13 Self Care Winter Activities

Winter can be a wonderfully reflective and solitary time. The world seems to slow down, the days are short and I often feel more sluggish and introverted than usual. Winter is a time for recharging, relaxing and regenerating.

Obviously, winter doesn’t stop us from being busy but I can’t be the only person who feels a little more hermitish this time of year. Not that I’m complaining. I like to spend the majority of my leisure time at home stimulating my mind and recharging my batteries. As an introvert, I crave these slow winter days.

Regardless of your winter pace, it is the perfect time to show yourself a little extra self-care. To put your comfort and wellbeing first for a change and really take advantage of snowy days and the opportunity for inner recharging.

Check out these self-care ideas that are perfect for cozy winter days.

1. Spa Day

Winter can be a difficult time for skin care. With days spent outside in the bitter cold or in a stuffy office, your skin could be flakey and dry this time of year. Which is why a spa day is a perfect way to care for yourself. Your skin will thank you and who doesn’t love to feel pampered and relaxed?

Grab a face mask, do some deep exfoliation, leave a hair mask in and just enjoy pampering yourself. You are guaranteed to feel rejuvenated and if all goes well you will end up looking refreshed too.

2. Bath and a Book

Winter is a great time to amp up your bath game. With some Epsom salts, bath bombs. bubbles and candles you can transform your ordinary bathroom into a winter steamy chalet. Grab a good book and spend as much time as you like warming up and melting away.

3. Wintry Walk with a Warm Beverage

If you are lucky enough to live in a snowy winter wonderland then this is a great self-care activity for you to take advantage of. However, regardless of where you live, fresh air and days spent frolicking in the sunshine may be far and few in between this time of year. Grab your favorite hot beverage to help you stay nice and toasty as you reconnect with nature, get some fresh air and physical activity.

4. Sunday Morning Yoga

Sundays are the perfect day for self-care. Sundays are also a great day to sleep in, laze around and do nothing at all, which is another useful form of self-care from time to time. Other times it is nice to drag yourself out of bed to do something that is truly beneficial for your overall health and spirit. Why not wake up a little extra early on Sunday morning and go to a yoga class?

You will feel spiritually awakened and physically refreshed, which is what self-care is all about. As for the rest of the day, you can always go home and lounge in your yoga gear.

5. Nap & Meditate

Sometimes one of the best things you can do to care for yourself is to take a nap. Turn on a guided sleep mediation lay back and let your breath drift you away to a deep sleep. Check out my post on 5 Reasons you Should be Napping to help inspire you.

6. Adult Coloring & your Favorite Movie

Adult coloring books are simply the best and I am so glad they are a socially acceptable way to spend your time. Turn on your favorite movie and relax as you create your own adultish masterpiece. This is a wonderful way to unwind and relax.

7. Begin a Gratitude Practice

Purchase a regular journal and begin a journaling experience that will improve your wellbeing, confidence, and happiness over time. Every morning when you wake up or evening before bed write three things that you are grateful for. It sounds simple but this is potentially the most powerful practice on this list.

8. Start a New Budget

I tend to spend a lot less money during the winter… except on sweaters of course. The start of a new year and less spending combine to be a great time for planning for your future self. And nothing says self-care like budgeting.

9. Grab Brunch with a Friend

Brunch is a great thing to do any time of year, however, bundling up with friends in a cozy cafe is a wonderful way to spend a winter day. Why not take your best friend on a brunch date and spend a few hours catching up and warming up with a big mug of steamy coffee?

10. Get a Massage

I do a lot less physical activity in the winter time. This tends to make me feel rather tense from my sedentary desk job. Getting a massage can be a great way to pamper yourself and also keep those tense winter muscles stretched and limber.

11. Cook or Bake Something Fancy

I do a lot more baking and cooking this time of year, and if you enjoy trying new recipes then this can be a very therapeutic self-care activity to be enjoyed by not only yourself but your significant other, co-workers or whoever else you are inclined to share your treats with.

12. Start Meal Prepping

If you are looking for an easy way to stick to your health goals? If so then meal prepping might be the key!

Every Sunday evening take a few hours to prep your meals and snacks for the week ahead. This will keep you eating well and save you time during the week as all your meals are all ready for you when you need them. Check out my meal prep board on Pinterest for tonnes of ideas.

13. De-Clutter your Home

In winter we spend so much time at home why not make home a place of comfort and relaxation by clearing it of unwanted items and clutter?  Check out my post 89 Things to Remove from your Home and your Life for a little inspiration to get you started.


  1. robin rue | 1st Feb 18

    I would love to take a bath and read a book! You have so many great ideas here – I want to try them all.

