Favorite Christmas Movies

We are getting so close to the end of this 12-day challenge and I am not ashamed to admit a hint of relief. Yes, I know I put this together and although it has been fun, it has also been hard to keep on track. I guesschristmas movies that’s the challenge aspect. However, I am glad I committed and I hope you all have enjoyed reading as much as I have enjoyed writing.

So let’s talk about my favorite Christmas movie. This is so hard as I am fairly confident that I have three in which I love equally. And each of these three movies honestly holds a special place in my sugar plum heart. What can I say? I am a 90’s kid and it’s unfortunate but true that television had a huge part in my life and still does.

So speaking of being a 90’s kid, let me introduce you to my first favorite….

Home Alone

Are you surprised really? This movie is a staple of holiday entertainment downloadfor me, representing fun Christmas nostalgia of my own childhood long gone. Not saying that as a child I was left home alone to fend my house off against villains. Although as a child I knew if the day came I would just follow Kevin’s lead. Regardless of how relative to my own life, the long term relationship in which I have with this classic is enough reason why it is in my top three favorite Christmas flicks.

A Christmas Carol: George C. Scott

Charles Dickens at his finest moment. This movie/book/play embodies c1d31d8c3f73cb1f357abc2fee5a2b04everything the spirit of traditional Christmas is all about. It is a deeply powerful story broadcasting principles of greed, money, power and heavily contrasting them against family, love and the spirit of giving. It is dramatic, spooky and in the end I am always left feeling as though I have traveled through a lifetime of my own realizations. Perhaps that is dramatic of me to think, and maybe you could say that I am reading into the story to much, however, I believe that that is what Dickens originally intended and I myself will take those lessons in every Christmas.

It’s a Wonderful Life

I always saw this movie playing on TV during Christmas but often steered clear because it is 3 hours long and in black and white, not very appealing Its-a-Wonderful-life-fototo a child or teen. However one year I decided to see what all of the fuss was about. And when the credits rolled at the end I was still sitting on my mother’s couch on Christmas eve crying my heart out. I had experienced in that film a feeling that has never failed to stir my emotions every time I watch it since. I ran into the kitchen and gave my mother the biggest hug, and every year when I watch this movie I am left with feelings of gratitude and deep perspective.

So there you have it, my top three favorite Christmas movies, and I love them all equally. I urge you to not only watch them this holiday season but to honestly try and take in the holiday messages that they contain.

Day 10 Nominations:


The Secret Diary of a Computer Science Student

Life of an elpaso women



8 thoughts on “Favorite Christmas Movies

  1. I feel the same way about It’s a Wonderful Life… I had never seen it until my late 20s, when a friend of mine was in a community theater production of it. I don’t remember if I watched the movie that year because I was going to see my friend’s play, or if I watched my friend’s play and then decided to watch the movie that year, but either way, it always makes me really appreciate the non-material things in life.

    And you get 1000 bonus points for not including Elf on your list.

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