Favorite Blog Post of 2017

With this year coming to an end I find myself in a rather reflective mood. And looking back on my 2017 blogging ventures is easy because it was a big year for the old blog!

I switched my site to self-hosted this year, I committed to a posting schedule, I started to work with brands, I wrote an e-book. Woah, what a year! I have learned so much about blogging, writing, collaborations, working with brands, marketing, and problem-solving.

It has been a stressful and fun 2017 with lots of planning and creativity. And the reward is the wonderful feedback I have received from anyone who has stopped by and took the time to read something I have created. There is really nothing sweeter.

To end this blogging year off right I thought it would be a good idea to share some of my all-star posts of 2017. These are the posts that were shared and viewed the most and I am very proud of how they turned out.

If you are wondering what posts you should read on this site, I would certainly start with these ones. Please let me know what you think. And as always share any suggestions with me in the comments on what you would like to see on scaleitsimple in the future.

Happy new year.

Self Care

30 Day Self Care Challenge

This 30-day challenge is very different then challenges I have taken part of or have seen in the past. Ranging from big self-care tasks like de-cluttering your home to small tasks like taking a bath.

This is a very motivational post that has done a lot to help me over the past year. Which is why I am not surprised that this was the most popular post in 2017.

12 Self Care Sunday Ideas

Sundays have long been considered a day for rest and recovery from our hectic week. And never have we needed Self-care Sundays more than now. Taking a day for yourself is sometimes all you need to reboot yourself for the week ahead.

Blogging Tips


13 Blogging Tips from 2 Years of Blogging

I celebrated my 2nd blogiversary this last summer and as a way to celebrate, I decided to write a post on some of the tips I have picked up along the way. I find reading posts like this very helpful and I was happy to share some of my own advice. This is a post perfect for beginners!

Building an Engaging Facebook Page for your Blog

A post for not only bloggers but anyone who is looking to build an engaging Facebook page for their business ventures.


16 Reasons to Travel Belgium

This post was the perfect way for me to relive my latest travel adventure to Belgium. If you are looking for an affordable place to travel in 2018 check out this post and get inspired!

Mini Camping Trip – Gros Mourne, Newfoundland

With no big travel plans in the books for 2017 we decided to explore home sweet home.This post shows all the fun we enjoyed while on the west coast of Newfoundland in Gros Mourne National park.

Aimless Scribbles

Life Updates: Vol. III – Goodbyes are Hard

An ode to my former apartment. I moved out in October of this year and wanted to share my feels and some memories from my first bachelorette pad. I am happy that I wrote this while memories of my apartment were still fresh in my mind and was glad to be able to share a little of myself with you all.

Guest Post

Who is this Person? Self Love & Dating

A lovely guest post written by blogger Angela Noel. She often posts inspiring stories about interesting ideas and compelling people on the You are Awesome blog. This is an inspirational post about Angelas own life experience dating and her journey to self-love.


Getting your Blog Brand Ready – A Beginners Guide to Working with Brands

This was a big year for me creatively and one of my most outrageous ventures was this e-book. Written in a hammock under the summer sun I filled every page with love and knowledge. Stay tuned for 2018 as there is another e-book coming down the funnel.

It was hard to choose only a few favorite posts to share in this post because I loved so many! I hope you get a chance to check some of these out or browse my blog and explore for yourself.


  1. kage2015 | 28th Dec 17

    It is always good to look back over the past year and to see some of our best posts and what was popular. Onto writing some great ones for 2018

  2. Alli Rutherford Smith | 28th Dec 17

    I’m battling flu symptoms this week so I definitely need to go back and read the self-care post. It’s like everything finally caught up with me. I love looking back at the top posts of the year.

  3. Jenny Finney | 28th Dec 17

    You have so many articles that I want to read up on, especially about blogging and your Facebook Page engagement. I’m actually bookmarking this page now! Great tips and thanks for showcasing these!

  4. Pam Wattenbarger | 28th Dec 17

    You have some great posts here! I need to check out your post about creating an engaging Facebook page for your blog.

  5. Amber | 28th Dec 17

    I will have to check out these blog posts. They sound like some great ones. Happy 2018!

  6. Dina Demarest (@dinade) | 28th Dec 17

    I’m so impressed with all you accomplished this year. I need to go read your post on 30 day self care challenge.

  7. Heather | 29th Dec 17

    Congrats on writing an ebook! As for me, my blog took a big back seat in 2017 as we moved twice! It was just too crazy of a year to dive deep into blogging. I am hoping 2018 will give me some hope for my future in blogging. Happy New Year!!

  8. Ricci | 29th Dec 17

    These are all great blog posts! I especially love the self care one, self care is soooo important!!

  9. Sandy N Vyjay | 29th Dec 17

    It has been an eventful 2017 for you. Congratulations! I am sure 2018 will see you scale new heights and explore new frontiers.

  10. Tami Qualls | 29th Dec 17

    Somehow, I missed a few of these posts. Much needed is some self-care in my life, so I’m headed to read that one first.

  11. Sara Welch | 29th Dec 17

    2017 was really a bloggers year. I really hope this next year is just as busy!

  12. wendy polisi | 29th Dec 17

    I really am ready to see what the new year is going to bring me. I hope your year goes as well as it did this year!

  13. Angie | 29th Dec 17

    There are a lot of great posts here! I’m going to have to go back and check them out… Thanks for resharing.

  14. anosa | 29th Dec 17

    I love reflecting on the year! its amazing to think what can happen and has happened within a space of a year! one thing I am proud of is helping my sister pick out her car, and just being there for her during the entire process, I feel like it has created a bond between us that is just so special.

  15. marysa | 29th Dec 17

    These are all great posts, I can see why they were favorites. It is nice to look back and see all your projects and how the posts did over the year.

  16. angelanoelauthor | 31st Dec 17

    Your year in posts is an excellent round up of goodness. I’m delighted my Guest Post made the list!
    The Scale It Simple Blog has had a great year and I’m looking forward to all the wonderful things you’ll do in 2018 and beyond.

    • stephaniewp | 2nd Jan 18

      Thanks girl! Loved working with you in 2017. Cheers to more blogging fun in 2018 🙂

  17. toastycritic | 2nd Jan 18

    Sounds like some interesting posts for the past year. I am really looking forward to reading your ebook working with brands. Definitely something i am looking forward to doing better.

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