Favorite Childhood Present


I can remember many presents from my childhood that filled me with joy when I found them nestled under the Christmas tree. Barbies, a beauty, and the beast castle, stuffed teddy bears, an electronic journal, a tumble


doll. Toys that I am sure a child today would look at and then promptly toss away, as we now live in an age where children can use tablets and smartphones better than we ourselves can.

Don’t get me wrong this is not a post of me cursing on the youth of the world due to my own jealousies and nostalgia for my childhood gone by. No, no, this is a post dedicated to my most favorite childhood toy that I received on Christmas.

A bike! In a huge box under the Christmas tree with one big bow on top. I remember staring at the box in amazement, I also remember I just learned to read my name, and I saw that the box had written on it; To Stephanie Love Santa.

Perhaps it is because at around the age of 4 or 5 I was now able to giant_puddn_16_pink_10understand the whole Santa thing and this was the first year that I felt the Christmas Magic. Or perhaps it was just the big box with the bow. But whatever the reason when I opened the box and saw my brand new pink bike, complete with training wheels,  a bell, and a basket I felt as though my young life was now complete.

I felt the magic, I am not even exaggerating, I still feel it when
I tell the story or think about that present. I remember thinking, wow someone loves me this much to get me something this big. Just for me. Or at least that is what I think now. And now as an adult knowing it was my parents who put in all of that work to surprise me on Christmas morning fills me with even more love. As cliche as it may sound, it really isn’t about the actual presents when you think about it, it’s about love and giving. At least it was and is for me. Please try and remember that this holiday season.


Day 11 Nominations:

The Story Tellers Abode

The Swedish Kiwi




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