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5 Reasons to Laugh More

Oh, laughter, a charmingly silly act. An act that transforms feelings into an outward display of happiness. Within laughter there is a closeness created between people, barriers can be broken and the potential of comfort created.

Have you ever met someone who is always laughing? Someone who always has a joke to tell? Someone who seems to make light out of every situation?

My grandmother was that kind of person. She always told jokes, the cheesy short knock knock kind. She would be prepared with the same joke almost every time I saw her. “How do you catch a unique rabbit?” she would ask me with excitement and a smirk on her face, knowing perfectly well I knew the answer. “I don’t know, how?” I would answer in anticipation. “Unique up on him.” She would always laugh loudly when going in for the punch line, she was so pleased, but never done. “How do you catch a tame rabbit?.”-  “How?”I would answer in between giggles. “The tame way.” She would always finish. The delivery of the final line would always be too much to handle, and it would leave us both howling. It was never really the joke that was funny, it was the way she told it. It meant so much to her to make me laugh, I loved that about her.

When my grandmother passed away there were so many funny stories told about her, jokes upon jokes from people young and old. It wasn’t just me she had been making laugh during her life. What a great legacy to leave behind. My whole family has received bits of my grandmother’s personality, taking nothing to serious, making jokes, always being silly. Being around them makes me happy, lifts my spirits.

I have been left with a great impression from my grandmother, and that is the importance and significance of laughter. Even when sick, or sad, or even if the joke isn’t very funny. Be quick to laugh…

laughter1. Comfort

Have you ever felt uncomfortable in a situation? Maybe while meeting someone new, or in an interview? Or maybe you felt stressed or worried. Of course you have, we all have. I think we all know that laughter can usually relieve the tension of those types of situations. Be the type of person who makes a stranger feel welcome by making them smile, because you never know when you will be in the same situation. Making people comfortable through laughter is a gift and you should learn to appreciate those who have it and make it a priority to practice it towards others also.

2. It makes life easier

Seriously, life is easier when you are silly. Everyone has a unique personality, some more comical than others. But regardless of personality everyone has something that makes them laugh and a certain humor that appeals to them. So don’t resist, expose yourself to what makes you chuckle. The more you laugh the more naturally it will come to you, exercise your funny bone and life will become easier I promise. Some small problems can be completely erased by laughter.

3. Increased Positivity

I think this one is a no-brainer. Laughing is an outward expression of a positive emotion… happiness. So I thought it wise to mention that a great way to stay positive is to laugh more.

4. Increased Confidence

Learning to laugh at yourself, and to show off your quirky side is something that gushes confidence. Being self-conscious of what people think often affects a person sense of humor. People are often negative or lack a humorous side because they are trying to hide an insecurity within themselves. Be silly, joke around, show off your personality and be confident enough to be happy. Laughing is beautiful, confidence is beautiful, just be your beautiful self.

5. Longer Life

Remember the story I shared about my grandmother? Well most people who knew her said that she had lived as long as she did because of her sense of humor. Doctors, nurses, old friends of hers, all said the same thing. She was sick for a very very long time but we believe that her laughter kept her strong. The same has been said by many people all over the world, the happiest most positive and humorous of people live the longest. And although I can not prove anything scientifically, I can say from experience that my grandmother lived long and most importantly happily which is really what we are all striving for in the end.

laugh.jpgSo I challenge you today to laugh, smile, be silly. I guarantee it will brighten someone’s day, and most importantly your own.

What makes you laugh?



20 thoughts on “5 Reasons to Laugh More

  1. What makes me laugh – Ellen and Jimmy Fallon – I will watch there clips at night before bed – the idea is to laugh myself to sleep – Jimmy Fallon interviews Donald Trump -


  2. I tend to surround myself with people who can laugh easily since I feel sometimes that I take life a tad too seriously. It can be great to be reminded that there is humor in most everything in life. Spreading around the positivity is never a bad thing either. 🙂

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