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3 Internet Sites for a Happy Soul



The internet is a big place, like really big. You can watch a monkey drive a car and learn to knit a hat all with a few clicks of a button. It can be overwhelming, which is why we all have those few go-to sites that we love. Sites that we check every day. Facebook, Twitter, and our email being pretty high up there in popularity. But there is more, much more than just that.

I have three sites that I run through on the daily that I absolutely love, and I would love to share them with you. These are my favorite three places to visit while on the big bad web, and they make my soul happy everytime. Positive vibes!


I discovered this website while going through a difficult time in my life. I was recently unemployed and searching for some guidance and motivation online when I stumbled across this magical place. It’s filled with great articles that help expand your point of view and change perspectives. The stories and insights offered on this site are life altering if you manage to find the right article for you at the right time.  

Written by people like you and me, blog style, and providing first-hand advice on a range of subjects, such as work fulfillment, relationships, happiness and much more. After reading the opinions and experiences offered by people that perhaps I would not get the opportunity to interact with in my daily life my opinions started to slowly change. For example, I always wished to make travel a priority in my life, but it was not until I read the articles offered on this site that I was able to happily justify putting off saving for that dream home for a little while longer. I am now making time to see Europe, South America and everywhere else I desire. It’s honestly a one stop shop site for silver linings and new perspectives.

When I feel like I may need an emotional or motivational boost, I can always find it here. So check it out, you will surely find something that speaks to you on this site.


While on TinyBuddha.com I came across an add that captured my attention. Happify, what a cool name! I surprised myself when I clicked on the colorful advertisement and the new window opened.

This site claimed to utilize games and exercises based on scientific studies that have been proven to help boost your happiness. This intrigued me so I decided to sign up and give it a try. I used the free programs offered on the site every day for over a month and I can say I certainly noticed a difference. There is a science to happiness and this site has figured it out! Amazing!

By completing the “tracks” that interest you, you begin to unleash positive new skills and helpful insights on human behavior. So if you are looking for a positivity boost try this site out. The potential results are definitely worth it.


If you have not been making use of this very popular and visually appealing site than I urge you to go, signup and get started. If you are a visual person then this is the place for you. I use it to organize almost everything I love online. Recipes, clothing, memes, home decor Captureand travel ideas being just a few.

I love searching through the sea of clothing images I have saved to decide what outfit I should buy next.  Chances are if I have twenty pictures of a giant sweater paired with socks that I will not regret the purchase. It is like your own personal online store filled with your favorite things, and every time I log in it makes me smile. So sign up and start pinning!

I hope you find the time to check out these sites and make your soul happy!


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