A Christmas Memory

“People don’t realize that now is all there ever is; there is no past or future except as memory or anticipation in your mind.” – Eckhart Tolle


It was Christmas 2009 and myself and my best friend was spending our memoryfirst Christmas single and living in our own apartment. Need I say more? If I knew then that our short time as roommates would be held so dear to me then perhaps I would have tried harder to soak up those moments. But alas, how does the saying go? “Youth is wasted on the young” Well I understand that now wise person who said it, you are very much right.

We lived in this cute, very old downtown upstairs apartment and were giving “the adult life” a try. Meaning we were paying our own bills for the first time and spending the leftover money on going out every weekend.
The food in our refrigerator consisted of chicken nuggets and wine. I did say we were giving the adult life a try remember, don’t judge.

You see it is not just one thing but a million little things, and they are all wrapped up in my mind to form a perfectly messy, hilarious Christmas spent with my friends. I will keep my memories for us to share throughout the years together. But let me say this, the Christmas I spent with my best friends in that damp and glorious apartment are some of the best memories I have in my entire life.1805_107970415050_679_n

Sometimes and in my case often times friends are the base that family can not be, an extension of your soul. I wish that myself and my friends could share a Christmas like the one we had in 2009 together again, however life often takes people in directions that you would never be able to predict. Bonds change and are broken, families are started and as new relationships form, often times old friendships are left to suffer.

However, I am left feeling truly blessed this Christmas to have memories spent with such beautiful people. And although our friendships are changed those memories will always remain the same.

So I invite you to take a look back through your own life and think of those who helped shape your Christmas’s past into the beautiful memories they are today. If you are lucky enough to still have them in your life then hold onto them tight this holiday season, after all, the present moment is the only moment that truly matters.


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