Why I Stopped Taking Birth Control and Switched to Natural Beauty Products

There have been many changes in my lifestyle lately. Nothing major or extreme. Let’s just say I have been waking up. Words like organic, natural and vegan in which  I would have previously rolled my eyes at are now important members of my vocab fam. Strange how life works isn’t it?

I am changing. I am expanding. I am growing. Like it or not I guess.

One of the biggest changes in my life has been my personal choice to switch to natural, vegan and cruelty-free products. It didn’t happen overnight and I am still learning a lot but I feel good about the changes I am making for me and I feel ready to share with you all a little bit about what brought me to these changes.

Buckle up, it’s about to get personal up in here.

It all started a little over a year ago.

I began experiencing odd cramps and after I visited my doctor I was told that I had ovarian cysts. Oh? OK, that’s a first. I was further told that they are pretty normal and that many women will experience these at some point in their lifetime. Sounded good to me and after I left my appointment I assumed all would be normal once more. But after another month it just seemed to be getting worse, not normal. The pain was so constant it was becoming a major annoyance in my life. At 27 years old I had never had this issue before and was seriously concerned and curious as to why this was happening to me now.

Another trip to the doctor…

She suggested I get on birth control pills in order to stop the cyst growth. Which I did, and they went away. Problem solved right? Yea, not really. After a few months of taking the birth control pills, I began experiencing other types of issues, mood swings, breakouts even a little weight gain. I felt like a zombie and I knew it was because of the hormones in the pills, it had happened to me before, which was why I stopped taking them, to begin with. I was all out of balance, I just did not feel right.

Another trip to the doctor…

I shared my feelings of unhappiness about the pills. We switched to a pill with the lowest possible hormonal dosage. I felt relieved. But after a few more months there was no change, I still felt like a zombie, albeit a cyst-less one.

Another trip to the doctor…

I finally was able to get an ultrasound after almost a year of waiting. I was convinced they were going to finally tell me something that would satisfy me. Like “Oh we missed this twin that has been growing in your abdomen since birth with its own teeth and hair.” Or something weird like that. But you guessed it… nothing. After the ultrasound I was once again confirmed to be normal, many women experience this. Poor women.

So this was it. Were these my only options? Feel like a zombie on birth control pills for my whole life or have cysts?

I decided after nearly a year of confusion and doctors appointments that I was going to find a natural approach. It was the only choice I had left. A choice I discovered on my own without so much as a whisper from my doctor.

I began absorbing the advice of every hippy, naturopath and natural health practitioner I could find. I journeyed to my local health food store and began educating myself on the other options not provided by my doctor. I read stories from those who had gone down this road also, I read books and I began to feel optimistic about taking the plunge into a pilless treatment for myself.

The consensus among most was limit the amount of external hormones in my body and regulate the ones I have naturally. Basically the same idea as the birth control bills in regulating but there are other natural ways to do this, believe it or not. So I began a new approach,  I started eating organically, increasing fiber, stopped using plastic, stopped eating dairy, began exercising more regularly and more along my point I began searching for natural products to put on my body. Moisturizers, makeup, shampoo, everything!

Why? Because the evidence was that the hormones and chemicals contained in the products we use regularly can and will eventually have some kind of affect on our bodies. I like many of you thought it was craziness at first but I decided to take the chance, I was desperate. I  got off the birth control, committed myself to a natural approach and indulged completely.

Maybe you can guess what happened. I am now free from my cysts, I don’t feel like a zombie and I am %100 convinced that this is the real deal, what we put on and in our body matters… a lot!

The sad truth is that if I had been living naturally, eating organically and reading the back of my shampoo bottles sooner then I may have never been this off balance, to begin with. My hormones would have been in check and in my particular case, the cysts may have never developed.

Now don’t be foolish people! Don’t get off your pills and start drinking hippy tea. Do your research if you are thinking of finding a new approach to a health issue of your own. It will take work but the information is out there just not in the regular places you would look to find them. That is why it is called alternative medicine after all.

More on my story…

During this same year, I began practicing Buddhism, a spiritual practice that began to have a profound effect on how I viewed the world around me. The world that includes animals, the environment and myself.

The love I feel for many things that I previously had my eyes closed to is now something that pours out in ways I can not control, nor do I want to.

