My Christmas Wish List

As I am much older and wiser one would think that my Christmas wish list would reflect said age and wisdom. But alas, at my ripe old age of 26 my wishlist may be slightly more juvenile than one may expect. Or perhaps I just tend to think so. After all the rest of the year is for practical things. Am I right?

Either way, Christmas is a time to not only celebrate family and friends, wish listnot only a time for magic and giving. But also a time to receive. Receive all of the things mentioned and also receive the things that you may be wishing for. My main hope is for money this year so I can buy the things I need, clothing, shoes, things for my upcoming Europe trip. But things are nice also! Just saying…


Wish List

Hair Straighter: I must admit I am not picky about the brand and I left this task up to my boyfriend who tends to be rather resourceful so I am sure he will not lead me wrong.

Reading Socks: I know they are just a marketing scheme to sell socks in hopes that readers will want to buy them. But it worked on me, I can’t think of anything I would want more than a cozy pair of these babies.

Books or Gift Card: I am making it a personal goal of mine to read as much as possible during 2016. I may place goal number on the amount of books I wish to finish in 2016. But for now what I do know is books or a gift card would go a long way.

Pajamas: I have one good pair of warm pajamas and seeing how I put them on pretty well as soon as I get home, I need another pair. Unfortunately for me last Christmas I received many pairs of pajamas but none I would be caught dead wearing. Seriously they were bad.

Winter Boots: I ruined my old pair over an open fire last winter at the cabin and seeing how we have already received 2 feet of snow, and it’s not even wintering yet, I NEED a new pair.

christmas wish


Well there you have it a few items on my wish list this year. As you can see I am pretty simple to please and many say I am easy to shop for. So I am hoping I get some of these items, and here’s hoping you also receive some items off of your personal wish list.


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Don’t forget to join along yourself by checking out the rules to The 12 Days of Christmas Blogging Challenge. Happy blogging!




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