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Thoughts on Overthinking

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I am currently over thinking about over thinking. I think it is safe to say I am an over thinker. Hmm… What does one do when faced with this strange reality? Well for starters I am going to take some advice from the quote seen above It is time to occupy the mind and overcome negative thoughts, a process I have been rigorously attempting to make happen for myself.

I am in the beginning stages of realization in regards to my overthinking tendencies. It has been quite recently since I began to notice just how much my thoughts are controlling my life and all too often in a negative way. As someone who is pretty in-tune with the world around me, I find it crucial to examine all pieces of a situation. This allows me to decipher the truth and determine reality, which is a great skill. However, there is a problem…

What is it? Well, the problem is, I am wrong. Life can not be determined in advance, it is impossible. I can analyze a situation until my brain explodes and create well-informed1 hypothetical outcomes until the cows come home, but the fact still remains. The future is untold.

I am under the impression that a large portion of the general public is already onto this fact. I myself struggle. When I am wrong, my world can come crashing down. Can you imagine the world where you develop facts from evidence and when inevitably wrong you are crushed? Perhaps you can imagine it, or maybe you are like this yourself.

But it’s not all so bleak, overthinking also causes me to come to some great solutions and outcomes in my life. I am better able to give advice or see new perspectives because I see all the angles available to me in situations. Being an “over-thinker” has allowed me to develop protection against the unknown. I am happy for my ability to help friends with my well-informed thoughts, I like that I can plan ahead for the things I want because I put the right amount of thought into it.

But the truth is it’s not overthinking that has helped me create these tools in my life. Thinking has… Thinking in the way that only I can uniquely do.

Overthinking has caused me pain, stress, and disappointment. When I think about a situation I am clear. When I begin to overthink I fall down the rabbit hole. Overthinking causes me to latch onto negative thoughts, attaching them to reality even if they do not logically belong there and causes me to act irrationally and unclear.

As mentioned it has only been recent that I have even realized that this ails me. Now that I realize the problems with thinking causes me in my life I can begin to break this bad habit.

A good place to start is summed up in this quote “Overthinking is the biggest cause of our unhappiness. Keep yourself occupied. Keep your mind off of things that don’t help you. Think positively.”

Sounds easy enough… I have decided to fill my day to day schedule with more things that I enjoy and some new things also. Blogging, volunteering, hanging out with my girlfriends at least once a week and working out. Being mindful of my thoughts, ensuring my thoughts are positive and clear will also help aid in overcoming over thinking.

I feel it is important to appreciate, and nurture the traits within that make me unique and help me in life. Additionally, it is important to be self-aware and work on the things that do not serve me well. Overthinking is something that everyone is guilty of at some point in life, and recognizing the parts of yourself that need less or more “thinking” is a great way to remain positive and ensure you are always on the right path in life.

Are you an overthinker? How do you control your thoughts and stay positive?


23 thoughts on “Thoughts on Overthinking

  1. You know what’s cool though – you bring up the good side of over thinking – working out problems. I overthink and I hate it – especially ruminating thoughts. When I have something that keeps coming up – an unsolved issue – I try to plan a moment to sit down and hash out a solution. Have you tried that?


  2. Great post!! I can relate to most of it.. In my case, overthinking usually leads to indecisiveness and anxiety. Should I do it or have I thought about all the possibilities (usually what can go wrong :P) already?

    My solution is physical activity. My thought process, after a game of badminton, a nature walk or a run, is usually clear of clutter! I then decide my actions and then stick to them.!


    1. I am a lot like that also. I have been incorporating more physical activity into my day to day life also. i find the raise in endorphin’s helps me remain positive, and helps me think clearly. Glad to hear it also works with other people, I shall keep it up!


  3. Lovely thoughts StephJ – as they say in recovery circles, ‘analysis is paralysis.’ There’s something about being ‘in the flow’ that is liberating in a way that planning when you’re going to be free isn’t. I like the look and feel of your wordpress too.

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  4. I am often over-stimulated, which makes clear thinking impossible. At times like that, a board game or boring videogame might help. Or sleep, working out, or even writing, or rather translating something into human language from the compressed kanji-like language I think with. The article, is well written, as I suspected but I am just reading it at three a.m. after sleep, writing, enjoying the rain, and many other things. Was too over-stim’ed to read it earlier, but had a great vibe.

    Now I’m going to go run in the rain that just restarted, great Serendipity!

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  5. I am a serious over thinker. Like I really have a problem. I’ve learned that while I cannot stop it (it’s who I am) I can manage it. I have a process that works well for me – and actually inspires me to move forward as well. What we think we become….so It’s so important we find a way to keep the thoughts positive. Great info!

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  6. I have been an over thinker all my life. I got that from my mother. You won me at the first line. Over thinking is painful, to us and to our loved ones. And somehow it is also related to self-love. I wrote a similar post on my blog. And my idea was to let go. Let go of things that harm mental peace. Letting go helps a over thinking mind. 🙂

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