3 Day Quote Challenge – Sadness

Good day everyone, and welcome to my last and final day of Chapeblog 3 Day Quote Challenge. I must admit to you, I am quote
writing today with sadness in my heart, I carry a sadness for the great city of Paris. I hold much love for that beautiful city and its people. And I carry with me a sense of fear, and sorrow for its citizens for the news of the attacks that have been experienced there yesterday.

Because of these events, I would like to dedicate this final day of my Quote Challenge to the feeling sadness, and Paris. You see there are times for anger, times for fear, regret, hurt and even a time for sadness. And although I know many of these feelings may be felt at this time I just wish to convey some words of feeling in this great tie of sadness for a great city and the people affected.


My 3 nominees to this challenge today are…

On the Verge with Shareen Mansfield
Turquoise Compass
Emma Lee Bennett

I send all my love to those affected by the crimes in Paris at this moment. I am sending all my love to those who have felt sadness in their life at any moment. Much love, much strength – ScaleSimple


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