7 Ways to Clean up Old Blog Posts

So you have been blogging for a while now? You probably have lots of blog posts filling your site. Some you love, some not so much, and others that you totally forgot about.

If you have been blogging for awhile then you may have noticed that your writing skills and style have changed quite a lot. Hopefully for the better, since you began. But what about those old posts? What about your humble beginnings? Have you forgotten all about those passionate posts from your blogging past? Have you neglected the old for the new?

Sometimes we can be so focused on creating new projects, writing about new ideas and providing new content that we forget about all the awesome content that is still on your sites. For example, you may have amazing posts on your site that you wrote in the past but because your skills and following were not as substantial as it currently is, not as many people got to enjoy them. That my friends is a bloody shame.

There may also be posts that have terrible grammar, bad flow and just generally don’t match your current theme or blog. Many of those posts should be edited, or just dumped from your site altogether.

There is so much potential already on your site to be found through old blog posts and that can be utilized through revamping the content that you already have. As not only your writing style is constantly changing but also current trends and relative information. This is why it is important to periodically do an overhaul of your blog.

The more often you do this the less time it will take you in the future. Try the following tips when cleaning up your blog posts and commit to doing this a few times a year. Cleaning up your old posts is a great way to share awesome old content, clean up your site and discover what worked and what didn’t in order to help you from making the same mistakes of the past.

Do a complete grammar check

Not all awesome bloggers are awesome with grammar. We cant do it all, can we? Sometimes through the rush of editing and producing, simple grammar mistakes can be missed. If you are like me you hopefully proofread your blog posts a few times before hitting publish. However, sometimes when reading the same words over and over you can miss simple grammar mistakes.

We have all been guilty of their, there and they’re. Oh and let’s not forget about your and you’re. I can not be the only one who faces this struggle on occasion, so you won’t receive any judgment coming from me.

Re-reading old blog posts to check for proper grammar is probably the easiest and most effective way to clean up old posts. Download a program like Grammarly to help you find punctuation or spelling mistakes or even get a blogging friend to help you out.

Model your popular posts

We all have our superstar posts. You know the ones that are super popular, have lots of views and feedback and have been shared way more than others. These posts are your best teachers. Taking note of what you did in those posts and applying those tactics to other posts is a great way to revamp your blog.

What was it about that post that made it so popular? Did you use great photos? Was the layout easy to read? Was it a compelling or unique topic? Try to apply those simple techniques to other posts to give those old dusty posts a facelift.

Redo images

Speaking of facelifts… Redoing your photos and pinnable images is a wonderful way to give your old blog posts the makeover they deserve. Eye-catching images are often what attracts readers to posts to begin with, whether it be through, Pinterest, StumbleUpon or some other social media outlet. A striking and clean image can be the difference between a post you scroll through and a post you stop and actually read.

You may already have your own unique style when it comes to your blog cosmetics. Now is a good opportunity to apply that style to your old posts. Try using a program like canva.com or picmonkey.com to edit your images to make them shareable and eye-catching.

Read the whole post out loud

Back to simple editing basics. There are certain types of editing that can not be detected simply by checking for grammar mistakes. Things like post flow and readability can only be discovered by reading your posts as if you are a stranger. Is the message you are trying to portray coming across in the way you want?

I find this extremely useful as reading posts out loud is the easiest way for me to catch uneven flow in my posts. Hearing it out loud is a great way to determine if your sentence structure needs to be changed. Making your post more readable and likable.

Don’t be afraid to delete posts

Ok, time for the cutthroat editing that we all need to get good at. I know I know, it is hard to hit delete on a certain memory or idea. It may be difficult to remove a post that you once upon a time worked hard on. However, sometimes that is exactly what you need to do. Maybe over time, you have changed the theme of your site so much that your old post is just no longer relevant. Maybe the message you portrayed doesn’t quite fit in with what your readers really want.

It is important, to be honest with yourself about the kind of site you want to have. If you have a book recommendation post from 3 years ago lingering on your food blog that has 4 views maybe it is best to cut it rather than saving it.

Reorganize in your menu

So you have revamped your post and really like the changes you have made, but there is still a huge problem. No one can find it. This is one of my personal pet peeves when trying to navigate a new site that has peaked my interest. Not being able to find content. Having a great menu with your posts organized is a huge key to keeping people on your site.

Helping readers find your posts old and new. An effective way to end the cleaning up process of your old blog posts is by ensuring that they are placed in the right menu with the right tags. This way you and your visitors can easily find these awesome posts well into the future.

Reshare on Pinterest & Social Media

Last but not least it is time to share with the world your past masterpiece. This is an important step in the cleaning up process because we are often so focused on producing new content that we forget to reshare our old favorites or our new old favorites.

