put microbeads into vanity products and where do they go? And that’s before you even ask the ecological questions. Seems to be a conjoined problem; manufacturers chasing profit and people buying into things without thinking and them blaming the corporates. We all have brains so the push out there should be to use them. If product A has a bag inside a box inside another bag, then buy one that hasn’t. If there’s a bin nearby use it, if you can recycle stuff then do so and so on and so forth. A friend of mine once said what’s the point recycling stuff; to wit I said if 40 million people (here) have your POV then its pointless, however if 40 million people share my view then we start making an impact. Until people like that wake up then things won’t change…which is where I guess voices must start piping up and getting the message out. Society used to be better at this one…somewhere education awareness and/or laziness has usurped it….rant paused !

        • stephaniewp | 10th Jul 17

          Good points here Gary! I saw on a great documentary on Netflix called Hungry for Change, (I think it was that one) where they talked about what you are basically saying here. Back in the 60’s the convenience and “luxury: offered was marketed towards busy housewives, convenience replaced work and for the first time the regular nuclear family could live the good life. The problem was it became the norm and now 50ish years later people don’t even know how to cope with the little changes we NEED to make. We know the differences now and the ones who resist will be the ones who suffer the most, I really do believe things will change but it will take many conversations.

          • Gary | 10th Jul 17

            It was also post war years too; commodities were more looked after, repaired not thrown away. Lots of skills there have been lost in the want it now generation which, to be honest, has not actually lived in desperate times despite the media trying to make it look like it. As you point out, the change was when the good life replaced hard work; now hard work is a fraction of what it was throughout most of our history. I think that generates a more someone else job scenario…eg the pavements I mentioned; not my job, its the councils. Thing is that punches holes in budgets so things cost more…then the same people moan about that; meanwhile the media sticks to issues and stray swell off saying people actually need to start doing more instead of flicking channels on the TV with a remote and bags of snacks. I call it social inertia. Everybody wants things to change, as long as someone else does it. The crux of reality is the message they all seem to avoid and that fits into my Decline of Civilisations theorem!!!

  7. Grenzroots | 8th Jul 17

    Awesome’ve got me thinking very deeply here…how can I help, what can I do?
    I’d like to help make a difference!
    Thank you for creating this awareness.

  8. SickChristine | 8th Jul 17

    It really is shocking how little people care about the state of the planet or that think global warming doesn’t exist. If you’re looking to reduce your meet consumption you could start small and do Meatless Monday. It’s an easy way to dip your toe into things.

    • stephaniewp | 10th Jul 17

      Thanks for the tip! At first I did find it difficult to go without meat on certain days, but now I am finding it easier. I like the idea of meatless Monday. I think I am going to make that a thing 🙂

  9. Gabe Burkhardt | 8th Jul 17

    I hear you. Friends often look at me strangely when they discover that I no longer drive (public transpo and walking is just fine), and I have no problem radically scaling backs things like water usage and food waste.
    But more and more people are starting to come around, and I’m pretty sure it’s ppl like you who voice their concern and make a commitment to change that will at least slow the damage we’re doing.

    • stephaniewp | 10th Jul 17

      I hope so! I hope more people can talk about this without getting that kind of judgment. There is a certain level of bravery going against the norm and integrity in the commitment. I hope more people can open their eyes to this.

  10. Modern Gypsy | 8th Jul 17

    Global warming is scary! Every time I watch a documentary, I wonder how global warming naysayers can say no in the face of so much evidence! We need more people giving a fuck about this for sure! More power to your pen!

    • stephaniewp | 10th Jul 17

      Thank you! It seems the least educated on the topic are the ones who kick up a stink, I can see why maybe it is fear or a resistance to change but it will change it has too!

  11. anhistorianabouttown | 8th Jul 17

    I’m actually in the middle of a series on says to be more sustainable in your own life! The first was on food, the home will be this week, and your wardrobe the week after. I think a lot of people get scared off by the work/potential cost but it’s not hard once it becomes part of your routine and we HAVE to if we want a fighting chance at all!!

