Blog Measures you Should Track that are not just Views

Let’s talk about traffic. I mean why not, it’s not like anyone ever talks about blog traffic anymore. Am I right?

Traffic is a key measure for many bloggers and while useful in helping to track blog growth it can also be a pain point and a source of disappointment.

Allow me to explain.

I have a pretty normal blog, I have normalish views, traffic, and followers. I do not make thousands of dollars blogging and I do not claim to know the tricks to get you there. Sorry guys. My focus is just not there, and many of the bloggers I interact with focus is not there either.

In my life and reflecting on my blog I try to live as authentically as possible and it is this mindset that I like to share with my readers.

This post will be no different.

I want to tell you new and old bloggers alike that you can have satisfaction, growth and success on your blog in other ways, different ways than just counting views.

In this post, you will find measures for your blog that I track personally and some that I don’t use but you may be interested in using yourself. I hope that by using these along with your views as a tracking point you can help grow your blog in the way that is right for you and be satisfied with your individual results.


1. Post consistency

Try tracking how often you post. Whether it be once a month, week or twice weekly. By tracking your consistency eventually you will begin to gain a better idea of what kind of posting schedule works for you and your readers. For some people uploading daily is no biggy, that’s not me. Try to determine what your blogging sweet spot is, no one wants to burn out.

2. Track comment engagement

Track how many comments you are averaging per blog post. What type of posts do people like to comment on most often? What is the depth of your comments? On my more personal advice posts, I get comments that simply blow me away. People share personal stories and tips. I love those comments.

When people comment on your blog it means they are really engaging. This is a far better measure than views. A view might be a mere flash in the pan. Someone might just click on your link and leave gaining nothing. This is why I think tracking comment engagement is one of the best measures you can begin to use. These are the people actually reading your blog.

3. Track shares

Take a look at how many times your posts are being shared and on what social media networks. Try to steadily improve those most popular social media outlets and zone in on the ones that are the most successful. For example, if Twitter is where all of your traffic comes from then share more often on there. If you use WordPress you can easily get a breakdown of this per post, per week or per month.

4. Twitter Engagement

By now you should have a Twitter page for your blog, if not you can check out my post – A Beginner’s Guide to Utilizing Twitter for your Blog.

By using a Twitter account you will have access to great stats that Twitter tracks for you. You can begin to keep a monthly record of these stats in your agenda, planner or notebook. Compare how you do each month and celebrate those wins. Reaching a follower milestone or a re-tweet goal should be a great source of pride for you.

5. Facebook Engagement

Using your Facebook page to track monthly growth is another great blog measure. To grow your blog Facebook page check out this post – Building an Engaging Facebook Page for your Blog. Track new likes, page views and post engagement. Be sure to write these down monthly to track growth as this information is not available past 28 days for Facebook pages.

6. Pinterest Engagement

Pinterest is one of the most popular outlets for most bloggers so there is no wonder why this data is so valuable. Try tracking shares and clicks each month. If you change your Pinterest account to a business account then you will have access to all kinds of stats. Pay attention to what types of pins are doing the best on your account, this will help you improve other images. If you would like some help with your Pinterest page check out this post – A Beginners Guide to Pinterest for Bloggers. 

7. Post Quality

How can you track image quality you ask? A good idea is to get into the habit of looking over old blog posts, editing and improving when possible. Make it a habit to look over a certain amount of posts per month and edit, and improve those posts.

You will notice that your blog skills will improve over time so a post you created a year ago may not be up to the same standards as a post you write today. Don’t be afraid to delete and add new graphics, change your SEO, etc. Look at your most shared images and model other images after those. When it works it works.

8. New Followers

Another great measure to use is tracking your new followers. When you focus on the new followers you receive to your blog, facebook, twitter etc you will better be able to see what your reach is every month.

Additionally, pay attention to the months you received more followers than usual. What did you do differently? It also wouldn’t hurt to connect with some of your new followers each month by sending them a thank you message. Tweet a thank you, comment on their blogs etc.

9. Blog Collaborations

This measure is very useful to anyone who works with other bloggers or brands. If you are interested in expanding your blogging endeavors then this might be a good measure to start using to help you get there. Begin with a monthly goal of one guest post, one beauty review, etc. Making a point to collaborate and team up with other bloggers is a great tracking initiative. Eventually increasing your collaborations will help to diversify your writing and gain new viewers.

10. Posting Time

With this measure, try to post a different post every day of the week and different times. Keep track of the engagement on those posts. By doing this after a few months you will easily be able to see what days are the best for you to post new content and at what times.

I hope these measures help you to improve your blog skills and satisfaction. You can easily track these measures on your phone, in your notebook, your agenda or a spreadsheet if you’re really fancy.

Don’t be afraid to try something new and follow your gut. What gets you excited about your blog?

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  1. Kelly_Hunt | 25th Sep 17

    Thank you! This was very insightful and helpful!

  2. jivilotus | 25th Sep 17

    Thank you so much for posting this! I get so sick and tired of reading all about traffic when in reality, that’s not a sufficient enough measure to gauge whether your viewers actually like your content. I’ve definitely got to start editing my already published posts.

  3. Chanel van Reenen | 25th Sep 17

    These are great things to track. A blog is more about just page views, especially with all the different forms of social media out there!

  4. Cait | 27th Sep 17

    ugh thank you so much and these are great ways to stay on track- i def need to keep this in mind when trying not to freak out so much ha- page views is the way to go!

  5. Cara Owens | 27th Sep 17

    Great post! Tracking engagement is so important and goes beyond just looking at page numbers. Most of the brands I work with aren’t as worried about page numbers anymore as they are engagement and action. 🙂

  6. Lynn White | 27th Sep 17

    These are good stats to measure.. I used to be obsessed with pageviews and learned a while ago, there are more important things. Pageviews don’t matter if no one is engaging.

  7. Gail | 27th Sep 17

    These are all such great tips and I will definitely take them into consideration. I’ve fallen behind on interacting with new followers so this is a great reminder.

  8. Kara Larkin | 27th Sep 17

    I think tracking engagement is huge! There are so many ways to measure your blog and these are all great points!

  9. Liz | 27th Sep 17

    Oh great tips! I sporadically track each of these, but then I get caught up on one metric or another and forget to stay focused on all of them. It can be tough to stay focused and juggle everything, but each of these metrics is important!

  10. Erica Gwynn | 28th Sep 17

    Shares are HUGE. I love tracking any personal outreach from followers too – if they reach out saying “I got this in store because of you!”, that’s HUGE!

    Coming Up Roses

  11. sweetbasilthyme | 28th Sep 17

    I love your honesty about not making thousands and knowing it all! It makes me feel better as a new blogger.

  12. Debbie Harris | 29th Sep 17

    These are realistic ways of tracking blog engagement. Great ideas, thanks.

  13. Melissa | 29th Sep 17

    These are great ideas! I usually track Pinterest, Instagram and blog comments.

  14. Jennifer L | 30th Sep 17

    These are some great insight any bloggers should be paying attention to. It’s important to track the different areas on our blog to make it that more successful.

  15. Lisa Orchard | 30th Sep 17

    Great post! Thanks for sharing your ideas with us!

  16. DreamsAndLashes (@DreamsAndLashes) | 26th Oct 17

    I have been trying to grow my engagement instead of focusing on page views and it really is more encouraging! I love what you did with this post, it’s always better to focus on the positive and if you have quality content eventually the views will come! xx

    • stephaniewp | 27th Oct 17

      I hope you find it useful! after a few months of tracking different measures I was way mroe happy with my blogging and my results! 🙂

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