Make it a point to schedule old posts to be posted on your social media accounts. Repin your new images and spread the word, this way what is old can become new again.

Standards and styles in the blogging world will constantly be changing, and it is important to adapt and apply those changes when possible. Helping to keep your site relevant and exciting.

Cleaning up old blog posts is also the perfect way to provide fresh content without creating entirely new content.


  1. Stacie | 20th Dec 17

    Thanks so much for this! I’ve been putting off cleaning up my old posts because I wasn’t really sure how to approach it. Great tips.

  2. Danielle | 20th Dec 17

    I love these tips! So many bloggers have old posts that are just awful. Bad writing, bad grammar, bad links – In include myself in this. It’s important to go back and clean it all up. That’s my goal for the coming year.

    • stephaniewp | 20th Dec 17

      I have cleaned up mine a few times but I have to go through them all again. I will have to reference my own post when doing it, some of them are just awful. 🙂

  3. GiGi Eats Celebrities | 20th Dec 17

    I have a lot of blog posts that DESPERATELY need new photos (ie: recipe photos) but what I have decided to do is actually re-make these recipes/videos for Instagram. So repurpose the content and take way better photos since I actually CARE about pictures now, ha!

    • stephaniewp | 20th Dec 17

      Great idea! I am still working on my own photo skills 🙂

  4. Erika Lancaster | 20th Dec 17

    Awesome tips! I’ll definitely do some of these changes in old blog posts and had really been debating whether or not to delete some of them. Thanks so much!

  5. Masha | 20th Dec 17

    Steph, oh these are great tips, time for me to clean up my blog. I have a question, I’ve had the same header since the beginning and I’m thinking of changing the image, what do you think? thanks.

    • stephaniewp | 20th Dec 17

      I love your header. It is very clean, simple and sweet. You could always play around with something else if you want to change the look of your blog a bit. but what you have works great 🙂

  6. irishred13 | 20th Dec 17

    This is on my to-do list for next year. I need to redo some images for sure.

  7. Mimi Green | 20th Dec 17

    These are all great tips, I’ve started working on cleaning up old post. I did delete a few because they were pointless. I need to do it a few times during the year and not just at the end of the year.

  8. Julia | 20th Dec 17

    I’ve returned to my old posts when I want to practice my writing skills. Some of the older ones are fine, others aren’t. So I do a major edit. Then I repost it. I do have to be in the mood to do this because rereading some of them feels awful. Parts of them sound terrible. Thanks for your post.

    • stephaniewp | 21st Dec 17

      I agree fully. I have to be in the right mind frame in order to really redo mine properly. Otherwise, I just want to delete all of them sometimes.

      • Julia | 22nd Dec 17

        It’s also a valuable measuring stick. Getting to see how it as all changed. I won’t delete them because I took the time to write them. Plus, they represent trying something. And that I like a lot! Merry Christmas! Happy Holidays!

  9. Liz Mays | 21st Dec 17

    I’m just starting to go through and look at my old stuff. It’s not the greatest but I think I can improve/prune it with this advice.

    • stephaniewp | 21st Dec 17

      Awesome! I hope you find it useful 🙂

  10. Carol Cassara | 21st Dec 17

    Those are definitely important and it’s good to fix up old content that you can publish again! Awesome tips for bloggers!

  11. marysa | 21st Dec 17

    I have done this a bunch! Sometimes I revisit a place, or I remake a recipe, and I get more pictures, or better pictures. It really does help to freshen up old posts.

  12. Kelsey @ There's Something About KM | 21st Dec 17

    Reading our own writing out loud is SO helpful and essential, really. And getting someone else to read it if possible/if time allows, of course. Great tips! 🙂

  13. Lindsay - Shrimp Salad Circus | 21st Dec 17

    These are fantastic tips. Good grief do i have some old ones that could use a good deletion! 😉

  14. Up Run for Life Healthy Lifestyle Blog | 21st Dec 17

    It has been a while since I have cleaned up some of my old blog posts. I should do this especially where I have included a photo that wasn’t so stellar.

  15. Sarah Bailey | 21st Dec 17

    These are some great idea, I think I might need to try them for myself next year as I have some blog posts that are popular still but could do with some tidying up and rewording for sure.

  16. jennifervanhuss | 21st Dec 17

    These are great ideas! I have so many posts that I forget about them! There are some real gems hidden there that need to break to the surface again!

  17. E H (@ehesketh) | 22nd Dec 17

    These are the tasks on my blog that I should really be doing soon. I have a lot of old posts that need to be re-sorted.

  18. Cyn Gagen | 23rd Dec 17

    These are great suggestions. Sharing this on social media and saving it to look back at later as I work on my old posts.

  19. The Cubicle Chick | 24th Dec 17

    I have come more comfy with deleting posts that no longer fit who I am or what I stand for. Great tips.

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