Halloween Challenge

Welcome, ghouls, goblins, and fellow creepy fanatics! The following is a short Halloween story written by moi! I was inspired by Kristin at Pursuit of an Adventure she put together this really fun Halloween Challenge and I am excited to push my comfort zone with some creative writing.

The idea? Well, it’s simple. Set your timer for 15 minutes then using the first sentence of the story below start writing. Well, here it goes… I hope you enjoy.

The wind whistled in between the branches of the grabbing trees that I saw briefly in between the layers of fog. Within the fog was a wooden barn, old gray, decaying. It was as if the barn arose from the fog, waiting in the wilderness to be discovered.

It had been two days since myself and Jen my best friend had broken down on the long highway leading into the mountains. Two days and we still had not found a house, another road, anything. Just trees, rivers and black damp forest. The barn was eerie the way it stood solid and lonely. But for us, it was a welcome sight.

I placed my hand on the handle. I had to admit I felt strange about this structure being all alone out in the woods like this. It made me feel uneasy, but we were cold and tired, so I set those thoughts in the back of my mind and opened the door.

Inside was as bleak as the outside looked, but within there were a small fireplace, a musty sleeping cot and some very old tools, dishes and pictures. What was this place? Jen started on the fire, I wandered through the cupboards searching for food. Within one of the rotten drawers of that place, I found some cans of some very old soup. It would do.

We ate and warmed up, and before I knew it exhaustion finally grasped our hands and lead us to slumber.

I awoke suddenly to laughter, shrill dark laughter. Distant but strong. Was that real? Where was I? The only light came from a fading fire. I looked around to find Jen, she was gone. Where had she gone?

I walked outside the barn, out here the moon and stars lit up the forest, and transformed it into a mysterious land, a land in which I felt like an intruder. I did not belong here. I wanted to go home, I pushed back the sadness. Where was Jen?

Laughter again. Closer now, too close. Who was that? Every fiber of my being filled with panic, something about that laugh was not welcoming, it was not right. I walked around the barn, whispering loudly Jen’s name, no answer over and over. No Jen. Something was seriously wrong out here. The heaviness of the isolation and danger crept in.

A third sharp laugh this time directly behind me. I ran. No thoughts came to my mind, all questions left behind as I ran. Faster and faster over stumps, through trees slipping over wet rocks in the wilderness. I had no idea what direction I was headed nor did I care.

Somewhere withing the terror I became aware of someone or something running directly beside me. A vast mass of shadow moved through the woods at my speed. Keep running I thought.

My breath became short, my heart beat blasting through my chest. I was tiring, the object beside me was gone. I slowed, not because of choice but because of exhaustion. Panic was strong, but my mind clear. I had to go back for Jen. I looked behind me, ready to face my attacker with foolish courage and find my friend.

Then I heard a car horn. Loud intrusive and directly behind me. I turned, a man with a baseball hat hung his head out of the window of a car yelling for me to move. I moved. Confusion. I looked around. Where was I? I was in the middle of a street in a little town. My town, my house stood in front of me.

What happened? Confusion set in. Walking out of my home was Jen, smiling and laughing with my mother. When they saw me horror changed their expressions. What had happened? I looked at my feet, wet, cold and muddy. My heart still racing. What had happened? They ran to me.

What did you think of my short story? Would you like to see more creative writing on ScaleSimple?

Happy Halloween!


9 thoughts on “Halloween Challenge

  1. Reblogged this on englishwithshana and commented:
    Enjoy reading this wonderful short Halloween story by StephJ and take the Halloween Challenge! For B1 PET (Cambridge) exam practise, use the first sentence of the story and write about 100 words. For more advanced levels, write at least 250 words. Don’t worry about understanding all of the vocabulary in the story. Try to read the whole story and understand the overall gist (meaning) first. Then, you can look up some selected words. Have fun!


      1. I put the link to my flash fiction story on “pursuit of a new adventure” site. Really enjoyed your story and the others that were posted there. Glad to see a new post by you too. Have a happy week.

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