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5 Ways to Recognize the Right Path

Are you wandering through life, endlessly searching for shelter and direction? Searching for a reason for your wandering, imagining a destination but deciding on none. Lost utterly and completely. But you we keep wandering?

In a massive woods, through the trees emerges a great network of paths. Crafted from gravel, bricks, or dirt. Paths leading in different directions, through valleys, and gardens, up mountains and down steep hills. But which path do you take?

The truth is there is no one true path, we all have to walk each one in our lives, we must experience joys and hardships. Walking alone or together. But every now and then, when standing still for a moment and observing your own life you might just say to yourself. “I am on the right path.”

Essentially a path is a plan, a goal, a destination, a point in life or the journey you take to arrive at the desired destination.

The harsh truth is you don’t actually arrive anywhere… ever. It is an illusion set up by our minds to help us cope with the exploration. When on one path in life you simply arrive on a new path. It’s not about the destination it’s about the journey. And when on the right journey for you, you learn the lessons that are right for you.

So how do you know you are on the “right” path? Well here are some clues that I have picked up on my own adventure through the network of paths that make up my own life.


1. Your goals and dreams are becoming more achievable

When you are on the right path in life you are moving closer towards your goals. Don’t get me wrong sometimes you must move further away from your goals to learn lessons and grow, but if you have a dream then no matter what obstacles are set in front of you or how difficult the journey becomes you are still moving closer and closer to those goals.

2. New opportunities present themselves

New opportunities seem to pop up out of nowhere when you are on the right path in life. Job opportunities, relationships, happiness of many forms present themselves when you seem to be in the right place at the right time. So if your journey has led you towards new opportunities or to better your life then guess what? You are most likely going in the right direction.

3. Your confidence is growing

The definition of confidence is; a feeling of self-assurance arising from one’s appreciation of one’s own abilities or qualities. Maybe at first your footing was unsure and your confidence was fleeting, the voice inside your head loudly saying “turn back” or “you can’t do this”. You wanted to jump off of this path in life because an easier one lay elsewhere. But you kept going and because of that perseverance your confidence grew. You soon had the confidence to say “I can keep going”, “I can do this”.

4. You are surprising yourself

Maybe the fact that you kept going on the difficult path surprised you, perhaps you are left wondering “wow I never thought I could do that or wanted to do that”. There are not many feelings that are equal in satisfaction to the feeling of surprising yourself. That’s growth in it’s finest form.

5. You are growing and learning

Speaking of growth that’s what it’s all about, isn’t it? If you aren’t growing and learning in life then perhaps you are not headed in the right direction. You should be pushing yourself no matter what. Being comfortable is great but in order to reach the beautiful valley you sometimes must trek through the marshes.


Life is meant to challenge you, to push you to the brink and leave you wondering what you should do next or what it’s all about. It is all a part of this beautiful and strange odyssey. In truth, we all must walk alone with difficult strides at times.

For example; If you are walking the path that leads you to finish your education the destination may be the completion of school. Staying true to this path might lead you to the path of a great career, to meet your life partner, to discover paths filled with passion that you run towards. You may experience hardships and setbacks and have to readjust your plans. You see everything is connected and linked together.

The whole point is to evaluate periodically your direction in life and determine if that is something you have to do, want to do or should do. Don’t give up when things get tough and don’t stick to one course of action when it will bring you towards failure without reward.

At least this is the lesson I have learned while walking my own life paths and discovering what is right for me.

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How do you know if you are on the right path in life?


20 thoughts on “5 Ways to Recognize the Right Path

  1. Love this post! Sometimes I think we overthink the situation and second guess our path when we don’t have to. It’s nice to have it broken down into simple steps to prevent that.

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  2. I’d have to agree especially with #1. This isn’t true in all areas of my life, but a small-scale example is how I feel more optimistic as time goes on about my blogging and writing. The fact that it’s not such a stretch to imagine the success I want must mean i’m getting closer.

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  3. For me I need to spend time in silence and prayer. When life is crazy and noisy, I can’t hear where I am supposed to move next. Once I have figured out which way to move, your tips, then come in handy to know that I am continuing on the right path.

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