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10 Pick me up Tricks to Improve a Bad Day

Sometimes life sucks, and some days are harder than others. That’s why we all have our go-to things that will lift our mood and help us relax. It’s essential to keeping sane when circumstances seem heavy.

So I would like to share mine, in case you are in need of some new pick me up tricks.


1.Look Good = Feel Good

I know this is tough when you’re feeling low the last thing you want to do is rummage through your closet and find something cute and put it on. BUT that is exactly what you should do. There has been research about this kind of thing, trust the science of cuteness people!

When you look good you feel good, or so they say. Not saying that if you put on a nice outfit you will instantly feel like a million dollars but it might help and why not help yourself in every way you can to have a better day?

2. Buy Yourself Flowers

I previously worked with women who would buy herself flowers when she was feeling
stressed at work and place them on her desk. I thought “this woman knows how to treat herself”. I think it is so thoughtful, sweet and tender to give someone flowers, it is my favorite gift. Every time I buy them for myself it makes me feel so good. So if something makes you feel good, splurge! Don’t be sad that there is no one to get them for you, get them for yourself. You will love yourself for it.

3. Meet With a Friend

Friends have a way of making your soul lighter. Being rather introverted I don’t take advantage of this one often enough. I need a push out of the door sometimes, but everytime I see a friend, even if it is for a quick coffee date I always feel better. I find that women have this amazing ability to nurture, and although I try and hold the “I’m tough” attitude, there is nothing that makes me feel better than talking to someone who just gets it!

4. Eat Yummy Food

10672336_10154632400875051_1354924610455677670_nConsidering that my pick me up foods consist of chocolate, chips and cake I am glad that I don’t need to take advantage of this one very often. Regardless I need it sometimes, I just throw all of my cares away and buy a giant piece of cheesecake. This of course is horrible advice, but desperate times call for desperate measures. So don’t feel guilty, feed yourself with a extra treat. I mean you are feeling down after all… you deserve it!

5. Read Some Blogs

I love to read inspirational stories and advice from other people. There is something so motivational about people putting it all out there for the world to see. You can often  find people who have overcome the same feelings you might be feeling that exact moment yourself. That is the beauty of the internet, so take advantage of this great tool!

6. Write it Out

Grab a journal and a pen and start writing, I guarantee  you will keep writing until everything you feel is now transformed into ink.  This one is particularly useful if you don’t feel like telling anyone else how you feel but you still want to get it off your chest.

7. Grab a Bath

I love baths! Epsom salts, bubbles, candles, all of it. So I had to include this on my pick me up list. Grabbing a hot bath and soaking for 20 minutes after a long stressful day at work  always helps do the trick.

8. Meditate

If you have not tried it, I highly suggest trying it! Not even as a pick me up trick but also as a healthy tool for maintaining balance, which helps prevent stress and negative feelings in the future. A great place to start is YouTube, try a short guided meditation, it’s a great place to begin.

9. Listen to Music

Music is the ultimate conductor of emotions. So turning on some happy tunes is sure to act as an aid in changing your mood. I personally like to go for some old school 90’s tunes when feeling down. I mean how can you listen to the spice girls and not want to have a mini dance party?

10. Cuddle Something

Boyfriend? Kitten? Pillow? Yourself? Cuddle into something and just relax, wrap yourself in comfy blankets and bundle up. If you’re feeling agitated this is a great way to relax and find comfort from whatever is taking your energy.

What helps you boost your mood?


16 thoughts on “10 Pick me up Tricks to Improve a Bad Day

  1. Excellent tips indeed. One of my ways is to give my cats a good old pampering, brush/fuss and calming tones as they just love it so much and the sound of their rhythmic purring is adorable. I am trying atm to learn how to meditate and so far, yeah its brilliant!


  2. I like to go buy myself something pretty. It doesn’t have to be expensive. Even some little earrings from Target can do the trick!


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