I’m Glad I Learned – Challenge

Welcome to my “I’m glad I learned” challenge. I hope you all can take part in adding some positive, self-love and confidence to your own day and others by completing this challenge for yourself. And who doesn’t love an excuse to write a fun blog anyway?


The Rules

  • List 5 things you are glad you learned in life so far. These lessons must be from your own personal experiences, must be lessons that have directly enriched your life, made you a better person or helped harbor personal evolution. When looking at your short list you should feel proud, motivated, and inspired by your own growth.
  • Explain how each lesson has changed you or impacted your life. Did this lesson surprise you? How did it make you feel?
  • Tag my blog ScaleSimple in your post along with the blog of the person you found this challenge from.

I’m glad I learned… to value quality friendships over quantity.

People need friendships to enhance their lives, in difficult times of sadness, there is nothing more important than a friend to help you through. Once the “busy factor in life” set in, quality became important to me.  If you are unsure of what I mean let me explain. “The busy factor” basically means you are an adult now and you have to work, maintain a household, perhaps a serious relationship or marriage or even children. You see what I am talking about here right? There was a time not long ago where I felt like I could spend all of my time with all kinds of people, parties, shopping, talking for hours. Those were the good old days, but “the busy factor” has taken over, forcing me to learn the lesson of quality friendships over quantity.

Consequently, I have been learning to invest my “friend time” in a few select important friendships, the value of these friendships are irreplaceable and a need in my life. Support is found in these cherished friendships, love, and understanding. Something that is not easily obtained when partying with a group of people whom you hardly know. Just saying. More details about friendship lessons I have learned can be found in this previous blog Lessons Learned – Friends Old & New.

I’m glad I learned… how to forgive.

I struggled with forgiveness my whole life. Actually for awhile in my early twenties, I am pretty sure I didn’t know how to forgive. (Call me cold if you will but it is kind of true.) I carried around  ridiculous grudges towards people, often not even knowing where they had originated from. I felt stubborn, and unwavering when it came to my apparent “morals” of the time. Then everything in life fell apart all at once (life’s harsh way of teaching us lessons) and I discovered the book The Heart of the Buddha’s Teaching. Everything changed for me when I discovered Buddhism and I opened my eyes to compassion and forgiveness. I no longer wanted to be weighed down by the heavy feelings I carried of resentment. So I practiced forgiveness, and day by day I became more in line with my “true self” no longer hiding behind grudges.

Seriously that girl who stole my boyfriend in grade 10, I forgive her. She was an idiot, yes, but I was also an idiot for going out with him. (See how easy that was?) When I really thought about it, it is always easier to let go. I accepted that people make mistakes and I have a choice to forgive and keep them in my life or forgive and let them go, but always to forgive.

I’m glad I learned… what my boundaries are.

This lesson is related to the ones above, when better understanding friendships and forgiveness took place I was better able to understand my own boundaries. That boyfriend who cheated on me, yes I forgave him but my morals told me not to have him in my life anymore. When it came to friendships, a friend who demanded a one-sided relationship was of course forgiven, but I put in place proper boundaries to stop me from investing too much energy into that person.

Keeping proper boundaries in place to protect my mental energy and personal well-being against negative or selfish people is a lesson I am glad that I am learning. They don’t teach you this lesson in school, so I am grateful that I am figuring this one out, even if it often takes learning the hard way.

I’m glad I learned… how to better budget my money.

I am a 26-year-old young women, who lives on my own, by myself, paid my own way through college, bought my own car, paid for two trips and I have zero debt. I think that is something to be proud of? Go me! I have had no financial help along the way and given what I have to work with income wise I have to admit to myself that I am doing ok with this whole adult thing. (Not bragging, just hoping.)

I m currently saving for another trip to Europe and money is tight so I created a very strict budget and attached it to my fridge. I also use Budget Trackerto track my funds, which helps keep me on the right path. (I need all the help I can get) Learning to save money has been a key skill I have been developing and being able to do so has allowed me to accomplish many things I always wished to be able to do. And all on my own, which makes me feel so confident in my abilities when I think about it. Yay me! Of course at this stage in life the hardest thing to resist is a sale on fall sweaters, but regardless, I feel good about my ability to say no for the greater good.

I am glad I learned… the importance of travel.

For me travel was something to be done after school was paid for, a car was bought and I felt I could dedicate money towards it. So it is a new passion for me. Traveling has very quickly become a very important thing in my life. Teaching me lessons of a broader world, about people, cultures, religions, history and of course the value of a home. The thought of traveling somewhere that I have never been before excites me more than anything else, I love that I have found a new passion in life and it is an obsession that is helping me grow into a better me.


What are you waiting for my blog friends? Take some time for yourself, acknowledge your accomplishments, validate your growth and take part in this challenge. I promise you will be glad that you did.  Go ahead and get writing!



24 thoughts on “I’m Glad I Learned – Challenge

  1. Can you PRETTY PLEASE remind me tomorrow, to start this challenge ❤ As its 2am here in Australia and I must sleep, so if you remind me in 10hrs that will be just before lunch time here and i should have done house chores and online by then 🙂 thanks darling! Only if you can that is! I just want to make sure i don't forget xxxx

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  2. Thank you for this entry. I’ll be honest, I don’t think I have really taken the time to sit down and really reflect on the lessons learned throughout my life. This entry has me think about this. I think I will step up to the challenge. Again, thank you for this entry.

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