Summer Book Giveaway!

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Hello, beautiful souls!

I have received so much overwhelming support over this past year with ScaleSimple. I am so very thankful, and happy that you enjoy reading my positive vibes, unique perspectives, and travel adventures as much as I have been enjoying sharing them!

As a huge thank you and in celebration of a full year of blogging I have decided to host a Giveaway! Yay!

I will be giving away a new book by the beautiful and inspiring Mimi Ikonn. Mimi’s vlogs on youtube have been such an inspiration to me to follow my heart and passions. She is a beautiful person and the kind of women I think we could all learn from and be motivated by.

So I was super thrilled when I found out about her new book. The Bingo Theory.

“The Bingo Theory unites us all. Men are not from Mars and Women are not from Venus. We are all from Planet Earth.”

Already on top of the buy list on Amazon in both Canada and the UK,  this is a book I think everyone should read. Male, female, young, old, single or in a relationship. Break down those outdated ideas about masculinity and femininity and find the hidden strength within yourself and in others.

So how do you join? Follow the contest details below… The more options you take part in the more chances you have to win!

Contest ends on July 22nd, 2016.

Thank you again for your support and love! Good luck!

Enter Contest Here!

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