Using my power as a consumer for the betterment of my own health, the livelihood of good people and the survival and health of other creatures on our earth is what drives me to consume consciously. One of the ways I do that now is by being conscious and natural with my purchases of beauty products.

I have not looked back from my decision and I am happy to say that nearly all my products are now natural, my health is better than ever and so is my spirit.

If you would like to read my all natural beauty reviews of products check in the All Natural Beauty category of this site. New posts weekly!


  1. Brittany | 10th Jul 17

    What a great post. I have also switched to a more natural life, specifically by using Young Living Essential Oils. They’ve changed my life and now I have eliminated hand soap, cleaning products, face wash, anti wrinkle cream and so much more with products I have made on my own or bought through them. We should follow each other’s pages to keep up with all the things we both find in the natural world! Thanks for sharing this and good luck with your journey!

    • stephaniewp | 10th Jul 17

      Thanks for sharing Brittany. i am checking out and following your site now 🙂

  2. Ashley | 10th Jul 17

    Thank you for sharing your story! I made a similar definitive decision on birth control and I think it was for the best. More people need to talk about this…

    • stephaniewp | 10th Jul 17

      It is true! I know many people in my personal life who have had similar issues. There are other options I wish doctors would share with us.

  3. Dawn Karwoski | 10th Jul 17

    I had a very similar experience, and also struggle with ovarian cysts and a hormone disorder. I am not completely healed yet, but things are much better than they used to be. I am 100% convinced living a healthy, natural life depends us caring for ourselves in every way, including what we put on and in our bodies. Thanks for sharing your story!
    Dawn | OurFoodFix.com

    • stephaniewp | 11th Jul 17

      Thank you for your comment! I am glad to hear that things are getting better for you and I hope they continue to improve. They are the worst! Good luck to you! xo

  4. 5amt3n | 10th Jul 17

    Thank you for this post. I really enjoyed reading it. Decades ago I switched over to natural cleaning products. I clean my bathtub, sinks, and many other surfaces with baking soda, lemon juice, or vinegar. Later I switched to environmentally (including me! ) friendly personal products, things like hand creams, moisturizer, eye makeup, sunscreens, dish liquids, hand soap, etc.. Many years ago I read some information written by a very aware and forward thinking doctor, about being careful about what we exposed our skin to. He went on to say that our skin is a 100% efficient organ. Organ? I had forgotten about that fact. When I read that bit of information I was very glad that I was using natural products for cleaning. From that point on I became very aware of everything that my skin touched. I also couldn’t help but think of all the people out there using harmful products, products that they use every day without realizing that their bodies are absorbing all of the dangerous chemicals in them and also adding to our water systems and air. I also read of the hormones that eventually show up in the water that comes out of our taps as an offshoot of birth control pills. That really kind of freaked me out. I would never have thought of that one in a million years.

    • stephaniewp | 11th Jul 17

      It is sad that when you tell many people this they often think that you are being dramatic or some kind of conspiracy theorist, mainly because people don’t want to change their ways, I think that people are afraid of the truth. The chemicals and hormones that we are exposed to every day are endless and although it can be hard ot get rid of all it is a good idea for everyone to limit the most harmful, including cleaning products. Thanks for sharing your story. It is so nice to know that there are people out there who care and are awake to this.

  5. Megan | 11th Jul 17

    I love this. I have also started many of the same routines you have. Paying more attention to what I but in my body as well as paying more attention to the world around me through meditation. I have had horrible experiences with birth control that have made my mind hazy and other constant side effects. To say the least.. I have not responded well to birth control. Thank you for your story!

    • stephaniewp | 11th Jul 17

      I think there are many people in the same boat. Mindlessly taking birth control for years having no idea the long term effects. It is not natural and it certainly doesn’t feel natural. Thank you for your kind comment 🙂

  6. Airra Pingol | 11th Jul 17

    Thank you for sharing your experience w/ us. Im also planning to switch on a more organic option. I just dont like the effects of birth control pills on me.

  7. mrsrob987 | 11th Jul 17

    The ovarian cysts are damn painful – read about them a lot.. It’s hard being a woman

  8. Berniedette | PetiteAndToned.com | 12th Jul 17

    That is amazing, Stephanie! I feel like I’m so dependent on BC and love how it makes my skin glow. But I am so happy that you found a natural solution that works for you! Wishing you all the best!


