The Beginners Monthly Blog Social Media Calendar

Why hello there. This is it. We made it. The final post in ScaleitSimple’s blog improvement series. Yay!

If you have been reading along for the past five weeks then I want to say a big thank you. I hope that I have been able to help you grow your blog and social media as authentically and simply as possible. Please leave me a comment with some feedback,  and let me know if you would like to see more post like this in the future.

Don’t forget the fun isn’t completely over!

There is still a huge Fall Blog Party coming up this October! Email subscribe on the right to get your invite as soon as they are sent out!

Alright, alright enough about the future lets live in the now and get to the guts of this post!

Today’s post is a monthly social media calendar for you to use. This is the same schedule that I myself use.

Before I started using my schedule I was rushing to post weekly. Stumbling through editing, failing to create the quality posts I wanted and don’t even get me started on the mess of my social media.

Since using this simple calendar I have been able to plan everything with so much extra time to spare.  I have 5 weeks of social media, postings, and editing scheduled at a time. And I am able to enjoy every bit of editing, writing, and marketing that I do.

This can be you too!

Let me walk you through these three easy printables that you can begin to use in order to amplify your social media and blogging game!

Monthly Social Media Calendar

During the last week of the month begin to plan for the month ahead.

By utilizing a program like Hootsuite you can link your Twitter account and Facebook page to schedule these social media posts ahead of time.

Noted at the top of each day of the week you will see the most popular hashtags that I focus on for each day of the week. Of course, there are lots of other hashtags that you can use and I will provide more on popular hashtags in the future so stay tuned!

Once you have set up HootSuite or some other type of scheduling program, open up your blog and begin to plan the old posts you would like to share. Motivational posts on Monday, travel posts on Tuesday etc.

The goal is to share one blog post on your Facebook page per day and at least three on your Twitter. Circle, highlight or X out for each day you complete.

You will also notice a P on each day. This stands for posts. You can circle the days that you plan on posting a new post as to visualize what your whole month will look like.

Try this schedule for a full month, trying different hashtags and posting times.

For more tips check out the posts – Building an Engaging Facebook Page for your Blog and Utilizing your Twitter Account for your Blog.

To Print – Ctrl P

Weekly Blog To-Do List

Now that you have your full month planned out you can begin to break down your ideas and goals into smaller milestones. I like to begin this on Monday.

By looking at my monthly social media calendar I can see what I have coming up that week and begin to break down the steps I need to take in order to achieve that goal.

For example, Monday could be editing, brainstorming, join a blog Facebook group etc.

This is your opportunity to plan ahead. After a few weeks of this, I promise you will be a zillion times more productive!

To Print – Ctrl P

Daily Blog Planner

This is an ultimate daily checklist. If you decide to use it only twice a week I can ensure you will still see amazing results!

On the Blog: Look at your weekly planner and determine what you need to work on your blog today. Such as editing, creating images, research.

This is everything you need to get done on your blog! Sound simple? It is! Simple and effective!

Social Media:  Add any social media endeavors that you are working on. This can include things like, joining Pinterest group boards, start a StumbleUpon account, planning pins or tweets etc.

Finding a social media schedule that works for you is key to gaining new readers and increasing your traffic. What is the point of having great content if no one knows you exist?

Follow up: This can include any emails you need to send, bloggers you wish to contact, brand contacting, commenting on others blog, replying to comments.

Ideas: The most beneficial part of my planning process has been saving blog ideas when they pop into my head. I usually save ideas on my phone because I always have my phone with me. Writing down your ideas is great for the times you feel inspired to write because you can just be creative and let the words flow when you have the time.

When an idea makes it to my daily planner this is a good sign that I am ready to start breaking it down into the post I hope for it to become.

Thank you, everyone, for participating in this five-week blog improvement series. I hope to see you all at the upcoming Fall Blog Party. As mentioned email subscribe on the right for your invite!

If you have not had a chance to read all of this series check out the other posts below. Cheers!

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  1. Monster Mermaid | 2nd Oct 17

    Thank you!This is invaluable…I am all over the place with my social media 🙂

  2. Brooke | 2nd Oct 17

    Love these printables! I’ve been slacking on my scheduling lately so I definitely need this little to get myself organized.

  3. simplygailg | 2nd Oct 17

    I’m just catching the tail end of this challenge but the blog calendar idea is great! Unfortunately, with my full time job, I can’t post as often as I used to so planning doesn’t work much for me. However, I do plan my daily instagram posts so I guess that’s something. Thanks for sharing!

  4. Mikki Donaldson | 3rd Oct 17

    Planning is a great idea, however, I never do it, although I have a list of blog ideas set aside for when I need to post. Some are already written for when I don’t have the time and that’s the extent of my planning. hahaha…

    • stephaniewp | 4th Oct 17

      There you go! That is pretty well planning right there! 🙂

  5. Lorna | 3rd Oct 17

    Thank you for the print-out. I’ve quietly read your whole series. Go you! I most appreciated the post on measurements other than views!

    • stephaniewp | 4th Oct 17

      Thank you for checking out this whole series! I am happy that someone read them all. I had a lot of fun writing them 🙂 Thanks for the feedback!!

  6. Summer Telban👩🏼‍💻 (@SummerTelban) | 4th Oct 17

    Super awesome resource for beginners starting to schedule out!

  7. DrKLeeBanks | 4th Oct 17

    Thanks so much for your series (I have to check into the parts I missed) and the printables. I am in the transition from hobby blogging to business blogging, so I really want and need to be more systematic and organized.

