Happiness – 101 Simple Things

What is it that causes happiness? Personally, I think happiness is a collection of a million little things, people, memories, feelings. I think happiness is a matter of perspective and it is a goal that every human wishes to reach. I think it is impossible to reach happiness, because…

Happiness is not an end.

Happiness is change. something that changes and shifts in meaning as you grow in life.

Happiness is growth. It is growing, changing and realizing what you require to reach the next level in your life.

Happiness is self-awareness. To be happy is to know what your needs are in life and how you can fulfill those needs.

Happiness is courage. Being brave enough to stand up for yourself, to reach out to family and friends and say. This might be crazy but it will make me happy.

Happiness is a journey. Take a walk a very long walk through your own life, what did you see? Moments of happiness, sadness, joy and sorrow. A colorful rainbow of experiences created solely by you, for you.

Happiness is the little things. The simple moments that are collected daily, small sometimes seemingly insignificant acts that mold a larger feeling inside yourself which is happiness.



Here are 101 little things, simple things, that compile together to create happiness throughout my life…

  1. Chocolate Cake
  2. Morning Coffee
  3. Online Shopping
  4. Finding a pair of jeans that fit just right
  5. Scented candles
  6. Reading a good book
  7. Fuzzy blankets
  8. Hot Chocolate and Cookies
  9. Wine and Cheese
  10. Pizza and Beer
  11. Toast and Bagels
  12. A clean apartment
  13. The sound of rain
  14. The sound of thunder
  15. Snow days
  16. Blackouts (In small doses)
  17. Winning- Games, money, anything
  18. A hot bubble bath
  19. Finding a new song you love
  20. The accidental nap
  21. When you try a new recipe and it turns out great
  22. Changing my desk calendar each day
  23. Adding to my savings account
  24. Working out
  25. Re-watching Harry Potter
  26. Re-watching Lord of the Rings
  27. Cuddles
  28. When a new season of one of my favorite TV show starts a new season
  29. Chocolate
  30. Walking in nature
  31. Canoeing
  32. Camping
  33. Snuggling up next to a wood stove
  34. Having an outdoor fire
  35. Stargazing
  36. Fishing
  37. Publishing a blog
  38. Reading the comments on my blog
  39. Travel research
  40. The feeling when you book a trip
  41. The feeling you get when to see something you have never seen before (feeling of awe)
  42. Trying new foods
  43. Great conversation
  44. Catching up with friends
  45. Laughing until I cry
  46. Getting flowers
  47. The smell of flowers
  48. The sound of the ocean
  49. The smell of the ocean
  50. Exploring the beach
  51. Visiting family
  52. All things Christmas
  53. Surprises
  54. Puppies
  55. Kitties
  56. Getting a funny joke
  57. Looking back at old pictures
  58. Planning and list making
  59. Dancing
  60. The smell of freshly washed blankets
  61. Oversize sweaters
  62. Pretty scarfs
  63. Wool Socks
  64. Driving out of town
  65. Picnics
  66. Flea Markets
  67. Freshly fallen snow
  68. Laying in the sunshine
  69. Swimming
  70. The smell of trees
  71. Fleece lined leggings
  72. Nightgowns
  73. Visiting an antique shop
  74. Brunch
  75. Playing with my little cousin
  76. Coffee Dates
  77. Watching fireworks
  78. The feeling you get when you countdown to the new year
  79. The feeling you get when you blow out birthday candles
  80. Painting my nails
  81. The smell of freshly mowed grass
  82. The smell of bacon in the morning
  83. Full moons
  84. The sound of birds singing
  85. Going for a drive with a friend
  86. Gaining a new perspective
  87. Finding something that you lost
  88. Old Disney movies
  89. Laughing about an old memory
  90. Sliding
  91. Flying a kite
  92. Coloring
  93. Completing a puzzle
  94. Learning something new
  95. The feeling when my parents are proud of me
  96. Visiting museums
  97. Live music
  98. Small running streams
  99. Mom hugs
  100. Dad hugs
  101. Picking berries

So there you have it some completely random little things that bring me happiness. Just the simple act of letting my mind go and writing this list has made my day brighter.

Tag my blog and share with me a list of the little things that brings you happiness. Try creating a list of 20, 50, 70, or 100 simple things. Keep the happiness momentum going, and brighten a day.

What makes you happy?


10 thoughts on “Happiness – 101 Simple Things

  1. I love this! Inspires me to do my own list! Also I’m doing a body positive support group and this would be an excellent activity to get people thinking outside their bodies! Thank you for posting this! https:/

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  2. Reblogged this on Lyrical Lokean and commented:
    What an inspiration! What does make me happy?

    1. Writing
    2. Reading
    3. Video Games
    4. Cooking
    5. Eating
    6. Hot chocolate
    7. Earl Grey tea
    8. My creativity
    9. The love of my favorite man!
    10. My friends joking and laughing with me, giving me silent or audible support when I need it
    11. Being able to help relieve stress and strain at work
    12. Being dependable
    13. Being organized
    14. Listening to my music
    15. Being independent (financially)
    16. Being mentally well
    17. Being spiritually fulfilled
    18. Being mentally challenged every day!
    19. Family doing well for themselves (you go big brother!)
    20. Knowing about computer stuff

    Go ahead! Share your own list!


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