Brilliant Travel Tips To Save Money & Enjoy Your Vacation

Travel is a huge passion of mine and I would love nothing more than to visit beautiful historic cities every other week. However, let’s be real. I am not rich and most of you probably are not either.

But that does not mean we can’t enjoy a vacation every now and again. We just have to be smart about it. Save smarter, spend smarter.

Here to help you enjoy the vacation of your dreams and save some extra doe in the process is blogger Michelle McGregor.

She is sharing her experience as an avid traveler with us, and some valuable tips that she has picked up along the way.

We hope that with the help of these tips you can make your next dream vacation a reality.

Thank you, Michelle!


Do you want to explore the world, but hesitate because you don’t have the budget? Traveling is actually possible, without slashing your pocket.

If you’re a normal person with a regular job, you may think that your dream to travel abroad is next to impossible. But, travel bloggers contend to this thinking because many of them have seen other parts of the world and avoid running out cash on the road.

If you’re thinking how could this be possible, here are travel tips that can help you reach your travel goals:

Some of these pieces of advice are designed to save on expenses before your trip, while others are recommendations to cut the cost when you’re already at your destination.

Research for valuable deals

Before you go, look for valuable deals to save money on your trip ticket, accommodation, transportation and other expenses. Today, there are a lot of travel bloggers that offer tips and advice to your preferred destinations. Being on a budget while traveling is nothing new. In fact, travel bloggers also look for the cheapest accommodations and flights just like you. Read blogs, articles, and research on offers and discounts provided by several airlines.

Get the cheapest plane tickets

We often heard tips to book the cheapest plane ticket to save huge bucks on travel. But how can we really do this? Months before your planned departure, check for the tickets offered at the lowest rate. Check the ticket price from time to time, promos and discounts offered. It’s also wise to travel during off-peak season and eliminate the baggage fees. As a rule, ticket prices differ in time, days and months. Skyscanner is one tool that can show you the prices of tickets for a month. Be selective on the days you travel. Weekends are usually more expensive than weekdays. You can also save when you fly indirectly.

Slash the baggage fees

If you’re a backpacker, you need to stick with the allowable baggage allowance of the airline you’re traveling with.  Check the weight of your bag before leaving. Don’t be surprised if you need to deduct a huge chunk of cash from your travel allowance just before your flight. Take out things that are needed to comply with the baggage weight. You can also use wearable luggage, such as a luggage jacket to put some of your things to avoid paying an extra cost.

Find free nights and free museum pricings.

Many museums across the world are free. Maximize your chance to see several museums by visiting places that offer free or discounted student and adult tickets. You can find a lot of this in Europe.

Travel like the locals.

If you want to save big time on your travel, explore places by getting to your destinations through tuk-tuk, trains, buses and other means of public transportation. It’s not only going to save you a lot of money, but it allows you to see the people and their way of living closely.

Practice the “six-block rule.”

If you’re hungry after visiting a tourist spot, follow the “six-block rule.” Never eat at a restaurant located within six blocks of a popular destination. Obviously, the prices of food within the area are absolutely expensive. Try walking and look for cafeterias and restaurants where the locals eat.

Take overnight flights, buses, and trains

If you have to travel, book flights, buses, and trains that operate overnight. This can provide you huge savings on your accommodation.

Book a hostel

Book a hostel rather than a hotel that offers pricey accommodations. Check out Airbnb where you can find a wide selection of cheap but quality dorm-like facilities called hostels. These days, low-budget accommodations allow travelers to save a lot on their stay. This type of accommodation allows you to share the room with other travelers. Bathrooms are also like the ones in a dormitory.

Save on foreign exchange rates

Taking out money abroad would rip you a lot on international charges on top of the commissions. Never withdraw money abroad using a debit card or credit card because you’ll lose the value of your money. Better exchange your money before your flight. Search for places where you can exchange your money to local currency at the best rate.

Work and travel

If you’re a travel blogger or you work online, you’ll maximize your potential to earn while enjoying your journey. Bring your laptop and be able to do your work while traveling. This way, you can get paid and use your money in case you need it.

Michelle McGregor is an avid traveler and blogger. She devotes her time exploring the rest of the world while maintaining her career. Follow Michelle on her website for more tips and advice on travel as well here about health and wellness.

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