13 Blogging Tips from 2 Years of Blogging

It has been a whole two years since I began sharing with you all on ScaleitSimple. Hooray!

To sum up my current thoughts on my blogging skills I would say I kind of feel like a toddler. Sort of cute, eager to learn and moving forward in the mystery of life all while looking clueless and stumbling like a drunk person. You know what I mean?

Regardless, of my mixed feelings, I have learned a lot over the past couple of years, and although I have a long way to go I wanted to share the lessons I have learned so far on my blogging journey.

Last year I shared 12 tips from my first year blogging so this year I thought I would share my best blogging tips from 2 years of blogging (there are 13 by the way). At least I learned one new thing am I right?

Thanks for being a part of my journey. Cheers!

1. Utilize a planner

My planner has literally changed my life when it comes to blogging. I am a pretty organized person and have always been an avid list maker. After too long of struggling to remain organized with my blog I decided to head to the bookstore and buy the prettiest, coolest planner I could find.

Before my planner entered my life, I struggled with my content. Ideas for blog posts would be forgotten and I had no long term vision on postings and to- do’s.

Now I use my planner to plan out the days I am posting, social media automated links and I use my daily viewer to remind myself of the little things I need to work on.

If you are a blogger you need to invest in a planner, it will take the stress out of planning and it will help you be your best most productive self. Taking some of the stress out of blogging leaves more room for creativity.

Stay tuned in September for a new blogging series. There will be lots of helpful posts including a – plan with me post – all about social media and blog management. 

2. Schedule social media a month in advance

At the end of each month, I look at the month ahead to begin scheduling posts, quotes, and images that I wish to share. I use HootSuite and currently schedule all Twitter and Facebook posts a month in advance.

I utilize #motivaitonalmonday #traveltuesday and #sundayblogshare hashtags. Sharing appropriate posts for those days helps with the struggle of constantly scrambling to find content to share on social media daily. I usually try to go for 3 twitter posts a day and 1 Facebook post.

I hope to graduate to a Pinterest scheduling platform in the future, however, most of these programs cost money which I am not able to invest in at the moment. One step at a time!

3. Less is more

In the beginning, I liked to blabber. Ok, so I still kind of blabber. However, I have learned through continued writing that using shorter concise words and sentence structures is better for the blogging world than using fancy filler language.

Getting to the point with a little personality is way more enjoyable to read than a thesis or essay.

4. Join a blogging community

The Big up your Blog and Show your Blog Love communities have been invaluable to me. Both groups are extremely supportive and I have learned so much from other bloggers within these groups. Also linking up with these communities is a great way to increase traffic to your site.

Joining a community is a wonderful way to keep you motivated and relevant in the blogging world. Additionally joining blog events and parties like the ones I host on my site each season is a great way to connect and grow. You can check out my blog parties here.

5. Branch out

For a long time, I wished to branch out and begin sharing the all natural products that I use. I heard about other bloggers reaching out and working with brands on their blogs but insecurity kept me from thinking I would ever have such luck.  I thought there was no way brands would be interested in working with me.

After reading the book #Girlboss I decided to go for it! I created a short and to the point media kit and began reaching out to brands that were in line with the morals of myself and my blog.

The biggest highlight of my blogging year has been when the company DEMES emailed me back and said they would love to work with me.

I honestly cried.

Working with brands is a huge source of inspiration, satisfaction, and pride for me and my blog. If working with brands is a venture you have been thinking about then I urge you to go for it!

Stay tuned for my October E-Book – Getting your blog brand ready. A beginners guide to working with Brands.

6. Fill every post with love and inspiration

In the beginning, I was a little obsessed with creating content. During various times through my blog history, I created posts that I did not love. Some I revamped and edited into sources of happiness, others I hit the delete button on.

Now I don’t publish anything unless I love the writing and the message. Using this kind of filter for yourself will help you create content that goes the distance.

7. Create lead measures that are not money and views

In this post-Dear bloggers, It is not just about the money– I go into some detail surrounding my concerns for bloggers setting unrealistic expectations of success for themselves and their blogs. It is all too easy to read posts by others about their thousands of daily blog views and their thousand dollar incomes and think, “man I stink.”

But hey just like in real life some people have giant houses, yachts and are millionaires, while others are happy camping under the stars. I don’t measure my success and happiness against those standards in my nonvirtual life so why do it with my blog?

To be honest I have no interest in those kinds of blogs because to obtain success with those measures I would have to jeopardize my core message and blogging values.

My measures for success include; steadily pushing my blog boundaries, engage regularly with followers, constantly improve image and site quality, consistent posting, and constant collaboration with fellow bloggers and brands to name a few.

It is OK to still measure traffic but don’t make that your only gauge for success and don’t measure it by the standards of others. If you do you might find yourself very unhappy when you don’t reach those crazy stats.

8. Write when you feel inspired

For a long time, I would write when I felt like I needed to post something. That often resulted in a great deal of dissatisfaction with writing as I would write in a hurry about topics that I had not given much thought about. I was in a rush to post often and sometimes I would not be motivated to write anything, resulting in inconsistency and dissatisfaction.

Now I write as much as I can when I am motivated. Meaning I will draft 2 or 3 new posts because inspiration has struck me just right.

Doing this gives me time to edit and create. And thanks to my planner I have lots of time to spare as I am usually a few weeks ahead of schedule.

9. Write some posts just for you

I think it is important to write posts that are just for you every now and then.

An example of a post just for me was -Finding Patrostism, Kortrijk Belgium. These are the types of posts that will keep you inspired and you will love to read over and over again.