    • stephaniewp | 10th Jul 17

      I am going to check out that series no, it sounds wonderful! I agree! When I first started making these small changes it was different and a tiny bit of work, but after awhile it became so easy and just a regular part of life. One of my favorite parts is the satisfaction that I get when I do find something I love that is second hand or minimize in some way, I feel like I am winning a little.

  12. Deb's World | 8th Jul 17

    Good on you!! Looking forward to your future posts.

  13. josypheen | 8th Jul 17

    I am with you on this completely! It is bloody scary how little the environment is talked about in politics. Especially as it is the biggest threat to our little blue planet.

    I am doing my best to mend things rather than buy new… or buy second hand things when I can. BUT we just moved city and it was really hard to find second hand furniture that we actually liked. Now I feel bad that we bought some new chairs, table and a bed new. 🙁

    I’ll keep trying.

    • stephaniewp | 10th Jul 17

      I hear you there! Sometimes it is hard to by second hand and that is half the problem. There should be more options out there for people. They should make less products of better quality rather than more products of less quality. Buying second had is a great thing to do and I myself am trying to do more of it, but I really think talking to others like family, friends and even sharing on social media is a great way to make an impact an change how people view the items they buy.

  14. ellenbest24 | 8th Jul 17

    Ah we can all do better so don’t kick yourself just change one thing. If everyone altered one thing it would help. I recycle and second hand shop first, buy new only for special occasions, if I buy one piece new two have to go to a charity shop. I dont wash until I have a whole load, the dishwasher never goes on half full. I am a meat eater but for health we eat red meat only once a month. So I try, but maybe harder would be better. Nice blog.

    • stephaniewp | 10th Jul 17

      Thanks for sharing. I to try to do those things and other little things to help out, I am vowing to do for myself to help my impact. It is a nice to hear that there are other people out there who are doing the little things they can to help out. 🙂

  15. Lisa Orchard | 8th Jul 17

    I’m glad you give a fuck. I do, too. I’m just not sure what we can do about it. We need to organize via social media. Maybe if we form some sort of group we can get a petition going or something. What do you think?

    • stephaniewp | 10th Jul 17

      I think that if every individual talks about it and demands better then eventually we can get there. As bloggers i think we have lots of power to share positive vibes and perhaps if we are lucky even change opinions. It is a long hard battle ahead but if more people wake up I think we can get there.

  16. globalhousesitterX2 | 9th Jul 17

    As the old saying goes, “Every little bit helps”. Thought provoking post!

  17. Befitting Style | 9th Jul 17

    There is soooo much joy in focusing on who you are and truly going for what God placed you on earth for. So good to focus on you! Love the quote!

  18. NM (@nmdiariesx) | 10th Jul 17

    It is sad to see what we as humans are doing to our own planet and most of us are completely ignorant at it. I too will do better! I too will stop being a lazy oger!

    Thank you for sharing this post. I am sure it will ignite a lot of fires in bellies!

    • stephaniewp | 10th Jul 17

      Thank you so much for your kind words! I had to get it off my chest, I hope it makes even the smallest of impacts on those who read it. Thanks again!

  19. Harry | 12th Jul 17

    Great post. Thanks for your insights.
    I do my bit as i am one of those who really give a fuck.
    The idea should be to spread more awareness.

    • stephaniewp | 12th Jul 17

      absolutely! Spreading awareness is key!

  20. The Dark Fairy | 9th Aug 17

    I just bought myself a small solar panel to hang in my window. Through the summer it will charge my camera, phone, ipod and a fan for the hot weather. If everyone did all the small things we could make a big difference!

    • stephaniewp | 14th Aug 17

      Wow! That sounds amazing! Where did you get it?

  21. Dane Reny | 6th Feb 18

    Dane Reny

    Good post. I am experiencing some of these issues as well..

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