    Berniedette | PetiteAndToned.com

  9. taylermorrell | 12th Jul 17

    I used to never have a problem on birth control before I got pregnant. Then, after both my kids, I tried to get back on, but both times, my hormones went completely CHAOTIC. So, for my mental health, I dont do brith control anymore.

  10. franckxethee | 12th Jul 17

    I guess all pills have side effects and that’s how it turns out here. It’s good you found more natural and safer means to control the cyst. – franc.

  11. Fred | 12th Jul 17

    Birth control pills are not without dangerous side effects. Good thing you had minor side effects to warn you to stop. My friend had a pulmonary embolism due to the birth control pills she took for ovarian cyst! Luckily her pulmonologist caught it and treated it in time.

  12. Alexandra Baum | 12th Jul 17

    I’ve dumped the pill for the same reason. The one I got after pregnancy made me go cray cray.

  13. Regg | 12th Jul 17

    interesting story….thanks for sharing!

  14. adriana | 12th Jul 17

    This is a great post! There’s so many things that can screw with your body with birth control – it’s awesome that you were able to switch to treat the issues it was giving you!

  15. Gale | 12th Jul 17

    Wow! Really helps us woman to take care of our health. Glad that you are okay after all the visits with the doctor.

  16. therealpinkblogger | 13th Jul 17

    I loved reading your story!

    Have an awesome day!
    xx Kris


  17. TheGracefulMist | 13th Jul 17

    I had been trying to switch into using all-natural products as well. Also, I eat less meat now as I`m trying to be a vegetarian. It`s quite difficult to switch to using all-natural and organic products because they`re generally more expensive than commercial brands. I`m on a strict budget because I`m still a college student with a small allowance. Hopefully, I can fully switch to an all-natural and organic lifestyle.

    ❀ Grace ❀

    • stephaniewp | 13th Jul 17

      I agree! One of the biggest issues in switching my diet completely is the cost of things. Some grocery trips I can afford a bit more organic than others but other times I can’t. For example, something I do to help me out when choosing what to buy is I avoid the foods that are sprayed with the most pesticides like grapes, cucumber, and spinach. I try to buy those organic as often as I can.

  18. sikat101 | 13th Jul 17

    Glad to know you have found something that will help you live life better. I hope one day I can be a disciplined as you when it comes to diet. So far I have managed to drink water only for hydration ( no sodas, juice, coffee or tea) but that is as far I can go in adjusting my diet. baby steps, i guess. -katrina centeno

    • stephaniewp | 13th Jul 17

      I have a long way to go also, I try to make small changes and stick to them the best that I can. I would love to be able to stop drinking coffee in particular water does wonders for your health!

  19. Brooke | 14th Jul 17

    This post is so important! I made a similar decision after struggling with side effects of birth control & weight gain. I think naturally balancing your hormones is so important – so I started seeing a naturopath instead!

  20. Thelittlelai: Beyond limits | 15th Jul 17

    Wow, I truly admire you heard for this post. Sometimes, shifting is never an easy thing to do even in using the products that we are already used to. Anyway. natural products for me is more effective and friendly to use. I truly agree with all your points here. Thank you so much for sharing this with us.

  21. Ritu | 15th Jul 17

    Brilliant! Nature can give us so.many cures… we just need to look! I’m glad you have got yourself sorted au natural!

  22. Lisa Orchard | 15th Jul 17

    This kind of goes along with my post on “Is Processed Food Poisoning Us.” There are so many pesticides and preservatives in the food we eat, it has to have a negative effect on us. Now that I see you’ve gone all natural and you’re feeling so much better, I’m more convinced than ever. 🙂 Thanks for sharing this with all of us.

  23. anhistorianabouttown | 15th Jul 17

    The hormones do help me but I know that it can very easily turn to an adverse reaction. I use a lot of natural products in my hygiene- lanolin is the best lip balm and hand cream out there!

  24. onedayatatime665 | 12th Sep 17

    What a lovely post! It does inspire me to start on the journey of trying to incorporate as many natural products in my life as possible 🙂

    • stephaniewp | 12th Sep 17

      Thank you! I am happy it was inspiring to you. The next thing on my list is working on eating better healthier foods. One step at a time 🙂

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