3 Benefits of Setting Personal Goals

As an introverted, somewhat perfectionist it may not come as a surprise that goals are important to me. In truth, I must confess that goals have always been of the utmost importance in my life. I have always had some sort of goal to work towards, a milestone to reach or an agenda to follow. My plans are sometimes rigid, but often I am able to change plans to a certain degree and tweak said agendas, however, the ultimate goal set in my mind never falters unless replaced.

Driving school, buy a car, complete my diploma, get a job, pay off my student loan in an x amount of time. All goals set and achieved by me so far in life. Perhaps they are not epic in nature. No, I did not cure cancer or climb mount Everest, but I did complete some major goals set for myself. Not to mention numerous amounts of less eventful goals, that make up my everyday life or week.

The big truth is we all make goals and achieve them. Every day, everyone.

If you have been delightfully guilty of achieving something in your life then it is most likely because at some previous point you made this a priority to do so, a dream, a goal.

My point here is this.

Goals are important, and here are some reasons why  you will benefit from setting some for yourself.



Motivation & Passion

As mentioned above I am a rather goal oriented person, but putting bias aside I must display all the facts here. Which leads me to my first points motivation and passion. When I make a goal for myself and become genuinely excited to reach it, when I rush towards something or it’s all I can think about, that my friends are passion unfolding. And there is nothing more motivating than passion. Goals help you discover passions.

Of course, there are goals made in life that does not bubble with passion, like pay off a loan or pass an upcoming exam. But I think we can agree that often these mundane goals are the most rewarding. The truth is if you want to find motivation setting goals big or small is the most fundamental way to do so. And in fact planning what you wish to achieve as the end result and then mapping out the small milestones that will get you there will also help motivate you. Creating goals for yourself motivates us through life, it drives us to discover passions.

Confidence Growth

Think about this, when accomplishing a goal you help build your own confidence to do such a task. All too often people may focus on their failures. People focus on goals left unachieved or milestones not reached, people look at themselves as failures, their confidence heads into a downward spiral. These depleting thoughts cause fear of failure, lack of motivation or a lack of confidence. I know, because I have been there, as many of you have.

The truth is everyone has goals left unfinished, failures or un-attempted plans littering their past. But the ability to grow and learn from these setbacks is what pushes you towards discovering your true skills in life. There will be things you are more naturally good at and able to accomplish than others, but by pushing yourself towards difficult goals and trying again and again you will gain confidence. The trick is not in the success, it is setting goals and working hard to achieve them despite obstacles or setbacks. Despite any previous failures, you got this, I promise!

Hello Happiness

There is no better feeling of inner happiness than achieving your goals. It doesn’t matter how big or small, it really doesn’t. Happiness will beam from collecting the items on your grocery list or from paying off your house. If you maintain a positive motivational outlook towards your goals then you will be sure to find happiness waiting at the end of your hard work.

When your goal is also a passion, happiness will be sure to follow you the whole way through. Like anything you will be in for good times and bad, but having a direction in life, if even for a moment is a way to take control of your life and just be happy. You don’t need money, good looks, a good job or a nice car to look around you and feel good for what you have achieved. If you desired it, worked towards it and achieved it no one else can control that kind of happiness. It’s yours for the creating and the taking. Don’t forget to reward yourself, to congratulate yourself for your achievements and be happy.


I have been setting, failing and achieving goals for my entire life. More recently I have been using this blog as an outlet to help me achieve some small milestones. See my October Goals post. I don’t always execute on all my plans but that’s not what it’s all about for me. It’s about getting excited and exploring my options.

So dearest friends don’t be afraid, grab a pen and paper, or open a new blog post and start writing. Write out everything and anything you want to actualize, then make smaller goals from the big ones. Maybe you can refer to it every now and then. There is something so therapeutic about plucking the dreams swimming in your mind and placing them on paper. Written out externally for you to see and make a reality, no longer living in your mind but playing a role in your active life.

How do you set your goals?

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15 thoughts on “3 Benefits of Setting Personal Goals

  1. Fantastic post. I’m so glad you found my blog which in turn led me to find yours. I’m not a Capricorn but a Gemini who has two sides. First side=set goals. Second side = work like crazy to achieve them.

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  2. Discipline is essential to achieving goals. Balance, however, is equally important to make the journey pleasant rather than stressful. Type A people have a tendency to achieve happiness upon achieving the goal. It becomes so much more pleasurable if we enjoy the process as well as the outcome. Great article to help motivate people. Thanks for sharing.

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