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Goals – October 2015

Come on October I am ready for ya! I have been in a non-motivational coma, sick with strep throat for 3 days, locked away watching re-runs of House on Netflix and feeling completely uninspired to blog. But today I am pulling myself out of this flu induced depression and writing a positive future-oriented blog post. Centered around… October Goals! Yay!


But first, let me take a look back on my September Goals. I am left feeling like I have successfully made the most of it and I had a blast. So let’s check out my September Goals and see how I did, shall we?

September Goals 

  1. Schedule a dentist appointment– Bingo! Got this one straightened away and
    although I am now $400.00 more poor then last month I am happy to have my pearly whites that much closer to perfection. (See pearly white below)
  2. Purchase some boots – So pleased with this pair (pictured below). They are the perfect fall boots and I am happy to have stumbled across these beauties and on sale I may add.
  3. Buy some new fall clothing – I managed to get some warm leggings and a sweater last month… not too shabby. Still holding out for a new scarf but I can wait a little longer.
  4. Purge my apartment – Nope, and I have no excuse. I have had ample amounts of time to do this one but I have failed… maybe next month or November?
  5. Create a picture print board for my kitchen – Yes! I tried some different crafting options but ultimately decided to just put the pictures directly onto my kitchen wall. I think it looks great! Sometimes you just have to do it and love it for what it is. “It” being my prints from Paris. (Shown below)
  6. Have a girls night – Yes… kind of… I wanted to go out and have a good old fashioned drinking and dancing evening but alas all the expenses mentioned above left me to weak in the wallet to partake. However myself and the girls had a good giggle time last Saturday, which I guess counts as a more mature girls night. It consisted of wine, pasta and gossip, same thing as cheap beer and dancing until 3 in the morning right? I just can’t let go of my youth.
  7. Finish a book – Nope. I did chip away at Life Code: The New Rules for Winning in the Real World which really is an amazing book. Dr. Phil you so smart. But alas I still have not finished it, you can’t rush these things you know?
  8. Start working out (min 3 times per week) – I am not crossing this one off because I only managed to work out for about 2 weeks this month, it’s sad really. I work out, see results and them BAM… I am couch bound for another few weeks. My poor body must be so confused. But at least I try… right?
  9. Complete the Dead Mans Bay hike – Also was unable to cross this one off, the weekends have been busy, wet and cold. I will have to try a hike in October.

Final count… 5 out of 9 for September I’m pleased and if you count the book and working out as half finished that really makes up another full one making 6 out of 9. Ah, who am I kidding, but regardless September was fun. I got to complete some items I had committed to and other great things not mentioned. Go me! Final verdict? September was a success, scoring it at %70.

PicMonkey Collage

With orange, red and brown leaves, crisp fall air, and Halloween lets all just agree that October is a great month. A shedding of the old earth in perpetration for the great winter sleep only to be born again. Rather poetic isn’t it? Well that’s how I feel about this mysterious beautiful month and I wish to take full advantage of it’s glory.

October Goals

  1. Drink as much water as I can each day. – I have a serious coffee drinking problem, and half way through last month I tried limiting myself to one cup a day and began training myself to drink more water. It went well so I am going to continue that pursuit. I know that 8 glasses of water is the status quo recommendation but I have tried that before and found it too much for me. So this month I am committing to as much as I can, and who knows maybe I can complete the 8 glass a day quota. Is that aggressive enough?
  2. Complete a hike or an evening stroll in the park. – As mentioned in my September Goals my wish was to do the Dead man’s bay hike, but now I am adjusting this goal to embody any hike or stroll in the park. I just want to get out there and look at the trees.
  3. Take some fall pictures. – I had an impromptu photo shoot with a beautiful sunset last weekend and it inspired me to grab some shots of the trees when they change. So this is a must for me in October, it is a beautiful time of year for pictures.
  4. Stick to my budget. – I created a budget last month and the plan is simple…  stick to it! Time to be a big girl… I got this!
  5. Scary movie marathon. – I do this every October to prepare for Halloween, it’s just my, and I love it. I look forward to the spooky vibes of Halloween, and watching Scream and Halloween is the best way to prepare. All hail cheesy slasher films!
  6. Get a sectional couch/rearrange living room. – I have been trying to get rid of my uncomfortable couches for awhile now, and I really would like to replace the ones I have with a sectional. The vibe would be better for my little apartment, so this month I am making this a priority. It is time for a makeover before the snow comes, it’s official.
  7. Create a blog link up. – I love link ups and I have been toying with the idea of creating one for awhile now. So I have made October the month to make this happen, it is of course going to be centered around happiness and positive vibes. So stay tuned in October for the big reveal,  and please take part, I know you will all love it.
  8. Volunteer at least 3 times this month. – I have been volunteering at Beagle Paws and it has been bringing me so much joy and happiness. I love those sweet little beagle faces and helping walk, feed and play with them a few times a week is the least I can do for them until they find their new forever homes. However I will be having wrist surgery this month so I may not be able to commit as much time as I would like to them, so 3 times is a happy goal for me.
  9. Finish a book. – I am putting this one on the list again because it legit needs to happen. I am half way through, Game of Thrones, Feel the Fear . . . and Do It Anyway and Life Code: The New Rules for Winning in the Real World and I have yet to finish one, they are all so good. I must commit! I just must.
  10. Vote. – Election day in Canada is October 19th this year and I have decided to exercise my right as a Canadian citizen and vote, for the first time. Why has it taken me so long? Well, to be honest, this is the first time I actually care enough about politics and my countries future. Hello, adulthood.

Yay, October! I am so looking forward to it, I feel like this month is for creation, saving and enjoying the beauty. Wish me luck in my ventures.

October Vision Board

What do you think of my goals? What are your goals for October?


25 thoughts on “Goals – October 2015

    1. Thanks so much! Many of the pictures I take myself and then I use a simple online editor to play around with them. There are tones of free ones available you should give a try 🙂

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      1. Most years it is crisp and sunny. We have the nicest sunsets this time of the year also. But there has been the occasional Halloween which has been moved due to snow storms, so it really is up in the air what to expect.

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  1. Happy October. Hope you’re feeling better. Goals are good to. I’m disorganized therefore I would lose my list. I could make a goal to fix this, but I have a vacation coming. The original Halloween is the best of them “As a matter of fact, that was the Boogie Man”, Best slasher line ever

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  2. This is great! Your answers are really fun to read 🙂 have you done the sweater weather tag?? If not, I nominate you! I’d love to see your answers, seems like you have great taste! I have the questions on my page second post down 🙂 can’t wait to see your answers!
    Thanks for sharing!

    Liked by 1 person

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