    • stephaniewp | 4th Oct 17

      This is a great way to amp up your blogging to turn it into a business. I am not there yet myself but I have found with the help of these calendars I have been so much more organized!

  8. Lisa | 4th Oct 17

    I so need to get better organized, printables like this will really be helpful!

    • stephaniewp | 4th Oct 17

      At first, it is a little tiresome but once you get into it it is smooth sailing. Very helpful!

  9. 140oaks | 4th Oct 17

    Oh my goodness! Thank you for these. I’m also struggling to keep organized and remember what and where I should post next. I’ll for sure use your printables.

  10. Sadhna Shanker | 4th Oct 17

    I am sure this works for a lot of people. For me blogging is a personal journey to be undertaken at my own pace.

  11. Sin Yee | 4th Oct 17

    Thanks for these beautiful calendars~~ I know a friend who love to plan her week ahead. I think this is suitable for her!

  12. Shannon | 4th Oct 17

    I absolutely LOVE the social media calendar – definitely goingto print it up and use it! I find making time for social media is the hardest part, and keeping track of what you’ve posted where can be a challenge. I think this will be a big help in getting me a little more organized! And I really really love the daily popular hashtags you’ve included – I actually had no idea about those, so now I will definitely try incorporating them into my routine. Thank you for such an illuminating and helpful article! I’ll definitely have to check out the previous series posts. 🙂

    • stephaniewp | 4th Oct 17

      Thank you very much for the feedback and kind comment1 I hope that you get a chance to try out the schedules and you find them beneficial! I plan on posting a popular hashtags post soon enough so stay tuned for that. Cheers!

    • stephaniewp | 5th Oct 17

      Thank you for following along throughout this series! I am excited about the blog party. I know it is going to be lots of fun! Hoe to see you there 🙂

  13. franckxethee | 5th Oct 17

    I limit my post to 2-3 blogs weekly. It does help to have a calendar like this to keep your post organized.

  14. Fashion Panache by Bhushavali | 5th Oct 17

    Congrats on successfully completing your improvement series. Looking forward for the Fall Blog Party! I love those printable social media calenders. Though I’m very clear in my blog schedules, SM schedules aren’t really sorted! 🙂

  15. Anindya | 5th Oct 17

    Great to find such valuable tips and planners to give a pretty clear idea about the goals and objectives……I do engage very regularly on Twitter and Facebook and specially on Pinterest……since my blog is relatively new, I try to engage with fellow blogs and spend time on their blogs quite regularly……..looking forward to following your planner and schedule…….:)

    • stephaniewp | 5th Oct 17

      I hope you get a chance to try it out. I will be hosting a blog party on my blog this month which is another great way to connect with bloggers. Stay tuned!

  16. Elizabeth O | 5th Oct 17

    Wow!! I really like this social media calendar. This is very helpful for the new bloggers to help them to manage their schedule.

  17. Fred | 5th Oct 17

    I need to study that social media calendar and Hootsuite more carefully. I want to maximize this aspect, but I only have time for Facebook. I have been ignoring IG and Twitter.

    • stephaniewp | 5th Oct 17

      Twitter is a great resource also. Taking an hour to schedule a few tweets is well worth it 🙂

  18. chewoutloud | 6th Oct 17

    Wow, thanks for putting all this together! I’m not nearly as scheduled and organized with my social sharing as I want to be. There’s always yet more to be done in a blogger’s world, right? This would help streamline things a ton!

    • stephaniewp | 6th Oct 17

      It is so true! But trust me having some kind o schedule for yourself will make the whole creative aspect o blogging more fun 🙂

  19. Shub | 6th Oct 17

    True! Sometimes it all gets overwhelming. Need to plan social media work properly with this kind of planner.

  20. What Fatemah Says | 6th Oct 17

    I just pinned this post on my blogging board on pintrest. This is such a useful post for newbies who want to organize their blog calendars.

    • stephaniewp | 6th Oct 17

      Thank you for saving! I am happy you liked it and I hope you get a chance to use a few of the tricks 🙂

  21. Ritu | 7th Oct 17

    Such a great idea.. I wish I could be so organised! But to be honest my style is fly by the seat of my pants lol!

  22. You Can Always Start Now | 7th Oct 17

    great printables. Like the calendar just check and done. Thanks for the series.

  23. fancypaperblog | 7th Oct 17

    Fabulous informative pieces in this series x generous writing. Once again this is lovely and inspiring. Thank you!

    • stephaniewp | 9th Oct 17

      Thank you so much for your kind comment 🙂

  24. shaunkellett | 7th Oct 17

    What a resource! This is fantastic!

  25. Lisa Orchard | 7th Oct 17

    Love the planner idea for blogging. Thanks for sharing and I hope you have a great time at your party! 🙂

    • stephaniewp | 9th Oct 17

      Thank you! I hope you can make it 🙂

  26. Trudy | 8th Oct 17

    You’ve made it so clean and simple! Great post!

  27. phyliciamarie | 9th Oct 17

    It’s a nice guide, I just have to think of the themes per day of the week that suits my blog. It’s easy enough to follow so I’m sure more poeple will use it.

  28. harry | 11th Oct 17

    I agree that such to do lists are good. But problem is that most bloggers are part time and getting time routinely is quite difficult.

    • stephaniewp | 11th Oct 17

      Yes I agree with that too! If blogging on a more casual or part time way then focusing on writing itself is your best option!

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