  2. Invisibly Me | 1st Feb 18

    Some great ideas, and lots of ways we can all build in a little more self care. I think I may have to try a home spa day soon as I always seem to neglect my body, skin, general beauty regime in the cold winter months. I’ve also never been for a massage, so that’s something I’d like to add to my 2018 bucket list! 🙂
    Caz x

  3. kage2015 | 1st Feb 18

    I have done all of these things, except the yoga part. Winter doesn’t bother me. Look at it as a time to relax and rest indoors before spring comes and there is so much to get done outside.

  4. Amber | 1st Feb 18

    These are some great activities. I have been decluttering. I also love my naps when I have the time. My favorite thing to do is curl up with a great book.

  5. jmanandmillerbug | 1st Feb 18

    I think I will put my vote in for spa day. I would love to have a spa day if I could. I also like to declare it helps me relax once it’s all clean again.

    • stephaniewp | 1st Feb 18

      I agree fully, When my house is clean I can finally do the other things on here to relax a bit 🙂

  6. Gisele | 1st Feb 18

    These are great ideas. We haven’t much snow here just cold weather but when it warms up I take my lab for a walk. I love naps, probably too much, and reading is also a favorite. However, if I bake something I need to be taking it somewhere else because I don’t need to eat it. lol

  7. Emily, Our house now a home | 1st Feb 18

    A spa day sounds amazing! I also like the idea of a good book. We also do movies nights a lot in winter, it is a fun way to relax and have fun with the whole family.

  8. fashionbeyondforty | 1st Feb 18

    Excellent ideas for winter self care! I have been doing many of them but have also got a few new ideas!

  9. Jenn @ EngineerMommy | 1st Feb 18

    It’s so important to take care of oneself. I try to do self-care activities several times a week. I love the idea of a spa day.

  10. Amanda | 1st Feb 18

    I love just about every single one of these. I suffer from seasonal affective disorder so I struggle with self care and staying positive during long, cold Chicago winters. About to go walk the dog with a cup of warm tea–so soothing!

  11. Heather | 2nd Feb 18

    I have to admit! I’ve been doing some adult coloring! I have this new day planner that has coloring pages within it and it’s the best thing ever! I’m like you though, I definitely feel more hermitish during the winter months.

  12. Pam Wattenbarger | 2nd Feb 18

    Such great self care ideas for winter! I love taking a nice hot bath with a good book.

  13. myrabevlife | 2nd Feb 18

    Such lovely ideas you’ve shared, I love a lovely walk in the crispy weather plus nap time is my favourite lol

  14. Mimi Green | 2nd Feb 18

    I am the same way, a warm beverage or wine are my favorite drinks of choice. I’ve been doing more with my planner and that is something I’m trying to be more consistent with.

  15. Farrah Less | 2nd Feb 18

    I need all this right now esp. the spa been so much busy this past few weeks. We all need to laid back for a while and have me time to recharge.

  16. Chubskulit Rose | 2nd Feb 18

    These are great tips. I have never had a massage from masseuse so it might be great to try.

  17. Sara Welch | 2nd Feb 18

    You can never take too much care of your skin in the winter. Mine dries out so fast.

  18. cosmeticsanctuary | 3rd Feb 18

    I love the coloring and movie time! I also started treating myself to Sunday “at home spa days” for a little pampering! Helps so much

  19. You Can Always Start Now | 3rd Feb 18

    Always a good read. Nominated you for Brotherhood of the world award.

  20. Gemille Sleweon | 4th Feb 18

    These are all wonderful ideas. I’ve actually began starting my day with 30min yoga, it makes such a big difference!

  21. Modern Gypsy | 4th Feb 18

    There are some lovely suggestions here! A bath and book sound delightful, as does a nap & meditation!

  22. Lisa Orchard | 4th Feb 18

    Great list. I need to do more of this this winter. We sometimes get so busy we forget to take care of ourselves. Thanks for the reminder! 🙂

  23. Jennifer | 4th Feb 18

    I don’t know about the budget thing. Especially after a spa and yoga day. I love Yin yoga on a Sunday morning!

  24. Ivy | 4th Feb 18

    Great ideas! I’ve done a few of these so far. I’m enjoying watching movies. A lot of great movies to choose from.

  25. 1StopMom | 5th Feb 18

    I love relaxing with a face mask, cup of hot cocoa and a book. I have a nice collection of face masks and a kindle full of books. I try to do this once a week!

  26. Agness of Fit Travelling | 10th Feb 18

    These are some exceptional tips and suggestions for taking care of ourselves and I definitely needed them. I am saving your post to reread it as a reminder that self-care is very important!

  27. Sharon | 11th Feb 18

    Winters in Michigan can be long! Great ideas for hanging in for the long haul!

  28. The Holistic Toolkit | 17th Feb 18

    Hi I have nominated you for a Liebster Award .. pop over to my blog http://www.theholistictoolkit.wordpress.com as I would love for you to answer my questions. I really enjoy your blogs, keep up the great work 🙏

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