10. Don’t overwhelm your visitors

Maybe it is just me but I truly dislike the prompts and popups I get when visiting blogs. You know those annoying subscribe via email or buy their latest e-book pop up boxes? I know that these are key ways to keep people coming back to your site but they are also a good way to turn off people from your site. If you do decide to have pop-ups then limit the clutter on your side bar instead.

Having too much happening on your blog can scatter the message you want your readers to receive. Ultimately if you write good content people will keep coming back, so make that your main focus!

11. Make every post shareable

Pinterest is, of course, a huge source of traffic for most bloggers. It is a good idea to join a few group boards where other bloggers pin their posts. Like my blogging pals group board which you can join by adding me to Pinterest and sending me a message.

Once you are a part of a few groups you can then add your images and blog posts to those boards. This is a great way to get your posts shared and to discover blogs that you yourself would enjoy reading.

Making shareable images for each post will attract readers on all social media platforms. Be sure to

12. Reach out to other bloggers

Previously when I would stumble across blogs that I really liked I would stare in amazement and maybe brood a little over how mine will never be that great.

Now I look for the “contact me” menu and reach out to the blogger. If it is the images I like then I comment and ask questions. When it is their style of writing I like then I will ask them to write for me. If it is their layout I ask for pointers.

Many bloggers are flattered and love to hear from someone who is authentically interested in their creative baby and are happy to help. Also, reaching out is a wonderful way to grow your blog into the type of site you like and to connect with bloggers who are inspirational to you.

13. Find value in the negative

One of the worst parts of blogging is the nasty comments. Most bloggers will agree that blogging is pretty personal and involves putting yourself out there in ways most people may hold back. Blogging can be vulnerable. When you put yourself out there you are opening yourself up to criticism, some welcome and constructive, some not so much.

When I received my first “nasty” comment on a post I was pretty shocked. I have been lucky to have mostly positive feedback however that first comment stuck with me. It was a not so nicely worded comment about my grammar.

Grammar has always been a huge problem point for me and a big insecurity. So I can’t say the commenter was wrong in saying what they did however unkind the comment was. I did manage to pluck the lesson from the comment in the end and it helped me improve my blog and writing.

I still struggle with grammar but now I try to do better because I want my blog to be a quality one.

Some comments are just mean but it is important to keep in mind that some people feel very passionately and through their own passion they may lose their point. Sometimes it’s best to try to find the point they are trying to leave behind, take the lessons from it and move forward.

What are some lessons you have learned from blogging?

Stay tuned for the special blogging series coming up in September! 


  1. amindfultravellerblog | 15th Aug 17

    These are all great tips Steph. I just started a planner and its the best thing. Keeps me focused and on track. Thanks, Lorelle. X

  2. tachiwi | 15th Aug 17

    I love this article . It is so helpful . I will pin it for later .

  3. Cristina | 15th Aug 17

    I recently started scheduling my social media post. Although I’m not new to blogging or social media, I don’t know why I wasn’t doing it. Anyway, love it! Also a planner is a life saver.

    • stephaniewp | 16th Aug 17

      Great to here! Planning ahead has saved my life 🙂

  4. yasmin ebrahimi | 15th Aug 17

    Great tips. would love to connect with you

  5. Lauren | 15th Aug 17

    I love the tip about branching out! I also read Girlboss and LOVED it 🙂 I just finished “Power your Happy” by Lisa Sugar, founder of Popsugar, and loved it too!!


    Lauren | http://www.mylifeaslaurr.com

    • stephaniewp | 16th Aug 17

      Might have to check out that book. I love a good source of inspiration!

  6. Kari Carter | 15th Aug 17

    I don’t use a planner but I keep a separate Digi folder of post ideas and create one folder per month then drag the ideas into the month I want to use them. I also use the editorial calendar in WordPress. Similar to you, I schedule my social posts in advance. All of my throwbacks and memories get scheduled at the beginning of the year and my new posts push automatically. Thank you for all of your tips!

    • stephaniewp | 16th Aug 17

      Wow! Sounds like you have a great little system worked out for yourself as well! I prefer a physical calendar but I can image a digital one works just as good depending on your own preference.

  7. Rachel Ritlop | 16th Aug 17

    Using a planner and branching out are definitely two tips I really agree with!

  8. Lisa | 16th Aug 17

    Valuable insight in your post. It would be very helpful for me to plan out the blog month a bit better. I plan the blog post ideas but seem to be doing the social media last minute and it is so time consuming! I will check back for news about your book about working with brands as I need to get a media kit together and start promoting my site.

    • stephaniewp | 16th Aug 17

      I will also be posting a whole series of my social media tricks in September. Mainly twitter, facebook and Pinterest. You might find that helpful! Sharing is caring 🙂

  9. Tabi Bee | 16th Aug 17

    Congratulations on 2 whole years! Ooh I agree wuth all of these tips- so useful! <3 xx

  10. Holly | 16th Aug 17

    This is such a lovely post!! Also, I’m in awe of how much you use social media to promote your blog… it’s so awesome! That’s always one of my goals but I’m just so bad at using Twitter haha 🙂 Love these tips!

    • stephaniewp | 16th Aug 17

      In September I will be posting all about how to start using twitter for beginners. You might find some of the tips useful. I know it sounds like lots of promotion but when done in advance it is not too bad.

  11. Bhushavali | 16th Aug 17

    Great tips! Very useful for beginners! I was using Hootsuite, but gave up on it, when it didn’t support Insta!

    • stephaniewp | 16th Aug 17

      I find it useful for my current needs but in the future I may go with something with more options!

  12. Lindsay L. | 16th Aug 17

    These are amazing blogging tips, especially the ones about branching out and joining Facebook communities – they can be so invaluable!

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