89 Things to Remove from your Home & your Life

Guys, can you believe it? 2017 is coming to an end and a brand new year is on the horizon! 2018 is making its way towards us and so is the opportunity for new beginnings and fresh starts. I’m feeling excited about this, I don’t know if you can tell.

Of course, January 1st is only another new day so the new beginnings and fresh starts really come from your personal intention that you put behind your goals and the power you put into them. Meaning any changes you wish to make or start can happen any bloody time you want. Which makes any and everyday an opportunity for exciting fresh starts.

I am a strong believer that a cluttered life equals a cluttered mind. Attachment of any kind is something we should all be mindful of. As many material possessions can provide little stability in our ever-changing lives. With this being said it is important to practice letting go. And being a better person in the new year can be something as simple as making the decision to put less value on things and more value on your state of being from the inside first.

If this sounds like something you would like to work towards then I think you will love this post. Which is basically a huge list of things you can easily and painlessly remove from your home to make way for new more fulfilling items or just to open up your space for a fresh new open start to the new year.

So what are you waiting for? Get ready to donate, give away or simply dump these items from your home. Ask yourself… Do I really need this? Will I actually use this? Does this make me happy? Can someone else benefit from this more than I currently am?

Trust me when I say living a life with less stuff can bring you a life with more happiness.

  1. Mismatched socks

  2. Old undies

  3. Clothes that no longer fit

  4. Promo T-Shirts your don’t wear

  5. Pajamas you no longer wear

  6. Extra jogging pants

  7. Old bras

  8. Old shoes

  9. Mismatched jewelry

  10. Jewelry you never wear

  11. Old shampoos you don’t use

  12. Old toothbrushes

  13. Extra hand lotions

  14. Old makeup brushes

  15. Expired makeup

  16. Old concealer

  17. Old face washes

  18. Hair elastics with no stretch

  19. Old combs or brushes

  20. Broken necklaces

  21. Old wallets

  22. Hair clips

  23. Expired or tried up nail polish

  24. Dull nail files

  25. Blankets or throws you don’t use

  26. Scratchy towels

  27. Facecloths

  28. Expired pills

  29. Files you no longer need

  30. Expired receipts

  31. Donate can food you don’t use

  32. Expired Condiments

  33. Extra salt and pepper shakers

  34. Snacks you don’t like or eat

  35. Appliances that you never use

  36. Extra dishes that you don’t need

  37. Chipped mugs

  38. Cookware you don’t need or have multiple of

  39. Tupperware without lids

  40. Recycle plastic bottles

  41. Plastic utensils

  42. Dried flowers

  43. Old greeting cards

  44. Empty bottles of wine or beer

  45. DVDs you no longer watch

  46. Cords you don’t need

  47. Old or broken cordless phones

  48. Cookbooks you do not use

  49. Specialty tea or coffee you don’t drink

  50. Old magazines

  51. Unsharp knives

  52. Dead batteries

  53. Broken electronics

  54. Purses you no longer use

  55. Spices you never use

  56. Old pillows

  57. Broken kitchen utensils

  58. Unused craft supplies

  59. Old textbooks

  60. Broken Christmas decorations

  61. Junk mail

  62. Catalogs

  63. Coupons

  64. Old invitations

  65. Used puzzles

  66. Cd’s you don’t listen too

  67. Games you don’t play

  68. Take out menus

  69. Stained T-Shirts

  70. Old Calendars or planners

  71. Ticket or concert stubs

  72. Unused office supplies

  73. Party favors

  74. Unlovable nicknacks

  75. Loyalty cards from stores you don’t frequent

  76. Old paid bills

  77. Condiments packages

  78. Rubber bands

  79. Gifts you don’t like or use

  80. Extra buttons

  81. Rusty tools

  82. Paper manuals that you can find easily online

  83. Boxes

  84. Travel brochures

  85. Random jars or containers

  86. Old Computer programs

  87. Disliked large pieces of furniture

  88. Extra tables, chairs or lamps that are not needed/used

  89. Extra comforter sets



  1. Stacie | 11th Dec 17

    I love this! I think I have pretty much all of these in my house. It’s getting crowded. LOL

  2. Amara | 11th Dec 17

    Great post!! Great tips for decluttering for the new year!!

  3. Danielle | 11th Dec 17

    This list is FANTASTIC! It’s amazing how much junk we collect in our homes.

  4. Everyday Made Fresh | 11th Dec 17

    This is a really good list. I sort of purge throughout the year because I can’t stand extra clutter around the house, in the closets and/or drawers.

  5. jmanandmillerbug | 11th Dec 17

    It is funny that you mention this today. I was just looking through my closet in my sock drawer and realizing how much I need to organize. I have so many mismatch things it’s ridiculous.

  6. Sarah Bailey | 11th Dec 17

    OK this is great! I am going to have to sit down and go through all of these, I know my other half has old socks that could do with going and I’m sure I do too!

