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3 New Christmas Shopping Ideas

Only 43 Days, 10 Hours and 40 Minutes left until Christmas! Woah, I know I am not prepared either. And although that may seem like a lot of time, in reality, we all know that the clock is literally ticking. If you are like me and many other Christmas enthusiasts you are probably filled with good intentions and wish to start early, save, be prepared, you know the drill. But alas every year like clock work I am left with a to-do list longer than time provides.

I am often left  in the middle of the mad scramble of frustrated and stressed last minute shoppers. Searching for a gift for someone I surely forgot… sorry friends. Being in the centre of the last minute ordeal always puts a damper on my Christmas spirit. I love the casual frolic through stores, thinking of the perfect gift to give to people who mean so much but the whole last minute ordeal… Well, it’s insane. People turn into evil Christmas Scrooges , frustration smothers the spirit.

Don’t get me wrong this is not my completely accurate opinion on the entirety of Christmas by no means. However I merely wish to portray my feelings, and in the last few days leading up to Christmas is sometimes a slaughter house. And the stress totally ruins my mood.

So be prepared Steph. Have a plan. You know it is coming, it is the same day every year. So why do this to yourself?

Well, I wish I could answer my own questions, because as I mentioned I am often among the madness. But this year I have decided to take a new approach to my Christmas shopping. You see I have come to a realization. One of the main reasons that I have always stuck shopping until the day before Christmas is because I have trouble finding the kinds of gifts that I want to give my friends and family. It is always the same impersonal things, everyone is shopping in the same impersonal places. And I don’t know if it is because I live on an island or because the mass stores always sell the same things, but whatever the reasons I just can’t do the same mass retailer Christmas this year.

So I declare, I am shopping in a way that I have never shopped before, I am preparing this year completely unique to my traditional way. I am bringing it back to the basics. Or at the very least just trying something different.

Flea Markets

There are often Sunday Flea markets in town that I wish to take advantage of this year. I have signed up to get a reminder on my phone for all of the events in town so that I have many options. I am looking for handmade one of a kind item. I love getting those kinds of presents myself so I am going to head away from the safe and gather the unique at the local flea markets.

Homemade Gifts

I have been on a Pinterest spree. Pinning all kinds of great home-made ideas. When I was a little girl my grandmother would always make cakes and cookies and wrap them in cute Christmas wrapping. I loved those gift, they were made with love, personalization and time. It seems that fewer people are taking part in these personal touches in modern times. People are more likely to buy a box of home-made cookies and gift them than to make them themselves. And although my baking skills may be lacking I am going to give the home-made thing a try this year.

Everyone loves books right? Well maybe just me but regardless Amazon has a huge range of gift ideas and deals. The best part is you can order it all while sitting safely at home (away from Scrooges) and have it delivered straight to your door. I mean obviously online shopping is not new news or anything, but I often underutilize this option.


Well, I am off to start the preparation. Wish me luck!

What are some of your favourite types of Christmas presents to receive? Where do you like to do your Christmas shopping?


11 thoughts on “3 New Christmas Shopping Ideas

  1. Christmas shopping always happens at the last minute for me, because I have a job that tends to be very busy in November and December. And shopping for my family frustrates me… the way gift shopping works in my family is that someone makes a list of what they want, everyone buys stuff off that list, and if anyone tries to be original or spontaneous, the gift sits unused collecting dust for years. It’s kind of sad. I’ve given up on trying to find gifts for my family unless it’s exactly something that they ask for, and I think this is why I’m so bad at buying gifts for others in general. I’m sad to say I’ve been guilty of the same thing, getting gifts that I didn’t ask for that have gone unused, and it makes me feel bad… 😦

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    1. I think it is terrible that people have become so material, they would rather place a item on a list as a chore to be completed rather than receive a thoughtful gift from a loved one. I refuse to take part any more, yes I will get practical gifts that are needed and items I know people may want but I am going to try my hardest to be original this year. Who knows if it goes well then maybe I can train my loved ones into loving these types of gifts. Here is hoping anyway 🙂


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