Christmas Dinner

On the ninth day of Christmas my true love gave to me…. dinner! Or christmas dinnersomething like that. There seems to be a different version of Christmas dinner wherever you go. And in Canada, it is not unlikely for Christmas dinner to vary depending on what province or region you are living in.

In Newfoundland, as always we like to do things in our own way, and so it has been for many years here on “The Rock” as we so fondly like to call home. Christmas dinner here is called “Jiggs dinner” strange I know, but that is what it is and it is gloriously delicious and unhealthy, found in almost every single home across the entire island. So what is this “Jiggs dinner” you ask?

The meal most typically consists of salt beef (or salt riblets), boiled 20130312-214434together with potatoes, carrot, cabbage, turnip, and cabbage or turnip greens. Boiling all of this in a rather larger pot makes for salty and tasty vegetables, not to mention makes your kitchen feel like a steam room. Pease pudding and figgy duff are cooked in pudding bags immersed in the rich broth that the meat and vegetables create, a traditional dish originally from England. Condiments are likely to include mustard pickles, pickled beets, cranberry sauce, butter, and a thin gravy made from the drippings of the turkey.

Sounds healthy, doesn’t it? Well, that’s what will be cooking in the kitchens of Newfoundland on Christmas day. And trust me, it really is worth a try before tossing it in the “I would never eat that pile”.

So as for who will be sitting with me Christmas day, it will be just me and mom. My father works offshore on the oil rigs and as I am an only child we will be sitting just the two f us to eat this yummy feast. However later in the day, we will head on over to my aunts to eat the second version of Christmas dinner with my extended family. That is of course after some visiting to other family members.

What will you be eating on Christmas day? Who will you be eating with?

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