    • stephaniewp | 12th Dec 17

      I am planning on taking a day over Christmas to do the same 🙂

  7. Bill Sweeney | 12th Dec 17

    I like these ideas a lot! We have been putting off getting rid of a lot of unwanted stuff in our house.

  8. fashionbeyondforty | 12th Dec 17

    Great list!! You have things on there I had not even thought of and I have in fact been doing this for the past three months. More to donate now!

  9. Lisa Favre | 12th Dec 17

    Printing this out and giving this to my husband ASAP! I love the idea of decluttering really tickles my fancy.

  10. Victoria Heckstall | 12th Dec 17

    Some of the list are quite hard for me to remove in my life like extra comforter sets because sometimes we have guests that might be need them. But that is such a nice list for us to have a good start for this coming new year.

    • stephaniewp | 12th Dec 17

      Thank you! Sometimes it is hard to be cut throat when it comes to stuff!

  11. Jocelyn @ Hip Mama's Place | 12th Dec 17

    This is such a good reminder for me to start decluttering! I think it’s really important to get rid of all the stuff that are of no use! Thanks for the list!

  12. Ricci | 12th Dec 17

    YES to all of this!!! I did a HUGE home cleanup right before fall but I’m feeling like doing it again soon, this is a great list and a great place to start!!

  13. marysa | 12th Dec 17

    This is a great list. I hate clutter, and it is so important to cut down on ‘stuff’. I recently got rid of a bunch of these kinds of things, and it feels so good. I usually like to do a lot of cleaning and cleaning out around the holidays.

    • stephaniewp | 12th Dec 17

      The holidays are a great time to do it because I am off work for a bit and with new stuff coming in old stuff has to go out 🙂

  14. Kathy | 12th Dec 17

    I think this is a wonderful list. I need to go through some things again soon. I just went through all my girls toys since Christmas is coming up. We usually go through everything before the holidays arrive.

  15. Michelle Cantu (@AThriftyDiva) | 12th Dec 17

    I feel like a total pack rat now. I have so much “junk” to remove from my home.

  16. Adaleta Avdić | 12th Dec 17

    I totally need to do a purge of my home for the New Year. I just have so much stuff that I don’t really need.

  17. Up Run for Life Healthy Lifestyle Blog | 12th Dec 17

    I love this idea. WE need to purge some items in my son’s toybox. It is over flowing with toys that he doesn’t even play with.

  18. Leah Kanaan | 12th Dec 17

    I hate clutter! This is a great list! I already see a lot of things I could remove from my home right now!

  19. Sheena Tatum | 12th Dec 17

    I see a few things on here I need to buckle down and get rid of. No reason to keep these things! Just clutter.

  20. Lynsey | 13th Dec 17

    Fantastic ideas! We need a clean out! Mismatched socks will be the first to go!

  21. Cyn Gagen | 14th Dec 17

    Great reminders! I do keep facecloths around because I use them daily. And although I’ve pared it down, I do need to get rid of more of my craft supplies that I have on hand.

  22. Gabe Burkhardt | 17th Dec 17

    A huge YUP to so many of the items on that list (and I’d even say that a few, like “promo T-shirts” and “clothes that don’t fit” belong in the same category for me.

    Fortunately, my wife talked me into donating a lot of our clothes recently. Was not only a great way to simplify our lives, but also was a fun “date night”

    • stephaniewp | 18th Dec 17

      that is such a great idea. You could easily make it fun by playing some music and having some wine 🙂

  23. Unbound Roots | 17th Dec 17

    Everyone in my house has been working on simplifying everything in our home for just over a year now. It’s amazing what a difference this makes. Less clutter, less time picking up, less time cleaning, and much less stress. Thanks for the list! I see that I can improve even more on our simplifying. 🙂

    • stephaniewp | 18th Dec 17

      Thanks for reading! I am excited to get organizing after Christmas!

  24. Frede | 19th Dec 17

    This is a great list! I’ve been in a decluttering mood lately but I realise reading your list that I could probably declutter some more… Thank you for the inspiration!

  25. Lauren @ Simply-well-balanced | 12th Jan 18

    I love this list. I consider myself a pretty strong declutter-er 😉 but this list helped me to see that there is more to purge! Thank you!

  26. lana | 13th Jan 18

    I just found your list on Facebook and some of the things on your list I hadn’t even considered I recently started trying to become a declutterer and Miss minimalist instant and since everyone in my family borders on packrat Hoarders I am trying to get that out of my family I love this list and I’m going to use it to go through things I’ve already decluttered and declutter some more! So I’m going to pin this list also for future reference thank you so much!

    • stephaniewp | 15th Jan 18

      Hi Lana. Good luck with your decluttering. It can be hard to notice how much we have in our homes until one day we are so overwhelmed with it all ad that is why. I try to stay on top of it myself too because I live in a very small apartment and I don’t have room for many things. Also, it helps with my own mental wellbeing. Thank you for visiting my blog and good luck on your clean up!

  27. Farrah | 15th Jan 18

    This is a really great list! I really need to work on decluttering my apartment!

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