3 Day Quote Challenge – Money

Happy Friday! My apologies for the lateness of this post, I was hoping I would be able to have day two of my Quote Challenge posted earlier today. However, I was eyes deep into the madness that is Christmas shopping. My mother and I woke early and met at the local mall to take advantage of some pre-season sales. And I am happy to report that although most of the things purchased were for myself (no shame) I did manage to buy some presents for the people on my Christmas list. Go me!challenge

So in the spirit of the pending season and my slightly more lonesome bank account I would like to make my quote theme for
today about money. 

Some would say that it is the root of all evil, and admittedly I mostly agree. Money is of the least importance in my life, but of course like everyone else causes me the most stress. So in preparation for the holiday season, I would like to share some words of perspective today, in hopes to keep myself and you fine readers on the right track.


My invitees to this quote challenge today are…

The Swedish Kiwi
Not so Typical Blog
A Maple Girl

You can check out the rules on Chapes blog. I can’t wait to see your quotes!

Please remember that money is not everything folks, love the people and experiences in your life first and foremost. Stay tuned tomorrow for the last and final day on my Quote Challenge.

How did these quotes make you feel?


5 thoughts on “3 Day Quote Challenge – Money

  1. These quotes are amazing and so true! Loving this post! The fact that you at least left with some gifts for others is a total win! I’ve left sales that I’ve gone to for Christmas shopping with things only for me… Whoops!lol

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  2. Have you ever thought about how money only has value because we, as a collective, have chosen to give it value? On its own it is a meaningless object; and credit isn’t even an object. Even the gold which reportedly backs money is just a shiny metal that we have chosen to give meaning to. Sometimes it makes me wonder why we (myself included) go through so much trouble for what is little more than a social construct.


    1. That is so true, interesting when you put it that way isn’t it. Money is not the value in our lives, food, water, warmth are all actual things needed to sustain life. And if we were all still living our lives in a natural way then money would be meaningless. It is interesting to think about.

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